Strip hypnosis


It was my sweet sixteen birthday party! I was extremely excited and I invited a bunch of my friends over, guys and girls, to make it the best thing ever! We started to party a bit with music, and my parents had left the house to myself which was very nice of them. That’s when a guy approached me and asked me if I would be his hypnosis subject. He told me he wanted to see if he was any good at it, so I decided to give it a try in front of everyone! So I sat in a chair and everyone circled me and the guy. He told me that I should imagine myself soaring through the air with the wind passing through my hair and not to worry about anything. I closed my eyes and thought of that. He then told me that I’m now falling deeper and faster in a deep sleep until he chooses to bring me back, and to focus only on his voice.

I always thought hypnosis was just a ruse, but now I believed it! I felt extremely relaxed and calm. I only heard his voice clearly, all of the others were distorted and I couldn’t understand them. This is when he started to make the magic happen! He told me to started rubbing my cheeks gently with my palms and to imagine it being the boy of my dreams preparing to kiss me. As I was doing it, he told me that I feel very aroused, and even if he didn’t tell me that, I would have been aroused with something as suggestive as that! I started to feel my downstairs get more and more wet, and then the guy told me to imagine myself being caressed and barraged with kisses by my secret lover. I did and I felt my body reacting nervously as if I was getting kissed around the neck. That’s when I started to take off my shirt. If ever someone would kiss around my neck like that, it would be hard to not want them to go lower. That was where my concentration was heading: having the person go lower. You feel embarrassed but also aroused at your lover seeing you in such a state he then said.

I felt my cheeks getting more red but also myself feeling more turned on than ever before! You no longer want to hide anything from the man of your dreams, you will show him everything you have to hide he continued. I started to take off my pants, and then my bra, and then I finally took off my panties. I felt a calm breeze pass by my naked body as I felt amazing and aroused in this hypnotic state. The guy seemed a little surprised for some reason for the next few commands. There were a few pauses in between his next few replies, but it didn’t seem to matter for me. The feeling was so great I could afford to wait. He finally told me that my lover was now exploring my body with his hands and that I was helping him move them around the most wonderful spots. I started to slowly and calmly run my hands around my hips, to my waist and around my belly, still imagining the initial hand touch came from my secret crush. That’s when things became a lot more erotic… The hand sensation started to go on my breasts as I felt them getting fondled. The feeling was so amazing and great that I never wanted to be separated from it. My hypnotist sounded more nervous, but still continued with his ritual. He told me to bring my lover’s grip to the most sensitive region of my physical body. I had one of my hands still rubbing my breasts, but my other one went much lower. I felt my legs spread as I started to rub around my downstairs! He then told me that I am feeling extremely aroused, so much so that I will begin to moan as the action intensifies. I moaned silently and cutely at first, but as the hands started to fondle my regions faster, my moan got louder but still as cute.

I could feel it: I was the most wet I had ever been in my life, in such a relaxed and good feeling state! He then told me to started kissing my lover’s lips as it got close enough. I imagined the face of my crush right in front of me, still with his hands fondling my private regions. I started to move my lips and tongue as if I was kissing him while still having his hands fondle me. After a few moments of that, my hypnotist told me to imagine my lover kissing me goodbye as he leaves only to come back another day. I slowly stopped fondling my body and kissing the air and I sat straight up. Then he said… “I will count from one to five, and as I do so, you will start to feel more and more awake, until, at five, you will wake up with an amazing feeling coursing through your body. One… two…” I started to hear not only his voice, but the voices of people around me. They said similar things like “Oh my gosh!” and “That was cute!” from some of my female friends. “Three… four…” I slowly started to feel my eyes wanting to reopen and see the light again. I took a deep breath and he then said “… Five. You are now fully awake.” There was some nervousness in his voice. But I managed to open my eyes. My hypnotist was looking at me with a stressed smile. “H-How do you feel?” He asked me.

I told him that I felt wonderful after the experience. But then I looked around to see everyone looking at me with surprised. That’s when I looked down. I was so caught up in the amazing feeling that I forgot that it wasn’t a mythical dream, it was reality! I had been hypnotized to strip and fondle myself in front of all my friends, thinking that my lover was doing it to me privately! I quickly covered myself as my hypnotist apologized continuously. He told me that he was still an amateur and he didn’t believe that it was going to go that far. He didn’t know when to end the session and he would understand if I hated him for all eternity. I told him that it was an honest accident, and that I’m not mad at him, just extremely humiliated that everyone there saw me naked and fondling myself. I quickly picked up my clothes, secluded myself in my room to change as my best friends asked me if I was doing okay. I told them that, during that moment, I had the best feeling of my life, and that I was quite sad that, not only did I do all of those things in front of so many people ( including boys AND my crush who was at the party… ) but that it was only an illusion and not the real deal. But I remember everything that happened that day, including the huge humiliation I felt when I opened my eyes only to notice that I had pretty much masturbated in front of my whole group of friends!