Strip Poker Loser

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So this one time when I was 17 I went to my girlfriend’s place to have fun with her and her best friend, who also brought her boyfriend.

We had stolen some beer from the fridge and were kinda buzzed, when my girlfriend suggested we play strip poker, everyone seemed okay with it, I was still kinda worried, but they kept insisting and I finally went with it.

we played until one person was naked, sadly, that was me, I was completely naked with my cock showing (six inches), the other boyfriend was in his pants, my girlfriend was in her underwear and her friend was only in her panties (she had pretty great tits, so I was kinda stiff).

The other boyfriend took his girl away to have a quickie I guess, leaving me with my girlfriend who started making out with me.

Soon we were interrupted by the happy couple again who were now dressed, the boyfriend said he had to jet and left almost immediately, I looked around for my own clothes but couldn’t find them anywhere, the friend told me she hid them away, and while I was distracted, my girlfriend put her clothes back on and I was the only one left naked.

She told me to go home, and when I asked for my clothes she told me she’d keep them and that I had to streak home (she drove me here).

When I said no way she told me that the only other option was for me to put on a show for them, they took out their phones and started making a video, they forced me to say out loud that I lost strip poker to two girls and I had to pay the price, then they told me to jerk it.

I started beating off and came very quickly (Quicker than I wanted) all while they filmed me and giggled and made fun of me, I remember jizzing on a glass coffee table they had.

She finally took me home naked, I never got my clothes back and I found out later that she did this with all of her other boyfriends, they usually said nothing because it was humiliating, and so she wouldn’t let the videos out.

ofc we broke up soon after.


It was hilarious.

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Thankfully, it didn’t involve me but I was there to witness the humiliation.
So my co-worker was making out with a girl at his desk, who was not his girlfriend. It was getting pretty hot and heavy. Then, our boss and her husband walk in. He gets scared and introduce her as his girlfriend although we had all met his girlfriend and knew that she was not her. It was hilarious.


Connect the Dots

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For my twenty first birthday, my girlfriend, who is one year and three months older than me, and who I live with, decided to throw me a party. She had teased me a lot during the fifteen months that she had to buy me alcohol, which was usually wine coolers, but she would frequently buy herself some hard liquor for herself and tease me about being underage. I did get a lot of teasing from her and she also had me give her my paycheck and she managed our money.

Now it was my twenty first birthday and she had sent out a lot of invitations to our house, my family, her family, my friends, her friends, our mutual friends, our coworkers, some neighbors most of whom we barely knew, and as many others as she could think of. She had picked up a cake, but had not let me see it even though it was very large in the box. She then had everyone sit down in our house in various chairs and sofas in our living room. She then passed out papers that had full size picture of my face on them. These were very clear pictures and showed my face up close. It was a little embarrassing seeing my face up close like that, but what happened next brought my embarrassment to a whole new level. She told everybody, and there were about sixty or so people there, to count my freckles and then to do a connect the dots drawing with them and that whoever had the best design that used all of my freckles would get to draw that design on my face. I do have a lot of freckles, but I had never counted them myself. My girlfriend, and most of the people there, didn’t have hardly any, although some of my family did.

Most of the people giggled and then started counting and drawing. My girlfriend had plenty of pencils and markers for those who asked, she then told my family members that it was all in fun and to go ahead and join in, and pretty soon everyone was busy. My girlfriend would walk around and coach people to be creative, and especially egged on most of my friends and coworkers to do so.

After the counting, the number of freckles that I had was 137. My girlfriend then asked everyone to take pictures of their drawing with their phones before turning them in to her. She was the judge and picked out the one that she thought was the funniest, and then showed it real fast to everyone and asked who drew it and a guy stood up. I think it was one of her friends, but I didn’t get to see the picture. She then turned me around and gave the guy a purple marker and had him draw his drawing on my face. While he and I were engaged in this, she stood in front of everyone to show everyone all of the drawings and told people to take pictures of them with their phones.

Meanwhile the guy who was drawing on my face seemed to be gay and asked me to stop looking at his crotch. He did slap me whenever he said I was moving and making it hard for him to finish. It was hard not to look since he was standing right in front of me and kept moving my head as he was drawing on me. He was standing up in front of me while I was sitting in a chair and stood very close to me. Finally, he told me he was done and slapped me one more time. He told he had counted twenty one slaps for my birthday. I then smiled as now I knew what the slaps were for, but he grabbed my head and slammed it into his pants where is crotch was. Since my mouth was open from smiling, I actually felt the outline of his crotch in my mouth but he then told me to get up and show everyone my face.

Since I didn’t have a mirror, I didn’t know what he drew, but most of the people gasped at me, although there were a few smirks. It also seemed that my girlfriend didn’t show that picture when she was going through the pictures, but she told everyone to take a picture of me now, and pretty much everyone did. Afterwards, it was time for the cake.

She brought out the box with the cake and when she opened it, it was a sheet cake with another close up picture of me and on the top it said “Freckle Birthday” and on the bottom it said “Connect the Dots” The then had everyone sing “Freckle Birthday” instead of Happy birthday, and say Freckle Face instead of my name. She then had me blow out the candles and had everyone return to their seats while she cut the cake and had me deliver the cake to them. While they were eating, she and I returned to our seats at the front of the room and she had me unwrap the gifts. Interestingly, most of the gifts were connect the dot books, although there were a few other things. I think she had put connect the dot books as the gift everyone should bring on the invitations, but some brought something else anyway. She had me say thank you as I opened every gift to the giver. Finally the party was about to wrap up, but she did bring out a mirror so I could finally see what the gay guy had drawn on my face. To my chagrin, he had drawn five penises, two on each of my cheeks and one from my forehead along my nose. The heads of all of them were just outside my mouth, but actually it looked like the tips were in my mouth, like I was sucking five penises! This whole party was embarrassing, but this was extremely so. However, I didn’t want to cry on my birthday so I acted like it didn’t bother me. My girlfriend then said that the party had ended and everyone started to leave. She gave everyone another page with my face on it in case they wanted to do another connect the dots later as they were leaving. She said they could forward it to her when they finished and they could make copies for many connect the dot drawings. Everyone already had several pictures on their phones with my face and various drawings on it. Nobody was going to forget about all this for years to come. Finally, when it was just me and her she said that she appreciated that I was such a good sport and that she was going to give me some wild sex for that. She also said that the gay guy had been chosen beforehand and he had helped her come up with the idea and had already drawn my picture before the party and that we could thank him later. Actually I didn’t really want to do that. We then went into our bedroom and, after a little teasing about my freckles and the drawing, she really made me glad it was my birthday.


Big black guy, little tic tac

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I was at college with my girlfriend. I was a prankster and did humiliate lots of people.

my girlfriend was nagging me about be being to much of a bully. This ticked me off, and in the heat of the moment I grabbed her pants and pulled them to the ground so you could see her underwear. She went ballistic and slammed me to the earth.

a couple days later and I took her partying as apology. She seemed pretty happy by the end of the night.

i woke up hung over. I got out of bed only to realise I was only in a pair of pink polka dot briefs that looked like they could rip at any moment. I rummaged for some clothes but couldn’t find any.

then I heard by girlfriend call my name. I walked in to my living room where I saw her standing with my clothes on a table next to my best friends, my mom and my roommate Katy. Then they turned round and mooned me followed by then throwing out my clothes. Worst of all was after mooning me my mom snuck behind me and ripped off my underwear and Katy took some pictures.

my girlfriend then looked down and said I see someone is a little on the short side.



Sexting with my girlfriend kinda

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So my girlfriend and I are texting each other and she asks me to sen a hot picture of myself and do i take a picture of my erection through my pants (I did indeed have a erection) and then afterwards i sent a picture of a oak tree and it says this is how hard i get when i think of you. And she responds with “lol”. Then i say “are yo going to send me some?” And she replies with sure. The after avout fifteen minutes she sends me this picture of herself in these really hot red and whit striped knee socks (I have a stockings/sock fetish) and then a picture of a waterfall and it says this is how wet i get when i think of you. And i fucking lose it, it is so damn hot my erection started to hurt so i run in the bathroom (cause my door to my bedroom is unhinged) and i start whacking and my little sister knows my girlfriend from school and from times she has been over. And i’m whacking it in the bathroom pretty much silently. Then my sister walks in and she sees the me and says “what are you doing” and i shove my dick back in my pantd and yell “nothing” and the picture is still open on my phone and my little sister sees it and she just says in like a really low voice ”jacking off to your girlfriend” and i just hang my head in shame and say yeah pretty much then she grabs the door handle and just slowly walk out of the bathroom. And so i just stood there for awhile and i could not mastubate because of that experience i was so goddamn embarrassed.



Dangerous Pantsing

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This happened my first year of junior high. I came home and did not realize my older brother Ron had his girlfriend Marcy over. I accidentally walked in on her while she was on the john. I immediately looked away, said I was sorry, and walked out closing the door. I later told Marcy again I was really sorry.

But Marcy didnt care about my apology. She demanded my brother get revenge for her. And she knew how and where. When we were all at the local pool that Saturday, she told my brother to pull down my trunks and pants me. He did what she told them and I was exposed naked for all to see. I struggled as I tried to pull up my trunks. Some people laughed. Some people thought it was a cruel joke. I heard some tell Ron, Dude, hes your own brother. I was pretty angry, upset and disappointed in my brother. He tried to apologize, but I was not interested.

By Monday morning, I was ready to put it behind me. There were not too many people at the pool who I knew and fortunately no girls from my school. I felt the worst was over, and Ron did promise never to do anything to embarrass me again. But the worst was yet to come.

My school has both junior and senior high. This guy I saw around campus, but did not know, was a senior. He came up to me and said he say my pantsing. He said I had a cute butt and we could have some fun together. I told him I am not interested and walked away. I thought that was that, until the next morning the same guy came up to me and asked if I thought about what he said. I said no, and he said it was just a matter of time before he and my butt had a party. Now I was nervous, but who could I tell something this embarrassing?

Wednesday he caught up with me again, and said some day he was going to catch me alone, so I had better get used to the idea that the two of us were going to get it on. Now I am scared. I had and did know a few gay kids, some in my class. They were OK guys, and if any of them ever did try to come on to me, they accepted no as an answer. I got along well with all of them. But this senior high guy was different than any of the other gays I have known over the years. This guy was dangerous.

Thursday I was so scared, I skipped school. The same on Friday. Friday evening, Ron came up to me and asked why I was skipping school. I dont know how he found out, but I told him the whole story saying he was to blame for pantsing me in public. Ron agreed and said he would fix it. We didnt talk about it again until Monday morning when Ron said he was walking me to school.

We left the house and waiting for us outside was Marcys older brother Rick. Rick was a jock and he had three of his jock friends with him. They all walked to school with me and Ron. When we got to school, they told me to come with them to the senior high side of the campus. I said I would be late for home room, but Ron said not to worry because he will fix it with my teacher. Rick then told me to point out the guy who was harassing me. After about ten minutes I saw him. Rick and his friends went up to him and asked him to leave me alone. Actually, what Rick said was, If you ever come near this kid again, we are going to smash your face into that brick wall. My tormentor agreed never to talk to me again.

But Rick was not through. Now he was going to deal with my brother who pantsed me at Marcys request. Rick told Ron, Youve been dating my sister for almost a year. Dont you know by now that shes a fucking idiot? Why would you do anything that a fucking idiot would tell you to do? Especially to your brother. Ron agreed he was pretty stupid at that.

Shortly after this Ron dumped Marcy. Rick told Ron that Marcy told him to get revenge for her, and that he told Marcy to fuck off. Ricks a pretty good guy. He continued to let himself be seen with me so that my tormentor would know I was under his protection.


Racist Uncle

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I am a 16 year old boy. I am white. My super cute girlfriend Marie is 15 and half-black. This is no problem for my friends and my immediate family. Marie and my sister have become best friends. My Mom treats Marie like a second daughter. Dad teases me that I really dont deserve a great girl like Marie, and sometimes I agree.

But I do have problems with my Uncle Jack. He is totally racist, and makes inappropriate and insulting remarks towards Marie every chance he gets. The first time was when I invited Marie to a family cookout. Uncle Jack told her he was sorry, but there was no fried chicken or watermelon. Marie just ignored him. I got mad. Later when it started getting dark, Uncle Jack told Marie to smile so we know where she was. I lost it then. I was embarrassed in front of my girlfriend, and I decided to defend her. I told my uncle that his comments were not funny and he had no right to insult Marie. He said he had a right to say whatever he wanted. Marie later told me to forget it. Uncle Jack was only making himself look stupid. She was right, of course. But I still was angry with him.

That was not the only incident. Uncle Jack has called Marie a jungle bunny, ghetto girl, and other names. My Dad told him to shut up, but Uncle Jack always says Dad has no right to tell him to do anything since he is the older brother. My Dad and uncle did have another brother and a sister between them, but they both died. So Dad does not want to totally break things off with his brother. That limits his options.

On my last birthday, I made it a point not to invite Uncle Jack to my party. I did invite his two daughters, my cousins who are a bit older than me. Jack came anyway. He told my Mom to count the silverware because Marie was there. Fortunately my grandmother was there as well. She told Jack to shut the fuck up. Really! Grandma said fuck! Jack said he had a right to say what he wanted, and grandma said not as long as she was there. Jack behaved himself for the rest of the night. Grandma can control him.

I mentioned my older cousins. I asked them for help, but they have the same problem as I do with their father. They have black and Hispanic friends they cannot invite over to their house.

I know my problems with my uncles embarrassing behavior will continue for years. Fortunately, this has not pulled Marie and I apart, but brought us closer. She does appreciate my defending her, and I admire the mature way she keeps her cool. She is right. Uncle Jack only makes himself look like a jackass. Marie says that is his problem and not ours.


My naked girlfriend

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When I was 13, I had my first girlfriend. She was a girl from school named Melody. One Friday I asked if she would like to do something over the weekend. She said she was just planning to hang around her familys pool on Saturday, along with her older sister and another classmate named Anne. She said I should come by, and maybe bring two other guys to even things out. I decided to invite Andy, who had a crush on the sister, and Freddie, who had a crush on Anne.

So we got to Melodys house and when no one answered the door, we went around the back. There we saw the three girls sunbathing nude. We guys were a bit surprised, and so were the girls to a lesser extent. Melony said she didnt realize the time, so they had been naked longer than they planned thinking we would not arrive for another hour. (Later Anne admitted she knew what the time was and we would be arriving any minute. She just wanted Freddie to see her naked!) The girls did not do much to hide themselves. They just giggled, stood up and put on their swim suits.

Now I had mixed feelings about this. I had never seen a live naked girl before, and now I had hit the trifecta. But one of those girls was my girlfriend, and Andy and Freddie had seen her naked, too. For the rest of the afternoon, they kidded me about it when the girls were out of earshot. The kidding resumed Monday morning at school. I was a bit embarrassed that my friends knew what my girlfriend looked like naked, but I was even more annoyed that they would not drop the subject.

I guess I was too young to take it in a mature manner. I kept on thinking about Andy and Freddie looking at Melodys tits, ass and pussy. I did get to see Melody naked on one more occasion. When we were at her place alone, we went to her room for a little kissing and groping. She said I could undress her, but since we had no protection I had to leave my pants on. As I kissed her breast, rubbed her buns, etc., I kept thinking that the guys saw this and that.

As you can guess, Melody and I soon broke up. But we did remain friends. She found a new boyfriend, and when his cousin came in for a visit, Melody asked me to come along on a double date. As cute as the cousin was, all I could do is look at the boyfriend and think that I have seen his girlfriend naked. Hey, I was only 13!


Bathing with my girlfriend

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When I was 13, I had my first girlfriend. Neither of us felt we were ready for sex, but we had other ways of having fun. For example, we liked to take baths together when no one else was in the house.

So one day at my house, I knew no one would be home for the entire afternoon. We filled the tub, got undressed and got in. We were relaxing together concentrating on each other’s eyes. We did not hear my mom come into the house. We didn’t know we were not home alone until I looked up and saw my 7 year old little sister staring at us. I told her if she agreed to keep mom from coming upstairs for the next 10 minutes, I would take her out later for ice cream. Sister agreed and left. As my girlfriend and I got out of the tub to dry off and get dressed quickly, I heard my sister shouting from the top of the stairs, “Mom! Johnny doesn’t want you to come upstairs! He’s taking a bath with his girlfriend.”

Needless to say, I caught hell and there was no ice cream.


Defended by my girlfriend

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I was 15 at the time, and Geri was 14. We had been going together for a short time, and on this particular day we were hanging out with some friends. One of Geri’s friends sneaks around me and grabs my pants trying to pull them down. They wouldn’t budge very far, when Geri turned around and pushed her friend away. Then she delivered a punch to the jaw and her friend went down hard.

Now Geri is quite smaller than me. While I am grateful to her for protecting my dignity, it is kind of embarrassing to have a girl defend you. Of course, I was not going to tell her that. We are still together, and I certainly have taken care not to make Geri mad — not after seeing her land a punch!