Do I LOOK ten to you???????


Hi again! This is the same girl from “Farting in fourth grade!” Hope you like this one!!
Okay, so I’m twelve years old (twelve and a half today!!!:D) and for my brothers ninth birthday in November we went to go have dinner at Olive Garden. Now, their kids menus say, “Ages 10 and under” written in fine print. And our waitress gave me a kids menu. Me. A twelve year old. I was so mad at that woman!!!!! I’m two inches taller than my mom!!! Even though my mom IS short, you are not a little kid if you are taller than your mom. Period. I wanted to go stand up to that woman and say, “Do I LOOK ten to you?” But instead, I just sat there humiliated as the waitress gives me a kids coloring paper and crayons. And on the coloring paper it had a section where it said, “Draw yourself here.” And I drew myself looking furious!!! 😀
By the way, I did NOT order a kids meal (psh no way!). I got a lasagna!!! For a self respecting twelve year old like me.