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Not just embarrassing – horrifying. I was at work, I’m an RN working in a birth center, riding up in the elevator to our L&D unit, and there was a man with his little boy of about 4 years old, and the More


Talent Show Disaster

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Today was my school talent show, and Me and 6 of my friends did this dumb dance.We all wore skirts(were girls) and we looked awesome! I wore granny panties, cuz theyre comfy. They were white with purple grandma flowers, and they were huge on me! Well we were gettin into the dance when my friend, Tracy,accidentaly tripped me! I fell flat on my face with my bottom facing the audience! The gym ROARED with laughter, and i was NOT even wearing tights!I turned beat red an ran off the stage!I was so embarrassed, that i got angry! I ran to the locker we share, and cut the butt out of her shorts, WHICH SHE WORE HOME! Lol, im still embarrassed, but everyone was calling her cheeky, cuz she took off her dirty underpants! oops! That wasnt supposed to happen! Her bottom what hanging OUT of her shorts! lol ive never seen her so embarrassed!


in front of all the 8th grade boys

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omg omg omg

okay so one time in tlike 7th grade me and like 3 other friends went out to the store shed during gym to get the volleyballs.

the 8th grade guys were playing football out on the field across from the shed.

haha so anyway we were walking out to get them (and of course we were in our gym uniforms), and as we were walking out my friend went up to one of the other girls and shanked her—-
in front of all the 8th grade boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha it doesnt sound too good but it was hilarious.
haha and her underwear was like bright pink with flowers on it.