First Kiss

Surprise Birthday Party Embarrassment

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These are the events of my 12th birthday.  It was when I was in 6th grade towards the end of the school year.  Through hard work, I got up to a B average, so I was happy.  I had my first crush on a girl in my class named Clarissa, and she sort of liked me.  Puberty was just now hitting and I could see the effects below.

So the plans for my birthday were quite simple.  It fell on a Tuesday, so we would have a family dinner, my parents and my 16-year-old sister, then cake.  On Saturday we would have the big party – a cookout with family and my friends from school.  But my sister Annie felt this was a milestone birthday.  It would be my last before becoming a teenager and my last before leaving elementary school.  Plus Annie only likes to do things big.

So here were the new plans.  Everyone would be told to ignore the invite for Saturday.  There real party would be Tuesday night at Carlo’s Pizzeria, which happens to be my favorite restaurant.  We would have the party room which had free pool, foosball, and games.  Annie would also get a guy from her school to bring his garage band to play so we could dance.  My parents made the reservations, but Annie took care of everything else – including asking my teacher, whom Annie had and was still friends with, not to assign homework for that night.  All this would be kept secret from me.  It was a surprise.

Thursday before the party, I am at school talking to Clarissa in the hall before class.  Ronny, the biggest guy in the class, comes up behind me and puts me into a playful headlock.  “Dude!  Are we gonna party Tuesday night or what?”  I have no idea what he is talking about.  Then I see Clarissa looking like she is about to explode.  “Ronnie, I’m going to kill you!,” she shouts.  Ronnie lets go and has this sick look on his face.  “Right,” he says, “it’s a secret.”

Well the secret is out.  I get all the details from Ronnie and Clarissa.  Realize what an effort Annie was making, I decided the surprise may be spoiled for me, but I’ll be damned if I was going to spoil it for Annie.  I told Ronnie and Clarissa not to tell anyone else I knew of the party.  That weekend I spent in front of the mirror practicing how to be surprised.

Tuesday morning come.  At breakfast, Mom tells me that for my birthday we will be going out just the family to Carlo’s.  I said that was cool.  I looked at my sister who was trying to conceal her smile.

When I got to school, I started feeling a bit queasy in the stomach.  Clarissa and another girl were sitting near me.  I asked them if they had an antacid or anything on them.  They said no, but to ask the teacher.  I was not going to do that.  In my school, if you stub your toe they call an ambulance and send you to the hospital.  I was taking no chances in ruining my sister’s plans.

At lunch I forced myself to eat something hoping it would calm my stomach down.  It did for about an hour and a half.  Then in class I not only started feeling queasy again, but sweating like a pig.  Only Clarissa noticed.  She asked if I was OK.  I said I was, since admitting I might be sick would cancel the party.  For Annie’s sake, that party was going on.

I got home and through a shower would make me feel better.  Besides I was soaked through with sweat by then.  I felt great afterwards.  With a towel wrapped around me, I started off to my room.  Mom told me to be dressed and ready to leave in an hour.

So we get to Carlo’s.  Once again, my stomach starts going at it but worse than before.  I start sweating.  I figure I would pass on the pizza and just drink cold soda to settle me down.  As the waitress leads us to the party room, I play along asking why we are sitting so far back.  No one answers, until the door to the party room opens and everyone yells, “Surprise!”  And that is when I totally lost it.  I doubled over and vomited all over the floor.

When my eyes opened, I was on a hospital gurney with an IV in my arm.  The nurse said I had the flu and was dehydrated from sweating without drinking anything.  She said I would soon be able to go home with my parents.  On the way home, I sat in the back seat with my sister.  My head was on her shoulder, and I was crying.  I told her I knew about the party and I didn’t want to spoil it.  Instead I ruined the whole thing.  I said I was sorry.  Annie kissed me on top of the head and held me closer to her.  She said it was alright, and that she was just glad I would be OK.  She was scared when I passed out, and that was the only thing she was concerned about.

I stayed home from school the rest of the week.  My friends were not allowed to visit, but they phoned me and told me how the rest of the party went.

My throwing up was the most embarrassing experience ever for me, but it was not over.  Monday I got back to school to find out I had a new nickname – Vomitboy.  I knew this one would last me at least through the summer.  Then just before class began, in front of my teacher and the entire class, Clarissa comes up to me and says, “Hey Vomitboy, I never got to give you your birthday present.”  She then leans forward and gives me a deep kiss on the lips.  Everyone whops and laughs.  That also was embarrassing – but it was my first kiss.  I liked it a lot.



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At least he was Irish!

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I was going to kiss my boyfriend for the first time (we have only dated for a month and most people get their first kisses from their first couple of boyfriends at my school after a couple of weeks of going out) and I was at school outside for recess (private school) and I saw him playing basketball with his friends and I rushed up to him, turned him around with my eyes closed, and kissed him. I’d been practicing and was ready for my first kiss. It was only ten seconds into the kiss until I got a tap on the shoulder. I hoped it wasn’t a teacher telling us we couldn’t kiss on school property so I turned around ready to apologize to the teacher until I realized it was my boyfriend! I turned around and saw the boy I’d been kissing was this popular basketball player whom was enemies with my boyfriend! My boyfriend yelled at me asking me why I kissed him and I had to tell him it was an accident and I didn’t know. He didn’t believe me and broke up with me. I’ll always know my first kiss was with an unliked person. Oh well…at least he was Irish.