Bum for show

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I was on a holiday with the family at an island resort. The resort promoted the use of bicycles as transport and there I was, riding home from the beach wearing boardies and a short singlet. I was riding More


Party from hell….

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When i was 17, my parents went on a trip… well i was horny because i just lost my virginity that year, so.. i thought i could get away with a small pool party with some friends and me and my gf could at the end.. end up screwing… well it was the day, i went on fb and i found out the my gf posted about my party and over 200 people came.. i knew my parents would find out so i had to make a excuse to get people to leave. My first though was say there was a fire.. but everyone would know i was joking when no smoke was coming front the house… so i decided to just tell people that there was too many people there and just say “get out” so i went to tell the people by the pool to leave first. When i got there i said “guys, theres too many people here and you have to leave..” then one of the boys sitting on the deck pushed me into the pool, i said k, that was funny but srsly, u guys gotta go, so i got out and apointed people towards the door and one of the girls screamed “strip him!” i yelled back “NO, get out or im calling the cops” but a few of the seniors at the party accually listened to the girls, at first one of the guys pulled my shorts down to my ankles, and my shirt completely off, then my undershirt, then my shoes and socks. i was down to my boxers and they let me up… people begain to leave, some of the boys were just laughing it off by the pool, i was scrambling to get my clothes back, when somone pushed me into the pool again… all my clothes got soaked. they thru my clothes over the fence… but then i noticed i was wearing pure white boxers, completely see thru, it took litterly 10 seconds before i got a huge boner…. all the girls begain to laugh, i was SOO embarassed, i ran to the house and i ran into the “head” of the jocks at my school, he pulled me back out to the pool and they pulled my boxers down to my ankles and they told one of the girls that they like “control” to suck me until i began to ejauclate, i began within 20seconds. i ejcaulated for like 3mins before i stopped. i found out that the picture was all over my school.. i moved schools the next week, my parents now think im a freak because i let abunch of people tap me having sex, honestly it was rape.


babysitters story

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This isnt really my story but its what happened to me. so when i was 16-17 my moms went to a 4 business trip and left me my young brothers (one was 12 and the other was 9) and my younger sister (she was 5). what i planed was to secretly go to my bestie’s party when my mom left. BUT my mom was mean and told me that i cant handle all my siblings at once so she hired a babysitter. -.-” i was so unhappy….until i actually met the babysitter! he was soooo hot i believe he was 19. lemme have a moment to describe him 😀 ok so he was in shape pretty buff actually. he had beautiful brown eyes and lushious brown hair. he is white and his name is dave. he was gorgeous like i swear he was perfect. ok anyways …. at about 9pm my siblings were sent to bed leaving a perfect opportunity for me to make a move >:) just as i approached him he said hey shouldnt you go to bed too. as an excuse i flirtatiously “oohhh your right i should sleep im exhausted…but i cant sleep and leave you here taking care of all of them….” then he said “its ok you should get some rest theyre all sleeping anyways.” so without hesitation i took his advice and slept (or at least i pretended) at about 12am-1am i sneaked downstairs not seeing him there… i decided to find him without him really noticing. i slowly walk back upstairs checking all the rooms finding all his stuff in my moms room(where he was staying). i sneak in looking for him wanting to scare him… but once i turned over i see a figure in the corner of my eyes and i scream….turns out it was dave…like a normal person would react when a psycho screams in dead silence, he jumps up in the air kicking what seems to be a bath towel used to cover himself up after what seems to be a shower….:) i quickly rip the towel off my face getting a full glance of his rock hard abs and … everything else ;). omg


Naked on webcam DX

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Okay, so I started to talk to this guy at college and realised I really liked him. About a week later he had added me on msn and we decided to go on webcam. I was really happy, things were going great! I didn’t know it was about to be the most embarrasing thing that had ever happend to me…
I decided I’d go and have a shower so I told him I’d be 10 minutes. I was also on cam to one of my other friends so I told them too.
After my shower I came back in my room, with my towel on. I took it off to dry and went to fetch the hair dryer. So basically I was completly naked and I’d completley forgotten I was still on webcam. I thought it was closed off but I’d only minimised it which meant the guy I liked saw EVERYTHING.
I turned my computer on to find him still there, looking embarrassed. I quickly panicked and asked him what he’d seen. He trufully said everything then made an excuse that he had to go. I was mortified. Then I realised my friend must of seen too so I went to ask her. I then found out she had taken loads of pictures of me naked and put them on facebook. Loads of people were commenting putting “eww” and stuff. Some had tagged parts of my body and put things like “sexxyyy” and gross things like that..
I managed to get her to remove it after about 2 weeks of humilliation but I’ve not been her friend since. I still talk to the guy I liked but its not the same anymore.
^^This took alot of guts to put this on, even anon. I still get teased about it sometimes now and its been months DX


Locked out

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I’m 14 and my name is Ashely. I shared my bedroom with my sister Carol that was two years older than me. She used to laugh at me, because I had a crush on one of the two boys that lived in next door to us. Carol was always teasing me because I was to shy to talk to him. I used to see Carol talking to them threw the cyclone fence of our back yard. I had the feeling she was talking to them about me, just to make me feel bad. One saturday, my mom had gone to the supermarket and my Dad had already left for work. Carol caught me with a towell around myself cuming out of the shower and lure me to the back of our house to help her with the laundry bag. I din’t know she had just been out talking to these two boys and it was just an excuse to push me out into the back yard. I was so shocked when she dragged me out the door and saw the two neighbor boys standing in the fence. Before I could react, I was locked out on the yard completly naked with these boys looking at me. Carol was looking out the window laughing her head off while I was panicking trying to get back inside. She left me out there to them get a good look at me before letting me back in. I’ve never felt so naked and uterly embarrassed in my whole life. Just the thought that those boys saw me with nothing on, made me wish I was dead. It was the most humiliating moment ever and so embarrassing I kept it a secret from everyone.



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OK, it happened in 4th grade and it was the last day of school so recess was like 2 hours long, while everyone else played football, soccer, etc etc me and my friend Shelby decided to go walk around the black top. After a while we saw THE most picked on kid in our grade…Dale Lambert. I mean he acted like a 5-year-old and had the dumbest jokes and everyone had hated him since 1st grade – oh he was also ugly and fat. Anyways he was standing smashed up against the school buliding and I’m like

“Dale what the frick are you doing?”

He replies

“GO AWAY!!!”

This attracts the attention of Cheyenne and Riley – they hate Dale more then anyone. So, she starts making fun of him and then when we’re about to go we notice…wet stuff dripping down the bricks – and whats that? HIS SHORTS ARE DRENCHED :o!!! He was the laughing stock 10x more then what he already was. His excuse when he’s not trying to deny it (much like he denies his romantic ties to this 2 yeard older then him mentally challenged girl) he says ‘Oh, well I couldn’t get into the school’ hm, Dale why didn’t you ask one of the 12 teachers outside!?


How To Talk With Your Partner Without Embarrassment

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embarrassing moments
In a perfect relationship in a perfect world, when the time was right to take the relationship to the next level, one partner would turn to the other and say, “What kind of condoms do you prefer?” to which the other partner would respond, “You read my mind. I was just about to ask you that.” In the real world, things often play out a little differently. Despite the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, it is not uncommon for one partner to be very resistant to the use of condoms. Here is a list of the most common reasons a sexual partner will use to not have to sport a condom during sex and ways you can combat their objections

“We might as well not have sex because I won’t be able to feel a thing if I have to wear a condom.” – This has to be the most common objection to condom use, at least amongst the women I know. If I had a nickel for every time I had a girlfriend of mine come up to me and tell me her new guy friend said something like this, my student loans would have been paid up years ago. Having been raised by a father who still keeps a firearm within arm’s reach at all times, this excuse would have seen me walking out the door by the time the sentence was complete; however, for those who want to respond in a more civilized manner and continue with the relationship, simply respond with options. You will want to stand firm on the condom stance, but you can suggest exploring different types of condoms (varying levels of thickness and different lubrications) until you find one that suits you both.

“We didn’t use a condom the last two times. Why start now?” – Ideally, you will want to be consistent with condom use, but if you have not done so, do not simply throw in the condom towel and throw caution to the wind. We all make mistakes, especially in the heat of the moment. Do yourself a favor and get a full workup of tests for STDs and then continue on with the condom use. Let your partner know that you got caught up in the moment, but now that you have had time to reflect, it would benefit you both to use condoms.

“Do you not trust me?” – This is a tough one. You have asked your partner about using condoms when having sex and he/she immediately thinks he/she is being attacked and labeled as somebody who would be unfaithful. Be honest and let your partner know that you have made a strict promise with yourself to always use condoms in all your relationships because you want to protect yourself from pregnancy and STDs. Or you could try being humorous and tell your partner, “Of course I trust you. But it’s possible to have an STD and not even know it.”

Beginning a new sexual relationship is anxious enough without that added worry that your partner refuses to wear condoms. When it comes to your health and your well-being, you must be unyielding in your decision to use condoms. The best you can do is be firm, be humorous and be honest with yourself and your partner.

For more information visit: How to Talk with Partners Resistant to Condoms http://www.condomman.com/articles/condom-use/how-to-talk-with-partners-resistant-to-condoms/

By: Ken Brower

About the Author:

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Ughh a terrible event happened at school a few weeks ago. So i go to this uniform highschool and i always wear the school skirt. I went to the washroom by myself and after i went, i apparently had my skirt tucked into my underwear in the back (wasn’t wearing leggings or anything under), Worse of all, i didn’t notice! D:

It was at least a few minutes before someone told me. The hallways had alot of people and they were laughing and staring, but i didn’t know why until a girl shouted, “EXCUSE ME MISS! PULL DOWN YOUR SKIRT!”

Then i almost died x__x.


I started my period at my grandma’s house

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I started my period at my grandma’s house.

It was my first time visiting her by myself.

We don’t really get along that well, and she’s VERY nosy.

I woke up, and noticed that I felt wet. I looked in the mirror, and noticed that my entire bottom was SOAKED in blood.

I ran to the bathroom, and stuffed tissue paper into my underwear. Of course, since this was my first period, I didn’t have any pads or tampons on me.

I put on some jogging shorts and made an excuse that I was going on a run and ran almost a mile to a grocery store. By the time I got there, I had bled through those too.

I bought all of these tampons and pads and stuff, and also had to buy a new pair of shorts. I put everything on in the bathroom.

At my grandma’s house, I took a shower, and tried to wash out all of my underwear.

I left it on my bed to dry, but of course my grandma’s dog was attracted to the smell (yuck!).

He grabs the underwear, and started running around the house. My grandma grabbed the underwear and then started