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When I broke up with my ex, she took our laptop to her new house.
She noticed that there were a couple of nude pics of both of us on it, and took revenge by posting naked photos of me online, accompanied with my full name, adress, facebook, telephone number, etc…
She submitted those photos to several different websites and blogs, so it’s impossible to get them all deleted.

Problem is, when somebody googles my full name, the links to those photos are shown in the top 10 results.
So far nobody noticed those photos. But I fear that pretty soon my friends, family and even my employer & colleagues will find out. It only takes 1 person to accidentally notice those photos, after that the rest will get notified in no time.
Those photos were meant to remain private, I don’t want to have my naked body publicly visible for the whole world to see. It’s embarrassing. And it would become even more embarrassing if everybody i know got to see those pics. Their jokes would never stop, and I’d get publicly embarrassed over and over for the rest of my life.
It would just be totally humiliating if my boss ever found out. The entire management would call me to their conference-room, and I’m sure they’ll print those photos out, watch everyone of them and pass them through amongst eachother while I’m in front of them.
Imagine standing in front of your bosses, trying to explain yourself while they’re watching photos of your exposed body at the same time… How much humiliating would that be?


my ex stole my panties!

my ex stole my panties!

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what happend was i was dateing a guy for like a month. i noticed some of my panties missing i didnt think much of it till he left his phone at my house and i found this picture of him wearing my panties.


Wedgied at the Beach

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A few months ago I was at the beach, and right before leaving, I went into one of the stands where my ex-girlfriend works at (I’m a bisexual female). I was still angry at her over our relationship (She dumped me because I cheated on her, but she WAS a pain in the butt), so to try and get revenge I stole a bunch of things from her stand, stuck them under my boobs and in my bag and ran off. She chased me, and a beach security guard/policewoman saw me and also started chasing me. I saw a fence right in front of where my car was parked, if I could get over this fence, I was a free woman! If I couldn’t, jail awaited. I hopped on and tried to climb it. I was 99.999% sure I was getting over it once I got to the top, and I could feel my freedom being secured on I got over the first side, so I stood up, turned around and yelled “Bye, girls!” to the policewoman and my ex, blew them a kiss and wave and jumped off the fence. However, I did not jump far enough and my bikini panties got caught on the tip of the fence, leaving me dangling with a wedgie. I hung there trying to break free and tried everything. Once, I seriously even tried farting to blow the panties loose, but nothing worked, and my butt was immediately aching with pain. The officer climbed to the other side and helped me down, whilst my ex stood there laughing hysterically. I thought I had been punished enough after that humiliation, but the policewoman then said to me “Miss, you’re under arrest. Put your hands behind your back” and then *CLICK**CLICK* went the handcuffs. “You’ll be going to jail today for theft and this and that blah blah blah”. Later, my ex drew pictures of me dangling in pain and sent them to me when  I was in jail, and my cellmate asked what it was about. I told her nothing, but she also saw the note on the back that explained what happened. She quickly told all the other girls how I got arrested and they died laughing. All my dignity was officially gone. My entire time there, I was known as “wedgie girl”. (Sorry for any English errors, I’m from a non English county in Europe, lol)