Little Sister Embarrassed Me

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I was sixteen years old and I had to stay alone with my twelve year old sister and one of her guy friends also twelve as their baby sitter. Since it was about nine, I told my sister that it was time for her to send her friend home and for her to go to bed. My sister said, “No,” and I began to grab her by the hand to drag her to take her to her room and asked her friend to leave. Her friend decided to say he didn’t want to leave and then tackled me and knocked me to the floor by surprise. Then my sister began to hold me down while he unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants and then my underpants leaving my thing exposed. Although I am taller than both of them, I have had a late development in puberty down there so I have a half inch penis when I’m not arouse. He laughed and so did my sister and then pulled down his own pants and underpants while I was still on the ground and showed me that his penis was about four inches long even though he wasn’t aroused. My sister then started teasing me about this, and he continued to as well and it was very embarrassing. She kept holding me down while he moved around and then began slapping my face with his penis. I didn’t know what to do, so all I said was that they could stay up late and he didn’t have to go. The then got off me and let me pull up my pants and then said that I should go to bed, but they’d wake me up when our parent got home. I was humiliated at being sent to bed by them, but they did get me up in time and I said they had been so well behaved. My sister still teases me about my size whenever our parent isn’t around. Particularly when we’re around people my age. It’s very embarrassing!


Broken Gaydar

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I’m a gay guy and had recently broken up with my boyfriend and was feeling really horny from being what we call in the gay community “underbuttf*cked”. It was really getting hard to find someone, and what made it worse was it seemed my “gaydar”, gay radar – to tell if someone is gay, wasn’t working properly. I kept hitting on straight guys, and most of them would say they weren’t interested, but occasionally I’d get someone who would be very upset that I was hitting on him. Dial it down and just say no, I’d say to these upset guys, but still, it was embarrassing with all this rejection and the fact that I was outing myself to a lot of straight guys. It just seemed that the more I threw myself out there, the more straights I kept getting embarrassed and rejected by. Finally, it did start getting too embarrassing and I was facing too much rejection that I decided to take a breather and wait for one to come along, but I’m still horny!


Connect the Dots

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For my twenty first birthday, my girlfriend, who is one year and three months older than me, and who I live with, decided to throw me a party. She had teased me a lot during the fifteen months that she had to buy me alcohol, which was usually wine coolers, but she would frequently buy herself some hard liquor for herself and tease me about being underage. I did get a lot of teasing from her and she also had me give her my paycheck and she managed our money.

Now it was my twenty first birthday and she had sent out a lot of invitations to our house, my family, her family, my friends, her friends, our mutual friends, our coworkers, some neighbors most of whom we barely knew, and as many others as she could think of. She had picked up a cake, but had not let me see it even though it was very large in the box. She then had everyone sit down in our house in various chairs and sofas in our living room. She then passed out papers that had full size picture of my face on them. These were very clear pictures and showed my face up close. It was a little embarrassing seeing my face up close like that, but what happened next brought my embarrassment to a whole new level. She told everybody, and there were about sixty or so people there, to count my freckles and then to do a connect the dots drawing with them and that whoever had the best design that used all of my freckles would get to draw that design on my face. I do have a lot of freckles, but I had never counted them myself. My girlfriend, and most of the people there, didn’t have hardly any, although some of my family did.

Most of the people giggled and then started counting and drawing. My girlfriend had plenty of pencils and markers for those who asked, she then told my family members that it was all in fun and to go ahead and join in, and pretty soon everyone was busy. My girlfriend would walk around and coach people to be creative, and especially egged on most of my friends and coworkers to do so.

After the counting, the number of freckles that I had was 137. My girlfriend then asked everyone to take pictures of their drawing with their phones before turning them in to her. She was the judge and picked out the one that she thought was the funniest, and then showed it real fast to everyone and asked who drew it and a guy stood up. I think it was one of her friends, but I didn’t get to see the picture. She then turned me around and gave the guy a purple marker and had him draw his drawing on my face. While he and I were engaged in this, she stood in front of everyone to show everyone all of the drawings and told people to take pictures of them with their phones.

Meanwhile the guy who was drawing on my face seemed to be gay and asked me to stop looking at his crotch. He did slap me whenever he said I was moving and making it hard for him to finish. It was hard not to look since he was standing right in front of me and kept moving my head as he was drawing on me. He was standing up in front of me while I was sitting in a chair and stood very close to me. Finally, he told me he was done and slapped me one more time. He told he had counted twenty one slaps for my birthday. I then smiled as now I knew what the slaps were for, but he grabbed my head and slammed it into his pants where is crotch was. Since my mouth was open from smiling, I actually felt the outline of his crotch in my mouth but he then told me to get up and show everyone my face.

Since I didn’t have a mirror, I didn’t know what he drew, but most of the people gasped at me, although there were a few smirks. It also seemed that my girlfriend didn’t show that picture when she was going through the pictures, but she told everyone to take a picture of me now, and pretty much everyone did. Afterwards, it was time for the cake.

She brought out the box with the cake and when she opened it, it was a sheet cake with another close up picture of me and on the top it said “Freckle Birthday” and on the bottom it said “Connect the Dots” The then had everyone sing “Freckle Birthday” instead of Happy birthday, and say Freckle Face instead of my name. She then had me blow out the candles and had everyone return to their seats while she cut the cake and had me deliver the cake to them. While they were eating, she and I returned to our seats at the front of the room and she had me unwrap the gifts. Interestingly, most of the gifts were connect the dot books, although there were a few other things. I think she had put connect the dot books as the gift everyone should bring on the invitations, but some brought something else anyway. She had me say thank you as I opened every gift to the giver. Finally the party was about to wrap up, but she did bring out a mirror so I could finally see what the gay guy had drawn on my face. To my chagrin, he had drawn five penises, two on each of my cheeks and one from my forehead along my nose. The heads of all of them were just outside my mouth, but actually it looked like the tips were in my mouth, like I was sucking five penises! This whole party was embarrassing, but this was extremely so. However, I didn’t want to cry on my birthday so I acted like it didn’t bother me. My girlfriend then said that the party had ended and everyone started to leave. She gave everyone another page with my face on it in case they wanted to do another connect the dots later as they were leaving. She said they could forward it to her when they finished and they could make copies for many connect the dot drawings. Everyone already had several pictures on their phones with my face and various drawings on it. Nobody was going to forget about all this for years to come. Finally, when it was just me and her she said that she appreciated that I was such a good sport and that she was going to give me some wild sex for that. She also said that the gay guy had been chosen beforehand and he had helped her come up with the idea and had already drawn my picture before the party and that we could thank him later. Actually I didn’t really want to do that. We then went into our bedroom and, after a little teasing about my freckles and the drawing, she really made me glad it was my birthday.


I ate what I thought was a burger!

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So I was 18 at the time, and I came home after a hard day at college, and on the kitchen counter was like a nice looking salad. Next to that there was like a bread bun with a really nice burger sandwiched in between! Since I was completely starving, and thinking my parents left it out for me, I grabbed a few bits of lettuce from the salad, sandwiched it between the burger and took a big bite!

Omg, then my dad comes running down the hallway shouting “jonny, don’t eat that burger, it’s made of shit!” I froze and the burger dropped to the ground, splaying in half across the floor. He explained that he had got the turd from our neighbour’s dog which had fouled all over our backyard, and made it into a burger to offer it to our neighbour to get him back!

Needless to say, I rushed to the toilet and washed my mouth out and nearly hurled! Nearly died from shame! I no longer eat burgers, which I’m sure requires no explanation!


A Birthday To Remember

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I am a 15 year old who lived a bit of a spoiled life with my father who would basically always give me what I wanted. You see my parents split up about a year after I was born. I lived with my dad, while my two sisters went with my mom. For the mot part, I spent my birthdays with my dad, but one year, he had to run to an emergency business meeting for th day, so he had me stay with my mom until he could pick me up again.

Being spoiled, I basically thought that I was the Birthday King and could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but I had to learn the hard way that hat wasn’t always the case.

This story will be told as it was happening with me narrating from time to heretime I shall also substitute names to respect privacy. I will refer to myself as Sam. That is not my real name.


“But Dad, I don’t want to be stuck in this hellhole on my birthday!” I protested. “Why can’t I just stay home? I’m fifteen already.”

“Sam, I’m not going to leave you all day at home alone. Plus, your mom hasn’t seen you in awhile. It’s only going to be few hours,” Dad explained.

I reluctantly stepped out of the car and walked to the door where my mom greeted me. Let’s skip to the action now.


The day went well for a bit. Up untila few hours in. We were going to the park to chill out a bit, but I didn’t want to go, so I protested. My mom urged me to one long, and eventually I grumpily followed along.

For the duration of the time, I acted like a complete brat, bugging my sisters and trying to belittle them a bit. The park we were at was a bit old fashioned with stuff like stocks, and other old fashioned gimmicks. My sisters bet me that I couldn’t fit in the stocks. I defended my self, and bent over, sticking my head and hands inside the holes. That was my biggest mistake. Since they were so annoyed with me, they had devised a plan to knock me down a few steps, and sothey shut the bar and locked itwith the key.

One of them went behindpulled my pants down, revealing my Thomas the Tank Engine briefs. Yes, I repeat, Thomas the Tank Engine briefs. It was the only underwear that I had left that was clean, since I didn’t do the laundry. The to girls burst out laughing. They took a few pictures and since it was planned out, several of their friends, and mine walked over. By several, I mean 15 girls and 8 guys who were all around my age. One of them worked for the yearbook for the school and snapped a few pics, making sure to get my face. Now, little insight before I move on. I’m not exactly well developed, if you catch my drift, but I used some padding for awhile and boasted that it was bigger than reality.


Not sparing anything, Anna, one of my sisters, pulls down and off my undies, and as you can imagine, she tossed it with my pants, and my padding that was inside, fell out and was lying on top of the pile. Everyone immediately noticed and laughed even harder. Then a girl made a comment that she couldn’t see anything with me bet over, so they took me out of the stock and right next to it were two poles with chains on them. They chained my hands and legs so that they made me a human X, spread out as much as they could stretch

Now I was completely exposed with no means of covering up or anything with my little gut who was smaller than said, hanging out. They all fell over laughing. My best friendwas really annoyed with my lie about my size and walked behind me. I had no visuals of what he was doing, but I heard a bunch of giggling, and felt something touch my butt. I was so confused at first, but I soon discovered that my butt cheeks were being spread wide open for the world and I felt so exposed. I heard several snaps of a camera and felt hands slap on my butthole and cheeks, making it turn red.They also stepped around and snapped some frontals. Before you ask, no I won’t release them to anyone.

You also might be wondering where my mom was and way she was doing while this happened. Well as it turned out, she had left for a bit, but returned later to get me. We went home and I thought we were done. That was not so. My mom had invited some neighbors and friends to hear my sentencing. For being a spoiled brat, I was to remain completely nude for the remainder of the break(It was spring break with six days to spare). I was also to bathe twice a day in the front yard and anyone was allowed to come watch. My other punishments were: Obeying commands given to me as long as it wasn’t harmful or illegal, proceeding with daily routines throughout the break,among other things.

I have to say, as humiliating as it was, it was well deserved. Photos got published in the yearbook though my mom’s approval, and it served as a reminder of that day.


Embarrassing but somewhat pleasing ambush

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I was fifteen years old, and so many people at school told me that I was well developed for my age, almost like a grown women. I eavesdropped on many conversations of other boys that said they found me probably the sexiest and hottest girl at school. Though I liked the compliment, I didn’t really take advantage or made fun of other people because of it. People said what they thought, and it didn’t affect me.

One day though, I was walking in the forest I have to walk through to get back home when three girls that I didn’t know suddenly walked up to me. I was very surprised to see other people in the forest, because I was the only person at our school that lived in the region behind the forest. “Hey, little girly.” One of them said. They looked about a year older than me at the very most. They were quite attracted to be honest. “Hello.” I responded calmly and casually. I wasn’t sure why they were approaching me that way, but I had a bad feeling in my spine.

One of the girl took me gently by the hand and brought me towards a tree stump. The girls made me sit on it. “You’re a very pretty girl.” One of them commented. “Thank you. So are all of you!” I commented back with truth. The girls giggled, so it was relieving to know I was on their good side. “Are you interested in boys, girly?” Another one of them asked me. I told them that I kind of found a few boys cute, but never had a real crush, per say. That’s when they looked at each other with smiles. One of them started to massage me, and another was tickling me lightly around the hips. I couldn’t resist the somewhat soothing sensations.

The one that wasn’t doing anything to me started by taking off my shoes and then my socks. I thought at first that she was going to massage my feet, but I was in the wrong as her hands got to the top of my leggings and pulled them down in one fell swoop. I wasn’t able to react as the girls saw me in my light blue thong.

“Wow!” They all exclaimed as they observed them. I quickly used my hands to cover myself. “Uhm.. can I have those back…?” I asked the one with my leggings in her hands. “I would if I didn’t want to see more of your body…” That’s when one of the girls snuck up behind me and pulled my sweater over my head. I was so surprised and shock that I couldn’t bring myself to try and stop her. I was left in my blue lingerie and thong in front of the three girls, trying to cover myself. “No more…” I pleaded as I started to feel a little cold.

“We’re not trying to harm you…” One of the girls reassured me. “We just want to show you the sexual pleasure that another girl can give you…”

“W-What?!” I reacted. That’s when one of the girls placed her hands on my breasts and started to fondle them. Another one got behind me and unsnapped my bra, leaving me topless with my breasts exposed, and the last one pulled off my panties, showing me in all of my nude self. As the same girl fondled my breasts, the one that pulled off my panties slowly and gently rubbed her fingers around my downstairs and the last one gave me little kisses in the neck. “What is t-this!?” I shuddered. I was completely paralyzed by what was happening. I was stripped completely naked in an outside forest by three girls who were fondling and playing with my body.

“Like we said, we just want to pleasure you!” The girl fondling my breasts said as she started to lick and suck on my left nipple. The feeling was so great, but I was so embarrassed to have this happen to me! Very quickly the second girl took my other nipple and started to give me the same treatment, but the most intense one of all was the last girl, who spread my legs apart and started to play with my clitoris using her own tongue.

The only sound I heard for the next few minutes of pleasure was the sound of sucking and licking on my nipples and breasts, the slurping from the last two and my downstairs and my own moaning from the whole thing. I wished I could stop, but I couldn’t help myself! My body was being touched and played with in ways I didn’t even think was so pleasureful! “Stop!” I told them. “I don’t want anyone to see or hear this!”

“Oh widen up shall you..?” One of them asked. “What if someone see’s this? They will know your true colors…~!” I couldn’t break free from their playing around. For a few more minutes they continued until one of my friends, who I had forgotten was supposed to come over saw what was happening. “What are you doing to her?!” She asked the girls.

“We’re just showing her our sexual ways!” One of them said. “Why don’t you join us…” My friend blushed, as if the idea of doing that crossed her mind, but she didn’t want to show it. “N-No! Leave her alone!”

“Well, if you say so… We hope we have given you a very good lesson, girly.” One said before the three girls walked past my friends, leaving me naked on the tree stump. My friend quickly ran to me to see if I was okay. “I’m fine…” I responded. “But it felt way too good…” My friend looked surprised. “You… you liked that sort of stuff?” She sounded a little hopeful. I told her everything that happened up until the point she arrived. “Do you… do you think that… I could…”

“You could what?” I asked her. That’s when she finished her sentence with “Satisfy you…?” She didn’t let me answer as she kissed me. Needless to say… I fell into a spell of lesbian sex in the forest with my friend. The both of us were naked and fondling and sucking each other’s bodies. I had no idea she had such feelings for me, but I was proud, because it felt good… but somehow I felt like we were being watched when we did that, because I always feel a little embarrassed when I think about this moment, almost like a group of boys saw us and recorded us doing all of those things…


Stripped by senior girls

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It was my first day of high school after skipping the eight grade because the school believed that I had enough knowledge to skip right to grade nine. I was thirteen years old, probably the youngest in the high school, and I was quite scared, nervous and intimidated. When the bell rang for lunch time, I really had to pee so I went towards the bathrooms. But I was so nervous that I accidentally walked into the ladies’ room, and I saw for older girls talking to each other. When I showed myself they quickly looked at me. “I’m sorry!” I told them as I turned around to leave as fast as I can. But one of them got me by my arm and pulled me into their group, putting me up against the wall with the four senior girls looking down at me. “My, why are you here kid? You look a bit too young.” One of them said. I explained to them the whole grade skipping situation and that I was just nervous and walked in on them accidentally. But I got WAY too nervous with them all looking at me, because I couldn’t hold myself in and I peed my pants. It was so obvious with my grey pants getting darker in that area. “Aw you peed yourself?” One of them asked. They looked at each other with a wide grin, and that’s when the hell started.

Two of the girls pinned me against the wall and the other two started to strip me: Unbuttoning my shirt, taking off my shoes and pants, leaving me in my wet undies. “Let’s see how big your cock is.” That’s what the one girl said when she, in one quick action, pulled down my undies, exposing my penis to all of them. I still don’t know why, but my penis had gotten stimulated during that time, and I have no clue why, because if anything I was frightened, not pleased at all. The girls started to exchange comments like “It’s bigger than I thought it would be.” and “It’s bigger than my boyfriend’s!” I didn’t have any idea what size meant big or small for the penis, but I was frozen with fear and humiliation. Even if I wanted to try and break free, I couldn’t bring it in me to move.

One of the girls then asked the group: “How about we bring him in the hallways?” And there’s when I felt like dying. The girls took me from my arms and legs, lift me up and brought me into the busy school hallways. I was crying while the other people looking were laughing. One of my four kidnappers was rubbing my penis all the while, and it felt so weird. As a lot of students gathered in a half-circle around the four girls in I who were against a wall, one of them yelled that anyone who wanted to play with my penis could step right up and do it. A few other senior girls came closer and started to touch my penis without my consent. I felt an intense feeling in my penis and that’s when I let out a white liquid without warning and without want: My first ever ejaculation, and it was in front of so many people at school.

More people started to rub my privates and it only started to hurt and humiliate me more and more. After a while the other students left, still laughing, and the four senior girls dropped me and left me where I was. I heard one of them say “At least he has a good penis” faintly, but that was not something I was proud of. I felt as if I couldn’t move, so I just curled up into a ball and cried. That’s when three girls from my earlier math class approached me. They looked worried but I hid my face right in my knees after seeing them. “Are you okay?” One of them asked me. I shook my head still in my knees. “What those girls did to you… that was awful…” Another one of them said. “Come on let’s get you to the principal’s office.” The last one said as I felt her cold hand on my wrist. I looked up to see two blond girls and a dark haired girl. They were all pretty, which is what intimidated me and made me try to get them away from me. “Look, we just want to help you! Come on.” After a few minutes of trying to get me up, and some glances from other seemingly worried and puzzled students, I followed them, with one of the girls letting me borrow her hoodie to cover myself as I walked to the principal’s office with them.

The girls told the principal what happened and he immediately gave me some spare clothing and called my mother for her to pick me up and bring me home. He told me to take my time recuperation and that he’d definitely punish the girls that had stripped me. I didn’t go to school for the rest of the week, but I felt better the next school day so I went. The three girls that had helped me out became my closest friends even to this day, but it’s still embarrassing to think that they met me after I was stripped naked and publicly was ejaculated by senior girls…


Stripped by girls at school

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My story is about a totally humiliating experience that happened when I was 14 at school one summer. I will try to be brief.

The incident happened at lunch break on the school playing fields. My friends ganged up on me and tried to get my trousers down, there was a gang of girls that gathered round to watch. The girls were really into it and were all shouting and egging the boys on to give them a flash. I was terrified of being exposed in front of a load of girls, it was something that happened to boys from time to time at my school and I always dreaded it happening to me.

I really struggled hard to stop them humiliating me in front of the girls and fought them off with all my strength, I remember curling up on the ground and they couldn’t get my trousers or belt undone. After a few minutes or so, they gave up and moved on. I lay on the grass on my back panting, trying to catch my breath, the struggle had left me exhausted.

Before I had chance to recover, some the girls that had come to watch were all over me. One sat on my chest while others pinned my arms and legs down. There were about seven of them to start with, two from my year, the rest older girls. I was powerless, I couldn’t move a muscle. They said that they were going to finish the job and strip me naked.

The girl on my chest, the ringleader, obscured my view of what was happening below, but I felt my shoes and socks come off, then I could feel fingers fiddling with my trouser belt and zip. I frantically tried to wriggle free but they really had me pinned down. I felt sick as I realized how powerless I was, struggling for breath, begging them to get off me. There was a lot of laughing and giggling from my attackers and more girls gathered round for the show. I felt my trousers slowly being pulled down, I tried to twist my body to stop what was happening, but it was hopeless and I just prayed that a teacher would come by and it would stop.

No teachers came by. My heart was pounding and I was gasping for breath as another girl sat on me to make sure I couldn’t escape. I felt fingers pulling at my underpants and I begged them not to do it, I desperately tried to move but just couldn’t. I could feel my undies slowly coming down and the sudden, unfamiliar feeling of fresh air around my private parts. A loud cheer went up to mark the moment of my humiliation they removed my trousers and underwear, I was naked from the waist down and all the girls could see my privates.

I am not particularly well-endowed, and at 14 I was definitely underdeveloped. It was my worst nightmare. I felt like my face was on fire, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life, utter humiliation. The girls were laughing, some of them started to chant: ‘we can see his little willy, we can see his little willy’. There was a crowd of girls that had gathered round now. One of the girls who was sat on my chest was ordering her mates to touch me. I was suddenly grabbed down below, it was like being tickled, but worse. I was squirming and choking and started to laugh uncontrollably, the same thing that happens when being tickled, as an unseen hand fiddled and jiggled my balls. The more I reacted, the more I was abused. It really started to hurt in the pit of my stomach just like I’d been kicked in the nuts. To make it all worse I got an erection which was just so embarrassing.

Suddenly the pressure seemed to ease, I heard someone shout that there was a teacher coming. The girls pinning me down quickly let go and the crowd quickly dispersed. But too late for me. Loads of the girls has seen my little willy and watched, laughing while I was tickled in my balls.

I was shaking, humiliated and devastated by what had just happened. I shakily put my clothes back on, the teacher had turned back as the girls ran off, probably thinking that they were just smoking or something. I sat and tried to catch my breath. When I got up, I still had a dull pain in my gut and I started to walk back to school, the pain in my stomach making me feel like puking. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t tell anyone, though the story was going round that I had been stripped on the fields, so loads of kids knew what had happened.

It was the most embarrassing and humiliating moment of my life. Some of the girls had taken photos and video on their phones and these were all over the school in no time.

It took ages for me to get over it, I didn’t dare tell anyone, I was so scared the girls would get me again.


My Sister In Law gave me swimming lessons

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I was able to do the difficult task of getting to be in a private pool with Cecy, my Hispanic sister in law, my wife’s sister, with HUGE breasts, but a so-so face. Although, really, all Hispanic women have beautiful faces. I was in my trunks and Cecy was in a one piece with a t-shirt covering that also. My trunks were somewhat short and went to the top of my thighs. Cecy did giggle at that saying I was barely covered. Of course I blushed at that as was her intent. We got into the pool and began to swim around for a while. She then said that she wanted to help me improve my swim strokes and had me come over to her. She stood in the water and told me to begin to swim in front of her and she would hold me as I did. I didnt think this would work, but she put her left arm under my stomach and her right arm over my back and was able to hold me as I swam. She then told me to first focus on my arm strength and to not kick with my legs yet. I began to do so as she held me. When I would slow down, she would tell me to keep at it and I would speed back up. Since I dont have a lot of arm strength, my arms were getting tired, but she told me to keep at it as she held me.Finally, after a while, my arms were slowing down no matter how hard I tried and, then she told me to stop and we would work on my legs. This time she told me that she would hold me and for me Not to use my arms since she would hold me up. I tried for a few minutes, but it was hard not to be moving them. She then stopped and told me to put my arms by my sides and she would widen her grip to hold them along with my body. It felt awkward, but I did begin kicking as she held me up in this position. It seemed more like it was a matter of trust more than anything else that she wouldnt let my head fall so I couldnt breathe and I was being held completely in her grip. I was kicking my legs and she said for me to kick harder and faster. I began doing so and then she said for me to try and kick hard enough to escape her grip. I kicked and kicked, but I couldnt, and then she let me go and told me to use my arms as before and I swam like this for a quick round. She told me that she was disappointed that I wasnt able to escape by kicking, but she wanted me to come over and she was going to teach me some more. This time she wanted me to lie on my back for a back stroke. I was a little disappointed that this was turning into swimming lessons, but I did figure that this would help my swimming after all so I lie on my back and again she wrapped her arms around me as before, but leaving my arms free as at first. I did like that from lying on my back in the water that I got to now see her ENORMOUS breasts in front of me and I think she noticed my arousal from that, but instead of acknowledging that, she said that it looked like the cold water was causing me shrinkage. I did blush at this, but she said for us to continue the lesson and for me to try again with my legs and she had me put my arms by my side in her grip again. This time it felt a little different with my chest and everything in complete view and when I began kicking, my arousal, which she had said was shrunken, was bouncing around in my trunks. She then said for me to try and kick hard enough for me to escape this way. I was kicking for several minutes, but again, I was unable to escape from her grip. When I began to give up and slowed down, I felt embarrassed and she could see it in my face as I could see her disappointment. She then told me that we were going to work on my arms again. They had gotten tired before, but she said for me to put as much effort as I could into that, so that we could both at least know that I had done my best. As she held me up, I tried as hard as I could to backstroke with my tired arms. She kept saying to move harder and faster. Meanwhile, I was so focused on this that I hadnt realized that she had slowly moved her grip down to the top of my trunks. She then said that I was doing well and to keep it up and I did even though my arms did feel very tired. Then, since my legs were not moving, she told me she liked my effort and to keep going as she slowly slid my trunks down to my thighs. Since I was so focused on my strokes I didnt notice. Finally, after she had gotten them to the midpoint of my thighs, she let go of the grip and grabbed the edges of my trunks as the thrust of my arms began to propel me forward and as I moved forward, the rest of my legs went through my trunks. I didnt yet realize that she had pulled my trunks off, and she did say that she was proud that I had done my best effort and to go ahead and use my legs again and then to swim back to her. I was happy that she liked my effort, not realizing that I was giving her a full frontal view as I backstroked to her. She then said we should get out of the pool now and grabbed my hand and walked me out. When we got out, I did realized that I was naked in front of her with the shrinkage of the poolnow having its full effect since the exhaustion had made me lose my arousal. She then smiled hugged me and whispered in my ear saying I had the smallest she had ever seen. She then looked me in the eyes and began making out with me, frequently stroking my thing with one of her fingers and adding an occasional comment about how small I was. Well, I was still embarrassed, but making out with Cecy was a fantasy come true that I really enjoyed!

Unfortunately, when I did grab her breasts she did slap me and said that I would have to wait until I had pleased her in other ways until I could do that, and besides, since I wasn’t aroused and I was so small from the water, I shouldn’t be grabbing yet. On the other hand, when I did please her, then I could. I did blush with embarrassment at this, but began to put my all into making out with her! However, during the whole time we were making out, I was unable to get aroused again, due to the coldness of the water and of being outside in the cool. Also, her face was not super attractive enough for me to get aroused from itself. I did try to force myself to do so, but then again, that is the worst thing to do when you aren’t getting aroused. I know its better to let it come. Anyway, we did make out for a very long time and she continually teased me about not getting aroused enough to see her breasts jokingly asking if I was gay, which I’m not. I did enjoy the making out, and she told me that hopefully next time, I would be man enough to be aroused by her. That really made me blush!


Worst Timing Ever!!!!!!!

DownUp (+9 rating, 13 votes)

When me and my boyfriend Armilliano were in drama, and we loved to explore each others body. He sometimes touched me in p.e and I gave him head in the bathroom. One day me and him were on stage rehearsing with the curtains closed(Romeo and Juliet). We thought we were alone. We then both got horny when we kissed. He then got turned on by the thought of us getting caught by someone. I then started sucking his 6 inch COCK ON STAGE!!! I was so turned on and wet when he came in my mouth. After he was still horny, so I wanted him inside me, but he didn’t have a condom. I then said he could put it in my ass! We then started fucking in the missionary position and it was so hot in my ass I started to SQUIRT!! ALL OVER HIS COCK!! After we both came we heard people laughing and we looked on the other side of the curtain and there was the whole drama,football club, and even the school administrators. We were so embarrassed and he even started crying! His mom and dad were shocked standing at the edge of the stage. They were going to give every one in the drama club fruit and smoothies but I guess they chose the worst time ever!!!!! He then got shipped to a military school and we have no contact together, but I can’t wait till he gets out cause I always loved a man in uniform…;)