my sister peed on my lap

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When i was about 12 years old i started going through puberty. And my penis staryed getting larger. And one day i was useing the bathroom which i was sitting on the toilet and my sister who was 16 and somking hot knoked on the door saying hurry up and that she had to go too. So i decides to just stay in there just to see what she would do. And after about ten more minutes she couldnt hold it any longer so she barged in on me and said if i didnt get up she would me on me. And of coarse i didnt believe her so she spread my legs apart and pulled down her pants and undies and sat on me. Since my legs were spread she could pee right between them which is exactly what she did. In all honesty i loved it. Her ass ony lap and her pussy between my legs got me really horny. I started to get a borner and my penis got bigger and toched my sisters pussy. She got horney too. Then i put my arms around her waist and went between her legs and rubbed her crotch. She told me to put my penis in her vagina so i did and we had sex rigjt there on the toilet. Now when ever i feel horney or she feels jorney we play with eachother and have sex all the time. By the way im 16 now and she is 20 and man is she amazing in bed.



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Ok so this is really embarrassing but here we go. im a 17 yr old girl and i have boyfriend same age.One night i was over babysitting my 6 yr old cousin rachel cause my mother told me at the LAST minute that i needed to go! i had a date that nite with my boyfriend rick so i flipped! but my mother kept going on about how family is ther for eachother and all that and my boyfrind wont be ther forever and ya ya ya , so i eventually just gave. they aparently had no refundable tickets for the opra , that sold out last week, so they have had the tickets for a week and didnt tell me so i was PISSED
So at this point i was like, if they wanted to make me watch her at the last minute , my plans are comming along with me , so i made my boyfriend come to keep me comppany against his dismay. And its not like i dont like my cousin shes Very Cute but, its was A FRIDAY NIGHT!
SO ANYWAY we got there and we ended up watching the little mermaid, for like the fourth time and me and rick were getting seriously bord, but not rachel who continued to watch the movie as if sh had never seen it before,
So rick, got an idea and snuck his hand up my mini skirt, pushed my thong aside and began figering me (my cousin was on the floor infront of us and too distracted to noticed) i got really turned on and tried relentlessly to not let myself begiin to make nosie, not wanting rachel to turn around, i tried to pull his hand away but he just kepted it up and soo at this point i was ready for shit to happen, So i ripped his hand away and sat up and ran upstaris, pulling him along with me, i told rachel to stay down there and i would be back in a second.
We went to the guest room and i eventually ended up on my kness giving him a bj. So after we finished, we went back downstairs and the night ended and i got payed.
So a few nights later i was with my family at some party and rachel was there, as well as most of my family and rachel was SUPER hyper and kept bothering me while i was online (ignoring the part lol) so i told her that if she didnt stop i wouldnt come over anymore and she looked me directly in the eye and said, veery loudly
“Hey! you cant tell me what to do! if you stop comming over ill just tell everyne you were licking that guys rick pee-pee instead of finishing the movie with me!”
I froze, and so did most of the people at the part who had heard. my face erupted in complete heat! and in a very loud voice, my father says
“Whos, pee-pee have u been licking young lady?” and to wrapp things up i was grounded for 4 months…and never aloud to see rick in the house again, most embarresing moment of my life! i had no idea rachael had saw! i thought sh was still watchhing the movie ! i was mortified! both b.c i had let her see me like that and that she said it to EVERYONE OF OUR NEIGHBORS AT the party…so embarresing.
the only funny part of this whole thing was, rachael still thinks i got in trouble for not finishing the movie with her lol! oh kids innocents ! i hope she never remembers what happened!



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Like three years ago when i was thirteen, i really liked this guy who was older than me and told my friends i would do anything for him. one day when we were texting eachother , he started talking like dirty to me soo i was the happy because i liked himm sooo much. then he asked for a naked picturee, and being the 13 year old lover i was, i took a picture and sent it. like i said id do anything for him.. wow i regret that so much…. so anyway i went to school on monday feeling like hot shit that i sent it to him and he liked it. So i was walking around all proud when i realize that these guys who im friends with are makig fake sex sounds while there looking at their phones being all imature and stuff so i go over to them and im like whats up? so they turn their phone around and show me the picture i sent to the guy i liked! i ran away but i noticed other people looking at me a smiling with their phones open…ughhh and then it sunk in that he sent the picture of me around and this was going to make my life miserable. Well i got home from school and my brother who was a freshman in highschool then i think walked towards me, showed me the picture on his phone and called me a slutt hahah why would someone send it to my brother? like i walk around the house naked anyway loll thats so low to send it to him. lmfaoo but this was pretty embarrassing and last month in math class my guy friend was sending me a picture and it was the picture of mee.. so i got up in the middle of class, pulled his phone out of his pants and broke it in halff..enough was enough lol


I’m having lustful thoughts for men

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my friend lee and i have been flirting with eachother for awhile…
one day me and my friend liz had this inside joke where we’d look at eachother and say “I’m having lustful thoughts for men…” cause it was in a book we read..
i was trying to text that to liz the next day but ended up texting lee instead..he seemed pretty interested


didn’t mean to interupt you

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me and my husband, was bf then, didn’t have a place to really share ourselves with eachother so one night around midnight we went to a nearby park. We started talking first and then one thing led to another purposely and we ended up on the second steps of the jungle gym leading up to the tunnel slide. Well in the middle of it, two guys and a girl walks up to us, they didn’t notice me at first i was on the bottom, and asked us if we had seen one of their friend pass by. we both said no and that’s when he noticed me, “Hymee, is that you under there?” he asked me, i was mortified, “no” i said softly, he stepped closer to get a better look and it finally dawned on him what we were doing.. “OMG” the girl said, the dude on the other hand was like “O alright!!” anyways after a couple seconds of awkward silence the dude tells us “didn’t mean to interupt you..” they walk off just as embarrased as we were…then the guy turned around and shouted back “go ahead, get back to what you guys were doing..” Let’s just say even though we got busted, we didn’t let it go to waste, after a few rounds of laughs we were still in the mood so we finished what we started and headed on home..


surprise cumshot!

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So im 16 amd one day i was swimming with my best friend who happens to be a girl, we came inside and started drying off in my room, and we are completely comfortable with eachother but i didnt know this comfy, next thing i know she was naked toweling off and asked if she could borrow a shirt and she was gonna go shower, i gave her one and kept glancing over at her amazing body, she left to shower, and i kept thinking about it, shortly after i got a boner.so i started jerking, and then she walked in as soon as i had to cum, i turned to her in shock and shot all over her.. she was speechless, i apologized and was trying to find clothes then the most random thing happened after, she says.. wow, thats a pretty big cock there 🙂 instant hardon again, she just giggled and endud giving me a handjob.. hah