baptism diaper could be seen

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I am 15 and catholic and was finially baptized last easter at easter vigil.All of the preteen and teen girls wear the traditional,white,poofy,above the knees,short sleeve baptism dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.Under our dresses we wear cloth pin on diapers with rubberpants[plastic pants]over them and a white tee shirt as our top.I didnt realize how short my dress was untill i bent over to get the water on my head and my dress went up in back and everyone saw my diapers and rubberpants!Some of my friends told me about it later and i was so embarrassed!


My girlfriend’s birthday

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It was night time on my girlfriend’s birthday. She and I had gone out to dinner, but the restaurant had messed up her order. They were usually an excellent restaurant, but this time they had messed up. Of course they offered her a replacement, and it was on the house, but she was still disappointed. We came back and, since it was her birthday, we were going to have sex. We went into the bedroom and began making out while taking off our clothes. We were both naked and, to my embarrassment, I didn’t have an erection. She sighed and said after everything tonight, you can’t get an erection. I was extremely embarrassed and she put her hand on my penis, but after fifteen minutes I still couldn’t get it up. Of course, I was embarrassed and frustrated, but she said, after the fiasco at dinner I was expecting some birthday sex and you won’t give me that. I tried putting my own hand on my penis, but I still couldn’t get it up. She then said, you know, it’s not like you’re giving me sex every night. I didn’t think it was unreasonable for me to expect sex on my birthday do you? I held my head down and said no. She used put her finger under my chin and tilted my head back up so I was looking at her and she continued, and asked me what did I think we should do? I couldn’t think of anything and she began to put her clothes back on. I began to do the same, but she said that since it was her birthday and that I hadn’t given her sex after the restaurant experience that I had taken her to, that she felt she was entitled to something. I was still sitting on the edge of the bed naked while she was standing in front of me with her clothes on and she said, Don’t you agree I should get something not only for my birthday, but for the fact that you ruined it. I started to argue that the restaurant wasn’t my fault, and I couldn’t help the fact that I couldn’t get an erection. She then said, At the restaurant did you yell at the manager for the screw-up, No, and even if you couldn’t get an erection, did you offer anything else, No. Therefore, these are both on you. I gulped and said I hadn’t realized that and that she was right. She then began, Now, as I said before, you haven’t really been giving me a lot of sex, so I want some things to change. First, I want you to wear a dress when you’re in the house if you haven’t given me sex the night before. This will be an incentive for you to be more manly, do you agree. I gulped again, but saw her point and said okay. She said, and don’t answer me okay, but yes ma’am from now on. Is that understood? I said yes ma’am and she continued. Also, if you haven’t given me sex the night before, I want you to do all cooking, cleaning, and other chores around the house, do you agree? I said yes ma’am. She said, finally one more thing, I am horny now, since you obviously aren’t going to satisfy me tonight, I want you to think of three guys that I can choose from to have sex with tonight. I do think I deserve this. I gasped at this, and began to argue, but she said, so you don’t think I deserve sex on my birthday? How dominant are you trying to be? I said I hadn’t thought of it that way, and said she was right after all. I then thought and named three, my younger brother, one of her ex boyfriends, and a coworker. She then said for me to call each of them up and say that I wasn’t able to have an erection but if they could come over and have sex with me. I did, they all thought I was joking and laughed and hung up. She then said that she was going to call one of them back and tell him that it wasn’t a joke and it was up to me to choose which one. I chose my brother and she did call him up and told him that I had just called and it wasn’t a joke, but that I had said that he could have birthday sex with her. He seemed to say okay and said he’d be right over. She then said that she was going to call the other two and tell them that it wasn’t a joke either, but that she would have to schedule with them another time. I got dressed in the clothes from the evening, and my brother came over and he and my girlfriend actually did have sex, my brother had asked again for my approval and I had to say yes since I had just agreed with my girlfriend about this for her birthday. They went in the bedroom and had sex while I waited in the living room. Afterwards, he left and my girlfriend said thanks to me for letting her get satisfied, but she still wanted me to agree that she could have sex with any of the three whenever I didn’t with her. I did agree and beginning the next morning, I put on one of her dresses while I was in the house, but I changed and we left to go shopping and we picked out some more dresses and skirts that were more my size and I began doing all the other things we had agreed to, while she frequently had sex with the three guys I had named whenever I didn’t have sex with her myself. She was satisfied and I knew I was letting her be happy. She and I did have sex a lot less frequently and almost became girlfriends with me doing a lot of the house chores, but she was a lot hornier than me and got all the sex that she needed. Actually, like most women, she hardly ever wore dresses herself, but now I almost always did. Occasionally, I would try to have sex with her myself, but she usually laughed mostly because I was in a dress and her laugh would make my erection go back down. One time I was actually able to keep my erection, and we did have sex so I got to wear regular clothes the next day, but then I would go long periods of time without giving her sex, so I’d be back to the dress or skirt. I got so used to it that I began wearing it when company came over, and of course, when any of her three guys came over, I would wait in the living room while they had sex. Sometimes they would even jokingly flirt with me, which I actually found flattering.


Well , it goes like this

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Well , it goes like this- i was in higher kindergarten, it was school recess, and we were playing on a playground slide(fisal patti ) .
It was winters, so were wearing pants, and i think there was some nail or something on the slide, in which my pant got stuck .
Now, there was always a long queue on the slide , so as i was trying to free myself, someone from behind pushed me down the slide. The result-my pant tore down from my foot to upper part of thigh.
So i was basically stuck there, with half of school day to pass with my leg popping out from my uniform. The result was a dress like this


Do consider this that i am a BOY , was fat when i was a kid , so you can imagine the above pic now, but just imagine a fat little nervous boy instead of angelina jolie now.
Pretty Embarassing this is, i guess. Lets see if anyone else can top this.
P.s- i was in boys school too, so no one stayed back in making fun of me in ride back home.


Why do these things happen to me?!

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So I was home alone and I was wearing a summer dress. Important detail: I was wearing no panties. I was doing homework when my pencil rolled under the couch. I bent over to look under the couch and get my pencil back. My skirt flew upside down when my butt stuck up in the air, but I didn’t care becauseI was alone. But my neighbor-he was 16, my age- came in, perfect timing, and saw my bare butt sticking out for the world to see.

My neighbor is a total pervert-he gets me into bed a lot and almost has his way with me, too. I had no idea that he was there until I felt something on my pussy. He was LICKING me. “Back off, pervert!” I said and he said “I took photos on my phone. Obey or else these’ll go to your parents.”

I had no choice. He told me to stay in the position while rubbing myself. I did so. He made me continue until I climaxed. “Dirty girl” he said and I was so embarrassed. He started cleaning up my cum with his tongue and I held back my anger. Then he hit m G-spot and I started moaning uncontrollably. I hated myself. My hips bucked and he licked harder and deeper until I came again in his mouth.

He then made me lie on my back and spread my legs. He stuffed his head between my legs and started sucking my clit and licking my vagina. I was moaning so loudly as he held my legs apart with one hand and played with my breast with the other. I was near my third climax when his mother walked in.

“Joshua how long does it take you to get sugar” she said and stopped at our sight. She was angry and shoved her son off of me in disgust. I stood up, but finished the thrid climax out of my control. My green dress had a stain and soon it was the talk of the neighborhood. :(!!


She got me good.

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The other day at school I was bored at school at lunch time, and i saw my friend Laurel talking to a bunch of her friends. I came up from behind her and lifted her dress exposing her white undies to her friends. They all laughed, but Laurel got kinda angry. Later that lunch, she decided to pay me back.
So i was talking to a bunch of yr 12 girls, and she and a couple of her girl friends came up from behind me and tackled me to the ground. Laural said to me, “Let’s see how you like it”, and pulled off not only my pants, but my shirt as well, and left me in only my blue jocks. It was so embarrassing i could of died. I tried to get her to give me my clothes back but she just laughed and said “Nice undies, now you know how it feels”, and she and her friends ran away.

I ran all the way home, but not before like every student in school saw me in my undies. I’ll never mess with her again.


Fitting punishment

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When I was 10 and my aunt was babysitting me one day, she made me attend a birthday party for her 9 year old daughter’s friend. Being one of only about three boys there I quickly got bored. During one of the games I lifted my cousin’s dress exposing her panties to all the kids. She ran inside crying. I didn’t know my aunt had seen me do it and was surprised when she grabbed me by the hand and followed her pulling me along. We all ended up in the bathroom. She made me apologize but my cousin didn’t want to hear it, she was furious. Then my aunt told me she was going to show me how it felt to be really embarrassed. She told me to take my clothes off and I mistakenly thought she was going to make me walk out in front of everyone in my underwear. She had an even more embarrassing punishment in mind though.
After making me strip and stand facing the wall she gave my clothes to her daughter to change into. Then she put her frilly green dress, socks and shoes on me. She even put the large matching green bow in my hair! My cousin was ecstatic and skipped back out to the party announcing my predicament to everyone. While they all gathered around, I was trying to drag my feet(which was impossible in those slick bottomed shoes) and tugging to get free as my aunt was dragging me by the hand again. All the kids and moms laughed at me. I wanted to die. She made me stay like that for the rest of the party, a couple of hours, and the ride home. I’ve never been so humiliated!
I never lifted a girl’s skirt again, either!