Flat chest punishment


I am a senior in High School at the moment, but i look much younger. I’m 5’2 and have a really flat chest, barely filling out an a cup bra. So over the summer I was asked to babysit the daughter of my neighbor, as she and my mom were close friends. I went that night wearing a tank top and shorts, because it was pretty warm outside. And because she was my neighbor and I didn’t know her very well, I decided to go braless and some older panties I had, with heart patterns all around and a cat face on the back. It was honestly pretty cute. When I went over, I was dumbfounded to know this girl that I was babysitting was in the same high school as me. She was a freshman who was still 13, but it surprised me that her mom made her have a babysitter at that age. When we found out we went to the same school, we started watching a movie. In one scene, there was a steamy shower and somehow my nipples turned hard. She noticed it too. She made fun of my small boobs as a senior and lifted her shirt up and showed me her bra, a light blue frilly edged bra with the tag saying 32C. This girl who was a good 4 years younger than me had double my breast size. Great. She even went to the extent to grab her mom’s bra, which was sized 34B, smaller than her. She then grabbed me and was immediately pulling me to the ground. I have to admit, I may not be the strongest, but that girl could lift me with ease. She planted me on the ground with my butt up and pulled down my shorts. My cat face on the back of my panties were showing and she was giggling as she took out her phone and snapped a picture. I was embarrassed and tried to cover up, but couldn’t. I started to cry a little bit, and she lifted me up and took me to her room on her shoulder. I had a small butt too, and she showed me her pink thong she was wearing and how her butt was more pronounced than mine as well. Then the scary part came in. She told me she does this with her mom as well because her mom was small like me too, and she opened up a wardrobe and took out a small pair of panties, little kid panties with some cartoon printed on it, and a small matching training bra. She said she makes her mom wear this as well because she is the dominant figure in the family. I was really surprised and terrified, as she took off my clothes and put them on me. I was even more humiliated by the fact that they fit me. I ran home as soon as it was over and am so glad I don’t have to see her since I am done with high school now.