Embarrassed in doctor’s office

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Last month I saw my internist for an annual checkup. Before she begins she has yor get totally nude to be weighed and while she or her PA takes vitals and collects info Then she gives you a gown to put on. I am used to her routine

last month she had me strip and her new PA came in. To my embarrassment the new PA is a neighbor who said gee you look different with no clothes on


Embarrassed at doctor’s office

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My wife and I have used the same internist for years. Several months ago I went for an annual physical. As always I was told to remove all my clothing and her P.A. would be in during the exam. Nothing unusual. Several minutes later the doctor entered. To my horror her new P.A. Was a neighbor. She remained and assisted the doctor. It was very proper but very embarrassing having a neighbor see you nude and being examined


Nude in Exam Room Door flies open

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With groin pain in the balls after a game accident, I went to small one-doctor clinic. I was embarrassed to tell the receptionist what I was there for, but there was no nurse.

She told me to go to an exam room and undress, put on gown and wait.

After a v e r y long time, the M.D. stuck his head in the door and said he had to leave for an emergency, so go to an emergency room or doctor, and I owed nothing.

He closed the door. Feeling lots of pain, I was cautiously getting off the bench, and getting my clothes off the hooks, to get ready to dress.

I’m tossing my gown into the waste basket by the door just as the door flies open. The receptionist does a double take while staring right at my privates, and says, “The Dr. should have told me someone was in here.”
She was embarrassed. I was embarrassed. The Dr. should have been embarrassed !

On the way out, I noticed the little plastic tags by the door which tell whether the room is occupied were all folded flat, meaning unoccupied.

I owed nothing, so I looked the other way from thee receptionist when I zipped passed her desk and left. I was too red-faced to look at her.
Probably it was the same for her.


Naked in clinic waiting room

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Once when I was 14 I fell ill and mom took me to doctor. Upon checking me, the doctor found some rashes on chest so he asked told me to remove my shirt to see them better. Soon it became obvious that the rashes were on my entire upper body, so the doctor called my mom and informed her that he would like to see these rashes in sunlight and does she mind if he takes me to the clinic’s waiting room where he can inspect me near a window – mom was ok with it.

So all there of us went to the waiting room. There was one girl (around my age or less) with her mom. I wasn’t comfortablewith the girl and her mom around but doctor started checking me and then told mom that it seems some kind of infection and he will prescribe lotion for it but he was to check if other body parts also have rashes or not, again mom agreed and the doctor ordered me to remove my pants. I was horrified and refused, only to be told by mom that its for my good etc and finally I removed my pants. Surely there were rashes on my thighs and after this it became a necessity to check the only parts of my body left covered. This time doctor didn’t ask, just looked at my mom whonodded.Without waiting for me to do it, the doctor himself stripped my briefs. Luckily there were no rashes there.We wentback to the consultingroom where doctor gave us the prescription and we were good to go. Once we cameback to the waitingroom, momsaidits weird howacouple of minutes back you were ashamed to even remove your pants and now are standing completely naked in front ofthem. It was then I realized I had not worn my clothes again after the check up.


Playing doctor at 17

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Jenna is my oldest and best friend.  She is not my girlfriend, but a girl who is my friend.  We have never had any romantic interest with each other, but we are close enough to be each other’s best confidant.  I have had girlfriends and she has had boyfriends who were uncomfortable with our closeness.  Tough for them.  You don’t throw off a friendship like ours so easily.

So, when we were both 17, Jenna was in a bad accident.  She got smashed up pretty bad, but after two weeks came home from the hospital.  But both arms were in heavy casts, so she could do next to nothing for herself.  I would go to visit most every day.

This one day she is on her bed wearing her brother’s old pajamas.  The arms of the top are cut off so she can get it on over her casts.  Only her mother was home with us, and she had an errand to run.  She asked me to stay and look after Jenna.  I said sure.

Around lunch time, Jenna was getting hungry and wanted to go down to the kitchen to eat.  She said I would have to spoon-feed her.  Sounded like fun.  Then I added, “Why don’t I serve you lunch in bed.” She laughed and said OK.  She said her mom had some homemade vegetable soup for her and that is what she wanted.  So I warmed up the soup, place some in a bowl, found a tray and brought it up to her.  I still don’t know how I managed to spill the soup all over her.

Fortunately the soup was not that hot, but Jenna was soaked through – both the pajama tops and bottoms.  I apologized and started to try to clean her up.  She told me she would have to change pj’s and I would have to help her.  I said, “But then I will see you. . . .”  Jenna interrupted, “I know.  You will see me naked.  But the jammies are soaked through and it is starting to feel cold.”

Jenna and I have seen each other naked before.  The first time is when we were bathed together at about 3 years old.  The last time was when we played doctor at the age of 6.  I suggested waiting for her mother, but the spilled soup was just too wet and too cold.

I kept apologizing as I unbuttoned the top.  Jenna said not to apologize, and just get it over with.  The top came off as I tried to look the other way.  Now for the bottoms.  Jenna took a deep breath and said to just yank them off.  I did, and tripped over something since I had my eyes closed.  “I know this is embarrassing for both of us,” she said.  “But you just are going to have to watch what you are doing.  Go get a washcloth and wash the soup off me.”

I told Jenna that I really was not enjoying this, as I cleaned the soup from her chest.  “Just what a girl wants to hear when a guy is looking at her boobs,” she joked giving a forced laugh.  “Sorry, bad joke.  I thought making light of this will make it go easier.”

I cleaned off her belly and then stopped.  “You got a little on my legs and. . . .”  I offered to look away, but Jenna was afraid I might poke her in a sensitive area.  “I’ll make this up to you,” I nervously offered.  “If that means you are going to let me see you naked,” she replied seriously, “please don’t.”

Jenna mentioned it could have been worse.  “I could have needed to go to the bathroom,” she joked.  Then she added, “It just got worse.  I really have to pee.”  “Can’t you hold it in?”  “I have been holding it in for the past hour.”  “You need my help?”  “Just to clean me off when I’m done.”  “I don’t’ think I can do that.”  “I don’t think I can either since I can’t move my arms.  I will tell you what to do.”  Sure, that makes it easy.

So Jenna runs to the toilet naked except for her arm casts, because it would take too long to put on new pajamas and she is about to explode.  After a long pee, she asks me to come in, take a piece of toilet paper. . . .   You know.

So she goes back to bed while I wash up.  She tells me to take a pair of blue pajamas and to help her dress.  Noticing how I am walking she asks, “Have you got a boner?”  I admit I did and apologized as I unfolded the clean pajamas.  “At least you get to cover your parts,” she says.

Within two minutes it is over.  But this time we are both beet red.  “If you tell me you are just as embarrassed as I am, I’ll kill you,” she said.  We both laughed, but we knew it would take a while to get over this experience.

I was spoon-feeding Jenna her soup in the kitchen when her mom came home.  “Did you change your pajamas?,” she asked?  Jenna told her what happened.   Her mom looked at me and said, “You lucky guy.”

Jenna soon got her casts removed.  We went out to celebrate with my girlfriend girlfriend and her boyfriend boyfriend, telling the story.  I told my girlfriend I wish she would have been there to spare us the embarrassment.  She replied, “If I was there I would have just sat back and watched the fun.”  Jenna’s boyfriend stated, “Dude, you helped her on the john?  Ewww! I wouldn’t even do that!”

All is good now.


Hospital Diaper Mishap

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When I was a junior in high school, I broke both my legs in a skiing accident. I spent about two weeks in the hospital, completely stationary. Even after I got home I could only use a wheelchair. On about the first full night in the hospital, I suddenly realized I hadn’t peed since I got there, and the hydration fluid IV wasn’t helping. My nurse, who I think was named Ashley, told me she probably should insert a catheter if I’m going to be staying as long as my doc said I would. I immediately told her NO F-ING WAY. I get that she was a professional, but my limit for grossness is things being stuck up my “you-know-where” like that. I told her I’d go myself, but even I realized I couldn’t get up and go to the bathroom. She replied that if I’d be going so much over the course of the night I might want to consider an adult diaper. I was only slightly less resistant to this than the catheter, but the ward was so busy that a nurse with a bedpan might arrive just a minute too late. That night, I ended up in a ridiculous looking diaper to sleep in. But wait, it gets worse. After a few days, unfortunately, this was the norm, because some meds I was taking made me pee more than usual, and I couldn’t exactly get out of bed for the staff to change the sheets. In what has become a true moment of shame for me, my friends brought the grade-school cheerleading girls I mentored in to visit, right as a nurse was changing my adult diaper! My best friends and these gossipy middle schoolers all accidentally walked in on me while it was going on and have been making bedwetter jokes about me ever since.



i hate my doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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so my doctor is this hot guy (imma girl) and hes only like a few years older than me (m 19) so he had to do a breast exam so he told me to take off my bra so i did and he was touching my boobs a lot and then i kissed him becuzz i felt it was a thing i should do and he kissed me back and then a nurse came in the room when we were kissing and she saw my boobs and were like oh um.. well kayy byee


Doctor’s Office Nudity

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okay so i have a sister who has a boyfiend who is a Doctor, one day my sister decided to surpise her boyfriend by being naked in his office, but he was sick at home for the day, so when she came in the office there was a old man smiling with an erection, LOL she walked out the office and got dressed and later she told me about this


accidental nude x-ray

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I was a 30 year old man and had injured my lower back while racing motorcycles. This injury was very painful and made it VERY difficult to move or do anything but lay down. When the doctor sent me to the Radiologist. The radiologist explained since it was my lower back I would have to strip down for the X-ray and go into the adjoining room and lay on my back on the x-ray table. It took me quite a while to get my clothes off and get situated onto the table. When she came into the room she kind of snickered and said “sir you were supposed to put the gown on that I left out for you.” I apologized. She said she knew I was in pain and instead of having to get up again and put on the gown she could go ahead and do the different shots in a few minutes unless I was uncomfortable with it. I agreed to just lie there nude for a few minutes. I thought it would just be a minute or two but realized after the first shot that it would end up taking over 10 minutes for all 4 x-rays. At this point I didnt really care but it was embarrassing because she even had to help move me into the right position for the different x-rays. She tried to make me comfortable by saying she see’s people nude all the time and even gave me a compliment on being in good shape. Afterwards she told me she would get my clothes for me and even had to help me get off the table. I felt I had to thank her for some reason and again she kind of laughed and said she would for sure explain and put the gown in a more obvious spot for her next patient. I was in pain but did laugh about it with her. The funniest part was when I had to go back at a later date for some follow up x-rays met her again. She joked and asked if I wanted to do another striptease for her. She made an embarrassing situation much more comfortable than it could have been. She was cute and I should have asked her out.


Doctor Office Nightmare!

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When I was a littler girl, like 6th or 7th grade, I fell on some stairs and hurt my tail bone. The pain lasted a good while and my dad took me to the doctor. The Doctor explained soft tissue damage won’t show on an xray. So I had to strip! Since I was a kid he made my dad stay in there. So I had to be naked from the waste down in front of my dad and Dr.! But that was far from the worst! To check the back side of my tail bone he put his finger up my butt! If you want embarrassing try being naked bent over table with your dad watching a man stick his finger up your butt! I never mentioned it to dad and he never mentioned it to me to this very day.