Dad saw my dick!!!

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When I was about 12 years old, (16 now) I got home from Tae-Kwon-Do practice (I’m a black belt now) and we have to be “safe” so my mom bought me and my brother a “cup” so we don’t get kicked You-know-where. Anyways when we got home my mom told me not to wear it around the house and it’s only for practice, so I put it up in my bag. About an hour later I was sitting on my bed reading a book for school and my dad walked by my door (keep in mind that back then I only walked around the house in underwear) and he said “didn’t your mama tell you not to wear that cup around the house?!” I looked at him and said “I’m not..” then he just glared at me for a few seconds then said “…ok” and walked away



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I was 18, now i’m 26. Back when i was 18, i was hanging around with my mates. I used to be cool and try to impress people. So these bullies over heard me talking about a crush i had on this hot girl. So when PE came every one left except me. I was getting changed and the bullies came in and they laughed and grabbed me. they tore my shirt off and my trousers and they saw that i was wearing a white underpants. so they carried me and out of the door and i was in my white underpants being carried and everyone person saw me. they threw me into the girls changing rooms. My crush saw me and laughed. but I saw her boobs which made me get a boner. The bullied pulled down my pants and she saw my boner. I tried to cover it but the bullies held my arms and they said here we go girls. So about 5 girls starts playing with it and squeezing then i felt a weird feeling and i ejaculated everywhere and my crush laughed at me. Worst day ever… I will never forget that day


It was a Dare!

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Peter, Andy and I (I’m a guy)were really bored one day so one of us had the bright idea to play dare, we were all 13. Not truth or dare because “dares are for pussies.” Well one thing led to another and somehow it had gotten really gay. At one point I was stripped and spanked. Forced to dry hump a dora the explorer doll and wear Peter’s sister’s thong. Peter was dared to shave all his pubes, tape an ice cube to his nipple and wear my underwear for the night since I wasn’t wearing them anyway. Andy was dared to shave Peter’s pubes, undress me and put me in a thong, and ask Mia, his girlfriend for a nude (lets just say he didn’t get it). After he got that dare he got mad and it got gay. He dared me to pull Peter’s pants and mine down so he was in his boxers and me in my thong, then give him a lap dance. I had to give Peter a noticeable boner in a minute or I’d have to let him pull off my thong and I’d have to stay naked the whole night. I pulled down Peters pants and my own and started grinding on his dick. He never got hard and I stood up and Peter pulled off the thong and exposed me for the night. That’s when it got bad. Peter said since I was already naked we should savor it. Andy could either blow me or get naked with me. He stripped his pants and undies and sat naked next to me. Andy said well now since were both naked we should savor it and Peter could blow both me and himself. Peter tried to end it there but Nick grabbed him and pansted him and forced his mouth onto my dick and made him blow me. It was a good bj but I felt embarrassed for Peter and since I was naked like most of the game, and because my like ‘virginity’ was lost to a guy.


I pantsed my little brother and regret it

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I just found this site. I have been reading the pantsing stories and thought I should include mine. I warn you this one is not funny.

My 17th birthday came about three months ago on a Saturday. I just had a bitch of a week at school and was looking forward to a quiet Saturday of doing nothing. So I was watching a movie on TV when my 13-year-old brother Martin and his new, and first, girlfriend Sandy came in. Martin starts telling me I should come to the basement because he wants to show me something. I ask him what, and he says I have to come and see. I tell him Im not interested, but he still keeps bugging me. I warn him to stop or else, but he keeps on and on. So finally I stand up and say, I warned you! I grab Martin and turn him around facing Sandy. I go for his belt and zipper. He asks what I am doing and asks me to stop. Sandy tells me to let him go.

Though I am a girl, I am the jock of the family. Im on our school swim and basketball teams. Martin is a bit small for his age, so I have no trouble handling him. I pull down his pants to reveal his underwear. I remember saying, Look Sandy! Cute undies! Sandy is begging me to let Martin go. Not yet, I tell her. Theres more. Were going to get a look at his little pecker! Martin is now screaming and trying to get loose, but he is not strong enough. Down come his undies revealing his 4 inch dick. Sandy gasps in horror putting her hand to her face. Martin is begging to be let go, but I am not done. I start picking him up and putting him down and twisting him back and forth. This makes his dick and balls bounce. Look, I tell Sandy. Theyre doing a little dance.

I kind of wonder why Sandy is not amused. Shes now crying. Martin is crying. I finally let him go. Martin pulls up his undies and pants, then runs up the stairs to his room. I hear the door slam. Sandy is in tears, but gives me an angry look. Whats your problem?, I ask. You got a good look at Martins junk. Youre a real bitch, Sandy yells out. She then runs upstairs to Martins room.

Immediately my Mom comes into the room and asks what is going on, and where Martin is. I told her he was bothering me, so I taught him a lesson. He was supposed to bring you to the basement, she said. Your friends are down there with a surprise party. Martin was helping them set it up. He came up to get you. I suddenly felt real sick.

Everyone had snuck into the basement entrance without me having a clue. I told Mom exactly what happened. I was now in tears myself. Mom asked me how I could do something like that to my brother, especially when he was trying to do something nice for me. I told her I didnt know what he was doing.

So we both go up to Martins room. Sandy is outside crying trying to get Martin to open the door. I can hear Martin crying inside. Sandy sees me and tells me to go away because I did enough damage. I ignore her and try to speak through the door. I told Martin I didnt know what he was planning and I was sorry. He shouts back that I should go to hell and that he hates me now. I really feel like dying at this point. Martin refuses to open the door.

Mom says she will try, but first she tells me to go tell my guests there will be no party. I ask how do I do that, and she says by telling them the truth. As I go downstairs, I hear Martins door open and Mom goes inside. I get to the basement and everyone yells surprise. But I am now totally in tears. I tell them what happened and there will be no party. This is the hardest and most embarrassing thing I have ever had to do. Some of my friends tell me not to worry because Martin will get over it. Others ask how could I do that to my brother who loved me.

Martin was too embarrassed to face Sandy again. For two weeks she tried to talk to him in school, but he would move away. She would call, but he would not come to the phone. After two weeks she gave up. I offered to try to get them together again, but Sandy does not trust me.

Word of the pantsing got around school. That did not do my reputation much good.

Martin would not speak to me for a few days. I tried continuously to apologize. Finally he accepted my apology, but the way he said it I knew he did not mean it. He was just trying to get me to shut up and leave him alone. After three months, we are talking again, but it is not like before. I can tell he still detests me. He acts so cold to me and it hurts.

It will take a long time for me to make this up to Martin, if I can. I wish I could have that day back.


First time ejaculation

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I was 12 years old. But, for many years before that, I had always enjoyed having an erection. I would play with it, knowing that touching it felt good. But that was about it. As I matured, faster than most of my friends, having my cock grow and get pubic hair, I had always heard the slang about jacking off, but not knowing and/or understanding what it meant. One day in the shower I decided to give it a try. I lubed my 12 year old dick with soap and started stroking it. At first, I thought it was really silly. It seemed weird rubbing my dong. I remember I started to laugh because I started to feel a little stupid. I kind of thought I was doing it wrong. Then, my dick started getting harder and my body began to tense up. I knew something was happening, but I didn’t know what. I started to ejaculate and I panicked. I let go of my prick just at about six strands of creamy white sperm shot out. It actually flew across the bath tub and hit the wall. I was totally freaked out! I couldn’t believe that I had actually ejaculated. I cleaned the wall and stood in the shower, stunned by the ordeal. I had to think about this. I thought about it for about a week before I decided to give it another try. I remember going to the bathroom, getting in the shower and making a calculated effort to begin stroking my dick right from the get go. I jerked it vigorously, anticipating what might happen. And then, bang! I shot cum all over the wall again. It was glorious! What a wonderful discovery!


Bathing with my cousin

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I am a 13 year old guy and I just had a weekend visit with my grandmother.  My 11 year old girl cousin was also there.  The first night it was getting late and both of us wanted to take a bath before bed.  Grandma suggested we take the bath together.

I was horrified at the thought of being naked with my cousin.  Grandma asked why it would be a problem since we have bathed together before.  Grandma’s sense of time and age is not going so well.  She can get along on her own for now.  But the last time my cousin and I took a bath together I was 6 and she was 4.  There is a big difference between a 4 year old girl and an 11 year old, and a bigger difference between a 6 year old boy and a 13 year old.  But my cousin said, “Come on!  It will be fun.”  I was not only out voted, but Grandma was getting impatient because it was late.

So there my cousin and I were alone in the bathroom with the tub filling up with hot water.  She already stripped down to her panties and little training bra.  I just had my shirt unbuttoned.  She asked if I was nervous and needed help.  Then without waiting for an answer, she took off my shirt and undershirt.  She then knelt down to take off my socks, then undid my pants taking them down, and finally my drawers.  There I was standing naked in front of my cousin and feeling pretty embarrassed.  She took a good look at my dick and smiled.

Cousin told me to get in the tub, which I did.  She then took off her bra and panties.  Standing there naked, she smiled even more making sure I had a good look at her.  She was really enjoying this while I was very uncomfortable.  She then got into the tub behind me.  Taking the soap she began to wash my back.  Eventually I felt a bit more at ease when she asked me to turn around and wash her back.  I did.  She then washed my chest and arms, then I did the same to her rubbing what were the very first signs of what would become her breasts.  She seemed to enjoy that.  She then asked me to wash her legs, which I began to do.  She then told me to keep going.  I was not sure what she meant until she moved my hand over her pussy.  She moaned a bit and after a while said it was her turn again.

She began to wash my legs beginning with the feet and moving up to my waist.  She then began washing my dick until it became hard.  “Let me show you something I learned,” she said as she rinsed the soap from me.  She began to lick the tip of my penis and then put it in her mouth.  I was getting my first blow job ever!  After a few minutes, I felt my load shoot into her mouth.  Cousin just grinned.

We got out of the tub and dried each other off.  I had to admit it was fun.  Cousin thought we should do it again the next night, but this was my cousin.  Once was enough so I chickened out.  I still have no idea where are the age of 11 she learned to give a blow job, and I don’t want to know!


He’s Gay, I’m Not

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My friend Andy and I were in my room messing around after one of our baseball games.  At the time we were both 13 and decided to have a summer sleepover.  I was getting ready to take a shower and then More


Lil brother revenge

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So i was messing with my lil brother because he liked this girland was so shy around her. He was 13 and got embarrassed at every lil thing. So of course being a proper 15 year old I pantsed in front a More


My dick came out

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I was at the beach and decided to wear my new aussiebum speedo which was a size smaller so it made my bulge look humongous. I was showing off for all the ladies and they were loving it. I decided to go More


My (at first) Embarrassing Trip Story

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I was on a one week school trip and me and other students lived in a house. The house was split into two sections, one for girls and one for boys and a place in the middle. Btw I was 16. It was the second More