One thing that I most regret.

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My name is Julie and I am an 14 year old girl. I have very small boobs so I wear a padded bra. One day, me and 2 of my friends Susie and Jenny went for a swim in the woods. I couldn’t find my bikini top so I wore a normal bra on the top and wore a white t shirt over it.
When we got to the river, we jumped in and I guess Jenny thought that it would be funny if she untied my bra. So me and Susie had a competition of who could hold their breath longer and while I was underwater, Susie held me down while Jenny unhooked my bra.
When I resurfaced, I was completely unaware that my shirt was transparent when wet and my small boobs were showing. I soon caught on and ran away to hide in a bush, crying. A while later, Jenny and Susie found me and dragged me out of the bush where my crush Jason and his two friends Josh and John was waiting.
Jenny and Susie took some scissors that she told the guys to bring and cut my shirt off, exposing my small boobs!
Then they cut my bottoms off too, exposing my pussy! Then I was forced to walk all the way to the park where apparently the entire grade had gathered. I was tied to a tree and they laughed and took nudes as I stood there crying.
Jenny told me that I couldn’t tell anyone or the nudes would be on the internet.
Luckily, a month later, our family had to move far away because of my dad’s job. I later found out that they had post my nudes on the internet anyway.


CMS-Miss you

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When I was in the 6th grade there was a kid who was mean to me and I was mean to him. He moved after the school year had ended to go to another school closer to his house. Then it was Panther Prawl witch is a carnival at my school they had every year in 7th grade and guess who popped up, that mean kid. Hey came up to me and said “Did you miss me?”. I started to cry and I said ” this might be wired but can I hug you?” He said sure and I hugged him crying into his arms for a few minutes. He said he wanted to go find his friends from last year so I followed him still crying. Later we were alone and I told him things about me since he was gone. I stopped him and started to cry. He hugged me and told me to stop cause I was going to make him cry. I kept crying into his shoulders. He had to leave early so in cried more. Later we had the dance party I didn’t stop crying. I cried for at least 3 hours straight. The next day I went on to instagram and searched up my school so see all the photos people had posted. I looked at this one of one of my friend hugging her guy friend and in the back you could see me crying. :”( CRAP


My Psyco Step-Mom

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My Mom died when I was little. It was tough on Dad to raise a girl by himself, since we had no other family locally. Occasionally he asked neighborhood moms for help. But when I was 14, he remarried. She was a divorcee with a 9 year old son. I’ll call him Bobby. Since Bobby and I were used to being only children, it was quite an adjustment when they moved into our home. We both tried to establish our territory, and this lead to a few silly fights, like hogging the bathroom. But I was excited about having a little brother, and Bobby was excited about having a big sister. Dad let us work things out ourselves, and we did. Bobby would apologize for acting like a little kid. I told him it was OK because he was a little kid. Then I would say I was sorry for being such a bitch, and Bobby would say I was not a bitch. Then we would hug. Bobby would bring his new friends home and introduce me as his sister. I introduced Bobby to my friends as my brother. So we were really growing close.

The problem was Bobby’s Mom. She felt her little boy was a perfect angel, and got hyper whenever she felt anyone was coming down on him. Bobby was the first to tell you this was BS. He knew he had his faults and was embarrassed by his Mom’s behavior. When we had our little spats, step-Mom would get involved and start yelling about me picking on her little boy. She would yell at Dad about this. Bobby would apologize to me for his Mom, even though I did not blame him.

I remember one time Dad, step-Mom and Bobby came home from a parent/teacher night at Bobby’s school. Apparently Bobby’s teacher had good things to say about him, but also began recommending ways he could do even better. Step-Mom took this as an attack on her baby and started yelling at the teacher. When they came home, I could hear her arguing with my Dad. Bobby just ran into my room, wrapped his arms around me, buried his face in me, and cried.

But the last straw came a bit over a year after the marriage. It was Dad’s birthday, and I was going to make a special birthday dinner. Bobby wanted to help, so I had him chop up some onions with one of those chopping things you see on TV. I warned him that the onions were strong, and sure enough he started crying. We both thought it was pretty funny and joked about how “sad” he was. We were actually having a good time. When guess who walks in. Step-mom sees Bobby crying and starts into one of her rages accusing me of forcing Bobby to do something he didn’t want to do, bullying him, etc., etc. Bobby tried to explain it was the onions that were making him cry. Step-mom says that is the last straw, and she actually calls the police to report me for abusing Bobby!

So a cop car pulls up. All the neighbors start gathering around wondering what is happening. Step-mom is still in a rage, and the two cops can’t figure out what it is all about. Dad then comes home, sees the crowd, the cop car and runs inside to find his insane wife accusing me of whatever.

Eventually the cops calm things down. They tell me and Bobby to go to our rooms. They try to talk to Bobby’s Mom alone. They then talk to my Dad. Then they talk to me and then Bobby. When they are finished they tell step-mom that if she ever calls them again, she will be arrested.

With the cops being called out on me, that was all my father could take. He wanted my step-Mom and Bobby out of the house. I was glad to see her go, but I was going to miss Bobby. We both cried when we said goodbye, and I told Bobby that I would always be his big sister and he can call or e-mail me whenever he needed.

HAPPY ENDING! About a month after Dad divorced the psycho step-Mom, Bobby’s dad won custody. While being strict, he also gave Bobby the room he needed to make his own decisions and learn from his own mistakes. Bobby was much happier now. We still kept in touch. After all, we are sister and brother. He would invite me to all the important events in his life, like birthdays, graduation. I would invite him to mine. One year Dad and I were going to a family reunion. I said I would not go without my little brother. Bobby and I are still very close. I haven’t heard from my psycho-ex-step-mom for years.


Little Nephew’s Bathtime Accident

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I’m a girl with a brother about 18 years older than me. (I was a surprise baby!) Bro and his wife have a darling little boy who I love dearly. I was 10 when he was born. Since it was during the summer and they live nearby, I was able to go to their house every day and help my sister-in-law. At first, I was just doing housework so she could rest. Later I would feed little Donald his bottle and learn to change diapers. As Donald grew, I learned how to spoil him. 😉

So one weekend, my brother and sister-in-law, and my parents were going out of town for some family thing. I was going to stay with Donald. I was 16 then and he was 6. We were both looking forward to a fun weekend together.

On Saturday, we went to the zoo along with Shelly, a little girl from next door who Donald played with. Shelly’s older brother Mike drove and went with us. He’s a year older than me and a good looker, but that’s another story. The kids were cute together. They walked together holding hands. It was a fun time, but it was also very hot. Mike and me tried to keep the kids hydrated and out of the sun as much as we could, but when we left the little ones were quite tired.

But not tired enough not to go to the Dog House, a local hot dog place. The kids enjoyed their dinner, but after that they had reached their limit. Shelly slept on the way home. Donald was awake, but just barely. When we got to his house, Donald wanted to go to bed. But I told him he had to take a bath first since he was all sweaty and dirty. I ran the bath and left him. I kept the door open so I can hear him and check on him making sure he did not fall asleep in the tub.

After a while, I heard Donald crying. I go into the bathroom and see him standing naked in the tub with tears from his eyes. I asked what was wrong, and he pointed to the tub. There was a turd in the water!

I picked up Donald and began to dry him off. He was very upset, so I was not going to yell at him or anything. I just said it was an accident and I know he didn’t do that on purpose. He stopped crying and I wrapped him in the towel bringing him into his bedroom. I got him into his pj’s, had him brush his teeth, and then put him to bed. Donald fell asleep quikly.

Now the worst part. I had to clean the bathtub. OK, I said to myself, you’ve changed his diapers when he was a baby. This is no worse. I got a pair of rubber gloves, let out the water, then used a paper towel to pick up the turd. I then used bleach and disinfectant to clean the tub. The turd went into the toilet. The paper towel, rubber gloves, and sponge went into a plastic bag which I put out in the garbage.

Donald was better the next day. I didn’t tell anyone about the accident. It was our little secret.


Little sister asks me to help a friend in crises

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My Dad died when I was 10. It was a big shock to the whole family, but me and my Mom both learned quickly how to cope and get on with our lives. For my then 6 year old sister Mary, it was different. It was quite a lot for a 6 year old to get her head around. But they told me I was the man of the house now, and I took that kind of seriously. I took it upon myself to look after Mary. For months she would cry in bed at night. I would go into her room and lay down with her until she, or both of us, fell asleep. I finally told her that even if Dad is not around, she has nothing to fear because I was there for her. I told her anytime she has a problem, she can come to me. And Mary did just that. She came to me with problems at school, with her friends, or when worried she was not pretty enough. From an adult point of view, these things were pretty small, but they were pretty major to a 6 year old.

So Mary looked up to me. I became her hero, and I was pretty proud of that. The only time she did not bring her concerns to me is when she started puberty, thank God! That she did take to Mom. But everything else she knew I could fix and make better. Although there was this one time when I almost got in over my head.

This took place when I was 16 and Mary was 12. She had her BFF Sandi sleeping over. I did not like most of my sister’s girlfriends. They were spoiled, stuck up little brats. But Sandi was different. She was a sweet, shy girl with a cute smile and great eyes. Once she warmed up to you, she was very friendly. Whenever she was over, she would make sure to say hi to Mom or myself. Sandi I really liked.

So that night, Mom had gone to bed. The girls went to Mary’s room to do whatever girls do in a sleepover. I was in my room doing something, when there was a knock on the door. I asked who it was. Mary opened the door a crack and asked if they could come in. I said OK.

Sandi looked like she had been crying hard. Mary said Sandi had a problem, and she told Sandi that I could fix anything. I felt a lump in my stomach. This really looked major. This was not a “my teacher hates me,” or “everyone has a boyfriend, except me,” or “why can’t I look good in a swimsuit” problem. But I am not about to turn the girls away. Mary told Sandi to tell me what was wrong. Sandi said, “My parents beat me.”

I knew I was beat. This one was way over my head. But I had to be sure what Sandi was talking about. Was she talking about a little spanking? Mary answered that question when she told Sandi to show me her back.

Sandi turned her back to me and undid her pajama top. She slid it down so I can see her bare back. There were bruises and red welts. I could see faint scars of healed welts. I could see where the skin had been broken. Mary then told Sandi to show me her belly. She covered her chest with her pajama top, but left her stomach bare for me to see. It looked like there were cigarette burns on her. I can’t describe how I felt, except I felt nauseous and angry. How could anyone beat a sweet kid like Sandi. Sandi started crying again. Mary tried to stop her, but I told Mary to let her cry. I wrapped my arms around Sandi and let her cry into my shirt. It gave me time to think.

I was a bit embarrassed to not be able to fulfill my little sister’s expectations of me, but then I reminded myself this is not about me. This is about Sandi. So I had to be honest and tell them there is nothing I can do. We will have to ask Mom for help. Sandi did not want to do that. She was afraid Mom would tell her parents, and then she would be beaten even more. I promised Sandi that I would not let her go back to her home. I really did have no idea how I would pull that one off, but there was nothing else I could say. I could not fail Sandi, but I had no idea how to protect her if Mom could not help.

I did not sleep well that night. But I am sure Sandi did not either. The three of us went down to breakfast. Mom was making pancakes, when I told her we had a problem. I told her what Sandi had told Mary and me. Again, Sandi showed her back and stomach. Mom was pretty shocked. Sandi was crying again, and Mom assured her that we will protect her from her parents.

As the three of us ate, Mom called the Child Welfare Agency’s emergency number. An hour later, a woman from the agency came by with two cops. She took Sandi up to Mary’s room to talk. We found out later, she also examine Sandi’s wounds, and found she had also been beaten on her rear and that she had welts and cuts there as well. The woman from Child Welfare said Sandi would have to come to the police station for more questioning. Mom, Mary and I followed.

At the station, it was time for the police to question Sandi. Sandi did not want to talk to anyone, until Mom, Mary and I were allowed to be with her. We were not with Sandi when she was taken into another room where she had to strip and be photographed nude so they had proof she was abused. When this was all over, Sandi left with the woman from Child Welfare.

This was an ordeal for everyone. We were all uncomfortable, but of course Sandi was the most uncomfortable of all. But she bravely went through it. For me and my family, our role was done, except for some angry phone calls we got from her parents.

Just an epilogue –

Sandi’s parents were brought to court, but charges were dropped in exchange for them giving up all parental rights. It seems they really did not want Sandi around. Sandi spent the next six months in a foster home before custody was given to her aunt and uncle. She went to live with them and her three cousins in a different town. Mary and I exchanged e-mails with her. Two years later, I was in college not far from where Sandi now lived. I talked Mom into letting Mary skip school for a day or two and come up to my college. I borrowed a friend’s car and we went to visit Sandi for the weekend. We had not actually seen her in person for these two years. When we got to her home, Sandi came running out. She was all smiles. She gave us both a big hug and kiss. She had really grown into a beautiful young girl, and had gotten over her ordeal. Mary said once again everything turned out all right thanks to her big brother. Actually, all I did was tell Mom. But I like it when Mary praises me.


Pantsing brings criminal charges

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This happened the summer I was 16. Me and my friends Alicia (age 17) and Millie (age 18) were all bored. There was a part near where I lived, and to show you how bored we girls were, we decided to go over there to see what was going on. We saw several kids there playing with no adults in sight.

Alicia says she had a great idea to have some fun. We pick some little boy and totally pants him exposing his butt and little thingy to everyone there. It would be fun to see how embarrassed the boys would be, plus the girls there would enjoy it. Millie was at first not so keen on the idea, but I said why not? So she went along.

We picked out one little boy about 9 or 10. I got his attention while Alicia went behind him and pulled his pants and underpants to the ground. Everyone laughed as the boy’s face went totally red trying to pull his pants back up. Millie suggested we do another one. Some of the boys tried to move away, but I caught one, and Alicia yanked his pants and undies down with the same result.

But we weren’t finished. One boy started to leave, but Millie pointed him out to us. (For someone not so keen on the idea of pantsing, she was really getting into it.) Millie blocked his way. The boy pleaded, “Please, not me!” This time Alicia grabbed and held him. He started screaming, “No! No! No!” But he was too little to fight back. I grabbed his shorts and undies and pulled them right off, then throwing them aside. The boy just stood there and cried as everyone watched. The little girls who witnessed all this laughed.

But then some lady butts in and yells at us, “What the hell are you doing?” She tries to comfort the boy. She asks for his pants, but no one knows where they are. So she takes off her jacket and wraps it around him asking where he lives.

Well, this lady was certainly a buzz kill. We girls had enough and left. But it was not over.

That night after dinner, two cops came by. One was a man and the other a woman. They wanted to talk to me. I was very uneasy about being questioned by the police in front of my parents, brother and sister. They asked me about the pantsings. I said we were only having some fun. “Do you realize you’ve confessed to child endangerment and sexual assault?,” the lady cop asked. My parents immediately said they did not want them to talk to me without an attorney. The man cop said I was a minor and different rules apply. He also said the mother of the crying boy was pressing charges. I was not arrested then, but my parents were told they would be notified if I had to appear in juvenile court.

The parents of the other two boys also decided to press charges as well, and me and Alicia got summons to juvenile court. Millie being 18 was an adult. She was arrested and faced trial in criminal court. Alicia and I got off lucky. The sexual assault charge was reduced to assault. We were found guilty on that and child endangerment, but we were given suspended sentences. The judge said if we got into any more trouble, we would go to wherever they put juvenile delinquents. If we did not get into any more trouble, when we are 21 we can have our records expunged.  Even so, with this on my record it did make it hard to get a summer job. I wanted a job working at a summer kids camp, but they checked into my background and said no. I ended up working as a cashier at a gas station. Shitty job that.

Millie got the worst of it. She really did not do much more than cheer us on, but she got locked up for 30 days and is now a registered sex offender. No shit! This is all true! Her life is screwed.

Anyway, until I turn 21 this is the greatest embarrassment of my life – having a juvenile criminal record just for having a little fun.


Pantsing Betrayal

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I had a little brother Ronny I used to torment constantly. Yeah, I didn’t like him all that much, but my main reason was because he was too small to fight back. That’s as good a reason as any.

So this happened when he was 11 and I was 16. I had never pants him before, but I thought I would give it a try. I told my BFF Ellen about my plan to do it that Saturday at the pool at our community center. There would be lots of people there, including some girls Ronny’s age whom we all knew and who would enjoy the show.

So that Saturday, Ronny was standing beside the pool wearing his trunks. He seemed totally unaware of what was going to happen. I snuck up behind him and pulled his trunks below his knees. But looking up I could see he had his navy blue speedo on underneath. I was caught off-guard as Ronny turned to look at me with this evil grin. Suddenly I felt a tug. Two of Ronny’s older friends came up behind me. One pulled the string on the bra part of my two-piece and snatched it from off me bearing my breasts. The other pulled the panty portion down to my feet exposing everything else. I immediately started screaming calling everyone’s attention to me. I tried to move to at least grab my bottoms, but my feet go tangled and I fell into the pool. Ronny followed me in grabbing my bottoms and tossing them to his friends.

Everyone was laughing. I was half angry and half humiliated. I was near tears asking for my suit back as I stayed under water up to my chin. Finally a classmate named Eddie came by and told the boys to give him my bathing suit. I thought Eddie came to my rescue, but instead he headed towards the diving boards. He climbed to the top of the high dive leaving my suit up there, then diving into the water. Eddie swam to me and pointed where my suit was. “Go get it,” he said.

I had no choice. I swam over to where the diving boards were giving everyone another look at my butt. I then had to figure out how to cover myself as I climbed out of the pool. I needed one hand to climb the stair. So I kept one arm over my breasts letting everyone see my pussy. I was really crying then. I then realized to climb to the top of the diving board, I needed both hands. So I exposed everything as the cell phone cameras clicked and I cried even more.

I got to the top out of everyone’s close up view, though I heard someone shout, “He’s got a telephoto lens!” Great. Through my tears and shaking, I tried to put my suit on almost losing my balance. I guess Ronny started worrying about me now. I heard him shout for me to just dive into the pool with my suit in my hand, and that it was better than falling. But I did finally manage, and then I climbed down.

Ronnie had been ready for me. The only thing I could figure is that Ellen tipped him off. When I confronted her, she admitted everything. I asked why, and she said, “I’ve watched you pick on Ronny for as long as I have known you. He really does not deserve that. He’s a sweet kid. I wish I had a little brother, and I wish he would be like Ronny. I just thought it was time you got a little payback.”

Anyway, Ellen is no longer my BBF. I have nothing much to do with her anymore. She is buddy-buddy with Ronny. I started planning my revenge on Ronny, when he came up and asked for a truce. He said my being stripped naked was payback for all the other times over the years I had bullied and humiliated him. I wasn’t about to make peace with Ronny, until he reminded me he had friends like those two who actually stripped me. Word got back to my parents and they said I got what I deserved. Anyway, it was clear Ronny was not the helpless kid anymore and that he can now defend himself with the help of friends. So I decided maybe I should let him have this one victory. We have since patched things up a little. We are not friends, but I tolerate him. Some of those photos of me are still going around though.



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When I was 16, I had a 19 year old boyfriend named Eric. My parents did not like Eric. They said he was too old for me, plus he had a reputation for drinking, fast driving, and he was not working nor in school. They tolerated Eric because they said I had the good sense and morality not to sleep with him. Yes, my parents thought I was a virgin because they did not believe in sex before marriage, and they assumed I did not either. The fact was Eric and I were having sex. Eric was not even my first or second! My parents would really shit if they knew.

So anyway, my folks would be away for the day. So I invited Eric over for some afternoon fucking. We got to my room and he immediately started undressing me, kissing and touching every body part as he took off my cloths. After eating me out for a while, he turned me around, dropped his pants and entered me from the rear. It was a great afternoon of sex. But what I forgot to do was to close the curtains on my bedroom window.

Anthony was this little twerp next door. He was about 13, and a tech geek who looked the part. I was not aware that he could see my bedroom from his room. He had some high quality video equipment and recorded Eric and me fucking. Somehow he got my e-mail address, probably by hacking, and he sent the video to me with a message to come by his house tomorrow after school. If I didn’t, my parents would get the video. I figured Anthony might want me to pay for the video, or maybe blackmail me for sex. He was such a perv, he would do that. I decided I had to be tough.

So I go over to his house. Only he is home. He tells me to come to his room, so I figured he wanted to fuck me. I play along looking for my chance. I see his computer and ask if that is where the video is stored. I figured I’d trash his computer and destroy the video that way. But Anthony was ahead of me. He said he already sent it to two of his friends for safekeeping, and if anything happened to him they would send it to my parents. He had me. I asked him what he wanted, and he told me to get undressed.

I didn’t want that twerp inside me, so I resisted. He said he didn’t want sex, however. He pulled out his camera and again told me to undress. He wanted to photograph me nude. I had no choice, so I started stripping and he started shooting. Soon I was naked, shamed, embarrassed and humiliated. But the worst was yet to come. He told me to lay down and open my legs. I said I was not comfortable doing that, and he said if I didn’t the video would go to my parents and others. I asked what he was going to do with the photos, and he said not to worry. They were for his private use. So I spread my legs. He told me to masturbate, and then turn over and spread my butt cheeks. I finally broke down crying and begged him to stop. He finally said it was enough and I could get dressed.

My mind was full of hate for Anthony. I wanted to get back at him, but I did not know how. The next day at school, some junior high boys were looking at me, pointing and laughing. I figured Anthony had sent them my photos. I confronted Anthony and he confessed. I said he promised not to share them, and he said he only promised they would be for private use. Sharing them was his private use. I broke down in tears and asked him to please stop. Instead he said he was having some friends over on the weekend, and I should come by and get naked for all of them. Now I was really broken. Tears rolled down my face, and I begged Anthony to stop. I never did anything to him. I guess the tears did it. Anthony said OK, and that he had enough fun.

But it was not over yet. My nude photos and video made it around the school. One day an old friend, Roger asked me to come to his house after school. He wanted to show me something. I got to his house and he took me up to his room. He turned on his PC and went to a porn site. There were pictures of me! “I thought you should know,” he said. “I didn’t think you knew about this.” I said I didn’t. Roger said he could take care of it. He clicked on a link and sent an e-mail to the site’s webmaster saying I was underage. “It may take 3-5 days, but they will take your photo down,” Roger said. I didn’t ask or care about how Roger found me on a porn site.

Eric never knew about the photos. I broke up with him a month later when I found out he was also fucking two other girls, one who was 14. I started planning revenge on Anthony, but his family moved away before I could get anything set up. Most people I know in school have seen my photos, and it is humiliating. My parents were clueless to all this, and if you knew my parents you would not wonder why.


Pantsing my Little Brother — And Paying the Consequences

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I’m a girl who grew up really hating my shrimpy little brother, Mark. There’s four years between us. I always hated his whining and the way he seemed to think he was the center of the world trying to get approval for every little thing. So this happened when I was 14 and he was 10.

I told my best friend Lillian that I really wanted to put Mark in his place once and for all. She had the perfect solution. Her little sister was in Mark’s class. She was going to have a 10th birthday party, and most everyone in her class, girls and boys, including Mark, were invited. Lillian said she would be there helping out her mom, and that I too should come to help. It would be the perfect opportunity to shame Mark by pantsing him in front of all his classmates, especially the girls. I would pull down his pants and underpants exposing his bare bottom and what Lillian called his “little thingy.” I don’t know how Lillian would know how this would turn out, but she told me most likely Mark would be so panicky and upset that he would have trouble rushing to pull his pants up as everyone would be laughing at this nakedness. With any luck, he would run out of the room crying. It was the perfect way to show him who’s boss, and would shame him for a long time to come. It would be quite a while before any 10 year old would get over that. I smiled at the thought of a half naked wimp crying his eyes out as everyone stared. It was the perfect way to get to the brother I hated.

But the day of the party, I started having second thoughts. I thought exposing Mark’s privates would get me into trouble. Lillian told me not to worry. Just pull down his pants and leave the underwear alone. Mark would still be shamed. OK, the plan was set and put into motion. About an hour into the party, I made my move. I came behind Mark and yanked his pants to the ground exposing his tidy-whities. Everyone laughed. I waited for Mark to panic and hopefully run out of the room crying.

But Mark did not panic. He did not cry. He did not even pull his pants up at first. Instead he turned around and hit me hard in the face. I was surprised that this little wuus could hit so hard. Everyone stopped laughing. They were looking at me with these grossed out expressions. I felt something warm and wet on my face. I touched my nose, which hurt, and then looked at all the blood on my hand. Lillian and her mom took me upstairs to the bathroom to try to stop the bleeding. “I think he broke your nose,” her mom said. They called my mom who took me to the emergency room, but not before Lillian’s sister came up to see how I was and told me about a bully who recently picked on Mark at school. Twice as big as Mark, he still got laid out by my brother. Only now I am hearing about this??

So Mom takes me to the emergency room. They snap my nose back in place, which hurt like hell, and then bandaged it up. The only thing keeping me going was all the trouble Mark would get into that night after Dad came home.

But Mark did not get into trouble. Dad was mad at me. “You deserve what you got,” he said. “You don’t embarrass family that way.” Mom told me that it was my job to protect my little brother, not to pick on him. Gee, Mom, in case you haven’t noticed, Mark needs no protection. I was made to apologize and grounded for a week. And did I plan revenge? Hell, no. Get my nose broke again?

My nose did heal, but I have this bump I did not have before. Some tell me it’s cute, but it is an unpleasant reminder. It’s two years later, and I still don’t like my brother. But we get along better than before. He’s started taking lessons at youth boxing, and though he is still small for his size, he is quick and has a hard punch. He holds his own with bigger and older kids.  I may not like Mark, but I learned to respect him.


Recently some senior girls were picking on me. Mark saw this and told them to fuck off. The girls threatened to tell their boyfriends, and Mark gave them his name and address. Two guys did show up, one from the football team, but they weren’t looking for a fight. They asked to speak to me and Mark, telling us they were sorry for their girlfriends’ behavior, and if it happened again let them know. They knew Mark by reputation and did not want to mess with Supermidget, which is what some call him. I may not like Mark, but he is useful to have around.


Triple Pantsing

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I’m a high school girl. This happened when I was 15. One Saturday morning, my then 9 year old brother Adam wanted to go to the community center swimming pool. Mom told me to take him since she was busy and she did not want him to go alone. I had nothing else to do, and sometime you meet cute guys at the pool, so I said sure. Just in case the pool scene was dead that day, I called my BFF Faye to meet us there. So Adam and I put on our swim suits and then our shorts and t-shirts over them, and then rode our bikes to the community center. Faye was already there waiting.

After an hour, Faye dares me to pants Adam. I really like my little brother and would do nothing to hurt him, but I am not one to back down from a dare either. Still I hesitated. Faye said it would be funny to have his cute bottom and little thingy exposed to the world, and it would do him no harm. So I agreed to do the deed. When Adam was standing at the side of the pool, in full view of others, including some girls he knew, I snuck up from behind and yanked his trunks down below his knees. Adam shrieked loudly, and everyone looked and laughed. Adam struggled to get his trunks back up, which made people laugh even more. Then he started crying. He got his trunks up part way covering his front, but his butt was still exposed. He tried to run away while pulling up his trunks the rest of the way, but he fell down. Adam then got up, crying even harder, and ran.

This was not fun like Faye said it would be. I had been mean to Adam just to fulfill a dare. I really hated myself then. I ran off to find my brother. I saw a man coming out of the men’s locker room and asked if he saw a little boy running and crying. He said he did and that he was in the locker room crying his eyes out. I asked if there was anyone else in the locker room, and he said no. So I carefully entered. There was Adam crying hard and sitting on a bench. I went up to him and apologized, but he moved away. I noticed his knee was bleeding from his fall, so I went and got some wet paper towels to clean it off. As I did that, I told Adam I wanted to make it up to him, but Adam would not answer. I finally said, “If I let you pants me, would we be even? Would you forgive me then?” “I guess so,” he answered. Fine. I told him that is what we would do, out there by the pool where all could see. Yes, I knew my neatly trimmed pussy and my bare ass would be exposed, but it was worth it to get Adam to forgive me. Besides, I did expose his little penis and butt to the world.

So we left the locker room and went out by the pool where all could see us. Adam was hesitant, but I told him it was OK. So he grabbed my bikini bottoms and gave a tug. I gave a little shriek to make sure I was seen. I got a lot of whoops and whistles from the guys. The girls just laughed. Jerry, a guy I knew from school, shouted out, “Hey look! Blond pussy!”

So Adam and I were even, but the score was not yet settled.

I went up to Faye who could not believe I let myself get exposed. I told her it was nothing compared to my little brother being mad at me. Faye did not ask why I had one hand hidden behind my back. She also did not see Adam come up behind her. Faye’s bottoms were tied together with string. Adam grabbed the strings on both side and gave them a pull. The with one yank, he had Faye’s bottoms! Faye began screaming, not thinking to cover her shaved pussy or her rear. And why was my hand behind my back? Because I had my cell phone camera. As everyone gathered to view Faye’s nakedness, I walked around her taking photos from every angle. Later I downloaded them into my computer and sent them to a few guys from school asking them to pass them around to others. Adam send them to a few kids in his class who had older brothers in junior and senior high. By Monday morning, everyone in school knew what Faye looked like naked below the waist.

Needless to say, Faye and I are no longer BFF’s. That’s OK. Adam may have forgiven me, but I will not forgive Faye for making me hurt my little brother.