My Crush Saw Me N****

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This is from when I was in 7th Grade.
I had a huge crush on a girl from the last year. My best friend ratted me out so I wrote her an e-mail on how this was just a rumour and all.(I think she still is not convinced.)

Then one day in Geography class I had immense chest pain and breathing difficulty.
I went down to the medical room where she was on the bed. The nurse gave me a hot water bag to apply. Some time later she (the nurse) asked me to unbutton my shirt to apply Vapo-Rub. Genuinely blushing I did it. I expected the girl to look away but to my dismay she kept staring at my chest as the nurse applied Vapo-Rub. I stared at the ceiling till I was given permission to return to the class. This was horrendously embarassing.


Literally went on my crush

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So my drama teacher booked us a trip to New York where we would go see Matilda and i was really looking forward to it. That day comes we travel in this huge ass charter bus it had like 54 rows of 2 seats. Originally I was going to have this seat I was sitting at to myself until the teacher asked this guy to switch seats to sit next to me when I saw this guy I had an instant crush on him He sits down we start talking and he is so funny I never laughed hard in my life. The teacher asked any students that did not have a lunch come with her. My mom did not have any money so I follow the teacher and we to to this building that had multiple restraunts in it most of them didnt look good as satisfying but the mexican restraunt looked good so I ordered a 4 pack of bean burritos with cheese, hot sauce, and sour cream. I get to my seat sit down and eat all 4 of them they were good. After a good half an hour I had this really uncomfortable rumbling in my stomach but i thought it was me getting excited and it didnt really feel like a stomach ache now the guy who I was sitting next to didnt hear my stomach. Not long after that the rummbling is getting worser and my stomach is starting to hurt so had and what really embarrassed me was that the guy next to me took a double take at me and a couple other students meaning he must of heard it but he shrugged and listened to his music again. I excused my self and went straight to the door since the bus had a bathroom in it I asked the teacher of I could use the bathroom she replies “can you wait?” I say “no my stomach is killing me” which it is but instead of letting me in she sends me back to my seat! At this point I am so hopeless My stomach makes this super loud gurgle noise the guy next to me stops his music and turns to me saying “are you ok?” and even rubs my stomach but i couldn’t think of a lie to tell him I was. I put his hand off my stomach and i suddenly shit myself almost over the seat. I heard my classmates laugh and say like “eww and gross”. The teacher escorted the guy to a bathroom to get spare pants since it spread to his pants and the teacher who i encountered before gave me new clothes to put on so they could was my dirty ones. I literally was sobbing in embarassment through out the rest of the ride until we got to the show which cheered my up a bit. Hours go by when we get to the school so pants parents can pick the students up I was sitting at a bench myself I see the guy again he wasn’t mad which thank god and said it is natural. So I better remember to stay off the border for now we it was a thunderstorm in my belly literally.


The Worst Magic Trick Ever

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Before we get started you must know a few things 1) I get extremely embarrassed about my body showing, even with a bikini on 2)I have had a crush on “Marshall” for three years 3)I have and average weight but large DD breasts 4)I live truth or dare… oh and I’ll go by Elena

One day my friend “Kaitlyn” told me that “Ava” was having a sleepover and I was invited. I gleefully accepted.

At the sleepover, we all had on our pjs mostly a tee and shorts. We all got bored so we ordered pizza then played truth or dare until the delivery guy came.

“Hey Elena, I dare you to answer the door without a shirt on when the pizza’s here!” Kaitlyn said. I immediately refused.

“Well then I guess we’ll have to make you!” Ava said as she tickled me while Kaitlyn cut off my shirt with scissors and chops my tee into pieces. It took me a second to realize the top of one of my bra straps had been cut in the process, I was freaking out.

“Well I guess we have to make it even,” Kaitlyn said as she snipped away both straps, me struggling know that a bra without straps would sag down my breasts, but she managed to cut them free.

Ding, dong! “Hello pizza delivery fo-” the Pizza Guy stopped mid-sentence looking down at my cleavage and boobs as I trembled in embarrassment. I just nodded and took the pizza and receipt and shove a five in his hand then shut the door before my bra slid down, which it did as I set the pizza on the table, luckily my back was toward my friends.

“Okay now you get to dare someone,” Ava informed me upon. Kaitlyn then smirked and said since her and Ava had to take off my shirt it didn’t count and it was still her turn to give someone a dare.

“I choose Elena!” she announced. I told her I already went and then she reminded me it didn’t count, I just begged her to show me some mercy on this dare and she just said ‘Okay, let’s do a magic trick!’

She cuffed me to a tree while I was helpless and a couple other girls walked across the street to invite Marshall over. Kaitlyn first snipped off my shorts, then my bra exposing my nipples, then my panties showing my cleans shaven vagina to the whole block and Marshall. She even left me completely nude all night!


Embarrassing moment at a McDonald’s drive thru???

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So there’s this really cute boy that works at McDonald’s near my house. I took a pic of him without him noticing back in September now every time I go I see him and I get embarrassed. But last night was probably most embarrassing honestly. We usually make eye contact and smile at each other but last night he saw me and said “damn bro” idk if he was talking to me or talking about the line behind my car but i was so embarrassed. Not to mention I have a crush on him!!! What if he thinks I’m a stalker? Someone help me please!! My mom says I should just go to a new McDonald’s or just stop eating there period. Someone give me advice?


My Crush knows about my period!!

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So when this happened I was 10, and I had a crush on this cute guy. We were in a literature circle group together and the main character gets her period in the book. So, like, the other boy in the group says don’t go to page 188! don’t go to page 188!! And my crush is like wha?? So like i had to show him the page and he was like oh… cause that was the page where it says that.. and my crush’s face was red, and i think i let slip that it really hurts, and PLEASE don’t mention it. i think he got it and like from then on i think he knew that i got it…


CMS-Bleeding for my crushes

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Things can get pretty bloody when I’m on my woman week. I was in 7th grade and I change my pad 4 times that day using very thick ones. I get to my 6th pd. class (one class after I changed it) and I notice that when I was changing some of the blood got on my pants and when I sat down some blood got onto the chair. I pretended nothing happen but in was nervous cause my crush, Nick my little bagel, was in that class. I got up when the bell runged and went to my locker to put on this sweatshirt that cover the blood. I walk to my next class and I sat down in my seat. I took a deep breath and remember that the sweatshirt I had put on had ketchup on the back because a few months ago I sat on ketchup and never washed it after that. Soon everyone got in their sets and the teacher decided that it was a good idea to change seats. She pulls out the new seating arrangements on the overhead and of course I had to sit next to my other crush, Avery. I sit down and pretended nothing had happen to me. I didn’t sit on the chair. I sat on my foot saying it was hurting and maybe it would get the pain out. After that class ended I went to my locker and took of my sweatshirt and got out my jacket , witch was white and very thin, and put it on. I decided to change my pad one last time so I went to the bathroom and when I pulled down my pants I forgot to take of the jacket that goes past my butt and blood dropped on it. I ran out a decide that if anyone notice it I will say it wasn’t me. I get to my last class of the day where 2 more of my crushes were at. I sat in the back were no one could see me and didn’t move until the teacher made everyone go up to her desk to see our grades on this one test. Both of my crushes Sat right next to the teacher so when she called my name I went on the floor and did this wired move to get to the teacher desk where u couldn’t see my butt. I try to play it cool and made it look like I was showing off a wired move to get their attion. I would like to mention that im “EMO” and I always wear black. I stayed quite while always lessening to my favorite bands. This kinda made people concerned of me because when I passed their desk doing the wired dance I screamed out “HEY WHAD UP BRA”.  They gave me a wired look and I continued to go to the teacher desk. After that class was over I ran to the bus wishing this will never happen again. Just saying I’m going to write another story about me called “CMS-Miss you


Caught masturbating at work… twice!

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Okay, so my last job was in this really small office.

The office was split into three rooms and I shared my room with two women, both in their early 40’s (I’m 25). These two women are insanely hot, too. Fitness freaks with very toned bodies with a tendency to wear low cut tops and tight trousers.

It had been quite a while since I had last gotten any, so I had really started to obsess a little over my colleagues. OK, a lot.

I guess it evolved over time, I had a corner-desk that shielded my lower half from view of anyone in the room, so it started with my just rubbing it through my trousers. That then turned into rubbing it through the pocket, to putting my hand inside, to eventually whipping it out and jerking it almost every day at work.

The biggest problem was that the longer I went without getting caught, the less cautious I got. I was even trying to push it, a little further.

If nobody was looking, I’d unzip and take it out while standing up, and then start beating off as I started to sit down. I’d even let out the occasional quiet moan, here or there.

Never get cocky. Okay, maybe just never beat off at work but also don’t get cocky.

How’d I get caught? Well, one of the women in the office went over to my desk to ask me a question. Normally I’d stop as soon as she got close enough to see my arm moving, but this happened just as I started to blow my load, and something like that is hard to stop.

She laughed a lot. A hell of a lot. She told the other woman in the office, and then I got questioned as to whether or not it was over the two of them. I admitted that it was, since it seemed like the least embarrassing part of all this.

They didn’t report me to any higher ups, but they ripped on me mercilessly. I took it and figured it was worth the humiliation to keep the job.

The other woman (not the one who caught me but the one who she told) used it quite a lot to blackmail me. I had to do her work for her, cover for her if she had to run out and take the blame for any of her fuck ups.

One day, she approached me and told me that I had done so much for her that I deserved to be cut a little slack. She took me into the office where both the women explained that they were okay with me wanking at work, as it gave them a confidence boost, on two conditions.

1. I had to do both their work for them
2. I had to tell them when I was about to

I actually didn’t do it, for the longest time. It felt kinda weird telling two people who I knew were going to rip on me that I was about to beat off. Plus, the extra workload would’ve killed me.

But of course I ended up buckling, after a night out where I came THIS close to getting laid, and failed spectacularly thanks to me utterly misjudging the strength of Sambuca.

I told them I was going to do it, and started beating off. They were laughing and calling me pathetic but I won’t lie, that didn’t really kill the mood.

I finished up and they ripped on me some more, then I was faced with the mammoth task of doing their work, too. BUT I kinda liked this, now.

The next day, I did it again. I told them I was gonna beat off, I got started and this time they didn’t really rip on me, they were laughing but that was it.

I was getting fairly close to orgasm when, all of a sudden, they rushed me.

One held me in place (not a difficult task as I am skinny and have no body strength to speak of) and wheeled my office chair from behind my desk. The other pulled out her iPhone and started filming me and my twitching, rock hard member.

They called me tiny, they ripped on me some more AAND then they posted the video to Facebook and tagged me in it.

I don’t know if there were any repercussions for the two of them, but I walked out of that job quicksharp.


Awkward contact with my crush

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So this takes place over a couple months so I’m just going to list them from most embarrassing to the least embrasing

  1. so I was walking up the bleachers and  I had to walk by my crush so his best friend pushed him and his head hit my butt. And because of my stupid period. I started to laugh. I swear he turned redder that a tomato
  2. he pushed me and unhooked my bra I was sooo embarrassed then my period made me laugh about it he turned bright red.
  3. so I always wear tank tops under my polos and one day he’s walking by and sees my bra but of course my period was here so I started laughing my head off

Boys are …. weird

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There’s this guy in my grade who likes me( its pretty obvious) a couple weeks after 5th grade started he would poke my lower back but not my butt,he sure was pretty close though! One time he put a note in my pencil box saying ” do you like me?” It wasn’t sighted but I knew his handwriting because I graded one of his tests before. He keeps doing it to this day. Once I was wearing a skirt in P.E. and we were running laps around the track coarse and he ran past me and tried to touch that region and missed and pinched my butt! What should I do? He won’t stop! What revenge could I do?


Crush note

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So I was in 1st grade and there was this cute boy in my class named Jacob. So I wanted to know if he liked me. So I wrote down do you like me on a piece of paper and gave it to him. I blushed beet red and he said yes. I told my mom over Skype and she teased me that I had a boyfriend. I didn’t talk to my crush after that I was so embarrassed!