Walking in on the hottest yet awkward thing

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  1. I’m 18
    I have a very attractive cousin. She’s so sexy. She’s 24. Her boobs are perfect. There 36DD. She is the most forgiving person I know. She is the opposite of a snitch. I go over her house to play Kinect games with her. I know she knows the only reason I go over her house is to look at her massive tits bounce up and down when she’s jumping around. She’s caught me looking at her tits multiple times. She’s caught me trying to spy on her nude in her room or shower and she’s never tells anybody. Eventually she just started to let me see her nude and she doesn’t care. She’s pretty open but that’s the most she will do. The most embarrassing thing is what happens a couple months ago. I walked in her room to see her masterbating butt naked on her bad. She saw me and yelled what the fuck are u doing in here. I didn’t know what to say. After a moment of silence she simply said don’t tell anyone and she continued rubbing her pussy with me watching.

Thong bikini dare

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When I was 16, I spent the summer in Florida with my Uncle Ray and Aunt Penny, and of course my favorite relative of all, my cousin Eddie, who is a year older than me. Eddie at the time had a girlfriend named Allie, who was my age. We became great gal pals over the summer.

The three of us were all going to work at one of my uncles ice cream parlors. We tried to get all our shifts together. It was a fun job, especially when parents brought their cute little kids in. Although the kids often made a mess, but that is what kids do.

So Eddie, Allie and I all had the same day off. We decided to go to the beach, but me and Allie decided we needed new swim suits. Eddie went along when we did the shopping. Allie immediately found one she liked. I could not decide. Eddie suggested a thong bikini, but I was afraid of showing my butt cheeks in public. Eddie said this is Florida. No one would notice. Besides I had a great body perfect for a thong. (He had seen me naked once. The last Christmas his family visited ours, and he accidentally walked in on me while I was naked in the bathroom. I didnt mind since it was an accident and he is my favorite relative.) Allie said she agreed I would look great in a thong. She said she wished she had the body for one. (Allie is a bit heavy set, but she is one of those who wears the extra weight well. She is active in school athletics and keeps in shape.)

So I buy a hot pink thong.

When we get to the beach, we are all wearing our suits underneath our shorts and t-shirts. We set up our blanket, umbrella and picnic basket, and then strip down to our suits. Immediately, people turn and start staring at my ass. I didnt mind that. I figured people found me attractive, and I was not too modest. But soon two guys my age show up and start hitting on me. They come on too strong, so I tell them to fuck off.

After that, it got worse. Guys in their 20s and 30s stop by and start trying to pick me up. I have to tell you I do not look older than I actually am. I am most certainly 16, and these guys were all too old for me. One was there with his wife and two little kids. When they went off to play in the water, he came over and tried to introduce himself to me. Then came a guy in his 40s and I could not take it any more.

Eddie saw my predicament. He gave me a towel to wrap around my waist. He then told me to come with him. There was a store near the beach entrance where we could pick up a new suit I could wear. Since Eddie blamed himself, he said he would pay for it. I said it was not necessary for him to pay, but he insisted so I let him. I picked out a blue two-piece which was much more modest.

No one hit on me after that, although one of the guys my agewho come on to me at first did come up to apologize. He said he was out of line, and he liked my blue suit better. His name was Paul and he joined us. I ended up going on a few dates with Paul over the summer. He turned out to be a nice guy after all, and we still keep in touch.

I still have the thong. I will wear it again eventually in the right circumstance. Probably in private amongst friends.


My cousin’s nude photos

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Im a guy with two sisters. One is two years older, and the other two years younger. Theyre family and all, and I do generally like them, but quite honestly neither is very bright. They both like to sunbath nude when no one is home. There is a section of our outdoor deck which is secluded from the neighbors view, and they both like to lay there. What they never figured out is just because no one is home now does not mean no one will be home within the next five minutes. In other words, I catch them frequently totally naked. I like to have a little fun with it, especially if I have friends with me. Sometimes I take pictures with my cell phone. The girls yell and scream and call me a pervert. But before too long they are out there again waiting to be discovered. Oh, and the pictures I share with trusted friends and cousins.

So this takes place when I am 16. I come home and my younger sister Britney is laying out there butt naked. Im surprised that out 12 year old cousin Lisa is also there. She is also butt naked sunning herself. I pull out my cell phone camera and shout out, Smile, girls! And then I start clicking away. Britney immediately starts screaming calling me a perv. She tries to cover herself with one hand and grab a towel with another. But Lisa is different. She says, Opps! He found us! Lisa then starts laughing.

Lisa doesnt even bother to cover herself. She stands up and tells me to take more pictures. Shes acting pretty proud. I guess she should be with her body. Puberty started a few months back for her, and now our boyish skinny cousin is turning into a rather cute young lady.

I soon realize that these pictures are special, and too good for my cell phone. I tell Lisa to wait and I will get my good camera. Britney is just yelling. I return and I get Lisa to pose. Its nothing dirty. She just looks so innocent in her nakedness. I had been taking photography in school, and had been developing an artistic sense. I just thought Lisa was too beautiful an image to pass up. I took several shots with my digital camera, and then was going to shoot some with my film camera, but we heard my mother come home, and Lisa had to get dressed in a hurry. We both made Britney promise not to tell.

The next day I get an e-mail from Lisas mom. Apparently Lisa told her what happened, and she wants me to bring the pictures over. I figured Im busted. I do wonder why she didnt tell my folks, but then I thought she just wanted to yell at me herself first. The next evening I was at their house with my camera. I was pretty scared. My aunt told me to download the photos to her computer so she can see them. She looked at them one by one without saying a word. I was sweating like all hell. I felt like a criminal, or worse that guy who gets caught peaking in the girls showers at gym.

But when my aunt finished, she said the photos were not all that bad. There were only a few she wanted me to get rid of, but there were also a few not so revealing, or just not showing anything frontal below the waist, she would like to share with family. She said Lisa was pretty proud of her new body, and this leads her to take care of it by eating right and exercising. She did not want to discourage that. She only made me promise not to share these pictures with anyone outside the family. I agreed.

I did get an e-mail from Lisa asking for me to send her the pictures so she can send them to her new, and first, boyfriend. I had sent my sisters pictures to their boyfriends as a joke and for laughs, but I knew those guys and could trust them not to misuse them. I didnt know Lisas boyfriend. So instead I sent her a link to a revenge porn site and asked her if she was sure her pictures would not end up there. She never responded.

I havent shot Lisa again, but her 13th birthday is coming soon. We talked about a photo session each year on her birthday sort of to document her growth. But we have to do it without my parents finding out.


raft fun

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My cousin Wendy and I (both 12 at the time) were at the lake whereour parents had taken us for the day. Wendys younger brother, Colt, 9, had been a real pest to us all day. We finally were able to lose him when he got real interested in building a sandcastle with some other kids his age. We swam out to one of the rafts thatre anchored out in the deep part of the lake for kids to jump off of. Wendy and I mainly went out there to get away from Colt and to watch some of the cute boys show off for us.

Unfortunately, Colt discovered us and sure enough he was out there jumping off the raft we were on trying to splash us and, again, just generally annoying us. I told Wendy we should head back up to shore and see if we could lose him again. Wendy, the devious fiend, had a better idea for ridding us of her brother. She pointed out something I hadnt really noticed and when she whispered her plan to me I snorted out loud.

Colt dove off the other side of the raft, swam around to where me and Wendy were setting on the edge with our feet slowing swinging in the water. He popped up in between us putting his arms on the raft to hold himself in place. He rattled on about his dives and asked us if wed see him dive and what we thought. He went on and on and I wondered if what Wendy had planned would happen.

Then, just as soon as Colt said he was going to jump off again, Wendy quickly winked at me and we prepared. Now Colt is a bit small for his age and very thin and wiry, in other words, theres not much to him. His swim trunks are usually too big for him and this is what Wendy had pointed out to me earlier: His trunks stuck far out from his body when he was hanging from the side of the raft which made it very easy for Wendy and me to carefully slip a toe into the side pockets of the trunks. Then, as he hoisted himself up, we quickly slipped down off the raft taking his trunks with us!

It was so funny hearing his yelp. Hed gotten up on the raft and was on his hands and knees before he could react to losing his swim trunks. Wendy and I snorted at Colt baring his butt to everyone and we took off to shore with his swim trunks. We did get into trouble but not much as Colts parents actually found what wed done a bit amusing. Colts red-face and bare butt streak to his towel was hilarious when he finally figured out no one was going to bring him anything to cover with (Wendy and I werent as it kept him from bugging us and no one else yet knew he was naked except a few kids out at the rafts.) so he had to swim back up to shore and run naked for his towel.

An added bonus to this embarrassing moment for Colt is that Wendy and I now knew how easy it was to accidently remove a skinny boys swim trunks at the rafts and used the technique a few more times on some cute boys out there!


Mom Forces Nudity

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This happened when I was 14.  My cousin Shelia, then 12, came for an extended visit during the summer.  She stayed with my sister Connie, also 12, in her room.  One day I got a bit bored, so I thought I’d annoy the girls.  I entered their room when I knew they were getting dressed catching them both partially clothed.  They screamed and told me to get out.  Later they went swimming, and when they came back I again entered their room.  I saw Shelia in her panties from the back, while Connie was still in her two-piece.  Again they screamed at me to get out.

Now I really was not trying to catch them naked for the sake of seeing them naked.  I just wanted to annoy them for fun.  I didn’t think they would try to get revenge.

That night I was taking a shower.  When I turned the water off, I heard some giggling.  I realized Connie and Shelia were in the bathroom waiting for me to come out and catch me naked.  I told them to leave, but they tried to grab the shower curtain and fling it open.  I grabbed the curtain and wrapped it around me.  There was screaming back and forth as we fought for the curtain.

Dad was away at the time, but Mom was home.  She came into the bathroom to see what was going on.  I complained that the girls were trying to see me naked.  They said I had tried to catch them naked earlier in the day.  I said I was only trying to have a little fun and really was not interested in seeing the girls nude.

Mom told us all to shut up.  Then she dropped the bomb.  She told me to let go of the curtain and let my sister and cousin see me naked.  I protested, but Mom said if I did not I would be grounded for the whole summer.  Embarrassed I let the curtain go covering my penis with my hands.  The girls were standing there with big grins on their faces.  The grins got bigger when Mom told me to move my hands and stop covering myself.  So I let my hands down letting them all see my dick.  Then I had to turn around so Connie and Shelia could see my butt as well.  They giggled and smiled enjoying every inch of me.

Then Mom said to the girls, “OK, now it’s  your turn.”  The girls’ smiles suddenly disappeared.  They weren’t sure what Mom was saying.  “Come on,” Mom said.  “Strip!  You got to see Johnny.  Now he gets to see you.  I want all your clothes on the floor now!”  Now the girls started to protest.  Mom told them they could either get naked now, or I could watch them shower later.  I guess the shower is a bit private, so the girls figured it was better to put on a show now than later.

They protested again as they slowly took off their clothes.  I guess they figured the slower they went, the more likely they would not have to go naked.  When they got down to their training bras and panties, I started feeling a boner coming on.  Mom must have noticed and figured that would be too much humiliation for me, so she gave me a towel, and told me to dry off and put the towel around me.  Connie and Shelia were too concerned with their own embarrassment to notice.

Eventually both girls were naked.  They too had to show me everything and cover up nothing.  They also had to turn and show every inch of their nude bodies.

Eventually Mom said it was enough.  We were all to get dressed.  She said, “Now that you three know what the others look like naked, you don’t have to go around acting like perverts trying to get a peek at each other.”  Mom was right.  For the next week, I could not face Connie or Shelia, and they could not face me.  It took even longer before we were not embarrassed to talk to each other, and even then we were uncomfortable.  But we did learn our lesson.  I was more respectful of their privacy from then on, and they were more respectful of mine.


Bathing with my cousin

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I am a 13 year old guy and I just had a weekend visit with my grandmother.  My 11 year old girl cousin was also there.  The first night it was getting late and both of us wanted to take a bath before bed.  Grandma suggested we take the bath together.

I was horrified at the thought of being naked with my cousin.  Grandma asked why it would be a problem since we have bathed together before.  Grandma’s sense of time and age is not going so well.  She can get along on her own for now.  But the last time my cousin and I took a bath together I was 6 and she was 4.  There is a big difference between a 4 year old girl and an 11 year old, and a bigger difference between a 6 year old boy and a 13 year old.  But my cousin said, “Come on!  It will be fun.”  I was not only out voted, but Grandma was getting impatient because it was late.

So there my cousin and I were alone in the bathroom with the tub filling up with hot water.  She already stripped down to her panties and little training bra.  I just had my shirt unbuttoned.  She asked if I was nervous and needed help.  Then without waiting for an answer, she took off my shirt and undershirt.  She then knelt down to take off my socks, then undid my pants taking them down, and finally my drawers.  There I was standing naked in front of my cousin and feeling pretty embarrassed.  She took a good look at my dick and smiled.

Cousin told me to get in the tub, which I did.  She then took off her bra and panties.  Standing there naked, she smiled even more making sure I had a good look at her.  She was really enjoying this while I was very uncomfortable.  She then got into the tub behind me.  Taking the soap she began to wash my back.  Eventually I felt a bit more at ease when she asked me to turn around and wash her back.  I did.  She then washed my chest and arms, then I did the same to her rubbing what were the very first signs of what would become her breasts.  She seemed to enjoy that.  She then asked me to wash her legs, which I began to do.  She then told me to keep going.  I was not sure what she meant until she moved my hand over her pussy.  She moaned a bit and after a while said it was her turn again.

She began to wash my legs beginning with the feet and moving up to my waist.  She then began washing my dick until it became hard.  “Let me show you something I learned,” she said as she rinsed the soap from me.  She began to lick the tip of my penis and then put it in her mouth.  I was getting my first blow job ever!  After a few minutes, I felt my load shoot into her mouth.  Cousin just grinned.

We got out of the tub and dried each other off.  I had to admit it was fun.  Cousin thought we should do it again the next night, but this was my cousin.  Once was enough so I chickened out.  I still have no idea where are the age of 11 she learned to give a blow job, and I don’t want to know!


So you must be _____!

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In the hospital in late 2006, waiting for my guy to come up from a stress test for his heart. In the waiting room a chick greeted my daughter and my son, said “So you must be _____!” I thought she was More


I hated my aunt

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When I was younger, maybe around 7 or 8, I was playing with my cousins at one of their houses & we were playing Polly Pockets in the bathroom or something (idk). I had to use the bathroom, but we were More


It was hardly my fault…

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When I was 15, I stayed at my uncle’s house for a couple of days in the summer. Me and my two cousins were being are usual sun-shy selves and playing indoors/watching films, when Jess (my 12yr old cousin) More


Oops !!!! Neighbour there

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This happened when I was 17 .My parents along with my only sibling had gone out to my cousin’s place early morning so I was alone .My neighbor is this 9 yr old and her grandmom had to be admitted to the More