Couple Times

Lingerie Bowl Embarrassment

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My family is always big on the Super Bowl. Mom and Dad invite over lots of people for the party, uncles and aunts and other family and lots of friends too. When they started doing the lingerie bowl on More



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I thought i’d do a 3 in 1 type thing



When I was about 11 or 12 I had a friend who was a boy, his name was Jason and no, i did not have a crush on him. One day, he asked me if we More


pants and underwear pulled down by a girl

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In 5th grade there was a named Jessica who I think maybe liked me, but anyway she would always come up behind me at recess and times like that and she’d try to pull down my pants in front of everyone! She didn’t ever actually get them down, since I could usually tell she was there just before she started pulling, but a couple times she came close by getting them down almost to the bottom of my shirt, which was still a little embarrassing cause everyone knew she almost depantsed me, and they laughed.

One day I decided to try a trick, and so when Jessica came up behind me and I saw her, instead of grabbing my pants to keep them up I reached out and I pulled down HER pants, all the way to her ankles!!! I couldn’t believe it actually worked, and all the kids around us were real surprised by what I did and we could see Jessica’s underwear, and she screamed and turned red and pulled her pants up again with everyone around laughing at her. Later she whispered to me that she wouldn’t take it easy on me anymore since I humiliated her like that, but she never got me before so I wasn’t afraid.

Well, the next day at recess Jessica snuck up behind me SO quiet I didn’t hear her, and before I knew it she pulled my pants down to my ankles! Now it was ME who was standing there in front of everyone in my underwear, with everyone laughing at me. I reached down fast to pull up my pants, but I guess Jessica wasn’t done humiliating me, cause when I reached down she reached out and grabbed onto my BOXER SHORTS, and started pulling them down my legs!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I couldn’t BELIEVE what was happening to me, how humiliated I felt!!! I grabbed onto my sagging boxers to stop her but then Jessica grabbed my SHIRT and tried to lift it up, which woulda let EVERYONE see my privates, so I grabbed my shirt to stop her and she started pulling my underwear down again, and she kept switching between the two like that until she had my boxers all the way down to my ANKLES!!!!!! I felt like I was gonna faint from being embarrassed that whole time, my face was burning red in humiliation, and everyone else was standing around wondering if Jessica was going to show them everything I had! After my boxers were at my ankles she grabbed my shirt and tried to pull it up, and I was panicking trying to keep my private parts, well, private, and just when my hands were about to give away and my shirt fly up, Jessica stopped and smiled, and said to me You got what you deserved because I never REALLY tried to pull your pants down before, I was only teasing then. Now you’re feeling REALLY embarrassed like you made me yesterday. You should remember that I pulled down your pants and your shorts in front of the whole grade, and remember that I coulda pulled up your shirt easy and let them see you naked if I wanted. I could still do it, too. She pretended she was going to, but she didn’t. And she walked away and let me pull up my pants and underwear, feeling TOTALLY humiliated. That day was my most embarrassing moment ever. I still get red when I think about it!


i farted in his hand

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ok so one time i was at the soccer field after school and my crush was playing and i was watching him so after the game ended he came up to me a kissed me then he grabbed my butt!!!!!!! i was so shocked thatt i farted in his hand and he said EWWWW! and ran away laughing

heres another one:
so on a feild trip i was siting in my seat and had to fart SUPER bad and i didnt know what to do and we were listening to music on the bus so i decided to fart when the music was the loudest. so after i farted and couple times i felt better but everyone was staring at me with disgusted looks on their faces!

so during school we were changing in the gym and so i was last one to go in the shhower so while i was BUTT naked a fire started in the building and the water stoppe and the gym teacher pulled me out WITHOUT a towl infront of the ENTIRE school
i started crying while hinding behind a bush
what made it worse was when people started taking pics and put them ALL over myspace and facebook