Couple Girls

Underpantsed in the mall

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One time when I was 11, I was cruising around the mall looking for some of my friends. My older sister (3 years older) was with me. She was getting mad because I kept bumping her into the wall when we turned corners (hey, its fun!), and she kept yelling at me. Then I saw a couple girls I know from school, so I walked over to them saying hi. As I walked over I bumped my sister into the wall one last time, and I guess that set her off. I took a few more steps toward the girls, and my sister comes up behind me and pulls my baggy shorts to my ankles. AND…(*hangs head*) my boxers went down with them. That was so mean of her!!!! I mean, I guess she wasn’t trying for my boxers, but look what she did to me anyway!!! I was so embarrassed by the girls I knew seeing me naked I wished I could melt into the floor right then. The girls were choking with laughter and I yanked up my boxers and shorts and walked away, so embarrassed by my boxers being pulled down in front of them that I was crying. My sister was running after me saying she was sorry, she didn’t mean to pull down my underwear. I was so embarrassed.


Peeing like a animal?

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yeah so as the title says. I peed like an animal. So one night me and my friends were just hanging out. I started to be all weird and pantsed a couple girls. Soon enough we were playing truth or dare. If you didn’t do the dare or whatever you had to streak through the park in mid day. So my dare was pee like an animal. So I stripped down. They all watch in amazement as i stood there butt naked. the girls were surprised at my dick size. So I crouched down, put up one leg and peed. They had such a laugh! Then they took all my clothes and left me there to walk 1 mile and a half home butt naked! such a sad embarrassing night!