Birthday Tickle

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My sisters birthday is on Halloween and she was turning 14 at the time and I was 13. We were getting ready to go to a costume party and my friends were going with me. Well, we decided it would be funny to give her a birthday ticklling before my mom got home form work and took us to the costume party. So my 4 other friends held her down while i took off her pants and shirt and tickled her armpits, feet, legs, and ribs. I did this for 14 minutes because it was her 14th birthday. My mom walked in as she was putting her clothes back and and was outraged. She ultimately found out waht happened and decided I was to be punished. She decided my punishment was to be stripped completely naked and be tied down on the couch for one hour while my sister got to tickle me with no mercy with my friends watching. It was awful. She tickled me relentlessly. Then, after the worst punishment of my life and being naked in front of my frineds, my mom told my sister she could make any costume for me or whatever before the party. So again my mom strapped me down, this time to a chair, and my sister painted my nails, put eye shadow and lipstick on me, you name it. Then, i was forced to put on my sisters pink cheerleader outfit with no underwear under it to the party. I don’t know if anyone at the party saw up my ‘outfit’, but it was by far the most embarrassing day of my life.