Completely Naked

Embarrassed Naked

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Im 14 year old male and i’m in the 8th grade. I was really sweaty after one gym class and i decided to take a shower. i was the only one in my class that took a shower, but i didn’t mind. when i was More


Most embarrassing got caught moment ever

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When I was a freshman in college, my roommate went home every weekend, so I always had the room to myself.  One Saturday morning I was watching porn and decided to whack off.  So, I’m laying on my bed More


The day I’ll never forget…naked

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Hi my name is Liana so yes I am a girl. I had just got finished with gym class, I was 16 at the time. Before I took a shower which I never did except this time I needed to, I put my clothes on the outside of the shower hanging over a wall. After I was done, I found all my clothes and shoes were gone. No towels either. I didn’t know what to do so I just started to freak out. I covered my self up with my hand and my arm and walked out. At this time I was shaking in embarrassment and no one else was in the locker room but me, well at least I thought. The door had opened and in came my friend who was shocked because I was completely naked. She told me to hide but I told her no I needed to get to class. I was getting cold and I was soaked because I didn’t get to dry off, and before I knew it everyone started coming into the locker room. There I was standing there naked, in front of at least 25 – 30 girls who were fully clothed including my friend. I was so freaked out I peed allover the floor and everyone was like EWWWWW you’re gross! I just ran without thinking into the hall way crying. I know, I was dumb…biggest mistake of my life because guys, girls, teachers, basically everyone you can think of in the hall was there staring at me. I tried covering my self but at that point they already saw my parts. I dropped to my knees and cried more. I hated how I finished peeing right there cause that made things worse. Everyone there just was disgusted and I felt so ashamed. One kid came over and spit on me and told me I was pitiful and should kill myself. Another came over and crouched down next to me trying to touch me, but I fought him as much as I could. He did feel my private part but I tried as much as I could. He then called me a bitch because he got a little bit of my pee on his hand and told me to go die. A teacher came over, he had to be about almost 30 years old and took me into his office while he went to go get some clothes for me. I was so embarrassed I thanked him and went home early. For the rest of the year, everyone that saw me made fun of me for what had happened.


How everyone I know saw me masturbating.

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I was home alone so I thought I’d get naked and masturbate. I was feeling a little daring, so I decided to show off on webcam.

Well, my little brother and his friends came home and I didn’t hear them come in. I think you can see where this is headed. :(

My brother came into my room without knocking to ask me something, and all his friends trailed in after him. To their total shock, I was completely naked, legs spread open and masturbating myself! I was right on the edge of my orgasm when the door opened and I couldn’t stop it!

My crotch was facing the doorway too, so they all got a perfect look! Several of them pulled out cellphones and took pictures and videos.. I was so insanely humiliated but couldn’t stop having an orgasm while they all laughed at me and took photo proof!

Then the worst thing.. They showed EVERYONE.

They posted it all over the internet, they posted it all over facebook and links to it on facebook and Twitter..

Every one of my friends, family, people I go to school with.. everyone!! I live in a REALLY small town, so literally everyone I know has seen me masturbate to orgasm and probably owns a copy of it on their computer!


Tied Up And Humiliated

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Once I was at a sleepover and I needed to go to the bathroom. I came back to the room and everyone was standing there giving me that grin that makes you feel nervous. I asked them what the hell they were thinking and they said they were going to strip me.
So they stripped me and I got mad and yelled at them. That pissed them off and they decided to humiliate me and videotape it. So they tied me up, completely naked, and started playing around with my dick. It soon got hard and I cummed. They were all laughing and then they grabbed a boot from somewhere and kicked my nuts until it hurt so much I begged for them to stop.
They decided to do one more thing and painted my cock and balls green with some paint that won’t wash off for a few days. When they let me go they hid my clothes so I had to go through the night naked, and every 10 minutes the others would make fun of me, like saying my dick was really small.
The worst part was that they had everything on video and every time I went over to their houses they would always show me the video and tell me to show my dick to them so they won’t post it on the web. It was so embarrassing since I had such a small dick.


Stripped Naked by Friends

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Before I start this story, I want to say that I am 15 years old but I’m a late developer, and have only just started puberty. I’m shy about my small penis and none of my friends had ever seen it, until this embarrassing night. Last year I went over to my friend’s house for a sleepover with two other guys there. We were having a pretty good time and we were about to go to sleep when one of the guys started saying that I had a small penis.I denied it, but they all started wondering, and before I knew it, I was surrounded. They pinned me down and took my shirt off. Then, they slowly unzipped my pants and took them off too. At this point, I was screaming at them to stop, but then my best friend reached over, grabbed my underwear, and pulled it completely off. I just lay there on the ground, completely naked, as my friends roared in laughter at my tiny pee-pee. To make it worse, they even started flicking it around while I lay helpess. Although I have grown since then, my friends still make fun of me for my penis and sometimes make me show it to them just so they won’t tell anyone about how small it is.


peeing naked in front of everyone AND crush!

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It was my birthday and my mom threw me a suprise party. I slept naked that night and in the morning I was getting dress and wanted my fav undies so I walked downstairs to get em from the laundry room when I came down the stairs at least 200 of my last classmates screamed SUPRISE! and I stood there completely butt naked trying to cover myslef in desparte embarressment. I was so mortified I gushed pee all over myself naked in front of everyone! they were all laughing at my and I was just standing there frozen trying to cover myself for 5 minutes! to make it worse a huge fart came out! ugh!