Step Sister’s Slumber Party


On this evening, I came home from work and my step sister was having a slumber party with some of her friends from jr. college.  I walk in the garage door and a girl in a blindfold almost walked right into me.  I am not in the house like 5 seconds.  Then I her yell “MARCO” then from the other side of the house I hear “POLO” Then as I enter into the kitchen I can see 6 college aged girls walking around in their night shirts and blindfolded trying to find the one yelling POLO.  I then notice that there are a shit load of empty beer and liquor bottles lying around.  So I take a bar stool in the corner and enjoy the show.  So then my step sister Anna walks into the main living room and she is the one yelling “POLO”

She saw me in the corner just loving the view with a big ass smirk on my face.

Then when she was not paying attention, one of the other girls found her.  The girl screamed, the other girls screamed laughing.  Then my Anna gave me a dirty look then raised her arms to which the one girl pulled her night shirt off.  Now, my smirk just got huge.  Now she is in her bra and panties and I am loving where this game is going.

So then she walked away and yelled “GAME ON”  Then a girl yelled “MARCO” then Anna yelled “POLO” and walked into another room of the house.  After a minute or two Anna came back into the room I am in trying to hide as another girl walked by.  I made a noise with some decor on the coffee table to which the girl was able to find Anna.  Anna gave me a dirty look and then the blindfolded girl pulled Anna’s sport’s bra off over her head.  I had to adjust my boner and Anna noticed it.  So then she yelled “GAME ON” and then several of the girls yelled “MARCO” and while standing right in front of me yelled “POLO” basically drawing the girls into the room I was in.  After a minute another girl stumbled her way into the living room and found Anna.  The whole time Anna stood right in front of me letting the girl find her.  The girl, Jessica, squealed in delight knowing she got the final piece of clothing.  Her hands finally found their way to Anna’s string tied panties and gladly pulled the strings apart making her panties drop to the floor right in front of me.  Anna made no attempt to cover up.

Then Jessica pulled her blindfold off and saw me there on the barstool just enjoying the view.  Jessica yelled for all the other girls to come into the living room and most of them made it with out tripping over their feet, one left the blind fold on and did trip a little.  I was for all sakes and purposes busted.

End of the story in comments later.