Pantsing my Little Brother — And Paying the Consequences

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I’m a girl who grew up really hating my shrimpy little brother, Mark. There’s four years between us. I always hated his whining and the way he seemed to think he was the center of the world trying to get approval for every little thing. So this happened when I was 14 and he was 10.

I told my best friend Lillian that I really wanted to put Mark in his place once and for all. She had the perfect solution. Her little sister was in Mark’s class. She was going to have a 10th birthday party, and most everyone in her class, girls and boys, including Mark, were invited. Lillian said she would be there helping out her mom, and that I too should come to help. It would be the perfect opportunity to shame Mark by pantsing him in front of all his classmates, especially the girls. I would pull down his pants and underpants exposing his bare bottom and what Lillian called his “little thingy.” I don’t know how Lillian would know how this would turn out, but she told me most likely Mark would be so panicky and upset that he would have trouble rushing to pull his pants up as everyone would be laughing at this nakedness. With any luck, he would run out of the room crying. It was the perfect way to show him who’s boss, and would shame him for a long time to come. It would be quite a while before any 10 year old would get over that. I smiled at the thought of a half naked wimp crying his eyes out as everyone stared. It was the perfect way to get to the brother I hated.

But the day of the party, I started having second thoughts. I thought exposing Mark’s privates would get me into trouble. Lillian told me not to worry. Just pull down his pants and leave the underwear alone. Mark would still be shamed. OK, the plan was set and put into motion. About an hour into the party, I made my move. I came behind Mark and yanked his pants to the ground exposing his tidy-whities. Everyone laughed. I waited for Mark to panic and hopefully run out of the room crying.

But Mark did not panic. He did not cry. He did not even pull his pants up at first. Instead he turned around and hit me hard in the face. I was surprised that this little wuus could hit so hard. Everyone stopped laughing. They were looking at me with these grossed out expressions. I felt something warm and wet on my face. I touched my nose, which hurt, and then looked at all the blood on my hand. Lillian and her mom took me upstairs to the bathroom to try to stop the bleeding. “I think he broke your nose,” her mom said. They called my mom who took me to the emergency room, but not before Lillian’s sister came up to see how I was and told me about a bully who recently picked on Mark at school. Twice as big as Mark, he still got laid out by my brother. Only now I am hearing about this??

So Mom takes me to the emergency room. They snap my nose back in place, which hurt like hell, and then bandaged it up. The only thing keeping me going was all the trouble Mark would get into that night after Dad came home.

But Mark did not get into trouble. Dad was mad at me. “You deserve what you got,” he said. “You don’t embarrass family that way.” Mom told me that it was my job to protect my little brother, not to pick on him. Gee, Mom, in case you haven’t noticed, Mark needs no protection. I was made to apologize and grounded for a week. And did I plan revenge? Hell, no. Get my nose broke again?

My nose did heal, but I have this bump I did not have before. Some tell me it’s cute, but it is an unpleasant reminder. It’s two years later, and I still don’t like my brother. But we get along better than before. He’s started taking lessons at youth boxing, and though he is still small for his size, he is quick and has a hard punch. He holds his own with bigger and older kids.  I may not like Mark, but I learned to respect him.


Recently some senior girls were picking on me. Mark saw this and told them to fuck off. The girls threatened to tell their boyfriends, and Mark gave them his name and address. Two guys did show up, one from the football team, but they weren’t looking for a fight. They asked to speak to me and Mark, telling us they were sorry for their girlfriends’ behavior, and if it happened again let them know. They knew Mark by reputation and did not want to mess with Supermidget, which is what some call him. I may not like Mark, but he is useful to have around.


Dragged Naked Through the School Hallway

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This story happened when I was 15 and just starting high school and it was the worst, most humiliating incident in my life.
I was painfully shy and didn’t have any friends at my new school. I was especially More


I saw my classmate’s privets

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When i am at class four, i see a embarrassing thing. at my first day at school sit at the first row of sits. after 4 or 5 min some of the classmates came infront of my sit. they ran and put of pant of More


most embarrassing sleep-over ever!

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ok so ever since I embarrassed my brother by telling his crush he loves her he was detirmend to humiliate me.I invited three boys in my class who arent really my friends but there the coolest kids in my More


Worst day ever

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Ok so im 16 now but I was a 12 yr old boy and I had to shower after gym everyday fully naked the gym teachers even had to check I was really reluctant so the gym teacher stripped me naked and threw me in the shower now I didn’t have a long penis back then it was 1 inch soft 3 inches hard so I didn’t want anyone to see me naked but I covered myself and washed until two of my classmates came held my hands back and threw me into the gym in the nude I was pissed but the gym teacher took me across the parking lot to the principals office naked 6th graders saw my thing and laughed saying theirs were bigger and I was being dragged claiming its illegal although that’s in the disciplinary form that my parents signed so my principal spanked me and made me spend the rest of the day naked with just a small towel I called her a b**** to earn tht punishment so my mom picked me up and as my punishment I had to spend my Saturday naked with my normal chores mowing the lawn taking out the garbage except she recorded it and invited all my friends over and forced me to play monopoly on our glass coffee table where everyone can see my junk then I we play truth or dare and I had to run around my street my fiancĂ© saw me naked there and laughed but then when I got back my parents had left and it was just my friends who I made chocolate ez lax filled brownies for them and they all had to get naked and go in the yard no one has spoken of it since XD im over it now I’m at a new school and I have the biggest c*** out of my class and im on our naked swim team bc apparently that opened my eyes and idc who sees me naked well that was the most embarrassing moment ever and I still want revenge on those two >:(


Embarrassing Moment in School

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I am a boy and when I was 10 years old we were playing truth or dare in the boy’s locker room (school). They dared me to strip naked. Suddenly, they tied me to a chair. Then they gagged me with my smelly socks.One of my classmates looked on with a grin. Suddenly, she carried the chair (and me) in the girl’s locker room! All the girls had to laugh out loud. After a few minutes I was untied. It was so embarrassing!


Worst Birthday Ever!!:(

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This is even hard for me to post right now,but here it goes…I’ll just start out by saying…I’m a dude. When I was turning ten,the night of my party, I had about 20 or so classmates over from a party. Well,my dumb sister loves to embarrass me, so she hid all my boxers, and I was forced to wear her PINK BARBIE underwear! Of course, I wore shorts AND jeans over them, cuz I was red faced even knowing I had them on! I tended to take naps most days, and I was happy to wake up to my friends laughing and having a good time! Then, my friend, Ryan,told me to follow him outside. EVERYONE was taking pics and I had no idea why! Finally I looked down to find that in my sleep, my sister stripped me of my shorts and jeans!!! I was so mortified that I ran into the bathroom and didn’t come out until they left. Now at school, people show the teachers the pics and call me Bryan Barbie bikini undie!


Dancing on the club

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Me and my friends went to this club and had a dare not to wear a bra. I decided I better look good. So I grabbed a short black dress, and I really mean short. When we arrived, I saw a cute guy checking me out, so we stepped out of the cab and I closed the door, but my dress got stuck inside and I didn’t notice, so the cab sped off and my whole dress just ripped off, and I stood there dumb and embarrassed while my friends just stared at me. I decided to play cool and spent the night in the club wearing nothing but my panties. So I was dancing in the club while covering myself the entire night. And to make things worse, the string design on my underwear got stuck on something and it ripped. And now I was damn naked. My ‘friends’ took pictures of me and I got unbalanced so I fell to the guy that was checking me out earlier and I was so mortified! And my friends left me and then the club announced it was closing time, so I walked back home naked. The entire neighborhood, even my classmates, saw me naked! And so the next day there were hundreds of pictures of me naked around the school. I will never go to a club again! XD


Girls stole my towel

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I was 17 and staying in a youth hostel on a high school field trip. The hostel had separate dorms and bathrooms for the guys and the girls on opposite sides of a corridor. There wasn’t room for everyone to use the bathrooms at once, so we would queue up in the morning, guys on one side of the corridor and girls on the other. Us guys would queue up with just a towel around our waists (‘cos that’s what we do) while the girls would be clad from head to toe in thick pajamas and bathrobes (‘cos that’s what girls do).

This meant the girls started teasing us about how they were going to pull off our towels and see our dicks. One of the guys dared them and said “Yeah? Well go on then.” His girlfriend duly obliged and grabbed his towel, leaving him totally nude in front of everyone. I was impressed (Not by that!) by how relaxed he was. He just stood there with his hands on his hips and asked “Well ladies, do you like what you see?” I was a shy teenager and thought there’s no way I could be that calm if it was me. I’d be in a total panic and probably die of embarrassment. I gripped my towel tightly about my waist, just in case.

Well it wasn’t long before I proved myself right. I got to the front of the queue, had my shower, then wrapped my towel around me to head back to the dorm. There was still a queue of people outside at this point. I had temporarily forgotten the earlier incident, but the girls were obviously encouraged by it. Without warning, one of them stepped forward and whisked my towel away in one swift motion. Everyone started laughing. I was horrified. No girl had seen me naked since before puberty and now here I was, suddenly completely bare-assed in front of several of my classmates!

I tried (not very successfully) to make a grab for my towel with one hand while using my other hand to try (not very successfully) to keep my privates, well, private. The girls threw my towel to each other, cheering at the show as I ran back and forth trying to retrieve it, only managing to half-cover my genitals from view at the same time. There goes my dignity. Several girls slapped my bare butt as I passed them. The guys in the corridor were no help at all. They thought the whole situation was hilarious and blocked my way so I was trapped.

Eventually my towel got thrown into the girls dorm, which of course got the attention of the girls who were in there and made them come out to see what was going on. Oh great, a bigger audience I thought. I noticed some of them were half-undressed, which I would have appreciated a whole lot more if I hadn’t been stuck completely undressed at the time. Anyway I stood no chance of retrieving my towel now, so I just stood there with both hands clasped over my penis and balls and pleaded with them to give it back. “Only if you show us what you’ve got under those hands” said one of the new arrivals.

I figured I didn’t really have a choice and they had pretty much seen everything by that point anyway. So I said “Okay, okay, you win” and held up my hands in mock surrender, exposing myself to them completely. Ten pairs of female eyes stared right at my dick for what seemed like forever. They made a lot of comments and, hey, most of them were pretty complementary, but I felt my face go redder and redder from utter embarrassment. I felt something else start to happen too, just as they were about to hand me my towel back. Oh no, I thought, not that! Yep, I started to get a hard-on, which prolonged my exposure as the girls changed their mind about giving me my towel just yet so they could witness this latest development. At least three of the girls reached out and touched my dick, but fortunately not enough to set it off (if you know what I mean!).

After what felt like an eternity but was probably only the longest two minutes of my life, they did eventually return my towel and the guys let me past. I didn’t waste time putting it on as that wouldn’t have hidden my erection and, besides, it was a bit late for that anyway. I just clutched it in front of me and hurried back to the dorm to get dried and dressed. Having clothes over my skin again had never felt so good!

I don’t know what was more humiliating, being seen full frontal naked by nearly all the girls in my class, or how ridiculous I must have looked jumping about with one hand over my crotch trying to grab my towel back. At the time I was mortified but over the next few days I found surprisingly the event had given me a lot more confidence. I was still embarrassed that they had seen all that I had, but the extra attention I got from the girls afterwards was kinda nice, and the girl who had actually pulled my towel off more than made up for it eventually (but that’s another story!). Nevertheless, us guys were a lot more careful after that day and most of us, myself included, made sure to wear boxers under our towels as we went to and from the bathroom for the rest of the field trip. The girls of course noticed and asked me “Why are you bothering? We’ve seen everything you’ve got to hide!” I just smiled and told them “Only the first show’s free” :)


hairy girl!!

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im a hairy person!! but i rilli cnt do anything to tht!!( heredity :()
but i wax!! but i dnt usually wax my pussy!! cuz it hurts like crazy!! so i just shave it!! so when it wuz my first time to shave it!! it wuz so itchyy!! and when i went to school i kept scratching and scratching and scratching!! and my classmates and my teachers were very disgusted and someone came to my class and told me the nurse wants you!! so i went to the nurse and they said tht many students and teachers complained tht i itch alot at my public place!! so im not allowed to come to school unless i come with a paper from the doctor tht im clean from inside and she locked me in a room no one enters!! and she called my mom to come take me!! :(
so since tht time i never shaved my pussy and now its so hairy and its stopping me from havein sex with my bf!! :( sux for me!!