My virtual boner

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Well, this happened when I was 12, or 13, I can’t remember exactly (I’m 24 now). Our class was scheduled to take a group photogrph. The main thing is, that the event was right after PE, so so we had just a bit of time to change our clothes.We went to the lobby (that was the place where the photograph was taken), and stood in lines. I was standing at the last row in the middle of the left side of the picture, everything went smoothly. At least that’s what I thought.

A few days after that we got our copy from the photo, and guess what: because of the fast changing my trousers looked like I had had a boner. It was perfectly visible between two people in the secod row. And on the top of it my hair looked so wet from my sweat; I looked like a total jerk. All my classmates had a copy of the picture, so they teased me with it for weeks. It was horrible.


my summer uniform

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when in summer in an outside class my summer uniform fell down and my mothers vest I was wearing was revealed. OH My God! I just realized right now someone must have undone the zip! its the only way it could have happened. Even the teacher was laughing. I just ran for the girls changing rooms.. oh Kids are Mean


Always check

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So, this is quite embarrissing but it really could have been worse.
When I was 12 my 3 cousins were here and they are all boys (remember I’m a girl) and I have a younger sister and brother. One morning we were all playing hide and seek and we were all in our pyjamas, so the eldest of my cousins who was also 12 was seeking. We were at this game for about 1 hour and soon our parents started naggig us for still being in our pyjamas. I had already been found and was following the seeker, then I decided to change, thinking that the fact that everyone hadn’t been found was no biggie. I wnt upstairs and picked out my clothes and lay them on my bed while I brushed my teeth. In my room another room conects on the side and there are lots of hiding places there and little did I know, my 9 year old cousin was hiding there. So I was about to start changing when I heard people coming up the stairs that lead to my room so I put off changing for that moment. Then they searched the room and found the 9 year old and I was SO embarrassed and nobody knew why (luckily it was barely obvious and only my younger sister noticed and the 9 year old never knew). When I change I completely take my top off and then put on the new clothes, thus exposing my growing breasts. I was soooo goad that they had been coming upstairs at that moment because a few seconds after the 9 year old peeked his head out of his hiding place to breathe. I was save from total humiliation and can’t stop thanking my cousin enough (but he doesn’t know why) lol