Bum spanked in public

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My girlfriend was fed up of arguing and not paying her enough compliments.
So she decided if I did any of those or even if she just felt like it, she would punish me in public.
The first time she got me to bend over and pulled the back of my trousers down in the middle of the street. She then started whacking my bum hard with her metal hair brush. People cheered her on and took photos.
Once she finished, she pulled my trousers up.
Another time she started somrthing else she now does regulary.
She again pulled my trousers down at the back in another busy street. She gave me a few swats of her brush as people watched and took pics. She then spread my butt cheeks and exposed my anus to everyone. Then she took out yhe chewing gum she was chewing and shoved it into my anus. She then closed my legs and pulked up my jeans.
Luckily she never exposes my privates, just my butt and anus.


Broken Gaydar

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I’m a gay guy and had recently broken up with my boyfriend and was feeling really horny from being what we call in the gay community “underbuttf*cked”. It was really getting hard to find someone, and what made it worse was it seemed my “gaydar”, gay radar – to tell if someone is gay, wasn’t working properly. I kept hitting on straight guys, and most of them would say they weren’t interested, but occasionally I’d get someone who would be very upset that I was hitting on him. Dial it down and just say no, I’d say to these upset guys, but still, it was embarrassing with all this rejection and the fact that I was outing myself to a lot of straight guys. It just seemed that the more I threw myself out there, the more straights I kept getting embarrassed and rejected by. Finally, it did start getting too embarrassing and I was facing too much rejection that I decided to take a breather and wait for one to come along, but I’m still horny!


A Birthday To Remember

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I am a 15 year old who lived a bit of a spoiled life with my father who would basically always give me what I wanted. You see my parents split up about a year after I was born. I lived with my dad, while my two sisters went with my mom. For the mot part, I spent my birthdays with my dad, but one year, he had to run to an emergency business meeting for th day, so he had me stay with my mom until he could pick me up again.

Being spoiled, I basically thought that I was the Birthday King and could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but I had to learn the hard way that hat wasn’t always the case.

This story will be told as it was happening with me narrating from time to heretime I shall also substitute names to respect privacy. I will refer to myself as Sam. That is not my real name.


“But Dad, I don’t want to be stuck in this hellhole on my birthday!” I protested. “Why can’t I just stay home? I’m fifteen already.”

“Sam, I’m not going to leave you all day at home alone. Plus, your mom hasn’t seen you in awhile. It’s only going to be few hours,” Dad explained.

I reluctantly stepped out of the car and walked to the door where my mom greeted me. Let’s skip to the action now.


The day went well for a bit. Up untila few hours in. We were going to the park to chill out a bit, but I didn’t want to go, so I protested. My mom urged me to one long, and eventually I grumpily followed along.

For the duration of the time, I acted like a complete brat, bugging my sisters and trying to belittle them a bit. The park we were at was a bit old fashioned with stuff like stocks, and other old fashioned gimmicks. My sisters bet me that I couldn’t fit in the stocks. I defended my self, and bent over, sticking my head and hands inside the holes. That was my biggest mistake. Since they were so annoyed with me, they had devised a plan to knock me down a few steps, and sothey shut the bar and locked itwith the key.

One of them went behindpulled my pants down, revealing my Thomas the Tank Engine briefs. Yes, I repeat, Thomas the Tank Engine briefs. It was the only underwear that I had left that was clean, since I didn’t do the laundry. The to girls burst out laughing. They took a few pictures and since it was planned out, several of their friends, and mine walked over. By several, I mean 15 girls and 8 guys who were all around my age. One of them worked for the yearbook for the school and snapped a few pics, making sure to get my face. Now, little insight before I move on. I’m not exactly well developed, if you catch my drift, but I used some padding for awhile and boasted that it was bigger than reality.


Not sparing anything, Anna, one of my sisters, pulls down and off my undies, and as you can imagine, she tossed it with my pants, and my padding that was inside, fell out and was lying on top of the pile. Everyone immediately noticed and laughed even harder. Then a girl made a comment that she couldn’t see anything with me bet over, so they took me out of the stock and right next to it were two poles with chains on them. They chained my hands and legs so that they made me a human X, spread out as much as they could stretch

Now I was completely exposed with no means of covering up or anything with my little gut who was smaller than said, hanging out. They all fell over laughing. My best friendwas really annoyed with my lie about my size and walked behind me. I had no visuals of what he was doing, but I heard a bunch of giggling, and felt something touch my butt. I was so confused at first, but I soon discovered that my butt cheeks were being spread wide open for the world and I felt so exposed. I heard several snaps of a camera and felt hands slap on my butthole and cheeks, making it turn red.They also stepped around and snapped some frontals. Before you ask, no I won’t release them to anyone.

You also might be wondering where my mom was and way she was doing while this happened. Well as it turned out, she had left for a bit, but returned later to get me. We went home and I thought we were done. That was not so. My mom had invited some neighbors and friends to hear my sentencing. For being a spoiled brat, I was to remain completely nude for the remainder of the break(It was spring break with six days to spare). I was also to bathe twice a day in the front yard and anyone was allowed to come watch. My other punishments were: Obeying commands given to me as long as it wasn’t harmful or illegal, proceeding with daily routines throughout the break,among other things.

I have to say, as humiliating as it was, it was well deserved. Photos got published in the yearbook though my mom’s approval, and it served as a reminder of that day.


My Cheeky Wardrobe Malfunction

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I’m a guy and this happened when I was fourteen. When I was fourteen my grandfather had a second wedding ceremony for his 50th weading anniversary. The groomsman where compiled of me, my older brother, my dad, and my cousin. Because my family is Scottish my grandfather insisted that all the groomsman wear kilts, and he insisted we wear them like true Scotsman, meaning no underwear. So on the day on the ceremony in the windy outdoor venue, all of us had to scramble to maintain our dignity. As we all walked down the aisle at the end of the ceremony a huge gust of wind exposed all of us. The guest saw our private parts, and bums. It was humilated.


Ski trip

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Last winter I took a guy’s ski trip with myself, my best friend, his dad, my dad, and my little brother. We were all staying in a cabin that my dad owned, not to far from a ski resort. It was the early evening one day, we had all comeback to the cabin and we’re just realxing. We were all wearing our thermal onesies. We all been sitting on the couch for a while and my brother had been squirming around and changing postion a lot. Eventually he stood to get the kitchen to get water. All his moving around unfastened the single button back acess flap of his onesie. From the imeadiate draft of being that exposed, I assumed he knew rather quickly. My friend, our dads, and I, sat there in shock for a moment. My dad then said “Trevor, you fly is open.” Trevor looked down confused “What?!”, he said. “The other one son!” My friends dad said. Trevor took his left hand and reach back for his butt. When he only came in contact with the skin of his left cheek, he jumped around to face us rather quick. He was blushing quite red. He stood in front is trying to fasten the button as quickly as possible. He struggled for a moment. The he proceeded to the kitchen. The rest of us in the living room erupted into laughter. He was very embarrassed.


Her Little Boy…

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This happened when I was 17.

I was taking a shower in the upstairs bathroom. Since I thought I was alone in the house I didn’t bother bringing clothes in with me. So I dried myself off and went to the hall. And as I turned the corner, to my surprise my mom was walking towards me and saw me. I quickly covered myself and she had a slight look of surprise on her face.

“I’m sorry mom. I thought I was home alone.” I awkwardly said to her.

“That’s okay dear. And stop covering up, I have seen your penis before.” she said to me. I than uncovered my dick for her to see.

“Awww it’s so cute.” she said as I turned beat red.

“Cute?” I asked in dismay.

“I mean it’s so small and hairy, it’s just adorable.” she said as if it was a fact.

“You got to be kidding me” I said in disbelieve.

“Oh relax. There is no shame in having a small penis. Now go to your room.” she said to me. As I she walked pass she gave me a pinch in the ass.

From this day forth my mom calls me her “little boy”.






Males seeing me Exposed!

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I was in the changing room at school and in my stall place I was fully naked and I realized I forgot my clothes outside! I decided, there are only girls, they’ve all seen some breasts and a vagina before. I walked out exposed and grabbed my clothes, but before I could reach the safety of my stall, some girl grabbed me and dragged me out into the hall. Another went and got all the boys she could find and had them come and touch and play with me. It was awful. Finally a teacher came (a male) and told everyone to back off. He led me to the office (didn’t bother to cover me up) and told me to sit while he got me clothes. He found a big shirt and some shorts, but they were too big. I’m pretty small with small breasts and a tiny butt. While he looked some more. The principal walked out and said hello and started talking to me, but I could see him snneam glances at my exposed boobs and vagina. The teacher came back with some smaller clothes and told me to change. I asked if he had any bras or panties. He looked again and came back with a bra. He held it up to my boobs and asked the principal in a joking way, would this cover her? The principal said yep, she’s got those cute small kind. I was about to die of embarrassment. I finally changed back into clothes and was so mortified the rest of the day


My White Bathingsuit

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My twin brother and I were both in the junior high band, and it was time for the junior high band trip. We were in a competition with some other bands at some college in another city. We played on Friday, but were staying over the weekend for some sightseeing.

So anyway. Back at the motel they had a pretty cool pool, so most of us went swimming. I had this sexy new white one piece which really showed off my newly developed figure. What I did not know is that white bathing suits when they get wet can become see-through. So all the band got to practically see me naked. They saw my tits and my pussy, as well as a good view of my butt. I was really upset. I ran back to my room crying.

One of the chaperones tried to calm me down, but I was too embarrassed. I was really upset. Then my brother shows up to talk to me. He tells me I have nothing to be ashamed of. He always told the guys his sister was the prettiest and hottest girl in school, and now they know he was right. He told me, You should be proud of your body. I know Im proud to have a sister who looks as good as you. It made me feel a bit better. Later no one, not even the guys, said anything embarrassing to me. But several did give me some nice complements.

I have only worn that white suit once again. I wore it for my boyfriend.


Dangerous Pantsing

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This happened my first year of junior high. I came home and did not realize my older brother Ron had his girlfriend Marcy over. I accidentally walked in on her while she was on the john. I immediately looked away, said I was sorry, and walked out closing the door. I later told Marcy again I was really sorry.

But Marcy didnt care about my apology. She demanded my brother get revenge for her. And she knew how and where. When we were all at the local pool that Saturday, she told my brother to pull down my trunks and pants me. He did what she told them and I was exposed naked for all to see. I struggled as I tried to pull up my trunks. Some people laughed. Some people thought it was a cruel joke. I heard some tell Ron, Dude, hes your own brother. I was pretty angry, upset and disappointed in my brother. He tried to apologize, but I was not interested.

By Monday morning, I was ready to put it behind me. There were not too many people at the pool who I knew and fortunately no girls from my school. I felt the worst was over, and Ron did promise never to do anything to embarrass me again. But the worst was yet to come.

My school has both junior and senior high. This guy I saw around campus, but did not know, was a senior. He came up to me and said he say my pantsing. He said I had a cute butt and we could have some fun together. I told him I am not interested and walked away. I thought that was that, until the next morning the same guy came up to me and asked if I thought about what he said. I said no, and he said it was just a matter of time before he and my butt had a party. Now I was nervous, but who could I tell something this embarrassing?

Wednesday he caught up with me again, and said some day he was going to catch me alone, so I had better get used to the idea that the two of us were going to get it on. Now I am scared. I had and did know a few gay kids, some in my class. They were OK guys, and if any of them ever did try to come on to me, they accepted no as an answer. I got along well with all of them. But this senior high guy was different than any of the other gays I have known over the years. This guy was dangerous.

Thursday I was so scared, I skipped school. The same on Friday. Friday evening, Ron came up to me and asked why I was skipping school. I dont know how he found out, but I told him the whole story saying he was to blame for pantsing me in public. Ron agreed and said he would fix it. We didnt talk about it again until Monday morning when Ron said he was walking me to school.

We left the house and waiting for us outside was Marcys older brother Rick. Rick was a jock and he had three of his jock friends with him. They all walked to school with me and Ron. When we got to school, they told me to come with them to the senior high side of the campus. I said I would be late for home room, but Ron said not to worry because he will fix it with my teacher. Rick then told me to point out the guy who was harassing me. After about ten minutes I saw him. Rick and his friends went up to him and asked him to leave me alone. Actually, what Rick said was, If you ever come near this kid again, we are going to smash your face into that brick wall. My tormentor agreed never to talk to me again.

But Rick was not through. Now he was going to deal with my brother who pantsed me at Marcys request. Rick told Ron, Youve been dating my sister for almost a year. Dont you know by now that shes a fucking idiot? Why would you do anything that a fucking idiot would tell you to do? Especially to your brother. Ron agreed he was pretty stupid at that.

Shortly after this Ron dumped Marcy. Rick told Ron that Marcy told him to get revenge for her, and that he told Marcy to fuck off. Ricks a pretty good guy. He continued to let himself be seen with me so that my tormentor would know I was under his protection.


Poison Ivy: Part 1

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I am a sixteen-year-old guy. I go to a overnight camp on the east coast every year with a few mates every year. Because it’s an all boys camp, there aren’t too many interesting things to do, so a few years back we started to turn into a three week prank war, for my mates and I. We had already been at camp a few days now, and a counselor said we would take a hike the next morning. So we decided to go to bed early to have enough energy to hike. I normally wear boxers, but I brought a few pairs of briefs to camp, for hiking and other physical activities. This I think my mates knew. The next morning we got out kind of early and started our hike, I had put on one of my pairs of briefs. The seemed normal. We where about thirty minutes into our hike when I began to itch all over my crotch and ass. I saw my school mates wiggle laughter upon noticing my discomfort. I tried to get myself through the hike. About an hour later I told my counselor I had to relieve myself. I went slightly off the path. And pulled down my shorts, I looked and saw giant red spots on my crotch, and felt there were some on my butt as well. I deduced that is wasn’t itching cream and realized they had ground up position ivy, and put it in my underwear. We hiked for about another hour before returning to camp, I can barely walk at this point and I tell the counselor that I have to visit the nurse because I don’t feel well. My mates are during laughing at this point.

I go in and find the nurse. He was a man in his early 20’s maybe. He asked what seemed to be the problem, I told him I had poison ivy, he asked where I blushed and told him my predicament. He had a cream that he could use but I could reach to apply it myself. So at this point I must wait while he calls the camp director and explains what’s going on. The camp director comes in and says the nurse can apply the cream to the affected area but the camp director (a man in his early 40’s) must stay and supervise to prevent anything sexual from happening, because I am a minor. At this point I had to strip from the waist down, and lay on a table in a back room if the nurses cabin while he massaged posing ivy cream into my bright red swollen butt cheeks and crotch area. It was the most humiliating experience of my life thus far. I am plotting my revenge more to come in a part two.