button popper

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So…. I always had a more mature body than most girls, and so when someone dissed their guy friend, comparing his chest to mine for the whole class to hear, that was quite hilarious to me. I proceeded to burst out laughing, and then my teacher looked at me and asked me what was so funny that I had to interrupt his lesson. This only caused me to laugh even harder, falling off my chair. I’m quite flexible, so my shoulders went a little too far back and then…. Pop. There went the button on my shirt… The whole class had now seen my pink frilly bra. And this whole time I was laughing like a maniac.


Exposed at a party

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So I was about 8 years old and this girl that liked me invited me and my friend to her birthday party. (She invited him so nobody would think that she liked me.)
I was getting ready and I put on a new t-shirt that was kinda baggy but didn’t extend much (sleeves came down right at my elbow) and some jeans that were a little loose.

We arrive at her house and wait for her mom to finish setting everything up for the party when I whispered to my friend, “These pants are a little big on me.” my friend says with a mischievous smile, “I hope nothing bad happens.”

We start playing games and the party for the most part was going normal as it should have. Then I ask where the bathroom is and I get up and go. I opened the door and came out of the bathroom and noticed my friend standing right by it. He said that he would use it in a second after he finished writing a text. The girl that likes me comes up and tells us that they are going to start opening gifts in about five minutes. Right as she is looking right at me, my friend comes up behind me and gives my pants a hard tug down. I just froze there in my briefs. For about two seconds nobody made a noise. Then they both bust out laughing and I turn blush red and pick my pants up. It sucked. Good thing I don’t ever see the girl again.


you also have to change your underwear size as well

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It happened to my best friend you might have read it on here before. I will never forget it.

My best friend and I were at church and she had asked me to walk with her to go and talk with the music director to see about joining the church choir. As we waiting for him to finish talking with another woman. My best friend. Looks at me and says “OH NO!” and turns bright red.

I noticed that she was looking around the church to make sure no one was looking but it was hard for us not to be noticed due to we were standing in front of the church. My best friend turns on her heels and runs off towards to exit.

As I followed I am yelling “Whats wrong?” She is laughing so hard to the point she can’t talk. We end up in the baby changing room were she shuts the door behind us and says. ‘Amy my panties are falling down.” We both bust out lol. Then she smiles as she says “Good thing I wore pants today.”

As we walked back into the church she looked at me and said “Note to self when you loose weight you don’t just change your dress size you also have to change your underwear size as well” We both fell out LOL