The Worst Magic Trick Ever

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Before we get started you must know a few things 1) I get extremely embarrassed about my body showing, even with a bikini on 2)I have had a crush on “Marshall” for three years 3)I have and average weight but large DD breasts 4)I live truth or dare… oh and I’ll go by Elena

One day my friend “Kaitlyn” told me that “Ava” was having a sleepover and I was invited. I gleefully accepted.

At the sleepover, we all had on our pjs mostly a tee and shorts. We all got bored so we ordered pizza then played truth or dare until the delivery guy came.

“Hey Elena, I dare you to answer the door without a shirt on when the pizza’s here!” Kaitlyn said. I immediately refused.

“Well then I guess we’ll have to make you!” Ava said as she tickled me while Kaitlyn cut off my shirt with scissors and chops my tee into pieces. It took me a second to realize the top of one of my bra straps had been cut in the process, I was freaking out.

“Well I guess we have to make it even,” Kaitlyn said as she snipped away both straps, me struggling know that a bra without straps would sag down my breasts, but she managed to cut them free.

Ding, dong! “Hello pizza delivery fo-” the Pizza Guy stopped mid-sentence looking down at my cleavage and boobs as I trembled in embarrassment. I just nodded and took the pizza and receipt and shove a five in his hand then shut the door before my bra slid down, which it did as I set the pizza on the table, luckily my back was toward my friends.

“Okay now you get to dare someone,” Ava informed me upon. Kaitlyn then smirked and said since her and Ava had to take off my shirt it didn’t count and it was still her turn to give someone a dare.

“I choose Elena!” she announced. I told her I already went and then she reminded me it didn’t count, I just begged her to show me some mercy on this dare and she just said ‘Okay, let’s do a magic trick!’

She cuffed me to a tree while I was helpless and a couple other girls walked across the street to invite Marshall over. Kaitlyn first snipped off my shorts, then my bra exposing my nipples, then my panties showing my cleans shaven vagina to the whole block and Marshall. She even left me completely nude all night!


my bra unsnapped

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I was walking to lunch with my friends and my bra unsnapped so I went to the bathroom and unfortunately chose a stall that doesn’t shut so I did the best I could and pulled it to were it would stay and pulled my shirt up and turned my bra around so I could see to clasp it and at that moment a girl opened my stall and there was a line of other girls behind her


bra section

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Well when I got one not even my first me and my mum went to marks and Spencer’s to get it and there’s this giant bra section, anyways as usual my mums really embarrassing and she grabs all these bras and was like holding them up to me and right at that moment a boy from my class walks past and sorta smiles at me, while my mums holding these bras against me


Dress Rehersal Flash!

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So I’m a drama freak in high school and on dress rehearsal night when a mom was helping me get dressed, my bra kept showing and getting in the way. The mom said, could you just take it off? I said, um, sure. I waited for her to leave, but she kept standing there. I took it off and waited for her to hand the costume over, but someone called her and she rushed off with my costume. I standed there half nude and then the stage manager (a male and my crush) rushed in with my costume and stopped dead in his tracks. I’m sure he was suspecting for me to be dressed. He came over slowly and handed me my costume, his hand bumping my breast, probably on purpose. I said thanks and he left, but he forgot to close the curtain. I walked over carefully, making sure the costume had my breasts covered when he can rushing back with my shoes and bag. He bumped right into me, his head squished to my breasts. He is short and I’m tall. I stumbled back and fell to the bench. He was on top of me and I saw his penis growing larger. I said wait here. I went and closed the curtain and can back over to him. I pulled my panties down and sat on his lap and said, do whatever you want. He started fingering my pussy and kissing me.  Shyly I pulled his pants down and his shirt off. He got up and stood in his boxers, looking at me naked. I got up and pulled down his boxers and took his penis and stroked it until it was fully hard. Then I layed down on the floor and he got on top of me and I guided his penis into my vagina. He rode me and then someone pulled the curtain open. A teacher stood there and said, did you foget people can see under the curtain? My crush got up and he stodd up covering his penis. I stood up without covering anything, I was too shocked. He said, come with me and led us naked out of my stall and said, you better face this punishment. Go out on the stage together and the come back without covering up. We stared at him in shock. I started walking toward the stage and pulled the curtain back. There were lots of students, teachers and parent volunteers. I said, are you ready? He nodded and we walked out and the room got quiet. We got to the end and stood there and some boy called out, hot boobs and ass! Someone else ran up to the stage and up to me. He pulled on my boobs and put his hand on my pussy. I ran off and hid in my dressing room. I got my costume on and finished the rehearsal with boys coming up to me asking if I could flash them. So that was pretty horrible


My bet with my sister

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This just happened a few weeks ago. I’m a 17-year-old guy, and my sister is 15. One interest we both share is sports. Only my sister also likes to gamble on sports. She generally breaks even. Occasionally, she loses big, but pays for it with a lot of small wins. I’ve always worried about her, but she ignores my warnings. Our parents think it is just a phase.

So earlier this month, on Sunday, Jamie and I were planning to watch the Rangers-Angels game on TV. But Mom wanted us to run a few errands for her. No problem. We would just record the game on TV and watch it later. That meant keeping the radio in the car turned off so we don’t accidentally hear the score. So we made a few stops and then went to the mall for the final errand. Jamie wanted to then go look for a new top to wear to a friend’s party. I didn’t want to spend time watching Jamie shop, so I went elsewhere and told her to call me on my cell when she was ready to leave.

So I pass by an electronics score and the radio is on. I accidently hear part of the game. It is the top of the ninth, Texas already has a big lead and they are putting together yet another rally. Well, I guess the game is spoiled for me, but I get an idea on how to teach Jamie a lesson.   As we are driving home, I say to her that I would like to make a bet on the game. Jamie is surprised because I never gamble, but I am betting against her Angels, and she cannot pass up any bet. She asks how much, and I say no money. If Texas wins, she has to get naked in front of my friends, but if the Angels win I get naked in front of her friends. She immediately agrees.

So we start watching the recorded game. Texas takes an early lead, and by the middle innings it is clear how the game will turn out. From the middle innings on, Jamie says nothing. She just stares at the screen. When the final out is made, she takes the remote and turns off the set. Jamie turns to me and asks, “So, when do I put on the show?”

Now I have no intention of having my sister go naked in front of my friends. But I am trying to teach her a lesson, so I am going to make her squirm for a while. I note that next Sunday our parents will be gone for the entire day. I will invite my friends over to see the Clippers-Thunder playoff game. Jamie can do her little strip tease then.

All week Jamie is obviously thinking about Sunday. Sunday comes and she is helping me get a few snacks ready for the guys. She asks, “Do I do it before or after the game?” I decide she has enough, so I tell her to forget it. The bet is off. I thought Jamie would be relieved, but no. “I don’t welsh on a bet,” she says. I tell her it’s OK. It’s not welshing if I let her off the hook. She says she always pays her bets regardless. I finally confess the bet was rigged, but it makes no difference. “I took the bet willingly. I lost. I don’t welsh on my bets for any reason.” I do not like the way this is going.

By the time my friends arrive, I am pleading with Jamie not to undress. With everyone sitting waiting for the game, Jamie stands up and tells the guys about our bet, and that she is now delivering the payoff. My friends whoop and holler as Jamie begins to undress. When she gets down to her bra and panties, they call for more. So off comes the bra. The guys cheer. Down come the panties. More cheering. Someone asks her to turn around so they can see her ass. Jamie does what is requested. Finally she says the show is over and gets dressed. I am dying.

After the game, everyone leaves and I ask Jamie why she stripped when she didn’t have to. “You wanted to teach me a lesson?,” she says. “Well, I wanted to teach you a lesson. It was humiliating and embarrassing to go naked in front of your friends. But now it’s over. My embarrassment is done. Your friends will never mention this to me again. But they will mention it to you. They will tease you for months on end, and you will continue to be embarrassed.”

Jamie was right. From the next day on, whenever my friends see Jamie, they are also polite and nice to her. They say hi, or ask how she’s doing. It is just like before. No one mentions seeing her nude. But when it is just me, the guys bring it up constantly. It is now only going on three weeks about, so it hasn’t been months yet as Jamie predicted. But I am getting pretty sick of the ragging.


BTW, Jamie is still gambling. She lost a lot betting on the first two games of the Thunder-Spurs series. She hopes to make it up on the Magic-Pacers series. And I still worry.


My Brother and I — A Naked Wager

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Hi to all! I’m a 16 year old girl. This adventure involves me and my 13 year old brother. We are not the ones who were embarrassed, but it is still a good story. Especially for my brother!

First let me tell you when I was 6 and he was 3, every night at bath time I would take him with me to the tub. Mom prepared the bath while I undressed and helped my brother Aaron to undress. We then got into the tub together. I would wash Aaron and then myself. It was fun for a while, until we decided we were old enough to bath by ourselves. Still we got used to the idea of being naked in front of each other. This was as normal to us as being fully clothed. Even in our teen years, we thought nothing of it. Although outside the family, Aaron was shy in front of other girls and I was just as shy in front of other guys.

Now for the story. Not too long ago, I was having three of my best friends (all girls) over for a sleepover. We know that other kids are not as open with nudity as Aaron and I are.  Aaron said if my friends saw me naked in front of him, they would totally freak. I said my friends were more mature than that, so Aaron challenged me to a bet with the loser treating the winner to a movie of the winner’s choice.

We set the whole thing up beforehand. My friends arrived. I told them to go up to my room to change into their jammies and nighties. I would be up soon as soon as I got the food ready. So after 10 minutes I went upstairs to my friends. I began getting undressed. Meanwhile, outside my room Aaron was waiting listening for our special code word. When I was in nothing more than my bra and panties, I said the word. Aaron knocked on the door and asked if he could come in. I said yes. My friends started shrieking, “Susie! You’re in your underwear!” Yeah, I know that. So what? Aaron entered under the guise of lending me some CD’s I asked to borrow. He started talking about one which was new and I haven’t heard yet. My friends were yelling at Aaron to get out because I was half naked. (They were in their pj’s and bathrobes.) But Aaron and I weren’t finished yet.

As Aaron talked, I undid my bra. The girls really lost it then. “He’s looking at your boobs!” Right. But he has seen them before. I then slipped off my panties, and my friends were in hysterics. As soon as I got my pajamas on, Aaron left. He had won the bet easy. I ended up taking him to an action flick which I hated, but he totally loved.

But I demanded a rematch. This time Aaron would invite his guy friends over. My bet was that they would freak just as bad as my friends did, or worse. We used the same scenario. When I heard the code word, I knocked on Aaron’s door. He told me to come in. He was in nothing but his briefs. I started talking about the CD’s he asked to borrow. Only one boy commented saying, “Cool. Put on a show for your sister.” Aaron slipped off his briefs, there was a comment or two, but no one really freaked or shouted. Aaron slipped on his pajama bottoms, and I left. They guys make a joke or two, but that was it. No yelling, freaking, just a remark or two.

I lost another bet. I had to treat Aaron to another crappy action movie. I have to find something to bet on where I can win. He’s two up on me!


I survived an attempted rape

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I was 15 at the time. I lived in a small town where the only thing to do on a Saturday night was to go one town over to the mall and hang out. So I went one Saturday night with my friend Amy. She’s older than me and has her drivers license. We were to meet her 19-year-old cousin George and his friend Andy. We found them by their car in the parking lot. I don’t know what kind it was, but it was a bitching sports car. Amy had to pee, so she went inside the mall to the restroom. George and Andy offered me a ride in their car. They said we would be back before too long. I said sure.

We all got in the car and for some reason they drove around back to the back of the mall where no one would be at night. I asked them why we were here. George turned off the engine and said we were going to have some fun. I didn’t like the way that sounded, so I asked them to take me back to the parking lot. Instead they grabbed hold of me and dragged me out of the car.   Andy held me while George tried to undress me. But I kicked too hard. I also screamed, but no one could hear me. George then pulled out a knife and held it to my throat. He told me they were both going to do me. I pleaded for them not to. I told them I was a virgin, and Andy said, “Cool. We get to pop some cherry.”

George used the knife to cut away my top and bra. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I prayed to God, and I asked the boys to stop. George then handed the knife to Andy, who held it to my throat. George told me I would not be hurt if I did not fight. He slipped off my shoes, socks, and then my jeans and panties. I was totally naked. Just then a car came around the corner and we were hit by the headlights. Andy momentarily relaxed his grip on me, and I used that opportunity to get away.

I ran towards the parking lot where I thought I would be safe. I didn’t realize I was completely naked. I ran into the lot where there were crowds of people. I was screaming. People just stared and pointed. Fortunately there were three guys from my school who saw me and came to my rescue.

One of them, Paul, tried to ask me what happened, but I was too hysterical. He slapped me on my face to calm me down, just like on TV. The other two boys took off their jackets and wrapped them around my waist to hide my butt and my vaginal area. Paul put his coat on me to cover my breasts. I told them what happened, and they were ready to call the police. I was too embarrassed and frightened, so I told them not to. But the mall cops soon showed up anyway. The boys told them what happened. The cops wanted to take me to the hospital and to file a report. I said no, but Paul said he would go with me and stay until my parents came. I began to feel safe with Paul, so I said OK. At the hospital, they did not do much since there was no penetration. They just made sure I was not hurt. The police took the report. When Amy found out what her cousin tried to do, she gave his address to the police and both boys were arrested.

It was a while before I could go back to school. Others from school saw what happened, and soon everyone knew. Paul and the others made sure they knew I was not at fault, except for being pretty stupid. The guys did stop by my house to be sure I was OK. When I finally returned to school, my schoolmates were really great. They told me they were behind me and urged me to prosecute. When I did they all said how brave I was. But it was still embarrassing to have everyone know what happened.

I had to testify at an inquest, which was hell. Eventually the driver of that other car came forward and said what he saw, which backed up my story. This was not the first time George and Andy were accused of sexual assault. Their lawyer ended up pleading them guilty, and they are now doing time in jail.

It is three years later, and I am 90% over the experience with the help of my family and friends.


Showering with a female classmate

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I see there are a few shower stories here.  Do you mind one more?

When I was a boy of 13, my family moved to a new town.  I had only a few friends, and there was not much to do of interest on a Saturday night.  I learned that the local YMCA was open Saturday evenings, and since I like to swim and few came by Saturday nights, I figured it would be a chance to get some serious swimming done.  So this one night I am there and the only other person is Jeff, a senior at my school who works as a life guard, and two old guys who came in just as I was leaving.  I got in two hours of swimming.

So I go back to the locker room, take off my trunks and go into the showers.  After five minutes, I hear a female voice say, “Mind if I join you?”  I turn around and see May, a girl from my school who is wearing nothing but a towel.  I am wearing nothing period.  I quickly cover my manhood with my hands.  “Don’t be so shy,” she says.  “I have three older brothers, so I know what boys look like.”  I ask what she is doing in the men’s showers.  She said she was playing tennis with a friend and got all sweaty.  She didn’t like to go home all dirty, and the women’s showers were out of service.  “I didn’t think there would be anyone here,” she said.  “So if you don’t mind. . . .”  Before I could say anything, she takes off her towel hangs it up, and walks naked into the shower taking the spot next to me.  “It’s OK if you look,” May said.  “Just don’t touch.”

She did ask me to wash her back, though.  And I started getting a boner, which I tried to hide.  May noticed and said she had seen her brothers’ hard ons as sell, so don’t worry.  I finished up quickly and went to get dressed.  I was ready to leave when May came by.  She had left her clothes in a locker nearby.  She asked if I had happened to ride my bike to the Y.  I said I did, and she asked me to stick around until she got dressed.  She didn’t like riding her bike home alone at night.  I said I would, and I watched as May once again removed her towel, dried off, and proceeded to put on first her panties and then her bra.  “This will be our secret, OK?,” May smiled at me.  I said OK.

I rode with May back to her home. She thanked me and gave me a little hug.  I wanted to ask if she went to the Y often, but chickened out.  It seemed she liked me, but I was shy at 13.  She did show up the next Saturday and joined me in the pool, but not in the showers.  The womens’ showers were working by then.

At the time it was a bit embarrassing and I was too shy to pursue it further.  But now it is a pleasant memory.  May was sure nice to look at.


stripped on a tree

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this one time i was was in 9th grade and i am a girl btw.  i was walking home from school when one of my enemies walked over to me from her house which i was walkingby.  i am one of the most popular girls at my school while this girl is not and i make fun if her quite often.  she grabbed me and punched me.  she then dragged me to her backyard.  she duct taped my wrists behind a tree so i couldnt move.  she then said “this is for what you did to me inthe past” and yanked my yoga pants off along with my top leaving me in my panties and a bra.i was begging her to stop but she then unhooked my bra and my tits were exposed.  she then pulled my underwear off and my pussy was exposed.  i was nearly crying.  but then she took my phone and texted tons of people to come to her house to see me.  many people showed up and took pictures of me while laughing.  one guy even fingered me and it caused me to climax and i was SOOOO embarrassed and then i also peed.  the guys each took turns fondling my breasts also.


Me and my ex-boyfriend

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We were at a party with his real girlfriend and his girlfriend’s brother( who was 18) (about my age) who liked me. When I was changing into my bra, he opened the bathroom door (i was totally naked) so More