baptism diaper could be seen

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I am 15 and catholic and was finially baptized last easter at easter vigil.All of the preteen and teen girls wear the traditional,white,poofy,above the knees,short sleeve baptism dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.Under our dresses we wear cloth pin on diapers with rubberpants[plastic pants]over them and a white tee shirt as our top.I didnt realize how short my dress was untill i bent over to get the water on my head and my dress went up in back and everyone saw my diapers and rubberpants!Some of my friends told me about it later and i was so embarrassed!


Embarrasing halloween moments.

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My elder brother lost a bet to me so I could decide what he would where costume he would wear for halloween. As he had always bullied and make fun of me I decided to have my payback. As such I decided to dress my brother as a baby girl (with pink lacey baby dress, diapers, dummy, rein, bonnet) and put him in a baby rein and paraded him around the neighbourhood. He was squriming with embarrassment the whole nite and was close to tears as everyone saw him in his ridiculous pink dress with his diapers shameful exposed for everyone to see as he walked (waddled) around the streets. He was also made to use his diapers and I even made him drink from a milk bottle as part of the revenge. I had a wonderful time and he was the joke of the neighbourhood. I had even secretly took pictures and videos of him in his cute little outfit.
Dun think he will be able to push me around anymore. haha.