Best Friend

Me, my sister, our friend and a bee

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This happened when I was 14, my sister was 12, and Johnny, our best friend from next door was 13. My sister Amie and I discovered the pleasures of sunbathing, mainly because we thought a good tan would get us boyfriends. (Not Johnny, though. He was like a brother to us. Also, this was before we learned about the dangers of too much sun!)

So Amie and I are laying out back in our little two-pieces when Johnny calls to us from his yard. He asks us what we are doing and we say “nothing.” We ask him what he is doing, and he says “nothing.” So we tell him to come over to our side of the fence and do nothing with us.

Johnny comes over and removes his shirt to get some sun with us. Amie and I decide it is time to fry our backs, so we turn over on our stomachs, undo the strings to our tops, and ask Johnny to put sun screen on our backs. Like I said, he’s a brother to us, so there’s no big deal in this.

So we are all just laying there having a good time wasting time, when suddenly this gigantic bee, attracted by our sun lotion, no doubt, came buzzing over us. Johnny jumps up and yells, “Shit! Look at that goddamn bee!” Amie and I look up, see this huge monster bee, and jump up screaming. This must have scared the bee away, because off he flew. It was at this time that Amie and I noticed we were standing in front of Johnny topless!

As close as we were, Johnny had never seen us naked or half-naked before, and we had never seen him like that either. Johnny just stood and stared. Amie gathered her wits and calmed down. When she saw Johnny staring, she just laughed and ask, “Enjoying the view.”   Of course at 12, Amie didn’t have all that much to show yet. But I was more fully developed and when it hit that Johnny was staring at my bare breasts, I panicked again and screamed.

Pretty upset at this point, I ran into the house, still topless, crying. Mom heard the commotion and came out. Amie still had her little boobs exposed, but Mom kept quiet long enough for her to explain what happened. I later learned that Mom thought it was pretty funny. She told Amie to put her top back on and went in to check on me.

I was in my room crying. Mom came in and asked why I would be upset. I told her I was so embarrassed to have Johnny see me half naked.   Mom said Amie told her what happened. “It was just an accident. There’s no reason to be upset. Besides, it was only Johnny who saw you and he’s your best friend.”

I said, yes but he was staring. Mom asked why he shouldn’t stare. She said I am a pretty young girl and all boys like to look at pretty young girls. I should be flattered. Besides, it’s not like Johnny was going to share this with the world. I answered, “True, but Amie would.” I then realized what I said was kind of funny and laughed. Mom laughed, too.

So I felt a little better. I put on a new top and went downstairs. Johnny and Amie were waiting. Johnny said he was sorry he looked. I said it was OK. Amie said to make it up to us, Johnny was going to take us out for ice cream. I later found out Johnny said no such thing. Amie was just trying to get a free sundae out of it, and Johnny was afraid not to go along.  It worked.


Naked with my BFF

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I got embarrassed twice by my best friend, and the second time was the worst!

I’m a guy about 13. My best friend is Alicia, is also 13. We grew up together and are great pals. We have no romantic interest in each other. We just like to hang out, play basketball, confide in each other, and just do what BFF’s do.

So it is a Saturday morning. Alicia stops by my house. We have plans to go out and join some other friends. But I am still asleep. Now I want to mention that I sometimes sleep in the nude. I like the feeling of clean sheets on my skin. And this particular morning I was naked under the covers. Mom tells Alicia I am still in bed and she can go wake me up. So she comes into my room and wakes me. I really don’t want to get up. It’s not that I am naked under the covers; it is that I just don’t want to wake up. I roll on my back and ask for just a few minutes more. Alicia says to get up now and pulls the sheets off my bed.

For the first time ever, Alicia is seeing me totally naked. She gasps and her jaw drops almost to the floor. Her hands go to her mouth and she says, “Oh, I’m so sorry! I am so embarrassed.” She is embarrassed, but she keeps looking. I’m slow to react, so she gets a good view. I ask Alicia to leave, and she does but still keeping an eye on me.

Well, I’m pretty embarrassed, too. This girl I grew up with got a full view of my genitals. We did go out with our other friends, but I was pretty weirded out the whole day. When we got home, Alicia apologized again. She said she didn’t think I would be totally naked, and she is sorry she stared, but she couldn’t help it. I was the first boy she ever saw totally nude.

Monday we walked to school together. I was over my embarrassment by then. I figured, female or not, she’s my BFF. So what if she saw me naked?

But Alicia apparently was not over it. She had to make it up to me. We had made plans the next Saturday to go to the mall. We were invited to another friend’s birthday party and we wanted to get her something. When I got to Alicia’s house, she told me she wanted to shower first and that I should wait in her room. I didn’t think anything of it. If I did, I figured Alicia was going to get dressed in the bathroom.

I was just looking through Alicia’s collection of music CD’s, when she entered her room wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Alicia said, “I wanted to make it up to you for last Saturday.” Before I could tell her it was OK and that I was over last Saturday, Alicia undid her robe and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked letting me see everything full frontal. I had seen her in her swim suit many times. I once saw her panties when she was wearing a dress and slipped on the floor. But this was different. She was the first girl, outside of family, I had ever seen totally nude. And she was hot! “You can look. I don’t mind,” she said. Look I did. And I was getting thoughts in my head that made me uncomfortable. Doing it with Alicia would be like doing it with my sister, only I had a closer friendship with Alicia. If she knew what I was thinking, she would have killed me.

After a few minutes, Alicia picked up her robe and held it in front of her. She asked me to go downstairs while she dressed. I met her mom downstairs. She asked if everything worked out OK. Apparently Alicia told her what happened last Saturday and how she planned to even things between us. Her mom said I should feel happy that Alicia would trust me so much to do what she did. That made me feel even more embarrassed at what I was still thinking.

It took two days for me to get over Alicia seeing me totally naked. It took me two weeks before I got all those dirty thoughts about a naked Alicia out of my mind. All that time, she didn’t understand why I had a problem talking with her. But I did eventually get over it. Alicia is still my BFF.


Caught my Sister’s Best Friend Naked

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This is sort of an embarrassing love story. Actually the embarrassing part was very short lived.

OK. I have a sister who is two years younger than me. This happened when I was 14 and my sister was 12. Growing up we fought constantly. I also fought often with her friends. I did not like any of them, especially Shelia. Shelia was my sister’s best friend. She was a funny looking, skinny tomboy who looked nothing like a girl. I would insult her often, and she would insult me back. All the insults were for no reason other than we were both immature. Admittedly I was more immature than she was.

So one night, Shelia was going to sleep over at our place in my sister’s room. I was not pleased at all in having her around. It was late afternoon when I got home and went to the bathroom to wash my face. I did not realize Shelia was already here. Not only that, she had just taken a shower. I walked into the bathroom and I saw Shelia totally naked. She screamed and tried to cover herself with her hands. She should have covered herself with a towel, but I guess she wasn’t thinking.

I was not thinking either. I had never seen Shelia totally naked, and going through puberty I can now see how her body was developing in all the right places. Her stick figure was gaining weight in all the right places. She was active in sports, and already was developing this great muscle tone in her abs. Her breasts were only half-developed at this age, but they were perfect spheres. Between her legs was this cute puff of hair. I could not move. I could only stare. Shelia had somehow gone from an unattractive tomboy into a pretty young lady. Meanwhile, Shelia was turning red with embarrassment.

Next came my turn to be embarrassed. My sister heard the screaming and came to see what was going on. She started yelling, “Stop staring, you pervert! Go away you sick. . . . I’ll tell Mom.”

Have you ever been scowled by your younger sister? For a guy that can be pretty embarrassing. I did not know how to react. I could only hear myself say, “I’m sorry. I can’t help but stare. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life.” Then to myself I said, “Shit! Did I really say that?”

But now the situation changed. Shelia asked if I really thought she was beautiful. I said yes. She said no one ever called her beautiful before. Shelia lowered her arms to her side to give me a free look. My sister sensed she was now in the way and excused herself. Shelia came closer – and we kissed! She then said she should put something on. She walked naked to my sister’s room looking back over her shoulder to be sure I was looking at her beautifully round butt.

We didn’t talk much at dinner. We only looked at each other. That night, I showered and went to bed wearing only my pajama bottoms. Shelia knocked on my door, and asked to come in. She was wearing her nighty with panty bottoms. She asked if we could talk. We talked for an hour about us, and we agreed to maybe give dating a chance to see what could develop. Shelia then asked if she could spend the night in my room. She didn’t want sex, which I agreed neither of us was ready for. She just wanted to cuddle. I set the alarm for 5 to be sure she was out before my parents got up. We cuddled. She was so soft and smelled so good. I told her so, and she said I smelled good as well.

After Shelia went home the next day, my sister was all excited. Shelia told her what happened, and my sister thought it would be great if her best friend and her brother dated. That was 10 years ago. Shelia is finishing up her BS degree and I am finishing up my Masters. We have jobs lined up which do pay enough for us to move in together, although not much more. We are also talking marriage after we’re able to start saving. All this from accidentally walking in on a naked girl who I thought I didn’t like!



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I was waiting in line at a theme park and one of my friends made me jump, and as I jumped I might or might not have farted (I actually couldn’t tell, as it might have been someone else near me). As I More


Caught in the act

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I got home from school one day and thought WoW , nobody home. I had the house to myself.I’m gonna enjoy this. So , I rushed upstairs to shower before my plan of drinking my dad’s beer and playing loud More


GaySex With Best Friend

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My name’s Niall Dick.There’s this 1 day, 29th May 2013 when me and my best friend, Karl(we’re both 15 yrs old) had a sleepover together on our very own trip at a resort.We got there and checked into More


Kicked in the Balls

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One day when i was in grade 9 I was play fighting with my best friend in front of my mom. I was winning the fight as I was bigger. My mom just said to my mate do this and she kicked me full force in More


Small Penis Humiliation

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When I was a senior in high school, I was at a party at my best friend’s house. We were all drinking of course, and at some point in the night we decided it would be a good idea to go swimming. We stripped More


toilet paper

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I walked around school with a long strip of toilet paper on my shoe all day. I never noticed why everyone was smiling at me until my best friend told me at the end of the day to get rid of the toilet paper More


Tubing nightmare

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One summer when I was in high school, my church youth group planned a
trip to Current River in Missouri to go tubing.  We planned it as a day
trip because it was only a couple of hours to get there. More