Wrestling Mishap

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My neighbor, a 35 year old lady had asked me to watch her kids, a 15 year old girl and a 13 year old boy. I am 23, but am unemployed, yet I was able to practically get a steal in getting a cheap house among a bunch of well off ones. I’ll let you figure out how I did that, but it did involve some creativity and inside scoops. Anyway, the lady was a bit of a fitness buff and I practically always saw her in shorts, which showed off her toned legs, as well as a tank top, which showed the top of her cleavage as well as her arms. She was my height and always seemed like a friendly lady. Today, she brought her kids and asked me to watch them for a while. She didn’t even offer me babysitting money, but she was asking it more like a neighborly gesture. Since she was a friendly lady, I said okay. The kids came in and she left. The kids were dressed similar to their mom, in tank tops and shorts. The fifteen year old girl, Gina, was tall enough to be up to my forehead, and the thirteen year old, Greg, was up to my chin. I normally don’t wear shorts, so I was dressed in a t shirt and pants. Greg asked if I had any video games, and I did have some older ones, and, although I could tell he was a little disappointed, he turned it on and began playing. I thought that was easy, now I had to figure out what to do with Gina, and then I could have them keep themselves busy until their mom came, although she hadn’t said how long that would be. Gina was still standing in front of me, while I had been thinking about something for her to do, and she said that I looked like I was daydreaming, which I might have been as I was thinking of an activity. She said she really wasn’t into video games like her brother, and then asked me if I daydreamed a lot. I said no and she said it was okay if I did and I didn’t respond to that. She then asked if I was into any sports, which made me guess she might be as athletic as her mom. I said I really wasn’t. She said her favorite sport was wrestling and asked if she could show me some of her favorite moves. I told her I didn’t have padding on the ground, but only had a carpeted floor. She said she would just go through the motions, so nobody would get hurt. She then told me that in real wrestling, one person gets on their hands and knees while the other person grabs both arms of the first person. She motioned for me to get on my hands and knees and she grabbed my arms. She then said Begin, and pulled my arms and twisted me until I was on my back and then put her knees on my shoulders. I must say that I did feel a little excited by all that. She then told me we could switch positions and she would be on her hands and knees while I grabbed her arms. She said Begin and she ended up twisting herself and then putting me on my back and putting her knees on my shoulders to pin me again. She then said I wasn’t much of a fighter, but then said I might do better if I put some shorts and a tank top on and got off me and nudged me to go to my room and change into those types of clothes. I went into my room and saw that I really didn’t have a lot of shorts, but I had one very small swim suit but I also didn’t have a tank top, so I left my t-shirt on and then opened the door. She did say that she liked my shorts, but said that my t-shirt was too lose and was hindering my wrestling. I then said I didn’t have a tank top and she said I might wrestle better if I took off my t-shirt. She also said that might actually give me an advantage because it would be harder for her to grab my skin than it was to grab my shirt as she giggled. I took off my t-shirt and then she suggested that it might be better if we wrestled on top of my bed since it was softer than the floor. I agreed and got on my bed in the hands and knees position. She told me that since I now had the shirtless advantage that she would have to wrestle a little harder since she couldn’t get a grip any more. Since the bedroom door was still open, we could hear Greg still playing the video games. She then got on the bed and grabbed my arms and she said Begin and she ended up pinning me again, but this time she elbowed me in the ribs when she did. Nevertheless, as she had me pinned, she then asked me if it felt embarrassing getting beat by a girl. I was still looking up at her and said it was a little embarrassing, but then I said she was an athlete and I wasn’t. She then got off me and asked if I was even trying. I said I would try harder, and then she got on her hands and knees and I got on top, grabbing her arms and she said, Begin, and she then went backwards and grabbed my legs. She then put me into what is called a figure four in wrestling, which pulled my leg muscles and mad them feel strained. I was trying to shake my legs to get out of it and then I ripped my swim suit shorts. Good thing I had underwear, but she didn’t let go with her legs, but rolled us both over so we were both on our stomachs. She then began to pull herself up, which made my legs hurt a lot more. It also had the effect of ripping my underwear. I was yelling for her to stop, both from the pain and also from the embarrassment of everything now being ripped. Just then I heard the doorbell, and then I heard Greg answer the door while Gina was still holding me in the figure four with everything ripped. Greg and his mom then came into the bedroom and Gina told her mom that I was a good enough host to learn wrestling from her. Their mom then said I wasn’t much of an athlete and told Gina to let me know. She gave one more pull on my legs, completely ripping my underwear and also giving my legs two Charlie horses, and then let go and got off the bed. Their mom then said it looked like Gina and Greg had fun and said she’d be dropping them off more frequently now and as I got up, I realized that everything had ripped off and I was naked. Of course, that meant that Gina, Greg and their mom saw my manhood, and I am a little small. They all laughed, and Greg blurted out, Well now we know why he’s not athletic. Gina giggled, but their mom tried to keep her own laugh in. I grabbed the bed cover to cover myself, while at the same time, Greg pulled down his own pants and underwear and showed his sister and mom that his manhood was bigger than mine. Gina kept laughing, but their mom tried to jump to my defense and said mine was smaller because I had just been exhausting myself and that she was sure it was bigger when I wasn’t exhausted from wrestling. Greg pulled his underwear and shorts back up and both he and Gina had a puzzled look, but seemed to accept that explanation. (that wasn’t the reason though, I really am small down there). We all walked out to the door and I whispered to their mom, thanks for the explanation. She smirked and whispered back, you mean you’re that small all the time? And then began chuckling loudly as they left, and she also reminded me that she’d drop the kids off again soon.



My best friend and little brother

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First the background. I am the second of four children in my family. Im a girl. I have an older brother Adam, a younger sister and a younger brother. Our father left right after my younger brother Andy was born. My mom often had to work long hours to support us, so my older brother sort of took over as the male authority in the house. Me and the younger kids looked up to him. When Adam went away to college on a scholarship, he told me it was my turn to look after the younger ones.

So I had a friend named Louise. She was boy crazy at the age of 12, and lost her virginity at 13 to a boy in our class. Within a year she had slept with half the boys in our class and a good deal more in our school. As she grew, her taste in boys did not change. She liked them young. I should have kept her away from Andy.

So I was 17 when this happened and Andy was 13. Louise was at our house to work with me on a school project. I didnt know Andy was home taking a shower until he came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Louise saw him and said she was going to grab that towel and rub her hands all over Andys smooth body. I told her not to. Actually I said something like, If you touch my brother, Ill break your arm. Andy ran into his room.

Later I talked to Andy all about Louise. I told him to stay away from her. I not only thought he was too young for sex, but Louise was my age and too old for a boy of 13. Besides, if there was anything I learned from Adam, it was that sex was something special to be shared by two people who have close feelings for each other. I waited until I was 17 and found the guy I knew I would spend my life with. We are now engaged. My first experience waswith a boy who truly loved me was the most magnificent experience of my life. I wanted the same for my younger siblings. I thought my message to Andy got through.

About a week later, I came home. I thought I would be alone. Mom had to work late. Sis was at a friends house working on a school project. I thought Andy had something going on after school. But I heard voices, one female, from Andys room. So I went up and opened his door. There was Andy with Louise, naked in bed. Andy pulled the sheets up to his neck. Louise got out of bed and stood there smiling and naked. I made your brother a man, she said. I told her to get the hell out of my house. I then told Andy to get dressed and I would talk to him.

When he was dressed, I went into his room and we both sat down. I tried to explain that he met nothing to Louise, and that she has had many boys in the past who mean nothing to her. Andy didnt care. He just wanted the sex. So I had to use another angle. I asked him if they used protection, and Andy said Louise said they didnt need it. I told Andy that Louise has had at least one abortion I knew of, and I know of two occasions where she was treated for STDs. Andy didnt believe me, so I told him to ask Louise. I dialed her number on my cell phone and gave it to Andy. Andy asked, and then his face turned white. After he hung up, he said Louise said, Yeah, but dont worry about it. He knew she was hiding something.

That weekend, I took Andy to the health clinic to be tested. It game back negative for everything. Andy promised he would wait to have sex until he was older. It was embarrassing for both of us, but I hoped Andy learned something.


Waking up with my sister’s friend

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This happened when I was 14 and my sister Annie was 12. She had her two friends for a sleepover. One was Jennie, who was in Annies class at school, and the other was Jennies 9 year old sister Marie. Jennie had a crush on me. I did nothing to encourage or discourage it. A 12 year old is a bit young for a 14 year old, IMHO. But Jennie was a nice girl who I did like as a friend, so I did not want to break her heart. I figured she would find someone her own age eventually.

So my parents had gone to bed, but since it was not a school night we kids stayed up. I actually was going to go to bed, when the girls came to my room asking if I wanted to play Chinese checkers with them. (For some reason, its a popular game with my sister and her friends.) Since it is more fun with four, and since I actually like my sister and her friends, I agreed.

The girls came in in their nighties, with Jennie wearing one which was really short. My guess it was for my benefit. I was in my underwear, but the four of us were never modest in front of each other. I guess were we pretty close. Plus we all bear more skin at the pool or beach.

So we start playing. After almost an hour, Jennie is getting tired. We were playing on my bed, and she lays down and falls asleep. The rest of us keep playing. I was also getting tired. I dont remember laying down or anything. But I woke up the next morning and felt someone at my side. I turned over and it was Jennie! I figured I must have also dozed off, and Annie and Marie just covered the both of us up and left us together in bed! (They did!) I was terrified at what my parents would say. I woke Jennie up so she could get back to her room before anyone else got up, but then I looked at my clock and saw it was 8 AM already. We were the only ones still asleep.

So Jennie and I got some good natured teasing from Annie and Marie. My parents knew I would not take advantage of the situation with Jennie, so they let the joke play itself out. Everyone agreed though not to tell Jennies parents about it.

BTW, this was two years ago, so now I am 16 and Jennie is 14. Two years difference is not as great as it was before, so we have been hanging out together a bit. Nothing more than that so far.


I caught my younger brother with his girlfriend

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This happened when I, a girl, was 15. I have two brothers. One was just starting college, and the other, Jerry, was 13. Jerry just got his first girlfriend, and I was excited for him. My little brother was growing up! I also started dating at that age, but nothing serious. I became friends with the boys, but nothing else since none of us was really interested in a commitment at that age.

So Susie, Jerrys girl, needed a place to stay for the weekend because her parents would be out of town. Jerry asked if she could stay with us. Since they both had a joint science project they needed to work on, it made sense. Our parents said yes, and that Susie could sleep in my room. I thought it would be great staying up late talking to my bros first love, finding out what she liked about him, telling her some family secrets, and selling her on the idea that Jerry was a great guy, although I knew the odds were that the romance would fail in a few months. But you never know for sure!

So she arrives late Friday afternoon. After dinner, Jerry and Susie go up to his room to start work on their school project. A half hour later, Mom gives me a plate of freshly baked cookies to bring upstairs since the two did not have desert. Jerrys bedroom door is locked, but I figured it was OK to enter without knocking since they were both doing school work. So I entered.

I almost dropped the entire plate of cookies. Jerry and Susie were both naked on his bed. Susie was on her back, and Jerry was on top pumping away. They heard me gasp. Jerry turned around, saw me and quickly pulled out and covered up. Susie also covered up. Jerry is pleading not to tell Mom or Dad. I told them I wouldnt but they would have to put their clothes on and I would be back later to talk to them.

At 15, I sure was not ready for sex. I was pretty sure those two werent either at 13. I started to talk about the emotional factors involved and the difficulty in handling them. Jerry spoke up, No offense, sis, but what do you know? Youre still a virgin. I was about to lose it here, but I kept calm. I asked them both about birth control, and Jerry said he pulls out before he comes. You mean the withdrawal method?, I asked. I learned about that in health class. I told them both it was a very risky and unreliable precaution. Jerry could very well come more quickly than he thinks, and even if he doesnt some sperm is released before ejaculation. (I used the big words to try to impress them!)

I asked them how many times they had sex. They said this was their fourth time. I told them they have been lucky so far. I said I would love to be an aunt, but not at this particular time. I told Susie she should ask her mom to take her to a gynecologist for an exam and advice on birth control She said she could never talk to her mom about that, which I said was proof she was not ready. I told Jerry since Susie did not take precautions, he needs to use a condom with an spermicidal lubricant. I told them I hope they would stop having sex, but if they did not I said I will take them tomorrow to get condoms.

This was very embarrassing for me, but my brother and his girl obviously did not know how to protect themselves. So the next day we took the bus to a different neighborhood where we were not known. Susie waited outside. I went in with Jerry to get condoms. I again told Jerry I would rather he promise not to have sex until he is much older, but he said he couldnt. So I told him to go wait with Susie. I pick up two boxes and a spermicidal lubricant. Fortunately, I look a bit older than I am, so I was able to buy these. But it was embarrassing when the geek checkout clerk grinned at me.

Outside I gave the purchase to Jerry. He said he would pay me back. I said he could pay me back by promising to always use a condom while having sex. But wait! It was not over.

Back home I had to be sure Jerry and Susie knew how to use a condom. Actually, this would be new to me as well. We read the directions and tried to figure it out together. They practiced by slipping it onto my middle and index finger standing in for Jerrys manhood.

The romance lasted for another two months. After the breakup, which I expected from a first love, I checked on how Jerry was doing. He admitted being regretful that he was Susies first, since he said that the first time is special for a girl it probably should be with someone she can commit with. But at least they did part as friends. Jerry would get a new girlfriend not quite a year later. He told me they talked about sex and agreed to put it off. The girl was not ready, and this time Jerry did not want to sleep with a girl unless he knew they could commit to each other. I told Jerry he was really a grownup now.

The only other person I told this story to was my older brother. He said he knows it was tough on me to get the courage to by Jerry a pack of condoms, but he thought I handled everything well. It was an experience.


Naked with my BFF

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I got embarrassed twice by my best friend, and the second time was the worst!

Im a guy about 13. My best friend is Alicia, is also 13. We grew up together and are great pals. We have no romantic interest in each other. We just like to hang out, play basketball, confide in each other, and just do what BFFs do.

So it is a Saturday morning. Alicia stops by my house. We have plans to go out and join some other friends. But I am still asleep. Now I want to mention that I sometimes sleep in the nude. I like the feeling of clean sheets on my skin. And this particular morning I was naked under the covers. Mom tells Alicia I am still in bed and she can go wake me up. So she comes into my room and wakes me. I really dont want to get up. Its not that I am naked under the covers; it is that I just dont want to wake up. I roll on my back and ask for just a few minutes more. Alicia says to get up now and pulls the sheets off my bed.

For the first time ever, Alicia is seeing me totally naked. She gasps and her jaw drops almost to the floor. Her hands go to her mouth and she says, Oh, Im so sorry! I am so embarrassed. She is embarrassed, but she keeps looking. Im slow to react, so she gets a good view. I ask Alicia to leave, and she does but still keeping an eye on me.

Well, Im pretty embarrassed, too. This girl I grew up with got a full view of my genitals. We did go out with our other friends, but I was pretty weirded out the whole day. When we got home, Alicia apologized again. She said she didnt think I would be totally naked, and she is sorry she stared, but she couldnt help it. I was the first boy she ever saw totally nude.

Monday we walked to school together. I was over my embarrassment by then. I figured, female or not, shes my BFF. So what if she saw me naked?

But Alicia apparently was not over it. She had to make it up to me. We had made plans the next Saturday to go to the mall. We were invited to another friends birthday party and we wanted to get her something. When I got to Alicias house, she told me she wanted to shower first and that I should wait in her room. I didnt think anything of it. If I did, I figured Alicia was going to get dressed in the bathroom.

I was just looking through Alicias collection of music CDs, when she entered her room wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Alicia said, I wanted to make it up to you for last Saturday. Before I could tell her it was OK and that I was over last Saturday, Alicia undid her robe and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked letting me see everything full frontal. I had seen her in her swim suit many times. I once saw her panties when she was wearing a dress and slipped on the floor. But this was different. She was the first girl, outside of family, I had ever seen totally nude. And she was hot! You can look. I dont mind, she said. Look I did. And I was getting thoughts in my head that made me uncomfortable. Doing it with Alicia would be like doing it with my sister, only I had a closer friendship with Alicia. If she knew what I was thinking, she would have killed me.

After a few minutes, Alicia picked up her robe and held it in front of her. She asked me to go downstairs while she dressed. I met her mom downstairs. She asked if everything worked out OK. Apparently Alicia told her what happened last Saturday and how she planned to even things between us. Her mom said I should feel happy that Alicia would trust me so much to do what she did. That made me feel even more embarrassed at what I was still thinking.

It took two days for me to get over Alicia seeing me totally naked. It took me two weeks before I got all those dirty thoughts about a naked Alicia out of my mind. All that time, she didnt understand why I had a problem talking with her. But I did eventually get over it. Alicia is still my BFF.


Lost my virginity to a total jerk

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When I was 14, I had my eye on two guys.

The first was Alex. We grew up together. He was my age. We had been like brother and sister, but now we were looking at each other quite differently. Actually, we were distantly related. We shared the same great-great-grandfather, so we shared some blood but were distant enough to make a relationship OK. Alex also went to the same school as me, and even lived just a block away.

The other guy was Joe. He was a hunk at 16. He had a bad reputation for using girls, and I was warned about him. But with me he always acted like he loved and respected me. He admitted to his past, but told me in a very nice, soft way, that he would give up all other girls and just be with me if I agreed to be his girl.

Joe was also very good with math, which was my worse subject. He had been getting As in college level courses, so when he suggested I come by his house on a Saturday to have him help me with my math homework it seemed like a good idea. Well that Saturday, no one else was home. I went with him up to his room and we worked on my homework for almost two hours. After that I was pretty worn down. He told me to lay on his bed to rest, then he laid next to me.

I remember everything clearly. He gently ran his finger across my cheek saying how beautiful I was. He told me he wanted me and if I agreed then I would be the only girl in his life. He gently kissed me on the lips and put his arm around me. All my thinking went out the door. I told him yes, so he began to undress me.

Soon I was totally naked. I reminded Joe I was still a virgin, and he needed to be careful. Dont worry about it, he said. I then asked if he had a condom. He said no, but would pull out before he came. I knew from health class this is not the best means of protection, but I agreed to let him have me.

It was terrible. He lowered his pants and his shorts. I could see he already had an erection, and it was huge. Without any foreplay, he spread my legs and then my pussy lips, and then shoved himself inside of me. I screamed from the pain, but he continued to bang me harder and harder. I screamed at him to please stop, but he continued. I said he was hurting me, and he said it was because it was my first time and not to worry about it. Then I felt a different sort of jerking inside of me. I may have been a virgin, but I could tell that he came inside me. As he pulled out, I could see I was bleeding. He just told me to go clean myself up in the bathroom.

I showered and then came back wrapped in a towel. I let the towel drop, not caring if he saw me or not, and quickly got dressed. I was afraid since he came inside me that I would get pregnant. He told me he couldnt help it, and if I did get pregnant that I could get an abortion.

Next Monday at school, I tried to talk to Joe, but he ignored me. It was like that for the rest of the week. I woke up Friday morning to see a little blood on my panties. I knew I was having my period, and I was relived I wasnt pregnant. I sought out Joe at school and told him. He really didnt care. But what he did tell me hit me like a punch in the stomach. He said, Will you piss off already? All I wanted was to bust your cherry. I did that. Now go away.

I felt like shit. I felt like dirt. I had been used like some thing, and it hurt. After school, I decided to go over to Alex house. I wasnt going to tell him what happened. I just needed to be with someone who actually did like me. But when Alex opened the door, he told me he heard about me and Joe. Joe had been bragging all over school about what he did to me. Alex said he was really disappointed in me. I started crying and told him I was sorry. I had made a big mistake. But Alex wasnt interested. He was too hurt as well.

Now everyone in school knew that Joe had fucked me. That was embarrassing and humiliating. I suddenly realized that all that week people had been pointing at me and laughing. I didnt think anything of it at the time. It was obvious the next week at school. Boys had labeled me an easy lay, and were asking me out obviously for that purpose. Girls who hated me called me a whore and a slut, even though most of them had been fucking guys long before I did. The only sympathy, if that is what you call it, came from girls who said I was an idiot. This kept up for week, but lessened after Joe started bragging about another girl he fucked. The incident was not totally forgotten until the beginning of the next school year.

Alex and I made up enough to become friends again, but there would be no chance of any romance between us. He soon started up with Amy, another girl in my school. Shes a nice person and I like her. Im glad for Alex.

I didnt get a real boyfriend until my senior year. He had transferred from another school. He also had a bad first time. Thats another story, but Ill just say he unintentionally hurt a girl he liked due to his own immaturity. They later became friends, but he still feels badly. I told him about Joe. My boyfriend’s name is John, and we are still together. Six months into our relationship we began sleeping with each other. Sex with John is great. I just wish that he or Alex would have been my first rather than that dirtbag Joe. I have never forgiven Joe.


“Sleeping” with sister’s friend? Not Really.

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This happened when I was 15 and my sister was 13.  She has a friend, call her Jane, who is a bit naive about things — including sex.  You think 13-year-olds are a bit more sophisticated about things than kids in the past were?  You won’t believe Jane!

So Jane is sleeping over at our house.  I get out of the shower and put a towel around me.  I walk to my room, and the girls both see me.  My sister barely notices or cares, but Jane’s eyes bug out.  I get into my room, but overhear Jane tell my sister, “Your brother is cute!”

So about an hour after I go to bed, I wake up as I feel someone’s presence.  It’s Jane getting into my bed with me.  I ask her what the hell is she doing, and she tells me she wants to sleep with me.  Thirteen is a bit young for me.  I have no interest in girls younger than 14, so I tell her to get out and go back to my sister’s room.  She begs to stay.  I ask her what she means by sleeping with me, and she answers she just wants to cuddle and go to sleep.  She says we can set the alarm early so she can get back to my sister’s room before anyone else in the house wakes up.

So by sleeping with me, Jane actually means sleeping.  It is obvious this is what she considers sex.  I am too tired to argue, and I figure if it goes no further no harm done.  So she gets into my bed and lays her head on my chest commenting how good I smell.  She kind of smells good as well, and her body is soft and warm.  But I put all that out of my head since I still consider her a kid.  We both go to sleep.

Well, I sleep through the alarm, but Jane got up and left the room before anyone else in the house got up.  Suddenly the door opens and in walks my sister with an expression that could kill.  She slams the door behind her and asks, “What the hell did you do to Jane last night?”  I say I did nothing, to which sis replies that Jane said I took her virginity.  I tell sis what really happened and that Jane apparently thinks simply sleeping in the same bed is sex.  That was the embarrassing part — being accused by my sister of taking advantage of her friend, who’s knowledge of sex is on the level of a 6-year-old.  I still felt a little guilty as sis was right.  I should not have given in.  But hearing the truth from me did calm her down a little.

So next my sister had to explain to Jane that she was still a virgin.  This was news that disappointed Jane.  She never came on to me after that.  Jane barely spoke to me.  She always looked kind of embarrassed herself whenever she saw me.


Playing doctor at 17

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Jenna is my oldest and best friend.  She is not my girlfriend, but a girl who is my friend.  We have never had any romantic interest with each other, but we are close enough to be each other’s best confidant.  I have had girlfriends and she has had boyfriends who were uncomfortable with our closeness.  Tough for them.  You don’t throw off a friendship like ours so easily.

So, when we were both 17, Jenna was in a bad accident.  She got smashed up pretty bad, but after two weeks came home from the hospital.  But both arms were in heavy casts, so she could do next to nothing for herself.  I would go to visit most every day.

This one day she is on her bed wearing her brother’s old pajamas.  The arms of the top are cut off so she can get it on over her casts.  Only her mother was home with us, and she had an errand to run.  She asked me to stay and look after Jenna.  I said sure.

Around lunch time, Jenna was getting hungry and wanted to go down to the kitchen to eat.  She said I would have to spoon-feed her.  Sounded like fun.  Then I added, “Why don’t I serve you lunch in bed.” She laughed and said OK.  She said her mom had some homemade vegetable soup for her and that is what she wanted.  So I warmed up the soup, place some in a bowl, found a tray and brought it up to her.  I still don’t know how I managed to spill the soup all over her.

Fortunately the soup was not that hot, but Jenna was soaked through – both the pajama tops and bottoms.  I apologized and started to try to clean her up.  She told me she would have to change pj’s and I would have to help her.  I said, “But then I will see you. . . .”  Jenna interrupted, “I know.  You will see me naked.  But the jammies are soaked through and it is starting to feel cold.”

Jenna and I have seen each other naked before.  The first time is when we were bathed together at about 3 years old.  The last time was when we played doctor at the age of 6.  I suggested waiting for her mother, but the spilled soup was just too wet and too cold.

I kept apologizing as I unbuttoned the top.  Jenna said not to apologize, and just get it over with.  The top came off as I tried to look the other way.  Now for the bottoms.  Jenna took a deep breath and said to just yank them off.  I did, and tripped over something since I had my eyes closed.  “I know this is embarrassing for both of us,” she said.  “But you just are going to have to watch what you are doing.  Go get a washcloth and wash the soup off me.”

I told Jenna that I really was not enjoying this, as I cleaned the soup from her chest.  “Just what a girl wants to hear when a guy is looking at her boobs,” she joked giving a forced laugh.  “Sorry, bad joke.  I thought making light of this will make it go easier.”

I cleaned off her belly and then stopped.  “You got a little on my legs and. . . .”  I offered to look away, but Jenna was afraid I might poke her in a sensitive area.  “I’ll make this up to you,” I nervously offered.  “If that means you are going to let me see you naked,” she replied seriously, “please don’t.”

Jenna mentioned it could have been worse.  “I could have needed to go to the bathroom,” she joked.  Then she added, “It just got worse.  I really have to pee.”  “Can’t you hold it in?”  “I have been holding it in for the past hour.”  “You need my help?”  “Just to clean me off when I’m done.”  “I don’t’ think I can do that.”  “I don’t think I can either since I can’t move my arms.  I will tell you what to do.”  Sure, that makes it easy.

So Jenna runs to the toilet naked except for her arm casts, because it would take too long to put on new pajamas and she is about to explode.  After a long pee, she asks me to come in, take a piece of toilet paper. . . .   You know.

So she goes back to bed while I wash up.  She tells me to take a pair of blue pajamas and to help her dress.  Noticing how I am walking she asks, “Have you got a boner?”  I admit I did and apologized as I unfolded the clean pajamas.  “At least you get to cover your parts,” she says.

Within two minutes it is over.  But this time we are both beet red.  “If you tell me you are just as embarrassed as I am, I’ll kill you,” she said.  We both laughed, but we knew it would take a while to get over this experience.

I was spoon-feeding Jenna her soup in the kitchen when her mom came home.  “Did you change your pajamas?,” she asked?  Jenna told her what happened.   Her mom looked at me and said, “You lucky guy.”

Jenna soon got her casts removed.  We went out to celebrate with my girlfriend girlfriend and her boyfriend boyfriend, telling the story.  I told my girlfriend I wish she would have been there to spare us the embarrassment.  She replied, “If I was there I would have just sat back and watched the fun.”  Jenna’s boyfriend stated, “Dude, you helped her on the john?  Ewww! I wouldn’t even do that!”

All is good now.


Caught bathing

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Well i am a 15 year old girl. Last year i was being too lazy to have a bath. My mom ‘requested’ me for i guess half hour to get up from the bed and have a bath. Finally she lost her cool and dragged me in the bathroom, stripped me and started giving me a bath. Being lazy i was sort of enjoying being given a bath, so i didn’t resist. While this was happening a lady from next door came to see my mom, and my sister bought her all the way to bathroom to talk with my mom. So there i was a 14 year old girl, nude, covered in soap, caught being given a bath by her mom. It was so shameful, i was compeletly exposed and had nothing to cover myself. The lady started laughing and ofcourse sis joined her in ridiculing me. It is so embarrasing, even today after a year, the lady starts laughing when she sees me and asks if i had my bath and calls me baby. And the worse part is mom doesn’t think sis did anything wrong. She says i desreved it for being lazy.



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I was laying in bed one night really tired, but I couldn’t sleep because it was so hot. I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and was too tired to change, so I just took it off and fell right asleep. I woke up the next morning to my mom poking me and going “Are you topless??” (I’m a girl, that’s why she found it so weird). I had covered myself up with the sheets the night before to avoid my boobs being totally exposed, but I had kicked the sheets off in the night, so when she walked into my room she could see everything. Then my dad came in and said, “What’s going on–whoaaa” before turning around and leaving. I don’t know why they were gathered in my room in the first place, but it made it ten times more awkward. They still tease me about it and I feel really stupid.