Beautiful Girl

Cinco De Mayo Embarrasing

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I went to a Cinco De Mayo party and was hoping to meet a very beautiful Mexican girl. There were SOOOO many girls there that it was hard to choose just one. I mean Mexian girls are SOOO beautiful. Anyway, More


taking a dump in the men’s bathroom

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Earlier this summer, I was taking a dump in the men’s bathroom at my college (I was taking summer classes) and I heard someone walk in the bathroom followed by the unmistakable sound of a janitor’s cart. I got a little nervous, but realized that this must happen to him all the time. I was peering through the cracks in the stall when I realized to my horror that the janitor was a she. Not only was it not a dude, but she was young and gorgeous. In hindsight, I remember someone saying that the college employs local high school students for summer as custodians/janitors. Anyway, I was plotting how I was going to hold my poop and hide long enough for her to leave when suddenly the stall door swung open and there she was, with a mortified look on her face. It would seem that I didn’t slide the lock all the way and she didn’t notice I were there. To make matters worse, she startled a huge penned up fart out of me followed by two gigantic splashes of turds hitting the water. There I was, my pants around my ankles with balls and penis in plain sight staring at a beautiful girl who was completely shocked as she had just witnessed me taking an enormous ****. With her hand over her mouth, she quickly said “OH! SORRY!” and ran out of the bathroom. I seriously thought I was either going to cry or throw up out of embarrassment! I finished my business and washed my hands. I thought she had utterly disappeared, but while at the sink. I heard her recounting the tale to the other janitors in the hall. I walked the walk of shame out of the bathroom passed the two and tried to hide my face over their quiet chuckles.