Making Amends For Embarrassing My Friend

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I really didn’t want to post this, but since my friend posted her embarrassing experience she said I had to do the same. Last week Jenny, Felicia (she didn’t use our real names so I’m doing the same and not use hers), and I went to the public pool where Jenny and I took her bikini and everyone there saw her naked including this boy she had a crush on. We realized we had gone too far and apologized to her, but she said she would only forgive us if she got to do something to us so we agreed. She said I was going to be first one embarrassed and that she already had something in mind. The next day the three of us drove to the beach so Felicia could put her plan into motion. I was dreading to entire ride to the beach. We were already wearing our bikinis so all we had to do was find a spot. Felicia made sure to pick the most crowded spot on the beach. Reluctantly I put down my towels and laid on my stomach as if I was sunbathing. After a few minutes Felicia starts untying my bikini, but I have to remain still because I have to appear asleep. I couldn’t see because I had to keep my eyes shut, but according to her all the people around was watching her doing this. After she unties my bikini she slides it from out of under me, so now I’m laying there bare-ass naked. I feel my face getting hot and it’s not from the heat. After both of us were naked we had to stay “asleep” until she gave us some type of signal. After what I think is five minutes I was about get up because even though I wanted to make things up to Felicia I wasn’t going lay there buck naked indefinitely. That signal came in the form of her dumping ice cold water on me! It was so cold that I sprang to our feet. I was now “aware” of my nakedness and grabbed my towel to wrap around herself. I now know how Felicia felt about being naked in front of so many people. Felicia took several pictures, but assures me that she won’t post them on anywhere. Jenny’s embarrassment happened the next day so you’ll have to wait until she posts it, which I’m pretty sure Felicia will make her do it.


Embarrassed by beach date

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Have you ever been embarrassed by the behavior of others?  I have.

This took place when I was 15.  My older sister and her best friend Ada were planning to go to the beach the upcoming Saturday with their boyfriends.  Ada had a cousin named Randi visiting from out of town, and who was coming with them.  She did not want Randi to be the odd person out, and since Randi was my age Ada asked me if I would come along as Randi’s date.  She said Randi was kind of cute, so I said yes.  I wasn’t expecting any long term relationship with a girl from out of town, but I still liked talking to cute girls – especially at the beach when they are in their bathing suits.  Ada did warn me that Randi was somewhat shy, but that didn’t concern me.  It should have.

So Saturday morning I am helping my sister and her boyfriend put together some food we would be taking with us.  Ada’s boyfriend’s minivan pulls up.  Randi is sitting in the back.  I go and sit down next to her.  Ada introduces us, and Randi sort of edges away without saying anything.  I try to talk to her, but all the way to the beach she speaks not a word.

So we get to the beach a bit early and find the best spot.  We lay down the blankets, set the coolers down under our beach umbrella, and strip down to our bathing suits.  Except for Randi.  After some urging by Ada, Randi slips out of her shorts and top.  She’s wearing this lime colored two-piece which really shows off her shapely body.  Her bod is cute as well.  But Randi then sits down away from everyone else.

While the others run into the surf, I stay behind to watch our stuff and to try to talk to my date.  She pulls her legs up close to her body holding them with her hands and then hides her face.  I finally give up.  I figure I can watch our stuff from the water since we are not too far away, so I go for a quick dip.

Eventually everyone is back.  Ada is still trying to get Randi to open up to me.  Even though we have our own food, she suggests we go together to get ice cream for everyone.  Randi finally speaks up.  Sort of.  She cries out, “I just want to be left alone.”  Then she goes running off to the parking lot.

Ada runs after her.  I think to myself, “Shit.  I’m supposed to be Randi’s date.  I should also go.”  We find her by the minivan crying.  Ada asks what is wrong, and Randi answers she just wants to leave.  We try to explain we can’t just leave now with the whole day in front of us.  And this sets Randi off crying and screaming she wants to be left alone.  Naturally she is heard by half the beach.

So soon we are surrounded by a crowd looking and pointing at us.  It seems most of them think Ada and I are picking on this poor little girl.  Suddenly a beach cop shows up and demands to know what is going on.  Ada tells him.  The cop asks Randi if this is her cousin, and Randi nods yes.  The cop then tells us we’d better get her out of here.

Ada asks me to stay with Randi while she goes to the others to tell them we have to leave.  I was afraid that Randi would start screaming again, and told Ada it might be safer if she stayed.  Otherwise passersby would think I am some sort of pervert picking on a girl.

Either way, the day is ruined.  We all leave before we even had time for lunch.  Randi sits in the back seat again, but this time alone.  It was better for everyone that way.

Ada later apologized.  She said she knew Randi had some personal problems relating to others, especially guys.  Randi had been getting psychological treatment.  Ada said she should have told me.

Well, the next year Randi is back for a visit.  She stopped by our house with Ada.  She told me she wanted to apologized for the beach incident.  I said it was OK, and I asked how she was doing.  “Better,” she said, “but I have a way to go.”  I did notice how nervous and ill at ease she was.  Still I got her to let me take her out for an ice cream.  She thanked me afterwards saying little things like that helped her a lot.

We keep in touch with the occasional e-mail.  I let her vent to me.  She is doing better.  She was here over Christmas and we spent a little time together.  She said when she comes next summer, she would like to try the beach again.  I look forward to that!


Ran Into Aunt….At A Nude Beach!!!

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Last year my girlfriend at the time got me to go to a nude beach with her for the first time. I was surprised because I’m generally a modest person, but I actually enjoyed it. Very liberating. Since then we have broken up, but I’ve been back to the beach four or five times. Over this past summer I went once on a day off from work by myself because it’s relatively near me. (Black Beach if anyone is wondering). After a dip in the water I decided to go for a little walk. Suddenly I hear someone call my name. I turned…and it was my aunt! We both were shocked. She’s like 44 or 45 years old and she was always my favorite relative growing up. But here she was totally naked. I walked towards her awkwardly and said hi. We hadn’t seen each other since I left for college two years ago so we uncomfortably made small talk. She decided to point out the elephant in the room. She said okay i’m naked and you’re naked. The damage is done. If you’re up for it I’m okay with just ignoring that fact and going for a walk. I said sure and she stood up and we walked. After that we caught up and it was really friendly. Once we walked back to where our stuff was we decided it was time to leave. After we got dressed she said this little run in can stay out of the conversations with the family. We laughed and I agreed. So what was a suuuuuper weird situation turned into an innocent/friendly one.


Wedgied at the Beach

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A few months ago I was at the beach, and right before leaving, I went into one of the stands where my ex-girlfriend works at (I’m a bisexual female). I was still angry at her over our relationship (She dumped me because I cheated on her, but she WAS a pain in the butt), so to try and get revenge I stole a bunch of things from her stand, stuck them under my boobs and in my bag and ran off. She chased me, and a beach security guard/policewoman saw me and also started chasing me. I saw a fence right in front of where my car was parked, if I could get over this fence, I was a free woman! If I couldn’t, jail awaited. I hopped on and tried to climb it. I was 99.999% sure I was getting over it once I got to the top, and I could feel my freedom being secured on I got over the first side, so I stood up, turned around and yelled “Bye, girls!” to the policewoman and my ex, blew them a kiss and wave and jumped off the fence. However, I did not jump far enough and my bikini panties got caught on the tip of the fence, leaving me dangling with a wedgie. I hung there trying to break free and tried everything. Once, I seriously even tried farting to blow the panties loose, but nothing worked, and my butt was immediately aching with pain. The officer climbed to the other side and helped me down, whilst my ex stood there laughing hysterically. I thought I had been punished enough after that humiliation, but the policewoman then said to me “Miss, you’re under arrest. Put your hands behind your back” and then *CLICK**CLICK* went the handcuffs. “You’ll be going to jail today for theft and this and that blah blah blah”. Later, my ex drew pictures of me dangling in pain and sent them to me when  I was in jail, and my cellmate asked what it was about. I told her nothing, but she also saw the note on the back that explained what happened. She quickly told all the other girls how I got arrested and they died laughing. All my dignity was officially gone. My entire time there, I was known as “wedgie girl”. (Sorry for any English errors, I’m from a non English county in Europe, lol)


Rivlary between my brother

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Me and my brother have always been compeditive with each other. I really annoyed him when I “accidently” pulled his friends pants down. It was staged and my brothers friend knew I was going to pull his pants down and leave him in just boxers. We were at the beach and I was talking to some boys my age and he came up to me and pulled off my bikini top. I was so embarrassed that I stopped talking to him. A couple of days later he asked what he could do to make it up to me and I came up with the idea of him being complettely naked in front of 5 of my age (all girls). He walked into the room and dropped his towel but kept his hands covering his privates. We told him to drop his hands. He felt the embarrassment that I felt and we took pictures of him!!


I was at the beach

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I was at the beach (I go there quite regularly since I live near there). I was wearing this brand new white bikini. I went to go for a swim in the ocean. Then I went back ashore to sunbathe. And, to me it’s normal, but I fell asleep while I was sunbathing. When I woke up (I think about 10 minutes later), I discovered people looking at me. I hadn’t a clue why. Then this boy shouted “nice tits!” to me in front of everyone there! So I looked down and saw that EVERYONE could see my boobs. I mean seriously! Cos the bikini was white, and it had gotten wet, it became see-through! I was SO embarrassed!


Beach + Girls + Nudity = Embarrassment

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Last summer, my family and I went on a vacation to France. About halfway through the vacation I started getting really horny alot of the time. I was 14 years old and I hadn’t masturbated for nearly a month because I never got any privacy during the trip, and all the girls that I saw in short shorts, mini skirts, bikinis weren’t helping. Then one day my parents said that they were going to some wine place and I had a choice of either staying at the hotel or go to one of the nearby beaches. I chose the beach. There were two beaches near where we were staying but my parents said to go to the farther one. I was lazy so I went to the closer one. It was still early morning when I got to the beach so I was one of only a few people there. I set up my blanket, changed into my swimming trunks, and lied down, then fell asleep. It was the afternoon when I woke up and the beach was full with about 300+ people. It took only about a second to realize why my parents didn’t want be to go to this beach – it was a clothing optional beach and about half the people were nude. The first thing I saw when I woke up were these two girls, maybe 19 or 20 years old, and they were both hot and topless sunbathing. I’ve seen breasts before on the internet but this was the first time I’ve ever seen some in person. I immediatley got a boner. I looked around the beach and there were a bunch of middle aged girls and guys nude. I also saw these girls playing volleyball topless and alot more sunbathers. At this point I had this big erection and I really wanted to masturbate. I turned around onto my stomach to hide my thing but it didn’t help my urge. I got up and ran to find a private place. The washroom had a lineup and there were no trees or rocks to hide behind. As I’m trying to find a place I bump into this girl about my age completely nude. She falls on top of me and as soon as I realize how hot she is and that I can feel both her boobs and crotch on me I ejaculate. She quickly get up and runs and I run out of the beach soon after.


Jamaican Sea Breeze

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I remember I was like 10. I was in Jamaica (bloop-bloop!) and my grandmother brought us kids to the beach with these two teenage girls, one of which I had a crush on. They began teasing me because I couldn’t swim, and I was too short to go out as far as they could. They wanted to go out more where everyone else was, so I thought I’d impress them because I knew how to float… “What’s that?” they asked. (Now earlier, for some reason my swim trunks were lost, so my grandmother told me just to wear my boxers, “dey look like swim trunks” she said) Feeling all too grown because I knew what floating was and how to do it, I decide to demonstrate.

The sea water is a bit salty, so I close my eyes, relax and start floating. When you’re floating, your body (head) bobs in and out of the water, so you really can’t make out what you’re hearing. I figure they’re amazed, but finally I make out laughter. I open an eye, and I suddenly have an audience on all side of me. The hot one, the one I’m crushing on, is pointing at my lower area, and like scene from a move my johnson decided to peak out through the slot in front of my boxers and take in the Jamaican sea breeze. I gasped and in a flash sunk like a rock in the water, then on top of that struggled to stand up-right again amidst the crowd. As I wiped my salt burned eyes I looked around and caught glimpses of everyone, who seemed to be laughing at me in slow motion.


no more making out on beaches

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My classmates and I decided to go on a holiday together to celebrate the fact we all passed our final exams at business school. I was 19 at the time.
We picked Tunisia as our target, as that’s quite a common and even more important as we didn’t have much money to spend, cheap holiday spot for people from Europe. You have to know that Tunisia is a mostly Islamic country, although they are rather tolerant when it comes to tourists and their holiday habits.
So we spend our days relaxing on the beach and dancing the nights away in clubs and bars, and after 2 days I manage to find me a nice Tunisian guy for a little holiday flirt. He joins me and my classmates on the beach the next day and we are mostly just relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sun, the warm water and the beautiful weather.
My holiday flirt and I started making out on my towel, hot kisses and lots of touching everywhere and moaning was involved, it all ended with me giving him a handjob, while my classmates pretended not to see what we were doing in the middle of them all.
Remember where I said that Tunisia is an Islamic country’ Right… there were a few Tunisian people not too far away from us, enjoying a day on the beach too… They weren’t too pleased with our making out I guess (I should have known better I know, but I was young), and just as I was finishing him off with my hand two mounted policemen turned up and things got rather serious.
After a heated discussion with the policemen about a) why I am making out on the beach with a Tunisian guy in Front of Tunisian people and b) a speech about Islamic rules and habits which forbid making out in public (I deserved that speech of course) the policemen decided to let me get away with a warning and still wished me a nice stay in Tunisia. I sat on my towel blushing in various deep red colors while my classmates were very amused (very amused is an understatement, I think they almost died laughing).
I was very relieved for my part, after all I guess I did break a few Tunisian laws and got away with just a warning. Then the policemen turned to my holiday flirt and things got very very serious again. I don’t think they like to see people hitting on tourist girls and even less, making out with them on the beach. They then decided to make him stand up, gave him a head start of a few meters and then chased him off the beach with their horses, while the crowd on the beach went wild, cheering at the policemen on their horses and laughing at my poor holiday flirt.
My classmates had fun picking on me for the rest of the holiday, and my holiday flirt was very very reserved in public after this incident.
I learned my lesson, no more making out on beaches!


embarrassing sexual moments in sleeping bag

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We (myself and friends) grew up during our formative years at a mid-size town on Lake Michigan. Well, seeing as we had a large body of water, we tended to take advantage of some of the amenities it offered: mainly, little islands or islets off our pier where we could have a night of drinking, debauchery, and general lawlessness (see: Lord Of The Flies) since it was the Immoral Eighties and all.
Unlucky for me, for some reason or not (must’ve gotten busted “in coitus” by a parent or something) a group of about five of my friends and their girlfriends went down to the pier with copious amounts of beer looking to either go fishing or “go fishing.”
Well, somehow these knuckleheads found a crappy rowboat somebody obviously left on shore (probably as a ferry to their tax write-off in the marina) and decided to head out to this little uninhabited island (let’s just say the island was so small that I’m sure the Skipper crapped bigger than that on his wayward island stay) to consume beverages and commit crimes against nature.
Luckily for us, our parents were far too trusting back then (early 80’s). Everybody was staying at everybody else’s house (you know, this is the situation you think will fool your unsuspecting parents and somehow unravels and gets you busted) so they stayed there all night (they had brought sleeping bags–foreshadowing for later).
Somehow, they returned to the mainland on the purloined paddleboat, and some went home, some crashed in their cars. But my good friend (let’s call him Mike) decided that he and his girlfriend were going to curl up in his sleeping bag on the sand.
Cut to the next thing Mike remembers. He wakes up and his girlfriend has decided to try to massage the sausage muscle, so being hormone-filled teenagers in a zipped up (and I mean zipped up over the head) sleeping bag, these two start going at it.
After a furious 15 minute session of hide the Salami, my buddy Mike unzips the sleeping bag by his head (he was having oxygen deprivation at this point) to realize that it is 10am and people are out fishing, boating, and enjoying watching a sleeping bag twitch around like an epileptic caterpillar. It didn’t help that their clothing was thrown about “ground zero” and they were totally buck-nekkid in the sleeping bag with people around.
Still a crowd pleaser among the group.