Bare Butt

Forced Skinny Dip

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Recently, a conversation came up between me, my mom, and my aunt Donna about skinny dipping (i dont remember how it came up). They kept asking me if I had ever skinny dipped. I told them no (even though More


I can’t believe she saw it

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This was when I was 17 and my sister was 14.
We were play fighting like we usually do when our parents are gone. She was in her pjs and I was just in a white tshirt and boxer shorts. I was chasing her More


Spying on a sexy girl in her underwear

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Back when I was in the school play, I was waiting for my scenes backstage in the costume room, which has mirrors on all the walls. This cute girl Brittney runs in and had to change her costume for the More


my panties down to my knees

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At a sleepover I had to pay a dare to answer the door & pay for the pizza delivery in just my strapless bra & panties. My bra was adjusted to show a ton of cleavage & the panties were bikinis. I figured it could have been a worse dare! I open the door & stand in front of the pizza guy. Suddenly a couple of the girls come up behind & beside me, & yank my panties down to my knees. I took forever pulling them back up holding a pizza in one hand & money in the other. Of course I spun around to hide my bush & get covered again, all that did was give him a great look at my bare butt! He didn’t refuse the tip…what does that mean !?