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Not just embarrassing – horrifying. I was at work, I’m an RN working in a birth center, riding up in the elevator to our L&D unit, and there was a man with his little boy of about 4 years old, and the More


my younger cousin Andrew

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The one I have is about my younger cousin Andrew, not me, when I think he was nine Y/O. I was spending the week at their house (I was twelve) with my younger sister and brother too, and my parents let me have my friend Kelsey come along (she was twelve too). In the daytime we were alone at the house, just me and my brother and sister and Kelsey, and my cousins Andrew, his baby sister Anna, and his older sister Amy (she was twelve). Well I remember that Andrew always slept at night in a long shirt with no pants on, and when he came downstairs for breakfast he didn’t bother to put on pants for a few hours. His shirt was long so he wasn’t too afraid of being seen by us, even though he did flash his briefs unknowingly sometimes when playing around. But one of the days we were there for this one week, with my friend Kelsey, I could tell that Andrew’s sister Amy was a little bit wild the way she gets sometimes, and trying to show off by embarrassing her younger brother in different ways. I was afraid if she got too hyper she might lift up his shirt or something and show his underwear! Amy called us all to come sit around her on the floor (Andrew standing in the middle), and I wondered what bad idea she was thinking of. She pointed up to the ceiling and said ‘Look up!’ (we did). Then she pointed to the ground and said ‘Look down!’ (we did). Then she said ‘Your pants are falling down!’ and made a pretend move like she was pulling Andrew’s pants down. We laughed, Andrew too, because he wasn’t wearing any pants. He rolled his eyes at Amy and grinned and said ‘Ha ha ha, there’s nothing there to fall down!’ But that was only her setup, which I should have known. Then Amy got down onto her knees in front of Andrew and said ‘Look up!’ and we all did again. ‘Look down!’ And what she did then was amazingly quick. Just as we all were starting to look down she snaked her hands underneath Andrew’s shirt, grabbed his briefs(!!!), then finished off the rhyme by saying ‘Your UNDERWEAR is falling down’! and slid them down! I’ll never forget watching that mortified little kid’s briefs appearing below his shirt line, then taking the embarrassing trip down to his ankles. The room just went up in screams and laughing (mostly Andrew’s screams), and the thing is I think that Amy would have left it there and not tried to expose Andrew more to us by lifting his shirt or anything, but Andrew by reflex jumped back to get away from Amy and tripped on his underwear at his ankles, toppling over backwards and (oh, I really cringe when I think how embarrassed I’m sure he felt) his long shirt going up over his face. We saw everything for those few seconds before he could get his shirt back down to cover up. Poor little Andrew was so humiliated he couldn’t face me or my brother and sister for weeks, and he still can’t look my friend Kelsey in the eye! When she came over for the week, I’m sure she wasn’t expecting to see so much of Andrew! Oh, I felt so sorry for my little cousin! He’s adorable and I love him lots, but that was the most memorable embarrassing moment I ever watched!