My virtual boner

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Well, this happened when I was 12, or 13, I can’t remember exactly (I’m 24 now). Our class was scheduled to take a group photogrph. The main thing is, that the event was right after PE, so so we had just a bit of time to change our clothes.We went to the lobby (that was the place where the photograph was taken), and stood in lines. I was standing at the last row in the middle of the left side of the picture, everything went smoothly. At least that’s what I thought.

A few days after that we got our copy from the photo, and guess what: because of the fast changing my trousers looked like I had had a boner. It was perfectly visible between two people in the secod row. And on the top of it my hair looked so wet from my sweat; I looked like a total jerk. All my classmates had a copy of the picture, so they teased me with it for weeks. It was horrible.


Only 1 way to find out…

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I was 13 when I had my most embarrasing moment. Just standing around after lunchbreak with some other 7th graders, I was just chillaxing in the shade and a girl named Aubrey came over with her frends and was talking to me for a while. She was funny, and I talked to her a few times before. Then she asked me why I always bleach my hair blonde, and I said I’m really blonde so I don’t do that. So she says come on, theres no way you are really blonde.
I say I AM really blonde, and then she gets this look on her face like she’s got a wicked idea. She says Only 1 way to find out if you’re REALLY blonde! And she starts pulling down my shorts!
So, I had 2 things working against me: She really surprised me, and I wear loose shorts. By the time I could react she had my shorts pretty far down my legs, so my boxers were in view for all. Aubrey asked her friends to come help her and they did. I asked mine to help me, but they didnt really do anything! So, I’m struggling against 4 girls by myself pretty much, with my shorts mostly pulled down, redfaced, and I’m really scared since I have a pretty good idea what they’re trying to get a look at to see if I’m really blonde since they’re yanking down my shorts!
By then, Aubrey starts on my boxers, and I am paniking. My boxers were really being pulled down by these girls, and I was totally freaking out! Aubrey yells Come on, we’ve almost got them down! to her friends. I was grabbing her arms to stop her but one of her freinds pulled down hard from behind. I heard the high screams of the girls, and there were my boxers…*gulp*, draped around my ankles, leaving my lower parts wide open and naked to the world, with Aubrey and her friends in front of me, staring. I was so embarrased I really felt like I would faint.

Well, the only thing left to say is I really AM a blonde, but Aubrey didnt find her answer by stripping down my shorts and boxers. I wasnt, um…well, I wasnt developed down there enough to let her compare. You can’t see if the carpet matches the drapes if the carpet hasn’t been instaled yet. So they all knew that about me now, too.