My bullying days are over

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I was in 8th grade (a few years ago) and I had just left class to go to the bathroom.  I had been nervous all day because I was planning to ask out the hottest girl in school, Chelsea (I was pretty popular, so I had a feeling she would say yes).  As I was walking to the bathroom when I came face to face with Connor in the hallway.  Connor is the starting linebacker on the football team.  Next to him was Fred, a tiny kid who I had been picking on for years.  All of the sudden, Fred yells “thats him!”  and connor runs at me.  The next thing I know Connor has me pinned on the ground.  Then Connor says to me “that kid is payin me twenty bucks to do this.”  And then he starts to strip me.  I try to get him off me, but he is too strong.  Eventually, I am fully naked.  He duct tapes my wrists together and he tosses me into the girls bathroom.  He punches me and drags me into a stall.  He turns to go and says “serves ya right for pickin on freddy.”  .  I get up, and I am about to walk out when guess who walks in?  Chelsea.  Now, for an eighth grader, I am very far into puberty, compared to my classmates.  Chelsea takes one look at me and starts to laugh.  She continues to laugh, and in the process of my embarrassment, I receive a massive boner.  I cannot cover up in any way, and Chelsea is balling her eyes out.  Eventually, she takes the tape off of my wrist, but not before she takes a picture of me on her phone (my boner eventually stopped).  She never went out with me, of course.  As for Connor and Fred?  They moved about a month later.  To this day I still receive counseling from this event.  It will haunt me forever.


Gymnastics Embarrassment

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Okay so I do competitive gymnastics. One day, I went to gym after school just to do a little practicing. I was wearing dri-fit nike shorts. As you know, they have built in underwear, so I wasn’t wearing any. My teacher was spotting me on a trick, and instead of grabbing my shirt to spot me, she accidentally caught my pants. It was awful. It wasn’t just a little second long slip, they came down do my ankles. I landed on my knees, and my bare butt was there completely exposed to everyone in the gym. That was a ton of people! I turned beat red, and I pulled them up as fast as I could. I know it didn’t help though, because I sat in shock fit a few seconds, so I know everyone got a good look. My coach apologized, but she laughed at first also. I will NEVER get over that! It was soooo embarrassing 🙁


Niece scratching herself made me ejaculate

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My niece is 16 years old,so we sat down to watch a movie,she goes sits on the couch i’m sitting on the recliner,she threw the blanket over herself she started scratching herself down below,i didn’t want her to think i was staring at her cause after all she is my niece,she had her hand in her panties as what it appears at the same time,she would take her hand out of her panties to smell her fingers there was times the blanket would fall off of her,i got a erection yes i know sad i kept saying to myself this is totally wrong of me,i know i should of told her to excuse herself to go to her bedroom or to the bathroom,this went on for least a hour,mind you i kept telling her can we like watch this movie than she stood up came over to me, ask me to look to see if she had a rash down there, her vagina was hairy, vagina lips were swelled,she even spread her vagina open to show me i feel so embarrassed this was even going on,finally she went into the bathroom i hate to say this but i ejaculated like 3 times,i feel so bad this went on i’m so ashamed of myself,this is my own niece she came out of the bathroom i got up to head to the bathroom she saw the wet spot on my shorts,i had to masturbate i know it’s wrong of me, finally i cleaned up and changed my shorts i came out to watch the movie over again cause it was on the Dvr recording, she was on the couch and looked over me with a smile, i’m just wondering why she did this,there is no excuse for both of our behaviors but stuff happens.


Caught Skinny Dipping with Sister

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First the cast of characters.

There’s me, a boy of 15 at the time.  Then there’s my sister who was 17.

Next we have Linda, a schoolmate the same age as me.  Linda and I had a mutual crush on each other, but both of us were a bit unsure how to take it to the next level.  We had been flirting all year.  And finally we have Linda’s 13-year-old sister, Roni.

The setting is our backyard pool.  It is well secluded offering privacy, so my sister and I both like to take the opportunity to swim nude.  Our parents don’t like us to do that, so we have to wait until they are both away, and this first weekend of the summer they would be out of town until Monday.  My sister and I are generally shy with our bodies around the opposite sex, but not with each other.  Mom bathed us together when we were little, so we got used to it.  Mom stopped this when Sis was 10, but we occasionally snuck a bath together anyway.  There was nothing sexual about it.  We just liked to relax together.

So Saturday morning, Sis and I decide to get in a little exercise in the pool.  We both walk downstairs naked and go out for our swim.  At one point I decide to get out and rest poolside.  When I climb out I hear a familiar voice, “I always hoped I could see more of you.”  I looked up and saw Linda and Roni.  I asked what they were doing here, and Linda reminded me on the last day of class I gave her an open invitation to use our pool at any time.

At that moment, Roni said, “He’s not that big, is he?”  Linda shushed her sister telling her that is not polite, and besides the cold water shrunk my package but it would be larger when I warm up.  That’s when I remembered I was naked.  I covered myself with my hands and jumped back into the pool.  The girls laughed, with Roni adding, “We know what you’ve got now.  It’s a little late to hide it!”  Embarrassment number one.

My sister then walked over.  She was naked, but grabbed a towel.  “Jack,” she said, “I think we’d better go inside and get our suits.”  What happened next was unexpected.  Linda asked, “Wouldn’t it be easier for us to take ours off rather than you go put yours on?”  Roni didn’t even wait for an answer.  She had already started to remove her suit and in a second was totally naked.  She looked at me as if she were showing off her still developing breasts and her thin layer of pubic hair.  Then with a scream, Roni runs right to the pool entering with a cannon ball.  She emerges from the water laughing.

Linda was more methodical in taking her suit off.  Looking at me with a smile, she unties and removes her bra revealing her breasts.  They are slightly smaller than average, but perfectly round.  She then turned her back to remove her bottom revealing her perfectly round butt cheeks.  She turned around again giving me a look at her perfectly trimmed pussy.  “How do you like me now?,” she asked.  I was astounded, and could only say, “You’re beautiful!.”  Linda and my sister laughed.  “I think you have an admirer,” my sister told Linda.  Linda then slipped into the pool next to me.  I saw the cold water make her nipples hard.  “Let’s swim,” she said.  I said OK, but I made sure my bottom front remained under water because by that time I had the biggest boner of my life!  Though no one seemed to notice, it was still embarrassment number two.

But within a half hour, the embarrassment and my boner was gone.  I forgot about me being naked with Linda and Roni.  It was just another relaxing swim, only this time with friends.  Eventually Linda and I decided to get some sun as Roni and my sister played in the pool.  We oiled up each other’s backs with sunscreen and laid on our stomachs propping our heads up with our elbows.  And we just talked about stuff.  Eventually my sister and Roni came over with towels around them.  They said they were going to fix lunch.  I turned around and sat up, and Roni said, “Linda, you’re right.  He is bigger when he warms up.”

Linda and I put towels around us when we went to eat lunch.  Then it was towels off and back to the pool until dinner.  Linda and Roni stayed for dinner as well.  They also returned the next day.  They were frequent guests at our pool the entire summer swimming with my sister and/or me.  They especially liked it when my folks were away and the four of us could skinny dip.  So we did get to see a lot of each other and each other’s bodies that summer.

The funny thing is that Linda and I seemed to lose all romantic interest in each other, although all four of us grew to be best friends.  We would all confide in each other things we would tell no other person.  I guess Linda and I, as well as Roni and I, began to look at ourselves as brother and sister.  We eventually began seeing other people, and telling each other all about it – or rather asking each other’s advice.  Unknown to these other people, Linda, Roni, my sister and I all continued our skinny dipping sessions, combined with discussing our deepest thoughts .  Eventually, Linda and I went to separate colleges, but we were reunited a few years back.  We recalled our days at the pool.  Nothing could bring those back.


Niece masturbating made me horny

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My niece is 16 years old, so me and her sit down to watch a movie,she gets under a blanket,before i know it the blanket is moving so i look without letting her notice,she got her hand down below so i knew she was going to town on herself, i was sitting in the recliner with hard on, yes i knows it’s wrong but it happens, this must went on for least hour finally i popped a load of cum in my shorts, she gets up to make popcorn and ask me if i wanted some i told yes, omg the pussy smell that came from her fingers, she comes back in to hand me a bowl and omg the smell coming from her fingers, she looks to me and see’s the big wet spot on my shorts, i’m embarrassed to think what was going through her mind, finally i got up like a hour after and went to bed.


the bad nude revenge

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It was a very bad day


Naked in the garden

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I live next door to my best friend, so I often find myself talking to her from the other side of the shoulder-height fence that separates our gardens. I also often leave my clothes on the washing line outside long after they are dry, being too lazy to bring them in and put them away, meaning that to get clean clothes in the morning I’ll have to go into the garden in pajamas or similarly under dressed to fetch them.

On this occasion, both of these things occurred. I had gotten out of the shower, wrapped myself in a towel and searched my room for clothes, only to find an empty closet. I shout down to my mom asking if I have any clean clothes anywhere, to which she replies ‘on the washing line. again.’

So, still dressed in the towel, I slipped into some flip-flops and made my way outside. I’d only got a bra and some panties off the line when my friend called me from her side of the fence ‘since when are towels outdoor wear?’ I put the bra and panties down, walked up to the fence and said ‘you gotter admit, I can rock a towel pretty well’ my friend started laughing while I did a mock catwalk turn. Then I felt the towel begin to come loose…

I made a grab for it, but it was too late, the towel fell around my ankles, I gave a shriek and stepped closer to the fence so my friend couldn’t see. My friend also gave a shriek, but of laughter. Saying ‘told you towels weren’t outdoor wear’ and insisting that she’d gotten a glimpse of a boob before I’d stepped closer to the fence. At first I felt a bit angry at her for laughing, and could feel myself going red, but seconds later we were both giggling about it. ‘hey’ my friend said, ‘i dare you to stay like that.’ I replied with a nod and another small burst of mischievous giggling, when I heard a shout from behind me ‘Holly! What are you doing!?’ I turned round to see my mom standing by the french doors with murder written on her face, shouting loud enough for the whole street to hear, ‘get in here and get some clothes on right now young lady!’

I almost obeyed automatically. My heart was pounding and my friend was in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. I made a grab for the towel, tried wrapping it round myself as I ran but dropped it, ran back to the house in nothing but flip-flops, all my feelings of bravery replaced by a heavy feeling of shame, as my friend got a look at my pale ass, and my mom got to see… well, the front of me. She herded me into the house, (where my kid sister was watching TV. She started chuckling when she saw me.) gave me a slap on the wrist and said ‘what on earth were you thinking? going round the garden with your bits out?’ I probably should have told her about the towel at this point, but instead I just said ‘mom, can I just go and put something on?’ my mom replied with, ‘actually holly, you’re clothes are on the washing line, so you’re going to have to stay like this a bit longer while I get the washing in. If you’re so eager to show yourself off to people outside I’m sure you can survive a minute or two in front of your sisters…’

When she came back with my clothes I dressed faster than I ever had and ran to my room, to hide there for the rest of the day. I avoided my friend for a week too. Thankfully I’ve learnt to laugh about it with her now.


Robbie’s swim trunks

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My best friend’s younger brother, 9-year-old Robbie, is a royal pain.  The scrawny brat gets away with murder as far as we’re concerned.  Well, this past summer, I got him good…or at least I thought I did.


My friend’s name is Carol and I’m Chrissy.  Carol’s family invited me along to a trip to the water park.  I definitely wanted to go even if both Carol and I didn’t like the fact Robbie would be there, too.  The good news is that he found a couple of his little friends and took off with them which was just fine with us.


Carol and I had done a fair amount of boy watching and finally sat down in some deck chairs to  just relax, soak up some sun, and—of course—continue boy watching.  Then Carol let out a shriek.  I looked over to her just as Robbie was running away from her giggling for all he was worth.  I didn’t have to ask my irate friend what the scamp had done as I saw the ice cubes flying off her as she brushed them off.  Robbie had dumped a cup of ice cold water on his sister and though he undoubtedly found his deed quite humorous, he knew to vacate the vicinity post haste if he wanted to stay alive.


Carol fumed for a few moments but I was able to calm her down.  She wanted so badly to get Robbie but decided killing him would let him off too easily, a thought that probably saved his life on many occasions following his antics.  Carol asked me what I was thinking.  She had noticed that I hadn’t said anything during all this and had actually allowed a smile to cross my face.  I had to quickly tell her that I found no amusement in what Robbie had done, just in what I was planning.  Carol tried to get me to tell her what my scheme was but I wouldn’t tell her as I wanted it to be a surprise.  Then I got up, telling her to wait there and that I would be back soon.


I had watched Robbie zoom away from us and headed in that general direction.  The water park was very crowded so I about gave up finding him and just about turned back to admit failure to Carol who of course didn’t know what I wanted to do.  But the desire to pay Robbie back proved too strong for me and I continued my search.  I spotted him just as he rushed into one of the large pools, but he was quickly out of sight among that crowd.  At least I had an inkling where he could be.  I headed out into the pool scanning here and there for the brat.  Being such a small skinny boy, I began to wonder how I could find him in the middle of all these people.  Then it struck me.  He had on very unique trunks in the sense that they were a very brilliant orange with neon green stripes on the sides and cartoon sharks everywhere else.  Taking a deep breath I went under water in search of those trunks.  I had to come up for air a few times, but I spotted them, much easier than trying to spot Robbie himself.


I made my way in the last direction I’d seen the trunks hoping he wouldn’t move to far away as I still couldn’t see him.  When I got near to where I had seen his bathing suit, I went back under water, looked around and saw those obnoxious trunks just a little ways away.  I stood up, took a good gulp of air, went back underwater and approached Robbie from behind with a big smile on my face.


It was tough maneuvering underwater around all the other people but Robbie’s trunks were a great beacon for me.  Helping my plan come to fruition was the fact that not only was Robbie a skinny kid, but he also usually managed to get his drawstring untied and would neglect to check it.  I grabbed a hold of his trunks and yanked down.   Though the crowd was noisy, I could hear the muffled yelp come from Robbie as his trunks descended to his ankles.  I gave him a quick shove before he could react, pulled his swim trunks completely off him, and took off.  Trying not to laugh as I was still underwater, I swam as far away as I could before the crowd and lack of air forced me to surface.  I looked in the general direction of the now naked Robbie but couldn’t see him.  Oh, well, I smiled as I left the pool knowing that I’d left what must be a very red-faced bare-butt 9-year-old bratty boy in a pool full of people.


I approached Carol holding Robbie’s trunks behind my back.  Carol spotted me and sat up looking very eager.  She peppered me with questions but I just stood there smiling.  When she finally appeared exasperated at my silence, I held up one hand indicating for her to be quiet.  Then, very slowly, I brought out my other hand showing her what was in it.  She looked confused at first but I quickly told her what I’d done trying not to laugh as I did so.


Now, I expected her to start laughing out loud but her look was not that of amusement.  Pointing a bit off to her right she indicated an area with tons of sand for kids to play in.  She pointed in particular to a boy wearing bright orange swim trunks with neon green stripes on the sides and little sharks everywhere else.  I found out at the moment that Robbie’s trunks were not quite as unique as I had thought as there sat Robbie playing in the sand wearing his trunks.  I had stripped some other poor boy of his bathing suit.  After my initial shock of realizing I had stripped some other boy, I burst into laughter joined by Carol as she realized the same thing about what I had done.  I had to wonder if my face—due to me accidently stripping the wrong boy—was as red as the boy’s face must’ve been when he found himself stripped of his trunks and left bare naked in a crowded public pool.  I doubt it.


Big Brother catches me and my friends masturbating

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I had what must be the most embarrassing experience a girl can ever go through.

I was having a slumber party with about six of my friends.  We were all aged 11 and 12.

Now I should say here I come from a small conservative community.  All of us came from homes where sex was a forbidden subject.  We were not to talk or ask any questions about sex.  So we grew up sort of ignorant on the subject learning what we could from friends, often at slumber parties!

Somehow during my party, the talk turned to pleasuring ourselves, or playing with ourselves, or touching ourselves.  We didn’t know that there was a word “masturbation.”  We did know it was supposed to feel good, but it was wrong.  Two of my friends said they tried it, but didn’t think they did it right because they did not feel anything special.  One girl said she did it all the time and was able to climax.  She would show us how it was done.

We all followed her instructions and stripped naked.  We laid on the floor, spread our legs, spread our pussy lips with one hand, and began feeling around with a finger on the other hand.  We forgot the door was left partly open, and did not know my Mom asked my 16-year-old brother to come up and gather the dirty dishes from our party.  He saw the open door and figured it was OK to enter.  When he did he saw all of our all.

We girls panicked.  We didn’t scream.  I guess we didn’t want my mom to come up as well.  Some girls jumped up and grabbed their pj’s.  Some hid themselves with their arms and legs, and some grabbed a pillow or something to hide themselves.  I stood there naked and crying begging my brother not to tell mom.

Brother did not get emotional.  He told us to calm down.  He was not going to tell anyone what he saw.  He said he would go outside the room and close the door.  We were to put our pjs and nighties on, and then he would come in to gather the dirty dishes.  When he reentered, we girls were all upset.  Some were crying.

Brother tried to calm us down.  He said he was sorry for coming in without knocking.  One of the girls said, “But you saw us doing something dirty and nasty.”  Brother said, “Is that what you think?”  He told us to relax and he would come back to talk to us after mom went to bed.

When brother returned, he told us what we were doing was called masturbation.  He said it may sound like a big scary word, but it isn’t.  It’s something personal and private, but it is not dirty and nasty, and we were not doing anything wrong.  Despite what some of us were told by our parents, it is normal and everybody does it.  It is a way to relieve the sexual tension we were starting to feel and to get to know our bodies.  He said boys masturbate as well, which was news to us.  (See how uninformed we were?)  We asked how and he described the process.  He said he masturbated at least once a week.  He did it more often before he got a girlfriend.

This was the first time anyone ever spoke to us openly about sex.  We began to ask him other questions, including when it was right to have sex.  He told us it depends on the person and that was for us alone to decide.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.  If you can’t accept the responsibility, don’t do it.

We asked him questions about boys and girls bodies.  He answered about boys, but told us they probably need a girl to answer the other questions.  He promised to ask his girlfriend if she would help us.  After an hour, we were all getting pretty tired, but we weren’t upset anymore.

For the next two years, until they went away to college together, brother and his girlfriend were always there to answer our questions.  After they left, we all still kept in touch by e-mail.   I can tell you with what they taught us, we were better able to handle growing up than some of our other friends.  Many of them were sexually active by 14.  Me and my friends waited until at least 17 or 18, or 20 in my case, when we were better able to handle it.

Being caught by my big brother with my hands between my legs is the most embarrassing experience  I ever had.  But he made it come out all right.  I really love my big brother.


My Younger brother embarrasses me.

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Recently my family had my grandmother come to live with us due to her age and health. Her health problems meant that we had to keep the thermostat on very high in our house. Unfortunately for me, this also meant that I had to give up my room and move in with my younger brother who only had a twin bed, as opposed to the queen bed in my room. In his room the bed was against the wall lengthwise and, since it was his room, I had to sleep against the wall.

Now I’m an athlete, actually a high school quarterback and I’m a 17 year old senior, while my freshman 14 year old brother is in choir and a student booster, which means he decorates the hallway and gym for the upcoming holidays and dances. Needless to say, we really have nothing in common, but since it was his room, our parents said he could have some discretion in running things which was why I was going to be the one sleeping against the wall. Unfortunately, also, there was only enough room for me to keep a limited amount of my own clothes and other stuff in there. I could knock and go into my room during the day while my grandmother was there, but my parents had also told me to make sure I had her okay before going in. So basically I had no place of my own. For whatever reason, my parents wanted to keep me in line.

Well, anyway, it finally got to be the first night of this arrangement. Since it was hot due to the thermostat, my brother suggested that we sleep in the nude. This did sound a little weird, but it was hot so I didn’t want to argue with him. As I stated, before, I am athletic, but unfortunately I am pretty small down there, I inch unaroused, and 3 inches aroused, and I wasn’t aroused now. In other words I have a small penis, tiny penis, small cock, or whatever you’d call it.  Since my brother was three years younger than me, I expected him to be about the same.  We both turned our backs to each other while we undressed and then we turned around. As I was undressing, I had said that it might be a little weird because I have a size issue, and as he was turning around he said that he knew what I meant because he had the same problem. We both turned around and of course mine was one inch hanging down, but my mouth fell open because he was eight inches and fully aroused. He thought I had the same size issue as him!

He did say Oh my I did not expect to be bigger than you, much less this much bigger! His initial reaction was rather than be boastful, he was apologetic about upstaging me in this regard. I’m sure if we were reversed, I would be very boastful. He then grabbed my hand and sat us both down on the edge of the bed and turned his music stream to the quiet storm, a type of soft music. He then said that when he was in Physical Education, he always felt awkward since he was the biggest in the room, but he also said that he felt bad for me because I was smaller than his fellow freshmen in his class.  He did seem to have a nurturing personality, which was so much different from me.  He then laughed and said that he expected me to be even bigger than him and thought I would have some advice on how to deal with that. For some people that might seem like sarcasm, but he seemed to genuinely feel that he had a problem.

He then said that he normally doesn’t do this, but if I wanted to touch him there that I could, I said no thank you, but he said to go ahead because he knew I was dying to. So I reached my hand towards him there and touched him and then he grabbed my hand so that it was wrapped around his shaft. He then told me to move my hand up and down, and then he said, wait I got an idea. He then stood up and told me to stand behind him and reach both of my hands around to his shaft and to move them on it. I began to do so and had to stand with my body pressed against his to really do this. I continued and he asked me how it felt to be able to stroke him while using all of my hands length. I did laugh and said it was enjoyable because my hands, which are pretty big, are far too big to stroke myself the way I was doing him. He said that he wanted to be in front of me so I could feel a little like I was stroking myself. At that comment, I did feel a little bit like I was and I began to get aroused myself.

After a few minutes after my arousal, I ended up coming on his backside, toward his crack, and after I finished doing so, he took my hands off my shaft and turned around and said that now it was his turn to come in me. I said wait I came on you not in you, but he said that it wasn’t his fault that I was too small to do so, so why should he get punished for that. Then he continued and said that if we think about it, that since I was already seventeen I might grow at most half an inch more down there by the time I was twenty one. He said that he would probably grow another three inches by the time he was seventeen and maybe another two by the time he was twenty one, making him eleven inches at seventeen and thirteen at twenty one. I then said that I agreed that he was probably right and he said it would be very interesting to measure us both when he was twenty one and I was twenty five because he could be anywhere from ten to twelve inches longer than me depending on whether I was aroused or not. I agreed to that also.

He then said that even though I was small down there, I could make up for it by being able to take in a larger amount than anyone else besides, he had just done what he could for me to pleasure, so it would only be fair for him to get the same. I finally consented and he told me that it would be best if I knelt in front of the bed and lie face down on it. He then said he would try and make it as easy as possible for me. He was standing and began to put his tip at the entry of my hole. He then told me to reach back and pull my cheeks apart and then, interestingly, he told me to push back and slide my hole onto his shaft rather than him shoving into me. I began and the initial part hurt a little and then I backed up and got him about two inches inside of me. He then asked if I was okay and I said yes. He then said good and began to move in and out a little for a few minutes which I actually found relaxing. He then grabbed my wrists and moved my hands away from my cheeks and began to use the leverage from my wrists to pull me further down his shaft while he began to thrust in. I said for him to stop, but he continued to push himself in while pulling me down on him. Finally, and painfully to me, he got his full eight inches in and began to move not only in and out, but up and down, side to side, and circularly. He was really giving my bottom a workout! After about fifteen minutes of this, he finally came and pulled out. When he did I noticed that he was five inches when unaroused. I told him what was that about? He said that we had discussed me being able to take in a large amount so he went ahead and did that. Another thing that he said was that he was going to want to do this every night I was in his room and if I told anyone that I would get in trouble for statutory rape since I was seventeen and he was only fourteen. Imagine, I get it in the bottom and I’m the one who has to worry about legal problems! And now I had to worry about getting it in the rear for a LONG TIME!