The Wrong Balls got Kicked

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This happened during my first year in high school.  So I guess I was about 14.  We were playing soccer during PE, the next to last period of the day.  There was a guy named Brandon on the other team.

Brandon was one of those 14-year-olds who could pass for 18.  He was very competitive in sports, but outside of that he was the gentile giant sort.  The only time I ever saw him fight when was when he would defend one of the smaller boys from bullies.  He was not a best friend, but we occasionally hung out together.

So Brandon and I are going for the ball.  We are both about to strike at the same time.  I get there about a second ahead of Brandon.  We both are prepared to give it a good kick.  I get the ball to a teammate, but I slip on the wet grass coming down just as Brandon is trying to follow through with his kick – and Brandon gets me right in the balls.  He couldn’t have aimed it better.  Pain shoots through my body and everything goes white.

My head clears enough to hear voices.  Brandon is shouting saying he is sorry and asking if I am alright.  I can’t say a word.  An assistant coach says I need to be taken to the nurse’s office.  Brandon picks me up and carries me as the assistant leads the way.

When we get to the nurse, she has Brandon put me on an examination table.  I am curled up holding my balls and in great pain.  The coach leaves, but Brandon wants to stay until he knows if I will be alright.  The nurse tells him to have a seat outside.  She then calls Stacy for assistance.

Who is Stacy?  She’s a senior who is majoring in health sciences.  She wants to go into nursing or some other health related profession.  Our school allows health science majors to assist in the nurse’s office rather than take study hall.  Stacy also lives next door to me.   I know her well.  I always had a crush on her, but realized the age difference meant I could only admire her from afar.  But we were still on friendly terms, and we talked casually with each other often.

So that’s Stacy.  The nurse tells her they have to examine my genitals, and will have to remove my shorts.  But that means Stacy will see my package!  I don’t mind the nurse seeing my stuff.  After all she is a nurse.  But Stacy is a neighbor and a friend.  But I am in a position to say nothing.  I feel too much pain.

Stacy helps to straighten me up on the table, removes my hands from my groin, smiles at me, and gives me her hand.  “This may hurt a bit, so squeeze my hand if you need to,” she said.  The nurse quickly yanks off my shorts leaving me naked from the waist down.  She then puts on a pair of gloves and proceeds to feel my balls.  I scream out and squeeze Stacy’s hand as hard as I could.  “I don’t feel any damage,” the nurse said.  She then told Stacy to feel.  Oh, great.  My neighbor not only is going to see my balls, she is going to touch them as well?  Stacy put on a pair of gloves and then had a feel.  Again I screamed in pain.  Both the nurse and Stacy tried to comfort me.  At least I didn’t get an erection.  Actually at that point, I don’t think I could get one.

The nurse tells Stacy to get some ice while she calls my parents.  Stacy covers me with a sheet.  While I am waiting, Brandon appears telling me he has to go, but he will be back with my clothes and stuff after school end.  Stacy then returns, uncovers me and puts an ice pack on my balls.  It stings.  She has me hold it in place while she covers me.  “I know this is embarrassing for you,” she says.  “But we have to treat the swelling before it starts, or else you could have real damage.”

A half hour later, Stacy returns with a fresh ice pack.  She tells me my mom was called, but I need to keep ice on my balls for another hour, which is about the time school lets out.  Stacy says she will drive me home.  Stacy then says she has another class to go to, but another girl will be in to take her place.  The idea of another older girl, who I may know, working with my balls sort of disturbs me.  I think Stacy sensed this, as she asked if I preferred to have her stay with me.  She assured me she could skip the next class, so I asked her to stay.  She’s seen my package now anyway, and I was beginning to feel less embarrassed.

A half hour later, Stacy changes the ice pack again.  This time she inspects my balls closely.  Smiling she says she sees little swelling.  The nurse comes in to look and agrees.  “You’re gonna be fine,” Stacy said with a smile.  A half hour later, Brandon returns with my clothes.  I am still very sore and have trouble moving.  I let both Brandon and Stacy help me get dressed.  Having Stacy see me naked is no longer a problem for me.  I actually begin to feel better having her around.

My mom was home when we arrived.  She said the doctor told her if the pain is not better by morning or if there is any discoloration, to come into his office.  Stacy helps me upstairs, helps me to undress and get into my pajamas, and puts another ice pack on my balls.  I thank her for all her help, and she says, “No problem.  I’ll check back with you tomorrow morning.”

My balls are still sore the next morning, but not nearly as sore as they were that night.  I decide I’d better stay home in bed.  Stacy stops by to see how I am doing.  She asks if I had any swelling or discoloration.  I didn’t think so, but I would like to get another opinion.  I now really don’t mind Stacy inspecting my package.  She is very sensitive to my plight, not to mention professional.  She asks me to lift my penis, and checking sees nothing wrong.  I put my pajama bottoms back up.  I didn’t realize I was doing it, but I gave Stacy a hug and a kiss on her cheek.  I thanked her for everything and for getting me through my ordeal.  I just hope I don’t go through this again!


My Little Sister’s First Slumber Party, Part 2

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This is part 2 of my sister’s first slumber party.  If you have not read part 1, find it and read that first.  If you cannot find part 1, here is a recap.

My sister Janie’s slumber party had to be canceled because my parents were called out of town to attend a funeral.  I, the 15-year-old big brother, hate to see Janie disappointed.  So I talk my parents into letting me supervise the party.  The other girls’ parents were willing to trust their daughters to me.  During the party, one girl, Brenda, feels sick.  I give her something for the stomach.  While she rests, the party goes on.  Eventually the girls go to bed.  But I am awakened by my sister at 2 am.  She tells me Brenda just had her first period.

In the days leading up to the party, I made a list of everything what could go wrong – a fire, one of the girls breaking her leg.  I developed plans in advance on how to deal with each emergency.  Brenda having her first menstruation was not on the list.  And quite frankly, it was something I really did not want to deal with.  But I was in charge and I did accept the responsibility.  So with my own stomach bouncing and my heart bounding, I got out of bed, put on my pants and went back with my sister to her room.

It was quite chaotic.  Two of the girls were wondering what was going on.  Two others knew, but all they could say was “gross.”  One pretended to sleep.  (That’s what I should have done!)  Then there was Veronica who kept telling Brenda, “This is great!  Now you get to have boobies!”  And in the middle of the room is Brenda laying on her sleeping bag, curled up in a ball.  I notice blood on the panties of her nighty.  She had obviously been crying.

Meanwhile, I was wishing for that fire.  It would have been easier to deal with.  But someone had to be the adult.  I guess it was me.  I told the girls to settle down.  Then I sat down near Brenda.  Putting my hand gently on her head, I said, “There is nothing to be scared of or ashamed of.  This happens to all girls.”  I hear a big “EEEWWWWW” from the others.  One girl asks, “Is there always that much blood?”  Ignoring her, I tell Brenda this only means she’s about to become a woman.  “That’s right,” says Veronica.  “You get to have boobies!”  This is not going well.  I ask Brenda, “You probably want your mom right now, don’t you?”  Brenda nods yes.  I tell her that Janie and I will call her mom to come pick her up.  I ask the other girls to help clean Brenda up, get her dressed and get her things together.  Veronica keeps talking about boobies.

Janie and I call from our parents’ room.  Brenda’s father answers and when I tell him who I am, he asks if there is anything wrong with Brenda.  I tell him she is fine, but she just had her first period.  Brenda’s dad then breaks into hysterical laughter.  “OOOBoy!  I bet she’s upset!,” he says.  I start praying that he is not the one coming over to pick Brenda up.  Then I hear her mother ask who is on the phone.  “Get a load of this,” I hear her father answer.  “Brenda just had her period!”

Thankfully Brenda’s mom takes the phone.  She promises she will be right over.  As I hang up the phone, one of the girls appears in the doorway holding Brenda’s bloody panties asking what to do with them.  I really don’t want to deal with bloody panties right now – or ever.  I tell her just throw them into the waste can and I will worry about that tomorrow.

Brenda’s mom comes.  Brenda runs to her and hugs her.  Her mom says that her little girl is becoming a woman.  She thanks me and they leave.  The other girls are all hyper right now.  I suggest everyone go back to sleep.  Veronica now mentions Brenda will also get hair between her legs.  They will be talking about this all night.

The girls are still asleep when I wake up in the morning.  Their parents call asking when they can be picked up.  They all heard of the excitement.  I tell them the girls will probably not get up until late.  I will feed them breakfast and they should be ready to leave by noon.  The girls finally get up.  I fix got them eggs, bacon and pancakes.  The topic of conversation is still Brenda and her menstruation.

After the girls all go home, Janie thanks me with a big hug and a kiss.  She says I am the best brother ever.  I tell her she still needs to help me clean up.  As we clean up, the doorbell rings.  It’s Brenda, now all smiles.  She wanted to thank me for last night, which she did with a hug and a kiss.  She then volunteers to help us clean up.  Actually, Janie and Brenda mostly talked as Janie was all full of questions.  Brenda told her she was wearing a pad and offered to show it to Janie.   I was ready for a different topic of conversation.

The things I put myself through just to make my little sister happy.  I guess it was worth it!


My Little Sister’s First Slumber Party, Part 1

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OK.  This is sort of a long story, so I am going to post it in two parts.  This is part one.

I was 15 at the time.  My little sister Janie was 11 and was about to host a slumber party for the very first time.  She was very excited and looking forward to playing hostess.  But a week beforehand we learned a distant relative, who neither Janie nor I knew, had died.  My parents had been out of touch with him for years, but still felt an obligation to go to the funeral.  Unfortunately that would take them out of town the weekend of my sister’s slumber party.

Janie tried to come up with all sorts of ideas on how to not cancel the party.  Nothing seemed reasonable.  It was suggested having the party at another girl’s house, but then it would not be Janie’s party.  Seeing there was no way to save the party, Janie began to cry.

Now I hate seeing my sister sad, and I hate it more when she cries.  I have doted on her since the day she was born, and she is very important to me.  So as her big brother, it was up to me to save the day.  I told my parents that I could supervise the party.  After all, they always said I was the most responsible 15-year-old boy they know, and besides I knew all the girls.  They were good girls, well behaved who did what they were told.  My parents said leaving me in charge of my sister over the weekend is one thing, but being in charge of six additional girls is a bit much even for me.  I pointed out one of the girls lives across the street and if anything happens which I cannot control, I can call her parents.

All this time, Janie is pleading with her puppy dog eyes.  Finally my parents said they would call the girls’ parents and if they had no objections it would be alright for me to take care of the girls.  Janie is happy again and is jumping off the walls.  All the parents know me and think I can handle their daughters, so the party is back on.

So it is the evening of the party.  Janie and I are in the house alone.  We are getting things ready.  The girls arrive one by one, go up to Janie’s room to change into their pajamas, nighties and nightgowns.  They then come downstairs to help get all the pizzas, popcorn, mini-hot dogs and all the other junk food ready.  When everything is set up, I tell them they have full use of the living room and Janie’s room.  I ask them not to make too much of a mess.  If they need me, I will be in my room.  Then I tell them to have fun.

So I am in my room doing some schoolwork or reading.  I leave the door slightly open so I can hear any crashes or sounds of disaster.  Around 11:00, there is a knock on my door.  My sister and two of her friends ask if they can come in.  I ask what’s wrong.  My sister says, “Brenda isn’t feeling well.”

I follow the girls to my sister’s room.  Brenda is in her nighty curled up on top of her sleeping bag.  I ask her what’s wrong and she says she has a tummy ache.  I smiled and said she probably had too much junk food.  Brenda nods yes.  I go out and get some liquid antacid, and give Brenda two spoonsful.  I tell her to just rest, and then I ask the girls to keep the party downstairs so not to disturb Brenda.

About a quarter to one in the morning, the girls start to drag themselves upstairs to sleep.  I figure it is time for me to sleep as well.  I brush my teeth, go back into my room, strip down to my underwear and went to bed.

At two in the morning, I wake up as someone is shaking me.  It’s Janie.  I was what’s wrong, and she says, “Brenda just had her first period.”

End of Part One.


lesbo threesome on my first day of school

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I was a new freshman girl and i knew nobody, so i had no idea where my classes were either. I asked a senior girl how to get to my club room, and she said she would tell me if i completed one task. She brought me to the bathroom and she sat up on the window sill, legs spread. She pointed to her crotch and said to eat it. It took a while, but being new and easily oppressed, i went to her skirt and removed her panties. I was horrified as i stuck my tongue out and pecked her clit. She shouted at me to dig deeper. I licked a bit, then she grabbed my head and stuffed it between her legs tightly and i licked roughly. She moaned in pleasure and a junior walked in on the scene. The senior was her friend and told her i was willing to do anything.

So the juniors turn was next. The junior took off her bottom and panty and yanked off mine too. She lied down and told me to sit on her crotch and rub mine against hers. Scared to death, i did. I was surprised that while i was rubbing i was hitting a sensitive spot and i started moaning too. The senior rubbed my breasts while i continued to buck my hips. Soon my high pitched little moans became louder and i came all over junior girl. I was so embarrassed, and this was on my first day.

As if that wasnt enough, junior girl said clean it up. Face red, i stood to get a paper towel but senior said no! clean with your mouth. So i bent down to her crotch and licked it up, my pussy dangling in her face where she could rub it to her hearts content. Which junior girl did. I was startled, but senior girl was masturbating and enjoying the view and said dont stop, continue. I obeyed and licked further as i tried to resist another orgasm with junior girl fingering me.

Oh the worst part? A teacher, who was actually going to use the bathroom to pee, walked in. FML.


Why do these things happen to me?!

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So I was home alone and I was wearing a summer dress. Important detail: I was wearing no panties. I was doing homework when my pencil rolled under the couch. I bent over to look under the couch and get my pencil back. My skirt flew upside down when my butt stuck up in the air, but I didn’t care becauseI was alone. But my neighbor-he was 16, my age- came in, perfect timing, and saw my bare butt sticking out for the world to see.

My neighbor is a total pervert-he gets me into bed a lot and almost has his way with me, too. I had no idea that he was there until I felt something on my pussy. He was LICKING me. “Back off, pervert!” I said and he said “I took photos on my phone. Obey or else these’ll go to your parents.”

I had no choice. He told me to stay in the position while rubbing myself. I did so. He made me continue until I climaxed. “Dirty girl” he said and I was so embarrassed. He started cleaning up my cum with his tongue and I held back my anger. Then he hit m G-spot and I started moaning uncontrollably. I hated myself. My hips bucked and he licked harder and deeper until I came again in his mouth.

He then made me lie on my back and spread my legs. He stuffed his head between my legs and started sucking my clit and licking my vagina. I was moaning so loudly as he held my legs apart with one hand and played with my breast with the other. I was near my third climax when his mother walked in.

“Joshua how long does it take you to get sugar” she said and stopped at our sight. She was angry and shoved her son off of me in disgust. I stood up, but finished the thrid climax out of my control. My green dress had a stain and soon it was the talk of the neighborhood. :(!!


Mistletoe Mishap

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This happened during the Christmas season at my work. We had just had a sensitivity training seminar in which all coworkers were instructed to not do anything that might offend a member of the GLBT community. Anyway, one time while walking at work during this season, I had a lot of papers in my hand and I didn’t see that a mistletoe that had been put in an area that I had to frequently walk through. The one who “happened “ to be the one to point it out to me while being under it at the same time I walked under it was a gay guy at my work. He was gay and I wasn’t. He told me to pucker up for a kiss, but I said no. He said that he would report me for offending him if I didn’t, and so, since I didn’t want to get into a big hassle, I said okay. Since he was three inches taller than me, he grabbed his left arm around my neck and slightly dipped me while my hands were still full of the papers I was carrying. He then gave me a French kiss while he was holding me with his arm. He continued to dip me further down while kissing me and I ended up dropping the papers that I was holding and reached my arms around his upper torso neck area in order to pull myself back up. As I was doing so, with his right hand he grabbed my crotch area, but since I’m small down there, he ended up grabbing around until he found it. He then pulled me back up while I was still kissing him and we both felt from my crotch area that I had gotten aroused from the passionate kiss he had just given me. He then let go and said that he hoped we could bump into each other again under the mistletoe, but he had to get back to work. He just left me there, knowing I had gotten aroused by what he had just done.



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So i had promised my best guy friend that i would ace my math test after he tutored me, but i failed. When he found out, he took me into the school bathroom and locked up (he had the keys because his cousin is a parttime janitor) and i said “what are you doing” he said “punishment for failing”. i had no idea what that meant but he stripped me down. I was okay with this because as kids we saw each other naked all the time anyway, but then he tied my hands to the doorknob. Out of his bag he took a vibrator (dont even ask where he got it from) and he strappd it to my leg, right at my ‘area’. He didn’t turn it on, but made me wear it in secret under my skirt for the rest of the day.

In the next class, i was sitting with the vibrator still strapped to my leg. He was sitting across from me and showed me a little device with a button on it. “what is that” i asked and he didnt answer. The teacher asked me to come to the board to write somethng, and when i stood, my friend pressed the button and the vibrator turned on and was pleasuring me. It felt so good but i tried to hide my moans (after all, i was in the middle of class). By the time i got to the board i was extremely aroused.

I was writing when my teacher said “are you okay? youre really red” i said i’m fine, but just the pressure of me talking made me climax. I reached my limit trying to hold it in and i dripped all over the floor, moaning erotically. the vibrator was still on, and the strap came loose and fell out of my skirt. The room was silent and teacher’s mouth was hanging open. and i was standing there, dripping with a vibrator on the floor i was SO EMBARRASSED and will never live it down.


Depantsed by Dog

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It was Easter morning and I was 8. I was excited to find eggs. We were spending the holiday with some cousins–a 8 year old girl, and a 6 year old girl. My sister was 10. I was the only boy. All us kids just hurried out in our pajamas. For me, it was just pajama bottoms. My mom made us wear shoes. So we hurriedly put our shoes on. My uncle was filming us look around for the eggs. For some reason, that particular morning, my dog was in a feisty mood. He kept trying to grab my pants. At one point, he grabbed my pants and exposed my butt (making him drop all the eggs I’d found.) So, I pulled my pants up and bent down to grab my fallen eggs. Of course, my cousins and sister all came to share in my misfortune. While I was bent over, my dog comes up behind me and grabs the leg of my pants and starts pulling really hard. The first tug brought my pants all the way down to my pelvis area, not yet exposing my boyhood. I quickly dropped my eggs and started trying to keep my pants up, which just made my dog fight harder. All the girls were laughing at my misfortune here.  On the second tug, he pulled my pants down exposing my boyhood and the girls went hysterical. My uncle was still filming and my dog was still tugging. I was trying to cover up with one hand and pull for my pants with the other. Which, didn’t work, my dog kept pulling which made me trip forward having to uncover myself to stay uninjured. My dog tugged one leg completely off my foot and my other leg was barely hanging on my foot. I would have to take the long run back naked. The girls were laughing, my uncle was lauginng and filming. I was naked. Finally I gave up and ran like the dickens to the house to protect what modesty I had left.


Tricked into Skinny Dipping

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When I was 12, I was over at my friend’s house. He was having a sleepover with a few other guys from school. Anyway, he had this pond behind his house and he said we should go swimming.  All of the guys agreed. All of the guys took turn in the bathroom changing into our bathing suits. Once they got dressed they ran out to the pond. I was last to change. I was the last to get down to the pond.  All the guys were saying I should skinny dip. I said “Yeah Right.” They insisted and said they, themselves, were skinny dipping. “Look at the pile of swim suits.” I looked and saw a pile of wet swim suits. I guess they really were swimming. So I nervously took off my trunks and jumped in. That’s when they got out of the water, and to my shock WEARING SWIMSUITS!  I hurried out of the water to try and grab my trunks but it was too late! “Hey give me back my trunks!” I shouted. They were teasing me a little, they caused so much commotion that my friend’s 16 year old sister came out and saw me completely naked. She thought the whole thing was funny, they started playing monkey in the middle with my shorts and so there I was, prepubescent balls bouncing for this laughing girl. Finally, I caught my shorts and quickly put them over my naked butt. I laughed about it later, but it sure was embarrassing then.


Sister’s friend gets a surprising view

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This was back in 9th grade (i am out of college now).  my sister had her friend over (who is in my grade).  i thought this girl was very attractive, and she kind of liked me too.  one time i had just gotten out of the shower with only a towel on, and my sisters friend is over.  i go over and talk to her.  from behind me, my sister yanks my towel off.  her friend gets a full view of my big, hairy d**k as i run after my sister to get my towel back.  both my sister and her friend are in hysterics.  this was the most embarrassing moment of my life.