Embarressing video gone public!

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I had a Youtube channel years ago and I had reached 50 subscribers. I thought “Why don’t I upload a singing video?”

So i Did…

A couple of days later I realise how bad it was and deleted it.

Someone in my school who hates downloaded the video before hand. Kind of creppy right?

A month passes and then the creepy guy shows me a usb stick and tells me that its on it.

I didnt think much of it until he tried to play it during a lesson I was in.

When I saw him play it I rushed to the computer to stop it, but it was too late.

A video of me singing ‘My Heart will go on’ From Titanic started playing. I had no other option but to pull the power chord. That moment killed me on the inside. No one ever forgot me swearing the whole Titanic song out loud… Even my teacher was laughing


Punished – tiny dick seen by all girls

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This happened when I was around 15. It was a terrible accident, once, when in school, I popped out of the class for a pee. In my urgency, without even realizing, I went into the girls restroom. The moment I entered, a half naked girl saw me and just screamed and the other girls joined her and decided to report me, accusing me of being a pervert. How much ever I tried to explain, the teachers decided to believe the girls over me and decided to punish me severely, so that boys in future, don’t behave in such a manner. They were discussing on what to do when the girl whom I saw first, suggested, the teachers seemed too pleased. I immediately realized that something bad was going to happen and true to my expectations, they ordered me to stand outside my class, FULLY NAKED till the end of the day. When I refused, the alternative that the teachers gave me was a month’s suspension. Left with no choice, I started removing my clothes and when the moment when I removed my underwear, the girls around me started laughing. The teachers took my clothes and told me to collect it after the end of the day. Left with no choice, I was standing outside my class, fully naked and more to my embarrassment, everyone found that my dick was so small even after erection and the girls who passed by laughed at me very hard. Later, many girls even started crowding around me. Many took photos of me and I don’t know whether some of them have been put on the internet. After the day got over, I was warned and my clothes were returned. It was a very embarrassing day for me, with nearly 300 students seeing me fully naked and knowing about my small dick. It was my most embarrassing day and all, for a mere accident!


Period Stain

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I was getting changed for PE in a room with about 12 girls. When I got down to my underwear I noticed that some of the girls behind me had started laughing and whispering. After I got changed into my kit I asked my friend what the girls had been laughing at. My friend told me that there was a period stain on my white knickers and that everyone in the room had seen!


Stuck in a Dress

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I was trying on clothes in a shop with my friends. I tried on a dress that was too small for me. It didn’t have a zip at the back and it wasn’t very stretchy. When I tried to take it off I couldn’t get it over my shoulders or my hips!

I called my friends into the changing room. Neither of them could get it off either. I started to receive texts from my dad asking were I was as he was suppose to be picking me up and taking me to see my sister’s play. I couldn’t take the stress of the situation and began crying.

My friends called a shop assistant. The shop assistant had to cut the dress off me with a pair of scissors. Luckily I didn’t have to pay for dress and I managed to make it to the play on time.

To this day I still feel scared when going dress shopping.


The Worst Magic Trick Ever

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Before we get started you must know a few things 1) I get extremely embarrassed about my body showing, even with a bikini on 2)I have had a crush on “Marshall” for three years 3)I have and average weight but large DD breasts 4)I live truth or dare… oh and I’ll go by Elena

One day my friend “Kaitlyn” told me that “Ava” was having a sleepover and I was invited. I gleefully accepted.

At the sleepover, we all had on our pjs mostly a tee and shorts. We all got bored so we ordered pizza then played truth or dare until the delivery guy came.

“Hey Elena, I dare you to answer the door without a shirt on when the pizza’s here!” Kaitlyn said. I immediately refused.

“Well then I guess we’ll have to make you!” Ava said as she tickled me while Kaitlyn cut off my shirt with scissors and chops my tee into pieces. It took me a second to realize the top of one of my bra straps had been cut in the process, I was freaking out.

“Well I guess we have to make it even,” Kaitlyn said as she snipped away both straps, me struggling know that a bra without straps would sag down my breasts, but she managed to cut them free.

Ding, dong! “Hello pizza delivery fo-” the Pizza Guy stopped mid-sentence looking down at my cleavage and boobs as I trembled in embarrassment. I just nodded and took the pizza and receipt and shove a five in his hand then shut the door before my bra slid down, which it did as I set the pizza on the table, luckily my back was toward my friends.

“Okay now you get to dare someone,” Ava informed me upon. Kaitlyn then smirked and said since her and Ava had to take off my shirt it didn’t count and it was still her turn to give someone a dare.

“I choose Elena!” she announced. I told her I already went and then she reminded me it didn’t count, I just begged her to show me some mercy on this dare and she just said ‘Okay, let’s do a magic trick!’

She cuffed me to a tree while I was helpless and a couple other girls walked across the street to invite Marshall over. Kaitlyn first snipped off my shorts, then my bra exposing my nipples, then my panties showing my cleans shaven vagina to the whole block and Marshall. She even left me completely nude all night!


Skinny Dipping With Cousins

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My name is Kelly and I’m a 16 year old girl. I’m really underdeveloped for my age and I have small boobs and very little hair on my pussy. One March Break, my cousins Susie, Jessica, and Jenny came for a visit. Susie is 15 and Jessica and Jenny(they are twins) are both 16 like me.
We were out for a walk in the woods and it was really hot. We came by a river that wasn’t too deep but not too shallow. Susie then had a idea to go skinny dipping. Jessica and Jenny agreed but I wasn’t too sure. They said that it would be fine because we are family and girls anyway. So we pulled off our clothes(we weren’t wearing anything under out shorts and t shirts) and went into the cold water.
We swam around for a while. Then, I heard voices coming near. We hid near some bushes that would cover us. Then I saw three popular girls from our school: Julia, Alice, and their leader, Felicia. I’m not exactly the most popular girl in my grade. They saw our clothes and threw them in the river and they all washed down stream away from us!
We tried to go after it when the three girls started to laugh. They came in the river in their bras and panties, pulled us out and got a rope from a old tire swing by the river and tied us to a tree!
Felicia told us that we had to stand and pose for them while they took pictures of us or they would not untie us so we agreed. They made us stand in positions that would expose our boobs and pussies while they took pictures. They also found out which school my cousins went to and sent the pictures to a friend of Julia’s who went to that school!
After a while, they let us go and we had to walk back home naked! Whenever a car or a person came by, we jumped into nearby bushes but I think a couple of people, including my crush Joshua saw us! When our parents asked us about our clothes, we said that we fell into the river and our clothes got swept off us.
When March Break ended, everyone in our schools had seen the pictures and constantly made fun of me. Thanks to that, I was once forced to walk around the neighborhood naked or they would post our nude pictures on the internet!
Now, me, Jessica, Jenny, and Susie only go skinny dipping or go naked when we are sure that no one would ever come by. I like being nude now and I even walk around my house nude when no one’s home.


Halloween Disaster

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My name is Lisa and I am in my first year of high school. It was Halloween and that night there was a big party and everyone I knew were invited. There was a boy at the party that I kinda liked so I decided to wear a bikini and be a surfer. By the way, I’m really underdeveloped. I have small boobs and there is almost no hair on my pussy so I were a bikini top that made my boobs look bigger.
Right before I left for the party, me and my mom were arguing. “You are NOT wearing that to a party!” my mom yelled. “Well, I’m old enough to show my body off!” I yelled back. That was the wrong thing to say. My mom said, “Fine, show your body off.” and with a swift motion, she untied my bikini top and and my bikini bottoms. She then dragged me into the car without anything, not even shoes, to wear!
I protested, “Mom, what are you doing? I can’t go like this!” mom replied “If you want to show off your body, then go naked! You can say that you’re Eve from the Bible!” She dragged me out of the car, rang the doorbell, and went off in her car.
The door was opened and everybody started laughing. I tried to cover my boobs and my pussy but they taped me to the wall and started laughing and taking pictures of me, making fun of my small boobs.
The next day, everybody was making fun of me and posted my nudes on the internet! Now, I don’t wear big bras because everybody knows that I have small boobs.


Seen Naked By My Friends

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My name is Julie. I am a 14 year old girl and I love skinny dipping in private. I would do it in front of my friends if I wasn’t undeveloped. My chest is flat and I don’t have any public hair on my vagina. At school, I wear a bra that makes my breasts look bigger.
One summer day, I was home alone and I decided to skinny dip. I was only wearing my bras and my panties that time so I took those off and jumped into the water. After a relaxing swim, I got out and had an interesting idea. Why don’t I take a walk naked?
So I walked around my neighborhood, jumping behind bushes whenever I saw anyone coming. I was almost back home when I saw four girls walk out from a girl Sandy’s house! Sandy started laughing and started taking pictures saying “Look at her, she’s just a little girl!”. They held me back and took my pictures.
When I got back to school, I found out that they sent my nudes to everyone they knew!
So for the rest of my high school year, I was known as little baby.


popcorn and cum

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Last week i cheated on my boyfriend by accident! I knkw it sounds funnny but its true we were hanging out at my boyfriends place with his cousin and his girlfriend. We got really drunk and went to the movies because they wanted to see the bateful 8. Now when I say we were drunk, we barely made it to our seats, at least i did. About 30 minutes into the movie I stuck my hand into my boyfriends pants and started playing with him. I was so drunk I didn’t realize I was doing it to his cousin! And by the time I realized it, my hand was covered in his cum! At the same time my boyfriend is telling me to feed him some popcorn, I didn’t even time to wipe my hands I grabbed some popcorn and gave put it in his mouth. I did it a few more times and then he said “they’re skimp the butter! I almost started laughing but then I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. Right before I got to my seat my boyfriends cousin was going to the bathroom smiling walking past me, I called him an asshole for not stopping me and he was like what nothing happened.


Naked In School, Then In Public!

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I am a 15 year old girl and I went to a party at one of my friend’s house.
We were playing truth or dare and I chose dare. My dare was that I had to walk around naked the next day at school for 30 minutes!
The next day, I told them I would do the dare after school when no one was around. So at the end of school, I met them and started to walk to the locker rooms but they said that I had to do it on the roof of the school and walk down to each floor! So I reluctantly pulled off my shirt, then my jeans. I told my friends not to look and I unhooked my bra and pulled off my panties and my socks and shoes too. When I turned around ready, my friends started taking pictures of me! I tried to cover my private parts as best as possible, but it was too late. Then, two of them held me back while the rest of them took my clothes and ran away! I was completely naked on my school roof!
I started to chase after them. I suddenly remembered that someone might see me. I waited on the roof, starting to cry.
It was getting dark and I realized that the school must be empty now. I quietly opened the roof door and the school was completely dark. I carefully walked around and I was finally out of the school! At the front of the school were my friends.
When I asked for my clothes, they told me that they burned them and they buried my keys and my phone! They told me that the dare changed and that if I wanted some clothes, I would have to let them take more pictures of me. So I stood there, crying silently while they took pictures of me. Finally, they stopped. Then they said that they changed their minds and that they aren’t going to give me any clothes! Then they rode off on their bikes.
I had to walk home naked, which was about fifteen minutes away. Thankfully, no one had seen me without clothes and I walked home safely. Then I realized that I didn’t have a key and my house was completely empty! I sat in the backyard, trying to cover myself. I then remembered that my parents kept a spare key under the mat. So I took the key and went inside.
The next day, I found out that my friends sent my nudes to everybody they knew! Thankfully, they covered my face, but they said that they would uncover it if I ever told on them.
Even though no one ever found out who was in those nudes, I had walk in the public naked! It was the most embarrassing day of my life.