I got embarrassed so much!

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I am an undeveloped 14 year old girl. I have a flat chest and no hair on my pussy. I wear a bra that makes it look as though I have big boobs. Our school’s mascot was a Tiger and I was a substitute for the mascot. One day, at a sports game that was held at our school, the person who usually wore the costume was sick so I was asked to replace him.
So I stripped down to my bra and panties and prepared to get in there. It was really hot inside the costume so I pulled my bra AND panties off so I was naked in the costume.
At the end of the game, when I went into the change room, I saw in horror that the other cheerleaders had noticed my outfit and underwear and was saying that someone was naked. When they saw my name sewn to the back of the outfit, they ran after me and unzipped the back. I kept running and realized that I was completely naked! I jumped into an empty closet and locked the door. I remembered that I was supposed to walk home!
As I sneaked outside, I saw the other cheerleaders with some scissors. As I got closer, I realized that they had ripped all of my clothes! At that moment, one of the girls saw me and she took some pictures.
The other girls told me that I would have to pose for them or they would post my nudes on the internet.
As I stood there, standing in poses that revealed my chest and my pussy, I started to cry. The girls made fun of my flat chest and finally tied my hands behind my back and let me go home. As I ran fast as possible home, I’m sure that a lot of people saw me.
The next day, one of the girls told me to look up a website. On the website were my nudes! For the rest my high school year, I was forced to strip down and do embarrassing things.


Wet pants

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I was at my friend’s house playing truth or dare. When it was her turn she said, “I dare you to put on this.” She lifted up a pair of pants and helped me into them. I felt like there was something wrong between my legs when I put the pants on. But right after I put them on, my friend pressed a button and suddenly I felt vibrations in my pussy. I moaned and touched it but my friend hit the button again and again so soon I was yelling and rubbing my pussy. When I got back up my friend laughed. I look down and saw that I had wet myself. I blushed and had to go back home with my pants wet!



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I was 18 when this happened. My friend invited me over to her house to record a video together. I went over and when we were in here room she locked the door and said, “well, lets get started.” Then she suddenly wiped out a ohmibod and put it up the pussy! I stared and ask, “what are you doing?” She told me that we were going on porn and told me to let her put a vibrator into my pussy to. Slowly, I pulled my skirt down and took my panties off. The she fitted the vibrator into my pussy. I put my skirt back on and she turned on her computer. She opened the porn site and turn on the camera. “Hi, today I have my friend Stephanie with me! Suddenly a ping sound went up from her computer and vibrations came from my pussy. I moaned and put my hand there. Then my friend said, “take of your skirt and put this on.” She handed me a ballerina dress. After I put it on, She told me to bend down. I did and released that my butt was showing into the camera! But then my friend suddenly lifted her a-hand and spanked my butt. I yelled and tried to pull away but she grabbed me and spanked my butt a few more times. I had to stay because the door was locked and my friend had the key. She forced me to stay for two hours and I was made to take off my clothes, lick her pussy, and get spanked while I was with her.


Nude in pool…accidentally

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One day it was when I was swimming with my dad, brother, sister and her friend. With other unknown people because it was a public pool. Anyway our family always had competitions, one of them was best dive into the pool and when it was my turn I did a summersalt. Let’s stop there and get some background info. I’m 16 male, sister and her friend 21, brother 17 and dosent matter about my dad. But yeah this is just the first part of a really bad day, I did my dive and my trunks came off. No one in my family noticed but these 14 year old girls saw my penis out of my trunks. I quickly pulled them up tho. My sister and her friend say they only saw my bum. Long story Ik. Then about 30mins later my trunks had ripped and my whole junk was hanging out. Most of the people had gotten out including my brother and my dad, there was only like 12 people in the pool. Anyway I dunked my sister and her friend lots of times, playing different pool games. I was in there for at least 15min not noticing. They must of seen it a million times and them blushing should of been a sign. They kept going under water and going next to me and so on. I’m still a Virgin aswell. I noticed when I dunked my sister and her face went all along my penis and gave me a boner straight away. at first I panicked. i even got to the side pool and stood up where something like 5 girls who idk must of saw when I didn’t notice before. So after a while I thought they have seen it for ages so it doesn’t matter so then I let it go aha. We was in there for another 10min least. I swear they kept on touching it but I had raging boner at the end and it was time to get out. Si I got up and a fit lifeguard laughed and said get changed now. I knew what she laughed for but didn’t tell me. So we got in the changing room and lots of girls idk probably seen my dick at at this point. Anyway we got home and I was tired I went to sleep. There is another story i might post…


Strip Poker Loser

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So this one time when I was 17 I went to my girlfriend’s place to have fun with her and her best friend, who also brought her boyfriend.

We had stolen some beer from the fridge and were kinda buzzed, when my girlfriend suggested we play strip poker, everyone seemed okay with it, I was still kinda worried, but they kept insisting and I finally went with it.

we played until one person was naked, sadly, that was me, I was completely naked with my cock showing (six inches), the other boyfriend was in his pants, my girlfriend was in her underwear and her friend was only in her panties (she had pretty great tits, so I was kinda stiff).

The other boyfriend took his girl away to have a quickie I guess, leaving me with my girlfriend who started making out with me.

Soon we were interrupted by the happy couple again who were now dressed, the boyfriend said he had to jet and left almost immediately, I looked around for my own clothes but couldn’t find them anywhere, the friend told me she hid them away, and while I was distracted, my girlfriend put her clothes back on and I was the only one left naked.

She told me to go home, and when I asked for my clothes she told me she’d keep them and that I had to streak home (she drove me here).

When I said no way she told me that the only other option was for me to put on a show for them, they took out their phones and started making a video, they forced me to say out loud that I lost strip poker to two girls and I had to pay the price, then they told me to jerk it.

I started beating off and came very quickly (Quicker than I wanted) all while they filmed me and giggled and made fun of me, I remember jizzing on a glass coffee table they had.

She finally took me home naked, I never got my clothes back and I found out later that she did this with all of her other boyfriends, they usually said nothing because it was humiliating, and so she wouldn’t let the videos out.

ofc we broke up soon after.


Bum spanked in public

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My girlfriend was fed up of arguing and not paying her enough compliments.
So she decided if I did any of those or even if she just felt like it, she would punish me in public.
The first time she got me to bend over and pulled the back of my trousers down in the middle of the street. She then started whacking my bum hard with her metal hair brush. People cheered her on and took photos.
Once she finished, she pulled my trousers up.
Another time she started somrthing else she now does regulary.
She again pulled my trousers down at the back in another busy street. She gave me a few swats of her brush as people watched and took pics. She then spread my butt cheeks and exposed my anus to everyone. Then she took out yhe chewing gum she was chewing and shoved it into my anus. She then closed my legs and pulked up my jeans.
Luckily she never exposes my privates, just my butt and anus.


full momty

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For my mom’s birthday party, I decided to do a strip tease, the full monty. I was 16, the music started, I undid my tie, then shirt, belt, shoes then ripped off my undershirt and pants. I had my skinny boxer briefs and a g string. I pulled off my underwear and covered myself with my hat then took off my g string. Then I dropped the hat and my sister grabbed it. I stayed naked for the rest of the evening.


talent show

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My name is mathew, and I was 16 when this happened my town puts on a talent show each December. My dad and I always complete but never win. So at the beginning of November he tells me that this year we will win. I said well what’s your idea, he said combination of the towel dance, and the balloon dance. I laughed but he was serious. I kept saying no, but eventually I caved because I thought haha funny underwear dance or something. But he wanted us to be legitimately naked. I did say fine, so I went with it. He left got two towels and said to get undressed so I did and came back in my boxers, he said no we need to see each other now so as to get used to it I said fine I wrapped the towel around removed my boxers and on the count of three we dropped our towels. And looked at each other, he said “huh, that’s what you look like now.” So during this my mom walks in and said “wow didn’t think you would want to do this with us. I said “US!” “That’s right” then I found out that my mom was going to be part of it, taking one towel when we share one and popping balloons. So we worked at it and when it came show night my mom was sick so my younger sister who was 8 took her part and popped the wrong balloons, leaving me fully naked on stage. We did win though and we did a rendition for my grandma’s 70th birthday with my cousins Jonathan 17, Adam 21, and Donovan 18 with my sister popping all of our balloons again. And I don’t think twice about walking around naked every once and a while


Embarressing video gone public!

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I had a Youtube channel years ago and I had reached 50 subscribers. I thought “Why don’t I upload a singing video?”

So i Did…

A couple of days later I realise how bad it was and deleted it.

Someone in my school who hates downloaded the video before hand. Kind of creppy right?

A month passes and then the creepy guy shows me a usb stick and tells me that its on it.

I didnt think much of it until he tried to play it during a lesson I was in.

When I saw him play it I rushed to the computer to stop it, but it was too late.

A video of me singing ‘My Heart will go on’ From Titanic started playing. I had no other option but to pull the power chord. That moment killed me on the inside. No one ever forgot me swearing the whole Titanic song out loud… Even my teacher was laughing


Punished – tiny dick seen by all girls

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This happened when I was around 15. It was a terrible accident, once, when in school, I popped out of the class for a pee. In my urgency, without even realizing, I went into the girls restroom. The moment I entered, a half naked girl saw me and just screamed and the other girls joined her and decided to report me, accusing me of being a pervert. How much ever I tried to explain, the teachers decided to believe the girls over me and decided to punish me severely, so that boys in future, don’t behave in such a manner. They were discussing on what to do when the girl whom I saw first, suggested, the teachers seemed too pleased. I immediately realized that something bad was going to happen and true to my expectations, they ordered me to stand outside my class, FULLY NAKED till the end of the day. When I refused, the alternative that the teachers gave me was a month’s suspension. Left with no choice, I started removing my clothes and when the moment when I removed my underwear, the girls around me started laughing. The teachers took my clothes and told me to collect it after the end of the day. Left with no choice, I was standing outside my class, fully naked and more to my embarrassment, everyone found that my dick was so small even after erection and the girls who passed by laughed at me very hard. Later, many girls even started crowding around me. Many took photos of me and I don’t know whether some of them have been put on the internet. After the day got over, I was warned and my clothes were returned. It was a very embarrassing day for me, with nearly 300 students seeing me fully naked and knowing about my small dick. It was my most embarrassing day and all, for a mere accident!