Embarrassment on the street

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I once went on vacation with my family (I was 10 at the time, I think), and we went to Indonesia. Of course, being a long plane flight, I had huge stomach problems after the flight. I felt sick, puked, and could not eat anything. I just eventually stopped eating. After a few days of eating close to nothing, I started to try and eat. It was hard, but it worked out. Well, then, after a couple of days, I realized that I was constipated… So, everything is relatively trivial. Then, we go out for a walk. Then, I feel the need to let one rip. I do so eagerly, thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong. Well, let’s just say I was wrong. I sharted big time, and it was all liquid. I stained my pants, and it was running down my leg… By this time, everyone on the street saw it. We quickly hurried back to the hotel. Let’s just say that it was the end of my constipation…


My Brother and I — A Naked Wager

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Hi to all! I’m a 16 year old girl. This adventure involves me and my 13 year old brother. We are not the ones who were embarrassed, but it is still a good story. Especially for my brother!

First let me tell you when I was 6 and he was 3, every night at bath time I would take him with me to the tub. Mom prepared the bath while I undressed and helped my brother Aaron to undress. We then got into the tub together. I would wash Aaron and then myself. It was fun for a while, until we decided we were old enough to bath by ourselves. Still we got used to the idea of being naked in front of each other. This was as normal to us as being fully clothed. Even in our teen years, we thought nothing of it. Although outside the family, Aaron was shy in front of other girls and I was just as shy in front of other guys.

Now for the story. Not too long ago, I was having three of my best friends (all girls) over for a sleepover. We know that other kids are not as open with nudity as Aaron and I are.  Aaron said if my friends saw me naked in front of him, they would totally freak. I said my friends were more mature than that, so Aaron challenged me to a bet with the loser treating the winner to a movie of the winner’s choice.

We set the whole thing up beforehand. My friends arrived. I told them to go up to my room to change into their jammies and nighties. I would be up soon as soon as I got the food ready. So after 10 minutes I went upstairs to my friends. I began getting undressed. Meanwhile, outside my room Aaron was waiting listening for our special code word. When I was in nothing more than my bra and panties, I said the word. Aaron knocked on the door and asked if he could come in. I said yes. My friends started shrieking, “Susie! You’re in your underwear!” Yeah, I know that. So what? Aaron entered under the guise of lending me some CD’s I asked to borrow. He started talking about one which was new and I haven’t heard yet. My friends were yelling at Aaron to get out because I was half naked. (They were in their pj’s and bathrobes.) But Aaron and I weren’t finished yet.

As Aaron talked, I undid my bra. The girls really lost it then. “He’s looking at your boobs!” Right. But he has seen them before. I then slipped off my panties, and my friends were in hysterics. As soon as I got my pajamas on, Aaron left. He had won the bet easy. I ended up taking him to an action flick which I hated, but he totally loved.

But I demanded a rematch. This time Aaron would invite his guy friends over. My bet was that they would freak just as bad as my friends did, or worse. We used the same scenario. When I heard the code word, I knocked on Aaron’s door. He told me to come in. He was in nothing but his briefs. I started talking about the CD’s he asked to borrow. Only one boy commented saying, “Cool. Put on a show for your sister.” Aaron slipped off his briefs, there was a comment or two, but no one really freaked or shouted. Aaron slipped on his pajama bottoms, and I left. They guys make a joke or two, but that was it. No yelling, freaking, just a remark or two.

I lost another bet. I had to treat Aaron to another crappy action movie. I have to find something to bet on where I can win. He’s two up on me!


I survived an attempted rape

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I was 15 at the time. I lived in a small town where the only thing to do on a Saturday night was to go one town over to the mall and hang out. So I went one Saturday night with my friend Amy. She’s older than me and has her drivers license. We were to meet her 19-year-old cousin George and his friend Andy. We found them by their car in the parking lot. I don’t know what kind it was, but it was a bitching sports car. Amy had to pee, so she went inside the mall to the restroom. George and Andy offered me a ride in their car. They said we would be back before too long. I said sure.

We all got in the car and for some reason they drove around back to the back of the mall where no one would be at night. I asked them why we were here. George turned off the engine and said we were going to have some fun. I didn’t like the way that sounded, so I asked them to take me back to the parking lot. Instead they grabbed hold of me and dragged me out of the car.   Andy held me while George tried to undress me. But I kicked too hard. I also screamed, but no one could hear me. George then pulled out a knife and held it to my throat. He told me they were both going to do me. I pleaded for them not to. I told them I was a virgin, and Andy said, “Cool. We get to pop some cherry.”

George used the knife to cut away my top and bra. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I prayed to God, and I asked the boys to stop. George then handed the knife to Andy, who held it to my throat. George told me I would not be hurt if I did not fight. He slipped off my shoes, socks, and then my jeans and panties. I was totally naked. Just then a car came around the corner and we were hit by the headlights. Andy momentarily relaxed his grip on me, and I used that opportunity to get away.

I ran towards the parking lot where I thought I would be safe. I didn’t realize I was completely naked. I ran into the lot where there were crowds of people. I was screaming. People just stared and pointed. Fortunately there were three guys from my school who saw me and came to my rescue.

One of them, Paul, tried to ask me what happened, but I was too hysterical. He slapped me on my face to calm me down, just like on TV. The other two boys took off their jackets and wrapped them around my waist to hide my butt and my vaginal area. Paul put his coat on me to cover my breasts. I told them what happened, and they were ready to call the police. I was too embarrassed and frightened, so I told them not to. But the mall cops soon showed up anyway. The boys told them what happened. The cops wanted to take me to the hospital and to file a report. I said no, but Paul said he would go with me and stay until my parents came. I began to feel safe with Paul, so I said OK. At the hospital, they did not do much since there was no penetration. They just made sure I was not hurt. The police took the report. When Amy found out what her cousin tried to do, she gave his address to the police and both boys were arrested.

It was a while before I could go back to school. Others from school saw what happened, and soon everyone knew. Paul and the others made sure they knew I was not at fault, except for being pretty stupid. The guys did stop by my house to be sure I was OK. When I finally returned to school, my schoolmates were really great. They told me they were behind me and urged me to prosecute. When I did they all said how brave I was. But it was still embarrassing to have everyone know what happened.

I had to testify at an inquest, which was hell. Eventually the driver of that other car came forward and said what he saw, which backed up my story. This was not the first time George and Andy were accused of sexual assault. Their lawyer ended up pleading them guilty, and they are now doing time in jail.

It is three years later, and I am 90% over the experience with the help of my family and friends.


Period troubles

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I had just gotten my period for the 4th time and I was still getting used to how long you should wear a pad. Well that day, I had a lot of stuff to do without any breaks and I wasn’t able to change my pad. I wore it for 4 hours with a heavy flow! I didn’t realize it could actually leak! So I get into my friends car and I ride all the way home, feeling safe and cool. I get up to leave to my house and there’s a HUGE blood stain! I blame it on a red pen since I was sitting on my backpack! I’m pretty sure they didn’t believe it at all and my poor friends mom had to clean it up! This was actually very recently and I’m hoping I can forget this TOTALLY embarrassing incident!


Racist Uncle

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I am a 16 year old boy. I am white. My super cute girlfriend Marie is 15 and half-black. This is no problem for my friends and my immediate family. Marie and my sister have become best friends. My Mom treats Marie like a second daughter. Dad teases me that I really don’t deserve a great girl like Marie, and sometimes I agree.

But I do have problems with my Uncle Jack. He is totally racist, and makes inappropriate and insulting remarks towards Marie every chance he gets. The first time was when I invited Marie to a family cookout. Uncle Jack told her he was sorry, but there was no fried chicken or watermelon. Marie just ignored him. I got mad. Later when it started getting dark, Uncle Jack told Marie to smile so we know where she was. I lost it then. I was embarrassed in front of my girlfriend, and I decided to defend her. I told my uncle that his comments were not funny and he had no right to insult Marie. He said he had a right to say whatever he wanted. Marie later told me to forget it. Uncle Jack was only making himself look stupid. She was right, of course. But I still was angry with him.

That was not the only incident. Uncle Jack has called Marie a jungle bunny, ghetto girl, and other names. My Dad told him to shut up, but Uncle Jack always says Dad has no right to tell him to do anything since he is the older brother. My Dad and uncle did have another brother and a sister between them, but they both died. So Dad does not want to totally break things off with his brother. That limits his options.

On my last birthday, I made it a point not to invite Uncle Jack to my party. I did invite his two daughters, my cousins who are a bit older than me. Jack came anyway. He told my Mom to count the silverware because Marie was there. Fortunately my grandmother was there as well. She told Jack to shut the fuck up. Really! Grandma said “fuck!” Jack said he had a right to say what he wanted, and grandma said not as long as she was there. Jack behaved himself for the rest of the night. Grandma can control him.

I mentioned my older cousins. I asked them for help, but they have the same problem as I do with their father. They have black and Hispanic friends they cannot invite over to their house.

I know my problems with my uncle’s embarrassing behavior will continue for years. Fortunately, this has not pulled Marie and I apart, but brought us closer. She does appreciate my defending her, and I admire the mature way she keeps her cool. She is right. Uncle Jack only makes himself look like a jackass. Marie says that is his problem and not ours.


Undressed By My Sister

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I got along pretty good with my sister when we were kids. We had fights and stuff. But nothing that big. And we forgot about being mad pretty fast. Well I remember one time when she felt like she wanted to really get me. I was maybe 7 or 8. She was having a sleepover with her friends that night at my house and this was early in the day. But they were all already there. I felt left out of their games so I kept hanging around. And I was making her friends laugh a lot. They liked me. They were o.k. with me hanging around. But my sister got tired of it and said I had to go. But I didn’t really listen. I started playing some little tricks on her. Not to be mean. Just having fun. And I pulled on her hair scrunchy to pull it out of her hair, this big pink one with black spots, but it was in so tight that it pulled her over backwards by her ponytail! That was funny. Even her friends laughed. But my sister was not so happy with me. She said “That’s it, John!” and she came up it it looked like she wanted to pick me up. I thought she might throw me down the hill into the thistles at the end of the driveway. That scared me. But no. She started trying to pull off my shirt! When that didn’t work, she stopped. But instead she started taking off my trousers! It was a nightmare! One of her friends named Yolanda said “Ooooooh, little Johnny’s going to end up in his under-wear!” And then they all started saying that in this singsongy way. I was very embarrassed. And my sister pulled down my pants, and they could see me in my bright orange boxer briefs, and they thought it was the funniest thing ever. I did not. My sister started trying to wrestle off my shirt again but that was harder. And so she attacked my underwear! That was the worst part. Her hands were almost grabbing on hard enough to pull them down. And her friends were all watching. I felt humiliated. I didn’t think she was going to really do this to me. I lost my boxer briefs a little. And they kept sliding up a little and then sliding back down. And every time they slid down it was almost far enough for everything to be seen. I got away and pulled my underwear all the way back up. And I got my trousers up too. And then I ran inside the house and sat all by myself for the rest of the night. Her friends never forgot it and I was very embarrassed.


My Sister In Law gave me swimming lessons

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I was able to do the difficult task of getting to be in a private pool with Cecy, my Hispanic sister in law, my wife’s sister, with HUGE breasts, but a so-so face. Although, really, all Hispanic women have beautiful faces. I was in my trunks and Cecy was in a one piece with a t-shirt covering that also. My trunks were somewhat short and went to the top of my thighs. Cecy did giggle at that saying I was barely covered. Of course I blushed at that as was her intent. We got into the pool and began to swim around for a while. She then said that she wanted to help me improve my swim strokes and had me come over to her. She stood in the water and told me to begin to swim in front of her and she would hold me as I did. I didn’t think this would work, but she put her left arm under my stomach and her right arm over my back and was able to hold me as I swam. She then told me to first focus on my arm strength and to not kick with my legs yet. I began to do so as she held me. When I would slow down, she would tell me to keep at it and I would speed back up. Since I don’t have a lot of arm strength, my arms were getting tired, but she told me to keep at it as she held me. Finally, after a while, my arms were slowing down no matter how hard I tried and, then she told me to stop and we would work on my legs. This time she told me that she would hold me and for me Not to use my arms since she would hold me up. I tried for a few minutes, but it was hard not to be moving them. She then stopped and told me to put my arms by my sides and she would widen her grip to hold them along with my body. It felt awkward, but I did begin kicking as she held me up in this position. It seemed more like it was a matter of trust more than anything else that she wouldn’t let my head fall so I couldn’t breathe and I was being held completely in her grip. I was kicking my legs and she said for me to kick harder and faster. I began doing so and then she said for me to try and kick hard enough to escape her grip. I kicked and kicked, but I couldn’t, and then she let me go and told me to use my arms as before and I swam like this for a quick round. She told me that she was disappointed that I wasn’t able to escape by kicking, but she wanted me to come over and she was going to teach me some more. This time she wanted me to lie on my back for a back stroke. I was a little disappointed that this was turning into swimming lessons, but I did figure that this would help my swimming after all so I lie on my back and again she wrapped her arms around me as before, but leaving my arms free as at first. I did like that from lying on my back in the water that I got to now see her ENORMOUS breasts in front of me and I think she noticed my arousal from that, but instead of acknowledging that, she said that it looked like the cold water was causing me shrinkage. I did blush at this, but she said for us to continue the lesson and for me to try again with my legs and she had me put my arms by my side in her grip again. This time it felt a little different with my chest and everything in complete view and when I began kicking, my arousal, which she had said was shrunken, was bouncing around in my trunks. She then said for me to try and kick hard enough for me to escape this way. I was kicking for several minutes, but again, I was unable to escape from her grip. When I began to give up and slowed down, I felt embarrassed and she could see it in my face as I could see her disappointment. She then told me that we were going to work on my arms again. They had gotten tired before, but she said for me to put as much effort as I could into that, so that we could both at least know that I had done my best. As she held me up, I tried as hard as I could to backstroke with my tired arms. She kept saying to move harder and faster. Meanwhile, I was so focused on this that I hadn’t realized that she had slowly moved her grip down to the top of my trunks. She then said that I was doing well and to keep it up and I did even though my arms did feel very tired. Then, since my legs were not moving, she told me she liked my effort and to keep going as she slowly slid my trunks down to my thighs. Since I was so focused on my strokes I didn’t notice. Finally, after she had gotten them to the midpoint of my thighs, she let go of the grip and grabbed the edges of my trunks as the thrust of my arms began to propel me forward and as I moved forward, the rest of my legs went through my trunks. I didn’t yet realize that she had pulled my trunks off, and she did say that she was proud that I had done my best effort and to go ahead and use my legs again and then to swim back to her. I was happy that she liked my effort, not realizing that I was giving her a full frontal view as I backstroked to her. She then said we should get out of the pool now and grabbed my hand and walked me out. When we got out, I did realized that I was naked in front of her with the shrinkage of the pool now having its full effect since the exhaustion had made me lose my arousal. She then smiled hugged me and whispered in my ear saying I had the smallest she had ever seen. She then looked me in the eyes and began making out with me, frequently stroking my thing with one of her fingers and adding an occasional comment about how small I was. Well, I was still embarrassed, but making out with Cecy was a fantasy come true that I really enjoyed!

Unfortunately, when I did grab her breasts she did slap me and said that I would have to wait until I had pleased her in other ways until I could do that, and besides, since I wasn’t aroused and I was so small from the water, I shouldn’t be grabbing yet. On the other hand, when I did please her, then I could. I did blush with embarrassment at this, but began to put my all into making out with her! However, during the whole time we were making out, I was unable to get aroused again, due to the coldness of the water and of being outside in the cool. Also, her face was not super attractive enough for me to get aroused from itself. I did try to force myself to do so, but then again, that is the worst thing to do when you aren’t getting aroused. I know its better to let it come. Anyway, we did make out for a very long time and she continually teased me about not getting aroused enough to see her breasts jokingly asking if I was gay, which I’m not. I did enjoy the making out, and she told me that hopefully next time, I would be man enough to be aroused by her. That really made me blush!


My naked girlfriend

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When I was 13, I had my first girlfriend. She was a girl from school named Melody. One Friday I asked if she would like to do something over the weekend. She said she was just planning to hang around her family’s pool on Saturday, along with her older sister and another classmate named Anne. She said I should come by, and maybe bring two other guys to even things out. I decided to invite Andy, who had a crush on the sister, and Freddie, who had a crush on Anne.

So we got to Melody’s house and when no one answered the door, we went around the back. There we saw the three girls sunbathing nude. We guys were a bit surprised, and so were the girls to a lesser extent. Melony said she didn’t realize the time, so they had been naked longer than they planned thinking we would not arrive for another hour. (Later Anne admitted she knew what the time was and we would be arriving any minute. She just wanted Freddie to see her naked!) The girls did not do much to hide themselves. They just giggled, stood up and put on their swim suits.

Now I had mixed feelings about this. I had never seen a live naked girl before, and now I had hit the trifecta. But one of those girls was my girlfriend, and Andy and Freddie had seen her naked, too. For the rest of the afternoon, they kidded me about it when the girls were out of earshot. The kidding resumed Monday morning at school. I was a bit embarrassed that my friends knew what my girlfriend looked like naked, but I was even more annoyed that they would not drop the subject.

I guess I was too young to take it in a mature manner. I kept on thinking about Andy and Freddie looking at Melody’s tits, ass and pussy. I did get to see Melody naked on one more occasion. When we were at her place alone, we went to her room for a little kissing and groping. She said I could undress her, but since we had no protection I had to leave my pants on. As I kissed her breast, rubbed her buns, etc., I kept thinking that the guys saw this and that.

As you can guess, Melody and I soon broke up. But we did remain friends. She found a new boyfriend, and when his cousin came in for a visit, Melody asked me to come along on a double date. As cute as the cousin was, all I could do is look at the boyfriend and think that I have seen his girlfriend naked. Hey, I was only 13!


Triple Pantsing

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I’m a high school girl. This happened when I was 15. One Saturday morning, my then 9 year old brother Adam wanted to go to the community center swimming pool. Mom told me to take him since she was busy and she did not want him to go alone. I had nothing else to do, and sometime you meet cute guys at the pool, so I said sure. Just in case the pool scene was dead that day, I called my BFF Faye to meet us there. So Adam and I put on our swim suits and then our shorts and t-shirts over them, and then rode our bikes to the community center. Faye was already there waiting.

After an hour, Faye dares me to pants Adam. I really like my little brother and would do nothing to hurt him, but I am not one to back down from a dare either. Still I hesitated. Faye said it would be funny to have his cute bottom and little thingy exposed to the world, and it would do him no harm. So I agreed to do the deed. When Adam was standing at the side of the pool, in full view of others, including some girls he knew, I snuck up from behind and yanked his trunks down below his knees. Adam shrieked loudly, and everyone looked and laughed. Adam struggled to get his trunks back up, which made people laugh even more. Then he started crying. He got his trunks up part way covering his front, but his butt was still exposed. He tried to run away while pulling up his trunks the rest of the way, but he fell down. Adam then got up, crying even harder, and ran.

This was not fun like Faye said it would be. I had been mean to Adam just to fulfill a dare. I really hated myself then. I ran off to find my brother. I saw a man coming out of the men’s locker room and asked if he saw a little boy running and crying. He said he did and that he was in the locker room crying his eyes out. I asked if there was anyone else in the locker room, and he said no. So I carefully entered. There was Adam crying hard and sitting on a bench. I went up to him and apologized, but he moved away. I noticed his knee was bleeding from his fall, so I went and got some wet paper towels to clean it off. As I did that, I told Adam I wanted to make it up to him, but Adam would not answer. I finally said, “If I let you pants me, would we be even? Would you forgive me then?” “I guess so,” he answered. Fine. I told him that is what we would do, out there by the pool where all could see. Yes, I knew my neatly trimmed pussy and my bare ass would be exposed, but it was worth it to get Adam to forgive me. Besides, I did expose his little penis and butt to the world.

So we left the locker room and went out by the pool where all could see us. Adam was hesitant, but I told him it was OK. So he grabbed my bikini bottoms and gave a tug. I gave a little shriek to make sure I was seen. I got a lot of whoops and whistles from the guys. The girls just laughed. Jerry, a guy I knew from school, shouted out, “Hey look! Blond pussy!”

So Adam and I were even, but the score was not yet settled.

I went up to Faye who could not believe I let myself get exposed. I told her it was nothing compared to my little brother being mad at me. Faye did not ask why I had one hand hidden behind my back. She also did not see Adam come up behind her. Faye’s bottoms were tied together with string. Adam grabbed the strings on both side and gave them a pull. The with one yank, he had Faye’s bottoms! Faye began screaming, not thinking to cover her shaved pussy or her rear. And why was my hand behind my back? Because I had my cell phone camera. As everyone gathered to view Faye’s nakedness, I walked around her taking photos from every angle. Later I downloaded them into my computer and sent them to a few guys from school asking them to pass them around to others. Adam send them to a few kids in his class who had older brothers in junior and senior high. By Monday morning, everyone in school knew what Faye looked like naked below the waist.

Needless to say, Faye and I are no longer BFF’s. That’s OK. Adam may have forgiven me, but I will not forgive Faye for making me hurt my little brother.


Dressing Gown

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So I go outside in my massive messy hair and ugly dressing gown to take out the bin and some guy I knew last year rides past on a bike then laughs hahaha