Ewww poo

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So the other day my mom went into the bathroom to see no one flushed! It was #2 and really bad.. note that i was inly home for 30 minuets the whole day and not used the restroom. So my brother says…” It was not me… It was Nicksterette”( I am not using any real names just code names) so 2 days pass and no one says it was them… So my mom takes both are phones away… So I am not about to say it was me just to get my phone back… Well my brother and I get along ok but the 3 days we did not have are phones he was really I mean really mean to me. My mom gets annoyed that we did have are phones to contact us so she gave them back but we can only use are bathroom… Btw we have 4 other bathrooms in the hose and is on the top story of the house so it is really horibal!! What should I do? Help!!


locked out in winter

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So my family moved to Pennsylvania. I never saw snow before. During winter break they left for the weekend. I thought it would be fun to run through the backyard during the snow in nothing but my shoes. So I did it. Problem though the back door locks on its own. I didn’t know that! So I was locked out in the backyard in just my shoes in the snow! The front door was kept unlocked. So I cupped and ran. Hopefully no one saw “me” because it was really cold. I don’t think anyone did though.


Car Sick Vomit

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so i was in a car with a bunch of friends and we were driving to a beach. and like halfway there i start feeling kinda sick but i thought i was just hot cause it was the middle of summer. so i told them i was hot and they turned the air conditioner on but that didn’t help, and i started feeling really sick and i told them but they were just laughing cause they thought i was joking around. i knew i was gonna hurl but we weren’t even close to the beach. i started to tell them to pull over or hand me a bag or something but they wouldn’t and i knew i was going to throw up so i kinda cupped my hands around my mouth and barfed into them. that got my friends attention and one of them gave me a barf bag because sometimes she gets motion sick. i puked the whole way to the beach, then got out, was fine, and barfed again when we got back in the car to drive home.


My Doctor visit

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Paty had taken me to a doctor. I was told that it was going to be a routine physical exam. She had wanted me to have the doctor address the length of time to get aroused, the speed that I ejaculated and then became unaroused, and also my small size. Since I did spend most of the time in an unaroused state, she had gotten used to me being in my full one inch flaccid as opposed to my three inches erect.

Paty and I were waiting in the reception room until I was called. I got up and went to the door, and the nurse who had seen Paty told her to come and accompany me. Paty got up and came. The nurse then had Paty sit down and the nurse measured my temperature, blood pressure, height and weight.

The nurse then took me and Paty to one of the doctorís rooms and told us to wait in there, but told me to take off my clothes but leave my underwear on and I should wait on the exam table while Paty sat in a chair in the room.

We waited for about fifteen minutes and had some small talk and then there was a knock on the door and the doctor came in. The doctor was obviously a recent graduate about twenty six. She was 5í11Ē and looked like a body builder. She introduced herself and then shook Patyís hand and then mine, but with mine, she gave a vice-like grip as she did so.

Paty and I were both still sitting while she was standing as she came in, which made her height look that much taller than us. She then asked Paty what the problem was and Paty described the long time I took for arousal, my quick ejaculation and subsequent shrinkage, and my small size. It was embarrassing for me to be talked about this way. The doctor then addressed both of us and said that she was both a urologist and a psychiatrist and that she was sure that she could help us. She then shifted into a scolding tone towards me and said why hadnít† I stripped down as the nurse told me to. I had stripped down to my underwear and began to tell her that was what the nurse had said, but the doctor instead reached to the sides of my underwear as I was sitting and pulled them down herself. She then examined my underwear and said that I needed to clean myself better when I went to the bathroom. She then gave them to Paty and asked if she agreed. They were a little dirty and Paty nodded. The doctor asked Paty what she thought of my dirty underwear. Paty said it was gross. The doctor said thank you and turned back to me. It really felt awkward being examined by this doctor in front of Paty.

I was still sitting on the edge of the exam table when the doctor grabbed a notebook and a measuring tape. She then asked me to hold the edge of the tape at the base of my male part and proceeded to extend it to .9 inch. Less than one inch!† She then looked me in the eye and said if I agreed with her measurement of .9 inch, and I embarrassingly agreed and she wrote it down in her notebook. She then told me to continue to sit still and hold the measuring tape next to it and she pulled out her phone and took a picture of it with her camera, and then backed up and took a picture of me still holding the tape against it, but in this one she had backed up so she could get my face in the picture.

She then put the phone away and put some rubber gloves on her hands. She then grabbed a chair and sat in front of me and asked me to spread my legs as wide as I could. She then stated that from the rim of the head that it looked like I masturbated a lot and rather than asking me if this was true, she asked Paty why she had let me do that. Paty said that she didnít know that I did, so the doctor said that Paty should keep a closer eye on me to keep me from doing this so that I wouldnít take so long to get aroused when she wanted me to and tell me right now that she would do this. Paty looked at me and said that she would. The doctor said that was good because from now on Paty would have to be very firm with me on this. The doctor then turned to Paty and asked her to wait in a chair right outside of the exam room while she was going to continue my exam and to take my clothes with her and especially to examine my underwear more thoroughly to see the stains from not cleaning well and also from my frequent masturbation. Paty took this pile and left and the doctor locked the door behind her.

The doctor then asked me to explain why I was masturbating instead of focusing on Paty. I said that I didnít know and the doctor slapped me across the face. Since she was muscular this one slap hurt a lot and I started crying. The doctor said that was why she sent Paty out, because Paty might get mad at this doctorís methods, although I do think that Paty heard both the slap and my crying while sitting just outside. The doctor said that now the physical exam was going to begin.

I had begun to stop my crying, but the slap on my cheek still hurt. The doctor was still sitting down in front of me and my legs were still spread as far as they could be. The doctor then pushed my knees to spread my legs even further apart and with her strength, I did feel my legs open even more and when she felt that she had gotten them as far as she could she told me to hold them open that far with my hands because if they closed up she would slap me again. I was nervous at this and did my best to hold them open.

She said that I needed to be more flexible to be a better lover and that was why she was doing that and then she continued and moved in close and surprised me by grabbing my left nut in her hand and squeezing it very hard. She reminded me not to close my legs during the exam as she squeezed it. After about two minutes she let go and said she was going to let me recover for a minute before squeezing my right one and she commented that my right one was smaller than my left, but that was normal. After a minute she then told me to get ready and began to squeeze it for two minutes also and then she released it and asked how I felt. It told her I felt sore and she said that it was good that I had feelings there. She then told me that she was going to shave me and reached in a drawer and pulled out an electric razor and proceeded to shave my entire pubic area. She used one hand to move my parts around and then the other to hold the shaver. One could only imagine what Paty was thinking outside the door. After I was shaved there, she pulled out her camera and then took another picture of the area.

She then told me to lie down on the table on my stomach but when she saw my bottom she instructed me to stand up. She then handed me a roll of toilet paper and told me to clean myself. This was very embarrassing, but she had me keep using the toilet paper until I thought I was done. She told me to face my bottom towards her and pull my cheeks apart while she examined my crack with a small flashlight. She then told me to turn around and said I wasnít clean yet, but to keep wiping myself. She then warned me that if I said I was clean again, without being so that she would not only slap me again, but would spank me. We both saw that I started to get aroused when she said that, but she told me to focus on cleaning my bottom. It was very weird to be reaching around with toilet paper and cleaning myself while facing the doctor and being slightly aroused at her recent comment. Since I had just been shaved there, it made me feel very vulnerable. After several more wipes where I felt the paper was clean after my wiping, I told her I was done. She then reminded me of her warning and reached over and turned me around. This time she told me to bend over and grab my ankles as she shined the flashlight again. She then used her left glove index finger and moved it up and down my crack and the rim of my hole. She then told me to stand up and turn around and she showed me that there was still some of my dung on her finger. Obviously, I saw it too. She then said she would have to change her gloves and she got up and did so.

She came back and now that we were both standing up, I saw just how much taller than me she was! She then said that she had warned me of the consequences so I was making her do this. She then told me to hold my arms together behind my back and then she reached her arm back and slapped me again in the same area she had hit me before. Again, it stung so much that I had to cry again, and again, one could only imagine what Paty was thinking outside. She then told me to lie down face down on the exam table and then gave me a hard swat on my bottom that made me cry even more. She then walked over to where my face was and told me that she didnít want to do that but I made her do it, and now she was going to have to clean me before she continued the exam. She then went to another drawer and pulled out an enema. She then lubricated the tip of it and put it in my hole. This did hurt a bit. She held the back of it and told me to roll on my side and she saw that I was getting aroused from it. She did say that she thought I was the type that would get aroused from an enema. That and the threat of the slaps and spankings had been two arousal triggers so far. Now, Iím going to squeeze the enema so the liquid goes in faster and then I want you to stand up and hold the liquid in after I pull the enema out. She pulled it out quickly and I did feel the rush of her doing that. She looked and saw that I did and said that confirmed the enema arousal trigger .You like things inserted and taken out of your bottom she said as she laughed. She then helped me up and we both stood up facing each other. She then reached over and pulled a small waste paper basket and told me that I could use it when I needed to go but she wanted me to wait fifteen minutes while I held the liquid in and to keep standing over the can and she would be back in fifteen minutes and not to go before she came back or she would severely discipline me and then she opened the door and left.

I was squirming and dancing. I looked in the basket and saw that it had my previous toilet paper and her first set of gloves. After fifteen minutes she came back in with Paty and a robe and said I could go to the bathroom which was next door. The robe didnít close all the way in the back so my bottom was still showing and I went to the bathroom and made a lot of loud farting noises while I did. I know that the doctor and Paty were able to hear that while they were next door. Of course, after this one, I wiped myself very thoroughly and even used a paper towel with water from the sink to wipe myself even more. When I was confident that I was clean I left the bathroom and the nurse was waiting outside. She said that she got in trouble because I hadnít stripped down, but said that she would get out of trouble if I told the doctor that I didnít follow her orders. I told her that she had told me to leave my underwear on. She said that she knew that but that she was an employee and I was a patient so I wouldnít get in trouble, so if I would promise to do this she would not get in trouble herself. I said okay and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and grabbed my hand and walked me into the doctorís office.

The nurse then said that I had something to say and I began to speak and the nurse interrupted and said if it was okay if she said it herself. The doctor and Paty were sitting down looking at me and in the excitement I forgot that the nurse had just kissed me and I would have therefore had a big lipstick mark on my cheek. The nurse said that I had seen her after I had come out of the bathroom and that I thought that she was very attractive and would like to buy her a diamond ring, a four carat ring, and would like to start a new life with me without all these complications. The nurse then looked at Paty and said that she was kidding. The real thing they wanted to say was that I hadnít followed her orders at the beginning to strip completely and told me to confirm it and I nodded and did. The doctor then told me to close the door and take off my robe again and sit back on the exam table after I gave my robe to the nurse.

The doctor then stood up and said that she was going to give her initial findings and then give me one more exam for today. She told Paty that this nurse comment was a test to see if I would lie for another woman. Since I had come back and confirmed what we all knew was a lie, this showed that I would likely have no problem lying in other situations and would likely not be able to resist other women, so if you, Paty, wanted to stay with him, you would have to be aware of that. The doctor then looked at me and said to Paty, notice that he has nothing on except the nurseís lipstick mark. I was then going to reach up and wipe it off, but the doctor said for me not to bother. The doctor then said to Paty that I had gotten aroused from the insertion and pulling out of the enema and she looked at me and told me to confirm this to Paty. I nodded, but the doctor said to say it aloud. I said that I was aroused by the insertion and pulling out of the enema. She then said the enema was needed because I wasnít cleaning myself fully as the underwear also showed and the doctor told me to confirm this and I did say that I wasnít cleaning myself as much as I should. Finally the doctor said that I was disobeying her directions, but when I was threatened with punishment that I got aroused and I confirmed this also. The doctor then told Paty that these were the conclusions so far, that I would likely lie, that I was dirty, that I liked things inserted and taken out of my bottom, and that I liked punishment. Do you understand this Paty, she asked. Paty said yes. The doctor then told Paty and the nurse to wait outside while the doctor finished todayís exam.

The doctor then said that she was going to push the limits of both the pain and the insertion. First she had me turn around and cross my wrists behind my back. She then reached into a drawer and pulled out some handcuffs that she put on me. She wrapped the chain around my wrists so that they would remain crossed. She then told me that made it harder to swing my arms under my legs to move my arms to my front. She then turned me around and took off her top. Although Paty had bigger breasts, this doctorís were at my face level and were pretty big themselves. The doctor also had a muscular gut and was well toned. The doctor smiled and asked what I thought about them. I said I liked them. She slapped me again and said duh, but what do you think of them. I cried and said that I liked that they were right in my face. She then said that if I could be superman and rip my handcuffs then I could get on top of her and have my way with her. My thing became aroused at that and she proceeded to take off her pants and leave her own panties on. Seeing her legs which came up to my ribcage continued to get me aroused. She then told me to try and rip the handcuffs off and I struggled, but of course I couldnít. She then said that was my loss. She then took off her gloves and grabbed my manhood, which in all its glory was now at three inches stiff.† She then went and got the tape measure and her camera phone and measured it herself at two point nine inches and then took a picture of my manhood next to the camera. Since her hand was already there, she took a few more pictures. One with my manhood next to her pinky, one with it next to her thumb, and one with it in her open hand. Since this woman had big hands, my manhood was obviously smaller than all of these. She then said for me to comment about this myself. I said that it was obvious that I was small and started to cry about it. She was still standing in front of me and put her finger under my chin to turn my head up to look her in the eyes. She then began and said that small does not begin to describe it. The measurements proved that I was not even one inch and three inches as I had said, but had lied about that and was only point nine inches and two point nine inches. She then told me to admit that I lied about my size. I was still crying from embarrassment and said, yes, I had lied about my size. The doctor then said for me to admit that I was smaller than her pinky. I kept crying and did, and she said to say it loud enough for Paty to hear outside. I then screamed that I was smaller than her pinky. She then continued.

She grabbed her phone and showed me all of the pictures of me she had taken, the ones earlier when I had just come in and was unaroused and these last few from when I was. She then said that my size was pathetic, but she needed to let the women in my life know this. She then asked for Patyís phone number and sent these pictures to her. She then asked for my momís phone number. I hesitated and, of course, she slapped me again and said that I seem to love to do things to get her to slap me. I then gave her the number and the doctor called my mom.

When my mom answered, the doctor introduced herself and said that I was getting an exam and had some information that needed to be shared. The doctor then held the phone next to me for me to talk into it and told me to explain what the doctor was going to send. I was very embarrassed but I told my mom that the doctor wanted me to send some medical pictures over. The doctor then took the phone and asked my mom if she could open pictures on her phone or an email. I heard my mom say yes, and the doctor said that the reason she was sending these pictures was because she as my mom needed to know that I had a very undeveloped penis that she might need to know about and if possible to share these pictures with as many family members as possible, to find out if any of them had a similar problem. The doctor then asked if my dad was small and my mom blurted out that he definitely was not. The doctor then said to send this to as many relatives as possible, aunts, uncles, and cousins since this was a medical problem and needed to be treated. The doctor then asked my mom if she could be counted on to get this done quickly. My mom said she would and then the doctor said she would let my mom say a few words to me before she got started. The doctor leaned the phone to me and my mom said that she would get on it and hung up for the pictures that the doctor sent after she hung up.

The doctor then told me that although she knew my family would probably make fun of me, it was important that they knew about this for their own and my health. I was embarrassed at thinking what my cousins, aunts, uncles, immediate family and even my mom would think of this. Knowing my mom, she would do this out of concern for me as the doctor had told her. The doctor then said to give me my work bossís cell number. I really didnít get along with my boss, and I sure didnít want him to see these pictures and when I hesitated on this, she slapped me again, but I still didnít want them sent so she slapped me again. She ended up slapping me at least ten times, although I was bleary eyed from the slaps so I lost count. I did like watching my doctorís breasts shake as she slapped me. Finally, after these ten slaps, I told her my bossís cell phone number. She then called him up and asked if she could send me some medical files about me. My doctor said that either I could be infecting someone or I could have gotten something at work that was giving me this problem. The doctor then looked at me and told my boss that she wanted to be frank with him and he said that was okay. She then said that I likely had this problem from very frequent masturbation and that I might be watching porn on the work computer and to keep an eye on me for these, but to spread her medical files around at work just in case it was something else for others to be on the lookout of getting. My boss said that he would do just that and the doctor said that these were going to be pictures of a penis with development problems, but wanted to confirm that there was nothing at my work that might have caused it to shrink from a bigger size to its current small size and that was why she wanted these files passed around to as many people as possible in case someone else had the same problem. The doctor then said that just between her and him she doubted it, but it was her medical duty to fully investigate and asked him to confirm that he would. He said he would and she passed the phone for him to talk to me and he said that he would do what he could to help my medical problem. He then hung up and she sent them to him. By now I was very embarrassed that in addition to my family seeing my pictures, now my boss and some of my coworkers would also.

The doctor then asked me if I belonged to any clubs or hobby groups or social organizations. I did say I played cards and she had me give her the number to one of my card mates and similarly told him to spread the pictures for medical reasons. She then said if there was anything else, and I said know and she seemed to believe me, but said she would ask Paty later. The doctor told me that she really didnít think anyone that would get my pictures would have any health problems and the real reason was that I needed frequent humiliation.


My leg cast

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I broke my leg when I was 14 or 15.† I was at home recovering and feeling pretty shitty, when 3 girls from my school came by to cheer me up.† I was glad to see them.† They stayed for about two hours, and before they left wanted to sign my cast.† They signed it down low where I could not read it myself.

Later that night, my grandma stopped by.† I told her my friends came by and signed my cast.† She wanted to read what they wrote.† She read it and her face got red.† “What kind of girls do you go around with,” she asked.† She read to me what they wrote.

“Be grateful you only broke your leg and not your dick.”

“As long as you are on your back, I’ll get on top.”

“Daddy says he is sorry you broke your leg climbing out of my bedroom window.”

The last one was OK and kind of funny.† The first two would have been funny if my grandma did not read them.† She got a marker and blacked out all of them.† I was embarrassed that she read them.


Red Faced!

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My in laws had come over to go swimming. After swimming, my wife and my father in law went out to get pizza. My mother in law changed and was sitting in my living room. When I went to get changed I stripped off my suit and realized my shorts were downstairs in the laundry room. I wrapped a towel around me and went passed my mother in law and down the stairs. I picked up the laundry basket and headed back up stairs. When I got to the top of the stairs, just in view of my mother in law, the towel started to fall off of me. I was still carrying the laundry basket, so all I really needed to do was hold the basket in front of me to protect my modesty, but I panicked! As the towel fell, I put the basket down quickly and tried to grab at the towel. Not only did this NOT work, but it drew my mother in law’s attention to me! She turned and started laughing as I was now completely naked and stumbling over the basket trying to get the towel. She laughed and said :”what are you doing running around naked?” I was soooo embarrassed!


Awkward Cousin Boner

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I was babysitting my cousins (1,3, and 5) and my older cousin was there too (14). I had just put the younger one to sleep and i was sitting in the living room. I was on a chair and my cousin was on the couch. I was just watching some creepypasta on youtube, however my cousin was staring at me. I just ignored it, assuming he was just trying to freak me out. I kept on ignoring it until i heard a moan/wimper. I had my head down and i slowly looked up. He had a HUGE boner. I was so embaressed. I sat there for a minute, blushing. I then said, “Ummmm I am gonna go to bed.” I stutter anyways and that just made it worse. I ran to the room i was staying in and slammed the door, locking it. I was about to have a panic attack. He came up to my door and said, “Im sorry, Hallee (me). I couldnt help it. You’re so pretty.” By that point i had pretended i was asleep and ignored him. I havent talked to him since and it has been a month.


Public Pool Purple Puke

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When I was younger, I had a very sensitive gag reflex. Like, you know how most kids poke at their tonsils just to see what it feels like, and it makes them gag a little bit but not puke? Well, once my friend dared me to do that, swearing up and down that it was uncomfortable but nothing bad happened, and I puked all over her. But I digress. So anyways, I †was at a very large, very crowded public pool. It was the middle of summer and my eight-year-old self had been swimming for almost three hours. It was very, very hot and I stepped out of the pool to get a grape Gatorade out of my bag. Eager to get back into the pool, I drank it fast. Really fast. Then, ignoring how very sick I had started to feel, I climbed back into the pool-and promptly projectile vomited purple Gatorade about three feet in front of me, splattering about six people. I do recall that it was a beautiful shade of purple.


My brother pees in my face!

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Why would my brother do such a thing? Well, he couldnít help it.

Iím a 14 year old girl and my baby brother Brian has just turned 1. I really enjoy helping to take care of him. After Mom and Dad, Iím his favorite person. When my gal pals come over, they enjoy playing with Brian, and Brian enjoys flirting with them.

So this happened several months back. My friend Chelsea was over and we were doing homework together. Mom came into my room to say she had to run an errand and would be gone for an hour. Brian was taking his nap, and she asked me to take care of him in case he woke up.

After a half hour, we heard Brian making noise. We waited to see if he would go back to sleep, but instead he started crying. So Chelsea and I go into his room. As soon as Brian sees me he stops crying and gives me that special smile he seems to give to no one but me. I know he is hungry, but first I have to check his diapers. He hadnít pooped, but he was wet.

Now I had been bragging to all my friends how good I was at caring for my baby brother. I even changed his diapers, which is not so gross after you get used to it. I offered to show Chelsea how it was done. Actually, I was going to show off to Chelsea.

So I took off the wet diaper as Brian cooed at us. I cleaned him up with a pre-moistened towellete. But there is one thing I forgot to do. When changing a boy baby, you always need to keep his little penis covered. I didnít just this once. And wouldnít you know a long stream of piss shot out of Brianís penis straight into my face. Brian had this guilty look on his face as if he did something wrong, but did not know why. But Chelsea began to laugh, so Brian must have thought it was OK to laugh. He starts giggling.

I wipe my face off with a towellete and then quickly put a clean diaper on Brian. I give him to Chelsea and told her to play with him while I get cleaned up. I got to the bathroom and took off my shirt, which was also wet. I washed my face and upper chest thoroughly. I then put on a new shirt.

Once cleaned, I fixed Brianís lunch of strained beans and apricots. I let Chelsea have a go at feeding him. We all got over the peeing incident. I never forgot to cover Brian again. I look forward to someday caring for my own baby and I will know what to do.


First time in a communal shower

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When I was 13 I went with my family (mum, dad and 2 brothers) to a festival where we stayed at a makeshift campsite. There were toilets at the campsite but no showers – we were told that we could use the local secondary school facilities during a certain time each day.
On the first day we were coming back from the beach and I headed straight up to the school to get a shower. The rest of the family were going back to the tents to get their towels but I had mine with me. I got to the school and went in to the male changing rooms. It was then that I realised that the showers were communal, where everyone showers in one big room. There were a few men in the room and I went back out and kept lookong around, hoping that there were some other showers somewhere. But then someone came along and told me that that was where the changing room was, so I had to go back in.
I felt completely embarrassed and knew that I couldn’t have a naked shower, but thankfully I still had my swimming trunks on from the beach so I was able to shower in them. I got an erection almost immediately with the other naked men around but it was easy to hide with my swimming trunks on.
I was able to get out the shower and changed before my dad and brothers came in which was a relief as that would have been extremely awkward.
The next day I was kind of excited by the thought of being naked in the showers but still worried that I would get an erection if I went completely naked. I managed to get up to the showers in plenty of time before my family were ready. I stripped off and went into the showers and there were about 3 or 4 other guys there. Then a dad and son (who was about 10) came in and the boy was obviously very embarrassed too.
I managed to keep my mind focused on something boring and was able to wash without getting hard but then I needed to wash my penis. As soon as I touched it it began to get hard. I very very quickly washed it then got out of the showers, covering myself up. A guy seemed to laugh as I walked past him but he might have just been talking to a friend.