My brother pees in my face!

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Why would my brother do such a thing? Well, he couldn’t help it.

I’m a 14 year old girl and my baby brother Brian has just turned 1. I really enjoy helping to take care of him. After Mom and Dad, I’m his favorite person. When my gal pals come over, they enjoy playing with Brian, and Brian enjoys flirting with them.

So this happened several months back. My friend Chelsea was over and we were doing homework together. Mom came into my room to say she had to run an errand and would be gone for an hour. Brian was taking his nap, and she asked me to take care of him in case he woke up.

After a half hour, we heard Brian making noise. We waited to see if he would go back to sleep, but instead he started crying. So Chelsea and I go into his room. As soon as Brian sees me he stops crying and gives me that special smile he seems to give to no one but me. I know he is hungry, but first I have to check his diapers. He hadn’t pooped, but he was wet.

Now I had been bragging to all my friends how good I was at caring for my baby brother. I even changed his diapers, which is not so gross after you get used to it. I offered to show Chelsea how it was done. Actually, I was going to show off to Chelsea.

So I took off the wet diaper as Brian cooed at us. I cleaned him up with a pre-moistened towellete. But there is one thing I forgot to do. When changing a boy baby, you always need to keep his little penis covered. I didn’t just this once. And wouldn’t you know a long stream of piss shot out of Brian’s penis straight into my face. Brian had this guilty look on his face as if he did something wrong, but did not know why. But Chelsea began to laugh, so Brian must have thought it was OK to laugh. He starts giggling.

I wipe my face off with a towellete and then quickly put a clean diaper on Brian. I give him to Chelsea and told her to play with him while I get cleaned up. I got to the bathroom and took off my shirt, which was also wet. I washed my face and upper chest thoroughly. I then put on a new shirt.

Once cleaned, I fixed Brian’s lunch of strained beans and apricots. I let Chelsea have a go at feeding him. We all got over the peeing incident. I never forgot to cover Brian again. I look forward to someday caring for my own baby and I will know what to do.


First time in a communal shower

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When I was 13 I went with my family (mum, dad and 2 brothers) to a festival where we stayed at a makeshift campsite. There were toilets at the campsite but no showers – we were told that we could use the local secondary school facilities during a certain time each day.
On the first day we were coming back from the beach and I headed straight up to the school to get a shower. The rest of the family were going back to the tents to get their towels but I had mine with me. I got to the school and went in to the male changing rooms. It was then that I realised that the showers were communal, where everyone showers in one big room. There were a few men in the room and I went back out and kept lookong around, hoping that there were some other showers somewhere. But then someone came along and told me that that was where the changing room was, so I had to go back in.
I felt completely embarrassed and knew that I couldn’t have a naked shower, but thankfully I still had my swimming trunks on from the beach so I was able to shower in them. I got an erection almost immediately with the other naked men around but it was easy to hide with my swimming trunks on.
I was able to get out the shower and changed before my dad and brothers came in which was a relief as that would have been extremely awkward.
The next day I was kind of excited by the thought of being naked in the showers but still worried that I would get an erection if I went completely naked. I managed to get up to the showers in plenty of time before my family were ready. I stripped off and went into the showers and there were about 3 or 4 other guys there. Then a dad and son (who was about 10) came in and the boy was obviously very embarrassed too.
I managed to keep my mind focused on something boring and was able to wash without getting hard but then I needed to wash my penis. As soon as I touched it it began to get hard. I very very quickly washed it then got out of the showers, covering myself up. A guy seemed to laugh as I walked past him but he might have just been talking to a friend.


The fire drill

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I go to an all boys boarding high school. I am 15. In our gym class our gym uniform is a jockstrap and tennis shoes. It’s strange but it’s about everyone becoming comfortable with their bodies. We were having gym class one day and we had a fire drill. During fire drills everyone has to go outside and wait for an all clear. Everyone else in the school was completly dressed while we all stood their in our jockstraps. It was mortifying.


My Roomate’s Mom

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I live in a two bedroom apt with a friend from college. We are both 22. We are both comfortable with nudity and are often naked around the house. Last Christmas his mom came to vist she slept in his room, and he slept. We agreedrf we weren’t going to be naked when she was visiting. She visited for a couple of days. On the day she was suppoused to leave my roomate and her both woke around 4 am and left for the airport. I woke up about four hours later. I realized that now it was okay for me to be naked so I came out into the kitchen and began prepping my breakfast in the buff. I was now sitting in the living room area enjoying my breakfast when the door opens it’s my roomate and his mom. Her flight got canceled because of the weather. It was mortifying.


Dangerous Pantsing

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This happened my first year of junior high. I came home and did not realize my older brother Ron had his girlfriend Marcy over. I accidentally walked in on her while she was on the john. I immediately looked away, said I was sorry, and walked out closing the door. I later told Marcy again I was really sorry.

But Marcy didn’t care about my apology. She demanded my brother get revenge for her. And she knew how and where. When we were all at the local pool that Saturday, she told my brother to pull down my trunks and pants me. He did what she told them and I was exposed naked for all to see. I struggled as I tried to pull up my trunks. Some people laughed. Some people thought it was a cruel joke. I heard some tell Ron, “Dude, he’s your own brother.” I was pretty angry, upset and disappointed in my brother. He tried to apologize, but I was not interested.

By Monday morning, I was ready to put it behind me. There were not too many people at the pool who I knew and fortunately no girls from my school. I felt the worst was over, and Ron did promise never to do anything to embarrass me again. But the worst was yet to come.

My school has both junior and senior high. This guy I saw around campus, but did not know, was a senior. He came up to me and said he say my pantsing. He said I had a cute butt and we could have some fun together. I told him I am not interested and walked away. I thought that was that, until the next morning the same guy came up to me and asked if I thought about what he said. I said no, and he said it was just a matter of time before he and my butt had a party. Now I was nervous, but who could I tell something this embarrassing?

Wednesday he caught up with me again, and said some day he was going to catch me alone, so I had better get used to the idea that the two of us were going to get it on.   Now I am scared. I had and did know a few gay kids, some in my class. They were OK guys, and if any of them ever did try to come on to me, they accepted no as an answer. I got along well with all of them. But this senior high guy was different than any of the other gays I have known over the years. This guy was dangerous.

Thursday I was so scared, I skipped school. The same on Friday. Friday evening, Ron came up to me and asked why I was skipping school. I don’t know how he found out, but I told him the whole story saying he was to blame for pantsing me in public. Ron agreed and said he would fix it. We didn’t talk about it again until Monday morning when Ron said he was walking me to school.

We left the house and waiting for us outside was Marcy’s older brother Rick. Rick was a jock and he had three of his jock friends with him. They all walked to school with me and Ron. When we got to school, they told me to come with them to the senior high side of the campus. I said I would be late for home room, but Ron said not to worry because he will fix it with my teacher. Rick then told me to point out the guy who was harassing me. After about ten minutes I saw him. Rick and his friends went up to him and asked him to leave me alone. Actually, what Rick said was, “If you ever come near this kid again, we are going to smash your face into that brick wall.” My tormentor agreed never to talk to me again.

But Rick was not through. Now he was going to deal with my brother who pantsed me at Marcy’s request. Rick told Ron, “You’ve been dating my sister for almost a year. Don’t you know by now that she’s a fucking idiot? Why would you do anything that a fucking idiot would tell you to do? Especially to your brother.” Ron agreed he was pretty stupid at that.

Shortly after this Ron dumped Marcy. Rick told Ron that Marcy told him to get revenge for her, and that he told Marcy to fuck off. Rick’s a pretty good guy. He continued to let himself be seen with me so that my tormentor would know I was under his protection.


Quit videos

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One day I was kinda feeling it so I dropped my pants and started to ejaculate with my headphones. I thought, Gee, this porn sure is quiet. Then I looked down and saw that my headphones had been unplugged. My headphones volume was normal, but my PC’s was at the max. My roommate was in the next room.


In the women’s bathroom

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I was 13 years I’m a boy I was eating out with my friends my stomach was hurting  that day but my friends still made me come. After a few moments of eating my stomach really started to hurt I knew I was about to puke so I just ran to the nearest bathroom when I came out  some girls were waiting outside I was confused then I looked at the door and it was the girls bathroom my friends at the table saw what happened and were laughing at me


Little Sister’s Bathtime

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I was supposed to be an only child as my parents wanted a small family. But when I was 8, they got a bit careless and my little sister Donna was born! Everybody loved Donna. She was such a cute, happy, innocent and funny little girl. And I took my responsibilities as the big brother seriously.

So every night when little, someone had to give Donna her bath. Dad was all business and had her clean and out of the tub in five minutes. Mom let her play for 15-30 minutes, and then washed her. I would let her play for as long as she wanted, or until Mom told me to hurry it up and get her too bed. So naturally at bath time, Donna wanted me to bathe her.

That’s what happened one night when she was about 5. We played, I made her wash (she had figured out how to do a fairly good job on her own), and got her ready for bed. The next night I had homework, so Mom had to bathe Donna. But she was called to the phone, so she called for me to watch my sister for a few minutes. I walked into the bathroom, and Donna screamed, “Go away! I’m naked!” She tried to cover herself up and turned red with embarrassment. I was certainly confused. Twenty-four hours earlier, I had just seen her just as naked when I gave her a bath and she didn’t care.

And that was the end of my giving Donna a bath. In one day she discovered modesty, or at least the shame of nudity. I was actually kind of happy as it showed that my little sister was growing up. I was also kind of sad because I knew her innocent days were just about over.

Donna is 14 now. Last week I brought my new girlfriend home to meet the family. Donna told her all about what a great brother I was when she was a little kid. She mentioned how I used to even give her a bath. Then she asked why I suddenly stopped. I didn’t want to get into any embarrassing stories about her screaming, so I just asked if she wanted me to start bathing her again. Donna just laughed and said, “You wish.”


My best friend and little brother

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First the background. I am the second of four children in my family. I’m a girl. I have an older brother Adam, a younger sister and a younger brother. Our father left right after my younger brother Andy was born. My mom often had to work long hours to support us, so my older brother sort of took over as the male authority in the house. Me and the younger kids looked up to him. When Adam went away to college on a scholarship, he told me it was my turn to look after the younger ones.

So I had a friend named Louise. She was boy crazy at the age of 12, and lost her virginity at 13 to a boy in our class. Within a year she had slept with half the boys in our class and a good deal more in our school. As she grew, her taste in boys did not change. She liked them young. I should have kept her away from Andy.

So I was 17 when this happened and Andy was 13. Louise was at our house to work with me on a school project. I didn’t know Andy was home taking a shower until he came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Louise saw him and said she was going to grab that towel and rub her hands all over Andy’s smooth body. I told her not to. Actually I said something like, “If you touch my brother, I’ll break your arm.” Andy ran into his room.

Later I talked to Andy all about Louise. I told him to stay away from her. I not only thought he was too young for sex, but Louise was my age and too old for a boy of 13. Besides, if there was anything I learned from Adam, it was that sex was something special to be shared by two people who have close feelings for each other. I waited until I was 17 and found the guy I knew I would spend my life with. We are now engaged. My first experience was with a boy who truly loved me was the most magnificent experience of my life. I wanted the same for my younger siblings. I thought my message to Andy got through.

About a week later, I came home. I thought I would be alone. Mom had to work late. Sis was at a friend’s house working on a school project. I thought Andy had something going on after school. But I heard voices, one female, from Andy’s room. So I went up and opened his door. There was Andy with Louise, naked in bed. Andy pulled the sheets up to his neck. Louise got out of bed and stood there smiling and naked. “I made your brother a man,” she said. I told her to get the hell out of my house. I then told Andy to get dressed and I would talk to him.

When he was dressed, I went into his room and we both sat down. I tried to explain that he met nothing to Louise, and that she has had many boys in the past who mean nothing to her. Andy didn’t care. He just wanted the sex. So I had to use another angle. I asked him if they used protection, and Andy said Louise said they didn’t need it. I told Andy that Louise has had at least one abortion I knew of, and I know of two occasions where she was treated for STDs. Andy didn’t believe me, so I told him to ask Louise. I dialed her number on my cell phone and gave it to Andy. Andy asked, and then his face turned white. After he hung up, he said Louise said, “Yeah, but don’t worry about it.” He knew she was hiding something.

That weekend, I took Andy to the health clinic to be tested. It game back negative for everything. Andy promised he would wait to have sex until he was older. It was embarrassing for both of us, but I hoped Andy learned something.


Sex With My Ex

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This was the first time my ex boyfriend and I had sex I was 16 and he was 21 or something like that at the time.

We were on the couch watching t.v when he began to kiss me. (I already wasn’t a virgin because I’d already lost my virginity but after I lost it I never had sex again until this time.)  I knew after making him wait 8 months I was ready to have him,  so I started to rub on his cock though his jeans which began to get him hard. I was very wet from him sucking on my neck and kissing me so he forced his hand down my jeans and began to slowly finger me. I started to moan really loud making him say to me “do you like that? ” I yelled yes. He then removed his finger to pull down my pants I was so wet that it was coming through my panties.  This turned him on so he took off his pants and his dick was very hard. At this point I hadn’t had a dick his size inside of me before and I was scared.  Then he asked me if I wanted him again.  I moaned yes knowing how much I’ve been wanting his cock inside of me.  He pushed all of himself inside of me making me moan incredibly loud, the pain of his size mixed with the pleasure of feeling him in me turned me on. He started kissing my neck and I moaned asked him to pound be. We were fuckin very loud on the couch, while he pumped in and out of me he sucked on my nipples increasing my climax. He turned me over and began pounding me doggy style I moaned his name screaming for him to fuck me harder. 10minutes later I squirted all over the couch and on his dick. At first I was very embarrassed thinking I’d peed but he told me I’d came and that he wanted me to do it again. He fucked me until I my moans became screams of pleasure,  after two more pumps I felt a heaping of warm liquid squirting inside of me. I then knew he’d came inside of me and I didn’t move because I wanted it inside of me. He then pulled himself out of me letting out a little bit of his load come out of my pussy. I kissed him and told him I loved everything about it, he then told me that he had to hold back his nut several times to keep fucking me and that my pussy is very tight. It was the best sex we’d ever had. Yes we had sex without a condom, and no I didn’t he pregnant we actually got very lucky because we never used a condom any of the times we had sex