Little Kid’s Pants Fell Down

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I was doing a sleepover with my friend Rachael when we were both 10. Early that night her dad took us out to a store to buy a few things we wanted for that night. Even a new gaming system! Yes, I knew it was very cool. Rachael’s little brother Matt, who was 9, came with us. Her mom was at a get away for the weekend, so that is why he had to come with us.

As soon as we went inside, Matt ran off to check out the sports stuff, his dad didn’t like him running off by himself but it was just easier to not try and keep him under control. So I went off with Rachael to look at the game systems first. After we looked awhile, Rachael stayed there and I went to grab us a bag of the chips we like best. And well, on the way there I passed by the sports stuff, and Matt was still in there.

But his blue jeans were down on his ankles! And he was just standing there! His brown hair was messed up like always, his little blue eyes looked scared, and he was blushing. I asked him what he was doing and told him to pull up his pants! Matt said he was afraid to. He said his pants fell down when there was a couple of girls in the isle, and he was afraid that with his shirt being short, if he tried to pull his pants up they might see something! Then he looked at me and he blushed even more, and he told me he was not wearing any underwear! I said Matt, you little dummy! Pull your pants up anyway! You can’t just stand here in the middle of a store with your pants down! It’s even worse if you don’t have underwear on!

Well then a girl and her mom turned into the isle, and the girl saw first that Matt had his pants down. She looked close to my age. And even I was afraid that he was going to get himself exposed for being dumb and not putting on underwear! Serves him right for wearing pants loose enough to fall down at the same time! When the mom saw she looked mad, like it was Matt’s fault his pants were down in front of her daughter, and I just went over for Matt and I pulled his jeans back up. And I told him to keep them up this time! I don’t know if anyone saw anything when Matt’s pants were down. He begged me to not tell Rachael but I did of course. And we were laughing about that the rest of the night! It embarrassed Matt.


My Teacher’s Pool

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The day I turned 16 was a week before the start of summer vacation.  I was excited for two reasons.  First, I could get my driver’s license.  Second, I could work full-time during the summer for my father’s lawn and landscaping service.  I enjoyed that sort of work, and planned after college to go to work in the company, learn the ropes and eventually take over when my father retires.

One of our customers was Mrs. Evans, my 10th grade English teacher.  She was somewhere between 25 and 30 years old, and had married an older man who had made a small fortune in real estate.  So they had a nice home with a large yard and garden.  During the summer, I would go there once a week and mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and feed and care for the garden.

One particularly hot summer day, I stopped by.  Mrs. Evans said she had to leave for the day.  When I was finished, I should just leave the bill in the door and she will mail the check in the next day.  I worked hard in the heat.  When I finally finished, I could not help but notice the Evans’ pool.  It looked inviting.  In fact, it was inviting me to skinny dip.  So I went down to the end closest to the house and stripped naked.  I  dove into the water, and I swam to the far end of the pool and back again.  It felt great – until I got out of the pool and heard a voice say, “Do you want a towel?”

I turned around, and there was Mrs. Evans, home early, with a smile on her face staring directly at my naked body.  She laughed as I tried to cover up with my hands.  She told me there were towels just inside the door and I should wait until she got one for me.  When I got the towel, I was hoping she would turn away so I could uncover, dry off and get dressed.  I was afraid to ask since after all I used her pool without permission.  But Mrs. Evans was determined to get as much of a look of me as she could.

After I got all my clothes back on, I apologized for using the pool without permission.  “There’s no need to apologize,” she said.  “I enjoyed the whole show.”  I asked her not to tell anyone about what happened, half afraid of the shame and half afraid my father would kill me for being so unprofessional.  She said she would tell no one but her husband, who would probably get a laugh out of it.  She did give me an extra large tip.

I continued to service the Evans’ lawn the rest of the summer, though I was very uncomfortable facing my teacher.  She never said anything after that day, but knowing she knew what I had under my pants was quite embarrassing.  I was glad when the summer was over and I would go back to school.  I would probably not be seeing her much after that, or so I thought.  It turned out she would also be my 11th grade English teacher!


Halloween exposure

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I am a high school girl who over the years has been involved with various after school activities.  This happened this past Halloween when I was still 16.  To raise money for after school activities, it was decided we would have a haunted house.  Local businesses would donate supplies or money.  We students would prepare it and run it, and would charge admission.  It would be open each night from the Friday before Halloween through Halloween night.

So I was going to be a vampire.  I would be in a coffin and then rise up as each visitor entered the room.  But I did not want to only be a scary vampire, but a sexy one as well.  I found a white gown with a v-neck that plunged down to about two inches above my naval.  Those doing makeup made my skin a pale white.  I wore black lipstick and black eye shade around my eyes.  Of course I had a good pair of fangs.

The first night started great.  The first few customers screamed when they saw me, and then laughed at themselves for being fooled.  People do enjoy being scared when they really know there is no danger.

But then Peter came into the room with his two younger sisters and little brother.  When I slowly sat up in my coffin, I struck a threatening pose.  Peter just smiled and took out his smart phone.  “This is worth recording,” he said.  The younger kids all giggled.  OK, not everyone would be scared.

Next came a group of boys from the junior high.  When I rose from the coffin again, they laughed and got out their cell phones to take photos.  I was a bit discouraged.  I wanted to be scary, but they were just one group.   Yet the next several people to come by also grinned, smirked or laughed.

After about 20 people total had walked through, in came Mr. Hamilton from next door.  He had his 9-year-old twins, Johnny and Jenny, with him.  Mr. Hamilton laughed and Johnny smirked.  Jenny recognized me and spoke up, “Lisa, your boobie is showing!”  I looked down and sure enough my left breast had popped out of my gown.  Now it was my turn to scream as I covered my chest and sank down into the coffin.  I hoped someone would shut the coffin or at least drive a stake through my heart.

Help soon came in the form of Len, a guy in my class who was helping with the makeup.  He brought with him some two-sided tape which he gave me to fix the problem.  But I was a little shaken and kept getting the tape tangled.  So Len said to let him fix me up.  I didn’t want Len to see my breast, but he said it was either that, let everyone else possibly see me exposed, or go without a vampire.  So I swallowed my modesty and let Len tape over my nipple and then fix my gown over it.  Then he said he had better fix the other one just in case.  Len was at least being calm and professional about it, so I let him fix me up.  He went through the procedure without mentioning my partial nakedness, so I felt a bit at ease.

The rest of the weekend went well, though some visitors were disappointed at the lack of the nudity they had heard about.  I decided what’s done is done, and I would not be embarrassed on Monday when I got back to school and everyone would certainly be talking about what happened.  I had to admit it was  a pretty funny story, so I decided to laugh along.  Peter showed me, and others, the video he shot on his cell phone.  Even that I had to admit was funny, so I laughed along with everyone else.  Some kids told me they were impressed by the way I handled myself.  I even told Peter I had no problem with him loading his video onto YouTube, though it was only there for a week before he thought with my being under aged, it was not such a good idea.

Back in January I had my 17th birthday.  At the party, my brother showed a video he put together on my sweet 16th year of life.  I knew what everyone was waiting for, and I wanted to see it as well.  So I asked, “Don’t you have anything from Halloween?”   My brother said wait for it, and sure enough Peter’s video soon appeared.  I laughed along with my friends and family.  Later my brother told me he was proud to have such a great looking sister, and proud of the mature way I handled my embarrassment.  He said he would not have included that video if I couldn’t handle it.


Embarrassed in dentist’s office

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I’m a guy in high school.  This happened not too long ago.  Our family dentist, Dr. F I will call him, sold his practice to his oldest daughter who had worked there a whole.  He took a teaching position at the local university.  His daughter Ellen was now our dentist.  She once babysat for me.  His youngest daughter is Rachel.  She goes to my school and is in some of my classes.  Sometimes Rachel works the reception desk at the office, which she was doing the day I went in for dental surgery.

This was the first time Ellen had ever seen me as a patient.  She doped me up pretty good before the surgery began.  It went well, and I didn’t feel any pain until I got home and the drugs began to wear off.  Then it was Tylenol and rinsing with warm salt water.

In the evening, Rachel stopped by to see how I was doing.  Obviously I was not going to talk much, at least until Rachel said her sister was not all that offended by what I said.  What did I say?  “You told her she had great tits,” Rachel said.  I told my dentist what?  Rachel laughed and said it was probably the drugs talking.  She kidded that she was offended because I never told her she had great tits.  I wasn’t laughing.  I commented on my dentist’s boobs?  If true, how could I face her again?  I didn’t believe it, until my mom, who drove me to the dentist and back, told me it was true and that she heard it.

A week and a half later, I went back to the dentist so Ellen could give me a follow up checkup and remove the stitches.  I was more nervous than when I had the surgery.  I apologized for my comments.  Ellen told me it was OK since she knew I was too doped up to know what I was saying.  She assured me that she had heard worse.  Maybe, but it was not from me.  I was still embarrassed.

BTW, from what I can tell with her clothes on, Ellen does have a fairly good size set of breasts.  Hey, no one said I couldn’t notice.


Defended by my girlfriend

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I was 15 at the time, and Geri was 14. We had been going together for a short time, and on this particular day we were hanging out with some friends. One of Geri’s friends sneaks around me and grabs my pants trying to pull them down. They wouldn’t budge very far, when Geri turned around and pushed her friend away. Then she delivered a punch to the jaw and her friend went down hard.

Now Geri is quite smaller than me. While I am grateful to her for protecting my dignity, it is kind of embarrassing to have a girl defend you. Of course, I was not going to tell her that. We are still together, and I certainly have taken care not to make Geri mad — not after seeing her land a punch!


Pediatrician forced naked infront of female doctor, sister, and mom!

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This took place a long time ago, and I’m a boy, think I was around 8 or 10 years old. I was on a trip with my Mom, my brother who’s 2 years older, and my sister who’s 4 years older to the community pool for public swimming.

Since I’m typically embarrassed getting changed in-front of people, I put my trunks on underneath my clothes before we left. On the drive there though, my mom informs us of a doctors appointment for me, my brother, and my sister. We were all annoyed and wished she told us before, since now we would have to wait until we could swim.

So we get to the doctors office, all of us go into the same room. This beautiful blonde pediatrician, in her later 20s or early 30s, comes in and she’s our doctor. We go through some typical patient doctor stuff, I’m told to sit on the exam table and do the typical hammer knee to test your reactionary reflexes, all pretty normal.

Then she asks me to remove my pants and underwear. I’m shocked and I looked around the room and my sister has a big grin on her face staring at me.  I don’t want her seeing me naked so I told my mom to make her leave. But my mom says she doesn’t want to leave her in the waiting room since she might get kidnapped. I kept arguing about it as best as I could but she just kept saying that my sister was staying in the room. Of course my sister has the smirkiest smile now since there was nothing I could do to make her go. And I didn’t even want anyone else in the room, but that was out of the question.

Eventually I reluctantly stopped arguing if she faced the wall, which she did. So I started pulling my pants and trunks down, but it was rather difficult because the trunks netting was so tight and stuck to me. As I managed to struggle them below my waist, just above my knees, the doctor and my mom started giggling. Then my sister wondering what was going on, looked over her shoulder and started giggling as well. As soon as I noticed this, I got really angry and embarrassed and tried pulling them up again, while yelling “HEY STOP LOOKING” towards my sister. They were too tight though and I just couldn’t get them to cover anything, so I stopped my struggle, and covered myself with my hands until she went back to facing the wall.

So I resumed my struggle to get them off and once I finally succeeded the pediatrician did her inspection, with my mom looking over. I kept seeing my sister stealing glances and looking over, and I complained that she kept looking, but my mom didn’t do anything about it. At this point I’m completely embarrassed and just want it to be over with, and after a few minutes that felt like an eternity I was allowed to get dressed again.

My sister has this stupid smile on now, until they said it was her turn. But as if to not let me be on equal footing in embarrassment, my mom forced me and my brother to wait in the waiting room. I said that wasn’t fair and asked her what would happen if we got kidnapped (as that was the excuse my mom had), to which she replied “There’s two of you, so you can keep each other safe.” Never had I ever felt so unjust until that moment in my life.


I went to see a play with my entire family when I was 17, and during an intermission we ran into the pediatrician. I hadn’t seen her since that day and didn’t recognize her at all, just remembered about what happened, but my mom kept asking me infront of her “don’t you remember her? she was your pediatrician! you remember her, right? how do you not remember?”, and I got really embarrassed and just kept saying “Nope, sorry I don’t remember, sorry, nope, no. sorry”, trying my best not to recall the memory of what happened.


Needed Swim Trunks After All!

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About 3 or 4 years ago my family had a pool set up in our back yard. It wasn’t one of those underground things, but one of those big blue pools that you have to inflate.

That was the first year we had it and it was a lot of fun! Me and my big sister would go out and swim in it for hours during summer and sometimes have friends over to play in it too.


Well one day, I think it was a weekend, it was me, my sister, and one of her friends. We decided to go swimming but I had misplaced my swim trunks. I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I decided to wear the shorts that I usually wore for gym class and just swim in those.

When my sister saw, she asked if they would be good for swimming. I told her I didn’t know, but they were shorts, just like my swim trunks were, so how different could they be?

Turns out they make swim trunks the way they do for a reason. My sister was already in the pool by the time I got out there.


I climbed up the ladder and jumped right in. If it weren’t stupid this might not have happened, but I usually jump in, sink down, then swim up to surface. It gets me used to the water real quick. But I should have tested to see how well the shorts handled water first.

When I jumped up to surface my shorts stayed put pretty low. They were practically down to my knees after just that!

Well I don’t think my sister noticed my problem and her friend must have showed up at the pool while I was under the water because she was climbing up the ladder now. She might have been changing still now that I think about it.


Anyway, I was trying to get my shorts up, but they were really heavy. I have no idea what they were made of but they held water worse than anything else I think I’ve ever worn. Well my sister’s friend thought it would be funny to jump right behind me and give me a little dunk, and that’s what she did.


But she knocked me over and I fell right out of my shorts! Maybe I should have worn underwear under the shorts, but since I didn’t wear them with trunks I didn’t wear them then, so after losing my shorts I was naked!

I got back to my feet and looked around for my shorts, but I had another problem. They were so heavy they didn’t even float. I saw them under the water and covered my um, front, with my hands. I scooted over to them and tried to grip them with my toes so I could lift them up and put them back on.

Of course the pool wasn’t that big so it became pretty obvious what I was doing. My sister called it out that I had lost my shorts and everything! The girls thought it was plenty funny, but I was left blushing and struggling.

My sister then had a brilliant idea. She would get them for me since she had goggles. So I had to stand there, covering my front with my hands and keeping my back against the pool to keep my privacy as much as I could. It took my sister a few tries. She grabbed at it once but I think it was heavier than she thought too.

For some reason her friend said to let her try. It was like they were diving for coins or something! Certainly didn’t feel that way to me. Well finally my sister managed to get them and pulled them up. Thinking about it now, she could have done something mean like thrown them out of the pool or something.

Thankfully, she didn’t. She gave them back and I struggled to pull them back on, trying to ignore them looking at me. Once they were on and in place, I held on to them tight and climbed out.

I was done swimming for that day. That was one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to me that I’ve caused myself.


I pantsed my little brother and regret it

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I just found this site.  I have been reading the pantsing stories and thought I should include mine.  I warn you this one is not funny.

My 17th birthday came about three months ago on a Saturday.  I just had a bitch of a week at school and was looking forward to a quiet Saturday of doing nothing.  So I was watching a movie on TV when my 13-year-old brother Martin and his new, and first, girlfriend Sandy came in.  Martin starts telling me I should come to the basement because he wants to show me something.  I ask him what, and he says I have to come and see.  I tell him I’m not interested, but he still keeps bugging me.  I warn him to stop or else, but he keeps on and on.  So finally I stand up and say, “I warned you!”  I grab Martin and turn him around facing Sandy.  I go for his belt and zipper.  He asks what I am doing and asks me to stop.  Sandy tells me to let him go.

Though I am a girl, I am the jock of the family.  I’m on our school swim and basketball teams.  Martin is a bit small for his age, so I have no trouble handling him.  I pull down his pants to reveal his underwear.  I remember saying, “Look Sandy!  Cute undies!”  Sandy is begging me to let Martin go.  “Not yet,” I tell her.  “There’s more.  We’re going to get a look at his little pecker!”  Martin is now screaming and trying to get loose, but he is not strong enough.  Down come his undies revealing his 4 inch dick.  Sandy gasps in horror putting her hand to her face.  Martin is begging to be let go, but I am not done.  I start picking him up and putting him down and twisting him back and forth.  This makes his dick and balls bounce.  “Look,” I tell Sandy.  “They’re doing a little dance.”

I kind of wonder why Sandy is not amused.  She’s now crying.  Martin is crying.  I finally let him go.  Martin pulls up his undies and pants, then runs up the stairs to his room.  I hear the door slam.  Sandy is in tears, but gives me an angry look.  “What’s your problem?,” I ask.  “You got a good look at Martin’s junk.”  “You’re a real bitch,” Sandy yells out.  She then runs upstairs to Martin’s room.

Immediately my Mom comes into the room and asks what is going on, and where Martin is.  I told her he was bothering me, so I taught him a lesson.  “He was supposed to bring you to the basement,” she said.  “Your friends are down there with a surprise party.  Martin was helping them set it up.  He came up to get you.”  I suddenly felt real sick.

Everyone had snuck into the basement entrance without me having a clue.  I told Mom exactly what happened.  I was now in tears myself.  Mom asked me how I could do something like that to my brother, especially when he was trying to do something nice for me.  I told her I didn’t know what he was doing.

So we both go up to Martin’s room.  Sandy is outside crying trying to get Martin to open the door.  I can hear Martin crying inside.  Sandy sees me and tells me to go away because I did enough damage.  I ignore her and try to speak through the door.  I told Martin I didn’t know what he was planning and I was sorry.  He shouts back that I should go to hell and that he hates me now.  I really feel like dying at this point.  Martin refuses to open the door.

Mom says she will try, but first she tells me to go tell my guests there will be no party.  I ask how do I do that, and she says by telling them the truth.  As I go downstairs, I hear Martin’s door open and Mom goes inside.  I get to the basement and everyone yells surprise.  But I am now totally in tears.  I tell them what happened and there will be no party.  This is the hardest and most embarrassing thing I have ever had to do.  Some of my friends tell me not to worry because Martin will get over it.  Others ask how could I do that to my brother who loved me.

Martin was too embarrassed to face Sandy again.  For two weeks she tried to talk to him in school, but he would move away.  She would call, but he would not come to the phone.  After two weeks she gave up.  I offered to try to get them together again, but Sandy does not trust me.

Word of the pantsing got around school.  That did not do my reputation much good.

Martin would not speak to me for a few days.  I tried continuously to apologize.  Finally he accepted my apology, but the way he said it I knew he did not mean it.  He was just trying to get me to shut up and leave him alone.  After three months, we are talking again, but it is not like before.  I can tell he still detests me.  He acts so cold to me and it hurts.

It will take a long time for me to make this up to Martin, if I can.  I wish I could have that day back.


Lost my virginity to a total jerk

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When I was 14, I had my eye on two guys.

The first was Alex.  We grew up together.  He was my age.  We had been like brother and sister, but now we were looking at each other quite differently.  Actually, we were distantly related.  We shared the same great-great-grandfather, so we shared some blood but were distant enough to make a relationship OK.  Alex also went to the same school as me, and even lived just a block away.

The other guy was Joe.  He was a hunk at 16.  He had a bad reputation for using girls, and I was warned about him.  But with me he always acted like he loved and respected me.  He admitted to his past, but told me in a very nice, soft way, that he would give up all other girls and just be with me if I agreed to be his girl.

Joe was also very good with math, which was my worse subject.  He had been getting A’s in college level courses, so when he suggested I come by his house on a Saturday to have him help me with my math homework it seemed like a good idea.  Well that Saturday, no one else was home.  I went with him up to his room and we worked on my homework for almost two hours.  After that I was pretty worn down.  He told me to lay on his bed to rest, then he laid next to me.

I remember everything clearly.  He gently ran his finger across my cheek saying how beautiful I was.  He told me he wanted me and if I agreed then I would be the only girl in his life.  He gently kissed me on the lips and put his arm around me.  All my thinking went out the door.  I told him yes, so he began to undress me.

Soon I was totally naked.  I reminded Joe I was still a virgin, and he needed to be careful.  “Don’t worry about it,” he said.  I then asked if he had a condom.  He said no, but would pull out before he came.  I knew from health class this is not the best means of protection, but I agreed to let him have me.

It was terrible.  He lowered his pants and his shorts.  I could see he already had an erection, and it was huge.  Without any foreplay, he spread my legs and then my pussy lips, and then shoved himself inside of me.  I screamed from the pain, but he continued to bang me harder and harder.  I screamed at him to please stop, but he continued.  I said he was hurting me, and he said it was because it was my first time and not to worry about it.  Then I felt a different sort of jerking inside of me.  I may have been a virgin, but I could tell that he came inside me.  As he pulled out, I could see I was bleeding.  He just told me to go clean myself up in the bathroom.

I showered and then came back wrapped in a towel.  I let the towel drop, not caring if he saw me or not, and quickly got dressed.  I was afraid since he came inside me that I would get pregnant.  He told me he couldn’t help it, and if I did get pregnant that I could get an abortion.

Next Monday at school, I tried to talk to Joe, but he ignored me.  It was like that for the rest of the week.  I woke up Friday morning to see a little blood on my panties.  I knew I was having my period, and I was relived I wasn’t pregnant.  I sought out Joe at school and told him.  He really didn’t care.  But what he did tell me hit me like a punch in the stomach.  He said, “Will you piss off already?  All I wanted was to bust your cherry.  I did that.  Now go away.”

I felt like shit.  I felt like dirt.  I had been used like some “thing,” and it hurt.  After school, I decided to go over to Alex’ house.  I wasn’t going to tell him what happened.  I just needed to be with someone who actually did like me.  But when Alex opened the door, he told me he heard about me and Joe.  Joe had been bragging all over school about what he did to me.  Alex said he was really disappointed in me.  I started crying and told him I was sorry.  I had made a big mistake.  But Alex wasn’t interested.  He was too hurt as well.

Now everyone in school knew that Joe had fucked me.  That was embarrassing and humiliating.  I suddenly realized that all that week people had been pointing at me and laughing.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time.  It was obvious the next week at school.  Boys had labeled me an easy lay, and were asking me out obviously for that purpose.  Girls who hated me called me a whore and a slut, even though most of them had been fucking guys long before I did.  The only sympathy, if that is what you call it, came from girls who said I was an idiot.  This kept up for week, but lessened after Joe started bragging about another girl he fucked.  The incident was not totally forgotten until the beginning of the next school year.

Alex and I made up enough to become friends again, but there would be no chance of any romance between us.  He soon started up with Amy, another girl in my school.  She’s a nice person and I like her.  I’m glad for Alex.

I didn’t get a real boyfriend until my senior year.  He had transferred from another school.  He also had a bad first time.  That’s another story, but I’ll just say he unintentionally hurt a girl he liked due to his own immaturity.  They later became friends, but he still feels badly.  I told him about Joe.   My boyfriend’s name is John, and we are still together.  Six months into our relationship we began sleeping with each other.  Sex with John is great.  I just wish that he or Alex would have been my first rather than that dirtbag Joe.  I have never forgiven Joe.


Family Reunion Fun

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My family is overrun with many many cousins.  Five of them, all ten year old boys are best of buddies playing from dusk til dawn almost non-stop when we all get together.  One of my aunts fancies herself a photographer and is always posing people (whether they want to or not!) for all kinds of pictures during these get togethers.

During the most recent reunion at the beach those five boys were having the time of their lives horsing around and–as far as many of us older girl cousins are concerned–making general nuisances of themselves.  While trying to ignore the brats we fell victim to our aun’ts picture taking and had to pose for several.  Then she noticed the five boys and decided to pose them bringing us some relief.  However, she told us to come along.  We tried to decline but then she told us what she had in mind.  Our mouths dropped in disbelief while a mischievous grin crossed hers.  As much as we wanted to help, we protested that we might get into big trouble.  She assured us she would take care of everything.  Now with big grins on our faces, we ran off to play our part.

The five brats-pack were no more thrilled with suddenly having to pose than we had been.  After several different settings with boys whose faces bore annoyed expressions, she finally had them get into one more position that cued us to head their way unnoticed.

She had the boys stand in a line with the boys in the 2nd and 4th positions standing upside down on their hands with the outside boys and the one right in the middle supporting them.  They actually seemed to like that pose finding it kind of fun, I guess.  Until…

My aunt snapped a couple of shots but the third shot and the ones after that were the best.  That’s when me and several of the other girl cousins either hiked down the swim trunks of the two outside boys and the one in the middle, or pulled up AND off the swim trunks of the two upside down boys.  I’m glad we got to see the pictures later since, even though it was funny to see their bare butts as we pantsed them and to hear their horrified gasps, the picture captured five wonderfully horrified expressions of five suddenly embarrassed naked boys at the beach!!

We girls don’t completly find our aunt’s picture taking quite so annoying anymore.  Those five boy cousins, on the otherhand…