Haunted House

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It happened on a day-trip to York when my boyfriend Ryan and I were on holiday last October.  York had been one of those places I’d always wanted to visit but had never had the chance before, and although we were staying a good hour away on the Yorkshire Coast we decided to take the car and head out for the day.


The women who owned the bed and breakfast we were staying in had told us to set our Sat nav for the Monk Gate car park as this was the best place to park.


From there you were apparently only a stones throw from the famous Minster and within walking distance of all of the rest of York’s major attractions many of which were directly in the city centre


The drive down only took us just over an hour to get there and despite York being a Mecca for tourists we managed to get parked surprisingly easily right where the lady had suggested.  Mind you, we had left at the crack of dawn and so it was still fairly early in the day when we arrived


Right from the start I immediately fell in love York.  I couldn’t believe how pretty the place was.  Some of it was very quaint with streets and buildings that had been in existence for hundreds of years.  These stood alongside other more modern areas which had a vibrant and cosmopolitan feel to them.  We started walking towards the city centre and grabbed some breakfast in a very nice Italian café on Goodramgate before visiting the Minster.


It was an unusually warm day, certainly for the time of year and on top of the large latte I’d had at breakfast I’d been sipping away at bottled water for most the morning


The time seemed to fly by as we made our way around the city, and it soon became clear that York was not a place we were going to able see all of it in one day.  There were literally dozens of different things one could have done or seen.  From boat trips on the river to various different museums and other attractions that awaited the many enthusiastic tourists that thronged the city streets in the busy summer months


I glanced at my watch and saw it was getting on for 1.00pm which explained why my tummy was telling me it was almost time for some lunch.  We had been on our feet for most of the morning, and I was starting to get a little weary, plus the fact I’d been dying for the toilet for ages but kept putting it off


I absolutely hate public toilets and so I tend to end up holding it in for ages and generally won’t use them until I’m forced to.  Not a very healthy thing to do I know, but it’s a sort of phobia I’ve lived with for years.


Anyhow we turned up another side street and found ourselves on STONEGATE which I now know is yet another one of York’s famous streets.  It’s another historic street, again with lots of old buildings dotted around quite similar to the Shambles


Whilst walking along it casually looking in the windows of the many small independent shops we came across what was advertised as a “Genuine Haunted House” at No.35 Stonegate


The front of the building appeared to be quite gimmicky and was actually a magic shop selling various curios such as tarot cards and crystals and books on the occult etc.


The windows were also covered with posters and newspaper articles all talking about it being “The most haunted house in England” and claiming how several famous ghost hunters and TV crews etc had left the building screaming during some of the recent overnight vigils that had been held there


There were also loads of signs all tempting you to come inside and take your own tour of the house if you dare?


Whilst it’s not really my thing Ryan was immediately taken with it, and was like


“Hey Emma come and look at this place, we have GOT to go in here for sure, as I walked over to see what he was getting so excited about


It’s a real haunted house”, he said “Got to be worth a visit don’t you think?”


“Hmmm…” I said looking in the window and screwing up my face…“Looks like a bit of waste of time to me to be honest”


“On come on Emma… it’s only a fiver continued Ryan, “Ha- Ha your just too scared to go in aren’t you?


To be honest I really wasn’t up for it for two reasons,


  1. Yeah part of it was that I’d had several strange experiences happen to me over the years which had left me in no doubt that there are certainly things that exist in this world that we still don’t have the knowledge to explain.


  1. However a much more pressing reason was that by now I really needed a wee to the point where it was becoming urgent



However before I’d had a chance to walk away Ryan had already raced up the stairs and was standing at the entrance leading into the building



“Are you coming in or not?” he shouted to me


“Nah Ryan”, I said “Let’s leave it eh….. I’m dying for the loo”


“Oh come on Emma, he said getting grumpy with me, it says it only takes half an hour to go round, .let’s just go in and we can go to the pub across the street for lunch as soon as we come out yeah?”


To be honest I really wasn’t at all keen but we were on holiday after all and I didn’t really want to fall out with him.  So stupidly I decided to just ignore my bladder rather than start an argument


“Oh Ok then I said reluctantly after a few seconds “But I’m not hanging around once we get inside honestly just a quick look round yeah…”


“Sure, no worries well be going for lunch in about half an hour anyhow”


We handed over our money and were pointed in the direction of a door which led us through into a small waiting area where we greeted by a lady who explained a bit more about the tour


The idea is that you wander around the house at your own pace in small groups, and an audio tour in each room guides you through the building.  Whilst telling you a bit about the history of the house, and also stories about some of the people who’d lived there over the years.


From memory I think they allow up to ten people in each group but on this occasion there were only us and two other couples.  After a few minutes wait we were told to proceed towards the first room.


As soon as we opened the door and stepped inside, the audio stream began. It told you that the house was built on a 2000 year old former monastic site with the current building itself being actually over 700 years old.  It had started life as a book shop and it went on to tell you about the guy who owned the shop. It also pointed out some of the particular features of the room we were standing in and some of the artefacts that had been uncovered during restoration.


Although it was interesting to hear, the house itself to me didn’t feel to be the least bit haunted.


I’ve had quite a few experiences over the years where I have felt really strange and uncomfortable in some places but I certainly wasn’t getting any of those sorts of vibes here… In fact it just felt like we were standing in an old building, certainly not in “The most haunted house in England” as it had been hyped.


So as we stood there listening to the commentary I did honestly begin to wonder about the authenticity of some of the claims being made about the house


After about four or five minutes the audio clip finished and we began to make our way out the other door on the opposite side of the room.


The women at the entrance had told us there about 10 rooms to see in total plus the stairways and corridors.  That meant if each audio clip lasted for about five minutes, then we were going to be in there for a dam site longer than just half an hour.


I cursed Ryan under my breath, as despite trying to convince myself otherwise I was desperately needing to go to the loo and probably should have gone at least an hour earlier… if not before.


I found it hard to concentrate on what the guide was saying as more and more I felt myself focusing on the nagging discomfort of needing a wee


It was also really difficult walking around the house because the stairs were all narrow sloped and uneven and I was terrified I was going to trip and land on my bum.  There weren’t many places you could sit down either, just a few small narrow wooden benches dotted around the corners of the rooms


I regretted not having simply stuck to my guns and walked away when I’d had the chance, which would have been the sensible thing to have done, even if it had meant falling out with him


However from here on in we continued to make our way throughout the rest of the house, and as we got deeper and deeper into the corridors and other rooms, some of which were pitch black I felt myself starting to feel much less at ease at the general atmosphere within the building.


The house no longer felt like a cheap tourist attraction.  Some of the rooms felt very cold and unwelcoming particularly when we went into the mask room.   A room with dark wooden panelled walls adorned with African style carvings which made me feel very uneasy.


We had been in the house for best part of 45 minutes and I was getting to the point where I couldn’t stand still.  By now it must of dawned on Ryan on just how badly I needed the  loo as he kept  asking me if I was ok, which was really starting to irritate me, because clearly he knew fine well I wasn’t.


In fact I’m totally ashamed to say that if it had only been him and me and the other people hadn’t been walking around with us I’d have been seriously tempted to have yanked my jeans & knickers down and peed in a corner it was getting that bad


The next room we went into was the dining room a much later addition to the house which was reflected in the décor.  The room was lavishly furnished and looked like it would have been expensive in its day.  This room was much bigger and brighter than the others with a couple of sofas which meant I could finally sit down for a few minutes and take the pressure off my aching bladder.   The room had large bay windows which overlooked the street below.  The audio tour encouraged you to go over and look out the windows whilst it told you about the many different buildings surrounding the house itself.


I couldn’t help thinking that was it just my imagination or were these audio clips actually getting longer and longer all the time.  We seemed to have been sat there for ages listening to the women’s voice droning on the background


Finally the clip ended and we made our way up another staircase which lead to what was thankfully the final room in the house….”The séance room”


As soon as we opened the door, and walked inside, this room more than any other we’d been in totally freaked me out.   Not only was it almost pitch black to start with but the room was circular in shape had no windows and was laid out with a large round table in the centre around which were several leather chairs.  In the middle of the table was a Chrystal globe of some sort with a couple of Ouija boards placed around it.


For probably the firs time since entering the house other than perhaps having felt slightly uncomfortable in the mask room   I had to admit that now I was feeling really quite on edge.


There was just something about this particular room that brought back all the same sort of feelings of dread I’d experience before in other places that I were sure were definitely haunted


I didn’t know until after we’d been on the tour and I’d read some reviews on trip advisor that this room is where most people report having experienced paranormal phenomenon during tours of the house


I didn’t feel at all at ease, the atmosphere in the room felt dark and oppressive and immediately I had the sensation that we were not alone


wasn’t at all at ease with being in there and felt the whole time we were in that room that we were being watched.  It was a horrible feeling, a feeling that there was most definitely something else in that room other than the just the people on the tour


Only one couple actually sat in the seats at the table even though I was longing to be able to sit down, I don’t think anyone else felt brave enough to do so.  The remaining four of us just stood leaning with our backs against the wall around the edge of the room


After a few more minutes the lights dimmed even further and the audio commenced which took much longer to start that it had done in any of the pre-ceding rooms


For whatever reason I found myself not really hearing the story as such, my attention was focused entirely on the room itself, it felt strange, cold, dark, and extremely eerie


Then something happened which I will never forget for the rest of my life


As the audio clip ended and the room fell silent again… all of a sudden out of the blue this picture fell off the wall opposite me and came crashing down onto the edge of the table, giving every single one of us a near fucking heart attack.


I kid you not the instant the photograph hit the table… I jumped and let out a scream, causing the floodgates to open, and within seconds the entire contents of my bladder came flooding through the gusset of my knickers


Oh My Fucking God no I yelped…. As I stood there absolutely frozen to the spot with one had jammed into my crotch.  The insides of both thighs were soaked and I could feel that warm pee seeping through the fabric of my jeans and running down the backs of my legs


What’s up? Asked Ryan hurrying over and grabbing my hand as the lights slowly came back up in the room…“Are you ok…it was just a picture that fell off the wall”


I kid you not by now I was shaking like a leaf


“You ok babes?” repeated Ryan


No asshole I roared at him…I think I’ve just fucking wet myself” I screamed …


“You’ve what?” he said looking at me in disbelief before staring at my crotch and collapsing in a heap on one the chairs in absolutely hysterics….


“Oh my God you have as well….you’ve actually peed your pants, he said pointing to the large wet patch that had spread right across the arse of my jeans.


Ha-Ha this is so funny, Oh My God my sides are hurting as he continued laughing


“Fuck off Ryan”  I shouted at him feeling myself about to burst into tears any second……”Its all your frigging fault….I didn’t want to come to this silly fucking house in the first place”


I angrily pushed him to the floor and ran out the door and down the stairs cursing like a trooper.  Everyone in the shop below including the other people on the tour with us must have thought world war three had broken out as I hurriedly made my way outside into the busy street.


My knickers were completely drenched as were my jeans and it would have been blatantly obvious to anyone looking at me that I had completely pissed myself


I walked along the street in a daze with him chasing after me before bursting into tears and finally diving into some pubs toilets to try and get cleaned up   I must have been in there for about 15 minutes trying to dry off before a female member of the bar staff came in to see if I was ok


Was I Ok?




I was utterly mortified…..never in my life had I ever wet myself not even as a little kid


It was the most humiliating day of my life and something I would never ever want to have happen ever again.  Nowadays its something we can both laugh about and he’ll occasionally tease me about it when he thinks he can get away with it without being slapped.


My advice to you……if you do ever find yourself at a loose end in York and feel the urge to visit No.35 Stonegate then by all means do so….Its not your run of the mill tourist attraction and is certainly a bit different to most.


But at least make sure you go to the loo before going in.



My Wet Dream

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I didn’t reach puberty until I hit 13, and then it hit me with everything it had.  I began waking up in the mornings, about three times a week, with a boner sticking out from my pajama bottoms and my pj bottoms soaked with cum.  It was my dark, embarrassing secret.  I did my best to hide it from my family.  Before anyone could catch me, I would go to the bathroom, take off my pajamas and put them in the hamper.  Then I would wash myself off.  It never occurred to me that my  Mom could figure things out from my stained pajamas, but she never said anything.

Then one day my secret was discovered.  I was late waking up, and Mom told my 10-year-old little sister to wake me up.  She came in, pulled off the bed covers, and got a clear view of my erection sticking out of my cum stained pajamas.  Not knowing what it was, she screamed.  My parents came running in, and when they saw the situation, Mom took my sister out of the room.  Dad sat down next to me and explained what was happening.  I had a wet dream.  It was nothing to be ashamed of.  It was only my body trying to get used to the changes I was going through.  It was normal for a boy my age, and eventually they would take place less often and then practically stop.  I felt a lot better.  After that I was not ashamed to the point where I felt I had to hide anything.  I even would tell my mom that due to last night I needed a freshly laundried pair of pajamas.

Mom also had explained it to my sister, who now had a new game.  She tried to get up before me every morning, come into my room, and pull back the covers to wake me up – and hopefully catch my hard cock and cold, sticky pajamas.  Several times she did.  Eventually I didn’t mind.  No harm done.

Well, sometime later my sister’s health class was learning about puberty.  They learned about the changes and new experiences for both boys and girls.  No, she didn’t mention to the whole class that I was having wet dreams.  But she did confide in Janie, her best friend.  Janie apparently wanted to see for herself, although she did not tell that to my sister.  Janie managed to wrangle an invitation to sleep over one Saturday night, hoping to catch me the next morning.  And she did.

Janie snuck into my room before my sister or I awoke.  She had her cell phone camera ready.  I woke up as she pulled back my covers.  Janie struck pay dirt.  There was my hard cock and this time I had shot off a super load in my sleep.  I gained consciousness after she got a few shots off with her camera.  I jumped at her to get the camera, but she ran out of the room.  I yelled for her to give me the camera, chasing her out into the hallway.  My hard dick was still sticking out and my pj’s were cold, damp and sticky.  The noise woke up my sister, who came out of her room and saw what was going on.  She told Janie either to give her the camera, or delete the photos herself.  Out came my mom who saw my condition and told me to cover up.  This distracted Janie just long enough for my sister to grab the camera.

My sister began deleting the pictures saying, “He’s my brother!  Only I get to see his dick!”


Little sister say porn

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well this happen

i decide to load up some porn hadn’t watch it all week because school and my part time job well my little sister age 7 had left some toys in my room cause she was playing and watching tv in there earlier that day when i was in school so after browsing the internet all day its was now 9:30ish  keep in mind it is/was friday so my lil sister was going to my aunts so she was getting all her TOYS and things she was gona take with her.

so i load up a vid and i was using a site that plays the vid when you first click on it so i look around and BAM theres no tissue i ran out in my little box so me full erected go on a covert mission to the bathroom downstairs having to evade my big brother 2 of them my cousin  and on of my brothers friends that are all downstairs so i go on that journey get the tissue and head back to my room but wait i had my phone charging in the room next to my and wanted to get it so i get it and i have like 6 text and start texting the people back and stuff and my boner goes away and im standing facing the door out of that room texting i see my little sister exit form my room eyes big and stairs me in the eyes


i run to my room doors wide open so i run over to my pc and i didnt minimize my scrren enough and the video was slightly showing enough to see a girl giving a bj just face and balls and everything i run to see what my sister is doing and shes on the couch and she jsutstares atme





Ripped Leotard

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It was a normal gymnastics practice, hair in a high pony, wearing my new tight leotard. I was lifting myself up into the beam when suddenly it got stuck in the metal base! I moved up to pull it out but ended up ripping it all off. It was now free of the metal but didn’t save me any embarrassment. I pulled up the pieces and ran to the bathroom. The next day I moved to another gym. I just couldn’t face them any more.


Ran Into Aunt….At A Nude Beach!!!

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Last year my girlfriend at the time got me to go to a nude beach with her for the first time. I was surprised because I’m generally a modest person, but I actually enjoyed it. Very liberating. Since then we have broken up, but I’ve been back to the beach four or five times. Over this past summer I went once on a day off from work by myself because it’s relatively near me. (Black Beach if anyone is wondering). After a dip in the water I decided to go for a little walk. Suddenly I hear someone call my name. I turned…and it was my aunt! We both were shocked. She’s like 44 or 45 years old and she was always my favorite relative growing up. But here she was totally naked. I walked towards her awkwardly and said hi. We hadn’t seen each other since I left for college two years ago so we uncomfortably made small talk. She decided to point out the elephant in the room. She said okay i’m naked and you’re naked. The damage is done. If you’re up for it I’m okay with just ignoring that fact and going for a walk. I said sure and she stood up and we walked. After that we caught up and it was really friendly. Once we walked back to where our stuff was we decided it was time to leave. After we got dressed she said this little run in can stay out of the conversations with the family. We laughed and I agreed. So what was a suuuuuper weird situation turned into an innocent/friendly one.


My Dog Pantsed Me :(

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I was hanging out with my friends (3 girls, 2 guys) at my house back in 8th grade.  We went outside to hang out, and my dog came out with us.  For whatever reason, he was chewing on anything he could find.  He came up to me, and he latched his teeth into my shorts.  I started to run around, trying to loosen his grip, but it was no use.  He ripped off my shorts, exposing my boxers to everyone.  All of my friends were laughing.  I was so embarrassed.  But my dog wasn’t finished yet.  He then grabbed onto my t-shirt, and ripped it off.  I was almost fully exposed.  But, yet again, he wasn’t done.  He then grabbed my boxers, and I tried to shake him free.  It was no use, and he pulled my boxers off.  My friends were in hysterics, each of them getting a full view of my privates.  I was mortified.


Completed the Dare, But…

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It was my 16th birthday, and my 9 friends that I had over (5 girls, 4 guys) and I were playing truth or dare.  I got dared to do a lap around my block in just my boxers.  I did, and it was not sweat.  I got back to my driveway, and started to walk inside with my friends, but then my friend pantsed me, exposing my manhood to everyone there.  I was teased about it the whole nite, it was sooo embarrassing.


Surprise Birthday Party Embarrassment

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These are the events of my 12th birthday.  It was when I was in 6th grade towards the end of the school year.  Through hard work, I got up to a B average, so I was happy.  I had my first crush on a girl in my class named Clarissa, and she sort of liked me.  Puberty was just now hitting and I could see the effects below.

So the plans for my birthday were quite simple.  It fell on a Tuesday, so we would have a family dinner, my parents and my 16-year-old sister, then cake.  On Saturday we would have the big party – a cookout with family and my friends from school.  But my sister Annie felt this was a milestone birthday.  It would be my last before becoming a teenager and my last before leaving elementary school.  Plus Annie only likes to do things big.

So here were the new plans.  Everyone would be told to ignore the invite for Saturday.  There real party would be Tuesday night at Carlo’s Pizzeria, which happens to be my favorite restaurant.  We would have the party room which had free pool, foosball, and games.  Annie would also get a guy from her school to bring his garage band to play so we could dance.  My parents made the reservations, but Annie took care of everything else – including asking my teacher, whom Annie had and was still friends with, not to assign homework for that night.  All this would be kept secret from me.  It was a surprise.

Thursday before the party, I am at school talking to Clarissa in the hall before class.  Ronny, the biggest guy in the class, comes up behind me and puts me into a playful headlock.  “Dude!  Are we gonna party Tuesday night or what?”  I have no idea what he is talking about.  Then I see Clarissa looking like she is about to explode.  “Ronnie, I’m going to kill you!,” she shouts.  Ronnie lets go and has this sick look on his face.  “Right,” he says, “it’s a secret.”

Well the secret is out.  I get all the details from Ronnie and Clarissa.  Realize what an effort Annie was making, I decided the surprise may be spoiled for me, but I’ll be damned if I was going to spoil it for Annie.  I told Ronnie and Clarissa not to tell anyone else I knew of the party.  That weekend I spent in front of the mirror practicing how to be surprised.

Tuesday morning come.  At breakfast, Mom tells me that for my birthday we will be going out just the family to Carlo’s.  I said that was cool.  I looked at my sister who was trying to conceal her smile.

When I got to school, I started feeling a bit queasy in the stomach.  Clarissa and another girl were sitting near me.  I asked them if they had an antacid or anything on them.  They said no, but to ask the teacher.  I was not going to do that.  In my school, if you stub your toe they call an ambulance and send you to the hospital.  I was taking no chances in ruining my sister’s plans.

At lunch I forced myself to eat something hoping it would calm my stomach down.  It did for about an hour and a half.  Then in class I not only started feeling queasy again, but sweating like a pig.  Only Clarissa noticed.  She asked if I was OK.  I said I was, since admitting I might be sick would cancel the party.  For Annie’s sake, that party was going on.

I got home and through a shower would make me feel better.  Besides I was soaked through with sweat by then.  I felt great afterwards.  With a towel wrapped around me, I started off to my room.  Mom told me to be dressed and ready to leave in an hour.

So we get to Carlo’s.  Once again, my stomach starts going at it but worse than before.  I start sweating.  I figure I would pass on the pizza and just drink cold soda to settle me down.  As the waitress leads us to the party room, I play along asking why we are sitting so far back.  No one answers, until the door to the party room opens and everyone yells, “Surprise!”  And that is when I totally lost it.  I doubled over and vomited all over the floor.

When my eyes opened, I was on a hospital gurney with an IV in my arm.  The nurse said I had the flu and was dehydrated from sweating without drinking anything.  She said I would soon be able to go home with my parents.  On the way home, I sat in the back seat with my sister.  My head was on her shoulder, and I was crying.  I told her I knew about the party and I didn’t want to spoil it.  Instead I ruined the whole thing.  I said I was sorry.  Annie kissed me on top of the head and held me closer to her.  She said it was alright, and that she was just glad I would be OK.  She was scared when I passed out, and that was the only thing she was concerned about.

I stayed home from school the rest of the week.  My friends were not allowed to visit, but they phoned me and told me how the rest of the party went.

My throwing up was the most embarrassing experience ever for me, but it was not over.  Monday I got back to school to find out I had a new nickname – Vomitboy.  I knew this one would last me at least through the summer.  Then just before class began, in front of my teacher and the entire class, Clarissa comes up to me and says, “Hey Vomitboy, I never got to give you your birthday present.”  She then leans forward and gives me a deep kiss on the lips.  Everyone whops and laughs.  That also was embarrassing – but it was my first kiss.  I liked it a lot.


Caught watching porn at work

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I share a cabin with a female colleague at office. Usually no one can see my computer screen and I watch porn when she is not around or if she was at her table and on any movement, I just brought my excel or other work related application to the top so that she could not see the browser.

One day, while I was working our boss called and I left forgetting to close the browser. This had happened a few times and i was sure that no one will even bother to go to my corner. This time when i returned I saw her sitting at my PC and I panicked and did not know what to do. She did not look at me and just asked about some report she was searching in my pc and i came around to my pc with sheer terror. I noticed that she had closed the browser and she had a naughty smile and asked why my fingers were trembling.

The next time i was going out of the cabin she calmly said “Hope you closed all your important work…..”


Caught my crush naked at her pool party

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This happened one summer.  I was 14 and so was Ella, my crush.  I had been flirting with her for some time, but never having a serious girlfriend I didn’t know how to approach her.  One day I ran into her in the mall.  She said she was having a little pool party on Saturday and it would be great if I would come.  I accepted the invitation and hoped to spend some quality time with her.

When I arrived, I was greeted by her older brother Eddie.  He’s about 17 and star of the high school football team, to give you an idea.  He told I could leave my change of clothes in the bathhouse.

I slipped out of my jeans, with my swim shorts underneath, and went looking for Ella.  She was busy with some other guests so I went to grab something to eat at the snack table.  Ella finally came up to me and thanked me for coming.  She was wearing a tight one-piece that really showed her still developing figure.  She then suggested we have a swim together.  After about 15 minutes she said she had to pay attention to some other guests, so I was left alone.  I swam, talked to some other kids, got some sun, then the party started breaking up.  Eddie suggested I go change to my dry clothes in the bathhouse before the line forms.  I go to the bathhouse, open the door, and there is Ella standing stark naked!

I am shocked and a bit embarrassed for Ella.  I try to mumble an apology, but nothing comes out.  I quickly close the door with my face turning red.  The door soon opens and Ella runs out with a towel around her crying.

Eddie comes over with a look on his face which makes me think he is about to kill me.  I stutter as I try to explain it was an accident.  But Eddie puts his arm around me and says, “That was no accident.  Ella always locks the door when she’s changing in the bathhouse.  She left it unlocked because she wanted you to see her naked.”  I blink my eyes in disbelief.  “Why?,” I asked.  Eddie said she wanted me to see how good looking she was.  I told him I already thought she was good looking.  Eddie explained, “Girls give out a lot of shit which we guys will never understand.  Your choices are to live a life without women, or put up with the shit without asking questions.”  Eddie told me to go up to Ella’s room, tell her I was sorry and that I didn’t see anything (although I did see it all!).

I followed Eddie’s advice, only talking to Ella through the door.  I ask her to forgive me and she opens the door.  She looks like she had been crying hard.  Her eyes were wet and red.  She said it was alright.  It was an accident, but she was just too embarrassed.

Eddie is waiting downstairs and asks me how it went.  I told him he had to be wrong because if Ella had wanted me to see her naked, she would not be crying so hard.  Eddie grabs me by the neck and drags me into the kitchen.  He tells me to open the fridge and look at the second shelf.   There he points to half an onion in plastic wrap.  “Where do you think the other half of the onion is?,” he asks.  Eddie then tells me to call Ella tonight or tomorrow and ask her out for a date.  I did and Ella accepted.

It did not workout romantically for Ella and me.  We broke up after 8 months, but we became good friends.  After our breakup, she actually set me up with her best friend Judi.  I set her up with a cousin of my mine.  We all went our separate ways for college.  But when I returned during a break, I was reunited with Judi.  She told me she was invited to Eddie’s wedding and wanted to take me as her date.  There I was reunited with Ella.  Ella and I danced during the reception, when Ella confessed that years earlier my seeing her naked was not an accident.  I told her I already knew that as Eddie told me.  Ella’s mouth dropped.  When she recovered she said, “Eddie is lucky this is his wedding day, or I would kill him for telling you that!”