First time ejaculation

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I was 12 years old. But, for many years before that, I had always enjoyed having an erection. I would play with it, knowing that touching it felt good. But that was about it. As I matured, faster than most of my friends, having my cock grow and get pubic hair, I had always heard the slang about jacking off, but not knowing and/or understanding what it meant. One day in the shower I decided to give it a try. I lubed my 12 year old dick with soap and started stroking it. At first, I thought it was really silly. It seemed weird rubbing my dong. I remember I started to laugh because I started to feel a little stupid. I kind of thought I was doing it wrong. Then, my dick started getting harder and my body began to tense up. I knew something was happening, but I didn’t know what. I started to ejaculate and I panicked. I let go of my prick just at about six strands of creamy white sperm shot out. It actually flew across the bath tub and hit the wall. I was totally freaked out! I couldn’t believe that I had actually ejaculated. I cleaned the wall and stood in the shower, stunned by the ordeal. I had to think about this. I thought about it for about a week before I decided to give it another try. I remember going to the bathroom, getting in the shower and making a calculated effort to begin stroking my dick right from the get go. I jerked it vigorously, anticipating what might happen. And then, bang! I shot cum all over the wall again. It was glorious! What a wonderful discovery!


Bathing with my cousin

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I am a 13 year old guy and I just had a weekend visit with my grandmother.  My 11 year old girl cousin was also there.  The first night it was getting late and both of us wanted to take a bath before bed.  Grandma suggested we take the bath together.

I was horrified at the thought of being naked with my cousin.  Grandma asked why it would be a problem since we have bathed together before.  Grandma’s sense of time and age is not going so well.  She can get along on her own for now.  But the last time my cousin and I took a bath together I was 6 and she was 4.  There is a big difference between a 4 year old girl and an 11 year old, and a bigger difference between a 6 year old boy and a 13 year old.  But my cousin said, “Come on!  It will be fun.”  I was not only out voted, but Grandma was getting impatient because it was late.

So there my cousin and I were alone in the bathroom with the tub filling up with hot water.  She already stripped down to her panties and little training bra.  I just had my shirt unbuttoned.  She asked if I was nervous and needed help.  Then without waiting for an answer, she took off my shirt and undershirt.  She then knelt down to take off my socks, then undid my pants taking them down, and finally my drawers.  There I was standing naked in front of my cousin and feeling pretty embarrassed.  She took a good look at my dick and smiled.

Cousin told me to get in the tub, which I did.  She then took off her bra and panties.  Standing there naked, she smiled even more making sure I had a good look at her.  She was really enjoying this while I was very uncomfortable.  She then got into the tub behind me.  Taking the soap she began to wash my back.  Eventually I felt a bit more at ease when she asked me to turn around and wash her back.  I did.  She then washed my chest and arms, then I did the same to her rubbing what were the very first signs of what would become her breasts.  She seemed to enjoy that.  She then asked me to wash her legs, which I began to do.  She then told me to keep going.  I was not sure what she meant until she moved my hand over her pussy.  She moaned a bit and after a while said it was her turn again.

She began to wash my legs beginning with the feet and moving up to my waist.  She then began washing my dick until it became hard.  “Let me show you something I learned,” she said as she rinsed the soap from me.  She began to lick the tip of my penis and then put it in her mouth.  I was getting my first blow job ever!  After a few minutes, I felt my load shoot into her mouth.  Cousin just grinned.

We got out of the tub and dried each other off.  I had to admit it was fun.  Cousin thought we should do it again the next night, but this was my cousin.  Once was enough so I chickened out.  I still have no idea where are the age of 11 she learned to give a blow job, and I don’t want to know!


Top pulled down…

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i am 16 and was at my friends house for a party.  there were probably 50 people over there.  i was talking with a few people when my boyfriend came up from behind me and pulled my top down exposing my breasts to everyone.  then he grabbed my hands and held them behind my back so that i couldnt cover up.  it was so humiliating.


Totally embrassed by my mom

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I was at my house when we got a call from my grandma saying that my uncle is on his way to our hosue. A little while after him being there my mom had to point out something.My aunt who is 25ish has very small boobs. My mom looked at my uncle and pointed out that my boobs are bigger than my aunt’s. My uncle looked at me and said congratulations then looked at my mom and said why did i need to know that. Now i can’t stand being around him because i think he will bring it up


Victim of revenge porn

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Back in the 9th grade, I began dating James.  I thought he was my true love forever.  Six months into our relationship, I gave him my virginity.  We continued our relationship until we were in the 11th grade.  By then we started drifting apart, but James refused to believe it.  I initiated the breakup, and James got pissed.

Over the two years we were together, I let James take several nude photos of me.  It was sort of fun and kinky.  Some of them were outright pornographic.  There were several shots of me with my legs spread, and my pussy wide open.  There were shots of me masturbating.  I was concerned about these photos when we broke up.  I asked James to get rid of them.  He promised he would take care of them.  Taking care of them turned out to be sharing them with his friends, who shared them with their friends and so on.  Eventually most everyone in school had at least one nude photo of me.

And that was not all.  James uploaded a few to a revenge porn website.  You know.  The ones where you post pornographic pictures of your ex?  Several people told me they saw them, but they would not tell me which website.  I tried to search, but never found the site with my pictures.  Even worse, a friend of James hacked into the website for my father’s business and posted some of the more graphic photos there!  Not only me, but my whole family was shamed.

I am now a senior, and my high school life has been ruined.  I have the reputation of being the school slut, even though James is the only boy I have ever been with.  Other boys started to date me with the intent, and expectation, of getting sex from me.  When I refused, they tried to blackmail me by saying they would share my photos with others.  Everyone has already seen them, shitheads!  So I don’t date anymore.  I have no friends.  Everyone, including my teachers, looks down on me.

Transferring to another school is not an option.   I live in a small community and there are only three high schools.  My photos would follow me there.

For college, I am looking at a small school located in another part of the country.  It is not a college I would have liked to have gone to, though it is a good school.  But it is unlikely anyone there would know me.  I have been living with the shame and embarrassment for a year.  The photos are still circulating.  Come next fall, I hope I can escape the humiliation and get on with my life.


Caught Naked in a Bathroom!

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This happened when I was 15.  My best friend Lisa was 13.  Her older brother Robert was my age and in several of my classes at school.  Robert and I were what you would call casual acquaintances.  He was a nice guy and I got along with him, but that was it.

So one Saturday, Lisa and I had plans.  We were going to spend the day at the community center pool watching guys, sunning and getting a little exercise.  That night we were going to a girls’ night out.  Another friend had a birthday, and a bunch of us were going to take her out for a movie and dinner.  Our plans were to go to Lisa’s after the pool to shower (since the center’s showers were a mess) and to change.

So we stayed a little longer at the pool than we planned.  Another friend, who was a bit older and could drive, was going to pick us up at Lisa’s.  Since we were short on time, Lisa suggested that while she showered upstairs I should shower in the basement bathroom.  They had a combo guest room/rec room down there.

Since we were all alone, I didn’t figure I had to be too modest.  I left the bathroom door open so it would not get too steamy and I could then use the mirror to put on my makeup.  So after my shower, I was putting on my makeup.  I was still naked.  That’s when I heard someone say, “Opps!”  It was Robert staring at me.

I screamed and tried to get something to cover myself with, although Robert had now seen everything.  He quickly grabbed the door and closed it.  I was still yelling.  Lisa came downstairs and entered the bathroom.  I was wrapped in a towel and so upset I was crying.  A guy I sit next to in class saw me nude!

Although I was upset, I still managed to dress myself.  On the way out, Robert tried to come up and apologize, but I ran to our waiting ride.  I did not want to see or talk to him.  I was miserable the rest of the night.

Monday in school, Robert again tried to talk to me and apologize.  I didn’t want to see or hear him.  I was too embarrassed still.  Tuesday was the same.  Wednesday after school, Lisa finds me and says Robert really feels bad about embarrassing me and wants badly to apologize.  I told her I didn’t want to talk to him.  Thursday I also stayed away.

So now we come to Friday after school.  I get home and my older sister is there with a rose in her hand.  She says, “This came for you,” and hands it too me.  There is a note attached from Robert.  I read it.  It says, “I’m sorry about embarrassing you by catching you naked in the bathroom.  I really did not mean to stare, but I couldn’t help it.  You were just so beautiful.  It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.  But still it was wrong of me to stare.  I only want to apologize to you in person.  Please let me do this.  I really feel badly for causing you any hurt.”

I was getting upset again.  I started crying and asked my sister what to do.  I was still too embarrassed to be seen by Robert.  She read the note and then asked me, “Did he burst in on you on purpose?”  No, it was an accident.  “Did he use the situation to purposely embarrass and humiliate you?”  No.  “Did he tell everyone at school what he saw?”  No.  “So all he did was send you a flower, tell you  you are beautiful, and that he is sorry to have embarrassed you.”  So, what do I do?  “You call him on the phone.  You thank him for the flower.  You tell him you appreciate him thinking you are beautiful, and then you accept his apology.”

I told my sister I was too embarrassed to do that.  She replied, “This guy sounds more like a gentleman than a 15 year old.  If you let this guy get away, I’ll never speak to you again!”

So I followed my sister’s advice.  I called and said what she wanted me to say.  And I didn’t let him get away.  Robert and I have been dating now for three years!  He is the perfect boyfriend!  My most embarrassing moment was the best thing that ever happened to me!


My virtual boner

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Well, this happened when I was 12, or 13, I can’t remember exactly (I’m 24 now). Our class was scheduled to take a group photogrph. The main thing is, that the event was right after PE, so so we had just a bit of time to change our clothes.We went to the lobby (that was the place where the photograph was taken), and stood in lines. I was standing at the last row in the middle of the left side of the picture, everything went smoothly. At least that’s what I thought.

A few days after that we got our copy from the photo, and guess what: because of the fast changing my trousers looked like I had had a boner. It was perfectly visible between two people in the secod row. And on the top of it my hair looked so wet from my sweat; I looked like a total jerk. All my classmates had a copy of the picture, so they teased me with it for weeks. It was horrible.


The worst sleepover

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. I was 14 wen this happened. I was new at the school, the most popular girls in the school hated me ’cause I was getting popular.

First I didn’t understand when they called me for a sleepover at one of the girls, Deidre (leader of populargirls) house. I was excited, a lot. I was wearing a tee and pajamas that time. We decided to play truth or dare. I dared a girl to make a prank call to her upcoming date and talk nude about herself to him. She became red, but she did(not to her date). To take revenge onme, she dare to to moan like having sex. I thought it was siple and did it. But the revenge was not simple. The next girls said me to undress and the next to get my ass licked by others and the next to walk naked in the boys pub and get fingered. It was worst.


Stripped Searched

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I had a pretty good time in high school.  My grades were all A’s and B’s.  I was for a time captain of the debate team and vice-president of the student council.  I was a cheerleader for a while my freshman year, but quit due to a foot injury.  I got involved with other things, so when healed I decided not to go back.  I also had lots of friends.

So this story is about my one unpleasant experience in high school.  I was in the 11th grade.  There were these three girls a year behind me who for some reason hated me.  To give you an idea, these scuzzballs were known to smoke and drink on campus, slept around, and were into drugs.  We got a new pair of security guards who didn’t have the chance to know anybody yet.  One was a man and the other a woman.  These three girls reported to them that they saw me pass out pills to other students.

So I was in math class when the two guards stopped by and asked me to step outside with my things.  They searched me over, and then made me take them to my locker.  I opened my locker so they could make a thorough search, just as the bell rang.  Everyone passing my locker saw security emptying it and looking through everything.  This was embarrassing enough, but then I was told, after putting my locker in order, to follow the female guard to the nurse’s room.  There I would be stripped searched.

We got there and the guard asked the nurse to leave.  Alone together, I was told to take off all my clothes and put them on the examination table.  I didn’t mind getting naked in front of a woman.  And I didn’t know or care it this was legal.  I just wanted to get it over with and prove my innocence.  So I got totally bare from my head to my toes.  The guard gathered up all my clothes and took them to another part of the office.  She told me to stand where I was and not to move.  Left alone and naked, I could only spend my time trying to think about how they could suspect me for passing around drugs.  I didn’t hear Ralph enter the room.

Ralph was a guy in a few of my classes.  He’s a nice guy and we’ve talked on occasion and seen each other at parties, but we are just friendly acquaintances.  He apparently jammed his wrist at PE and was stopping by to see if the nurse could ice it and wrap it up.  When he turned the corner he came to where I was standing, and he got the full frontal view.  We both froze for a second.  I finally reacted by screaming.  I covered my breasts with both arms and then figured I had better cover my crotch as well.  My arms were going back and forth in panic.  Ralph said a quick. “I’m sorry,” and ran out of the room.

The guard came back with my clothes and told me to get dressed.  I was free to go.  She asked me what the scream was and I told her.  She just laughed.

Ralph was waiting outside.  He wanted to apologize properly.  I told him it was OK.  It was not his fault.  Then Ralph asked what I was doing standing there naked anyway.  I told him I was stripped searched and why.  “You?,” he said surprised.  “Why would they think you of all people would be passing out pills?  That’s just plain stupid.”  I agreed.

To his credit, Ralph acted like a gentleman.  He never told anyone about what he saw.  When the rumors started floating around about my supposed drug dealing, he was the first to come to my defense.  Fortunately, the truth did not take long to come out.

The three girls who ratted on me were soon suspended.  I was afraid what would happen when they would come back to school.  Would they blame me for getting into trouble and get revenge?  I didn’t even know they were involved until after they were suspended.  But they didn’t return.  I don’t know why.  But I was able to finish my high school career without further incident or shame.  Ralph and I are now going to the same college, and we have become good friends.


Nude Modeling for a Shy Girl

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I was always the shy girl.  I wore modest swimsuits, never showed much cleavage, and showing any skin to boys was out.  So the summer I was 16 was somewhat of a surprise.

My older brother just finished his freshman year at the local college.  He is majoring in art.  He and about four other students would get together and take turns modeling so they could get their practice in.  But all four lived out of town, so when summer came brother was without a model.  He asked some of his female friends, and they were not willing to pose nude.  So as a last resort, he asked me.

My brother has not seen me naked since I was about six.  Plus I am incredibly shy.  But my brother needed my help and he was always there for me.  Mom said it would be nice to help my brother out, and he is only my brother so nudity was no big deal.  It used to be a big deal for Dad, but after getting used to some of my brother’s work, Dad figured if it was for art it’s OK.  So I reluctantly agreed.

The first day I posed it was in the little studio my brother set up in the basement.  I came down wearing only my bathrobe.  He asked me to recline on a love seat he had picked up cheap.  I was nervous as I took off my robe.  Hell, I was shaking.  I was showing everything to my brother.  I was so embarrassed, but my bro didn’t seem to notice my embarrassment, or didn’t care.  He just posed me and began sketching.  He asked me how my school year went, and I told him without moving a muscle.  It helped to calm me down, but damn!  Not moving was tiring.  After an hour, we took a break and I was not so embarrassed as before.

By the end of the summer, any embarrassment being naked in front of my brother was gone.  He told me I was a great model for him and to thank me he gave me a nice little necklace, which I immediately wore for his next sketch.  When his friends returned from summer vacation, I even posed for them a few times.  I was starting to feel more confident with my body.  Sometimes they would pay me a few bucks, but they didn’t have much money to begin with.  I was willing to do it for free, or for the occasional dinner out.

But there was one embarrassing encounter to come.  During the school year, there was an art competition for the university’s art students.  Up to that time, none of the drawings of me had been displayed anywhere.  Now my brother wanted to enter two charcoal drawings of me – a front view and a back.  They were quite good, but it was still me naked and with everything accurately drawn.  I wanted to say no, but brother would have been disappointed.  Since it was highly unlikely anyone I knew would see the pictures, I agreed.

My whole family attended the opening.  My bro won second place!  People complemented me on being such a lovely model, which was a small embarrassment.  But now the big embarrassment!  You know I said no one who knew me would be likely to see the pictures?  At one point, I turned around to see three guys from school looking at my brother’s work.  This included Alex, the school hunk who I had a crush on!  I decided to quietly make my way to the exit, but I did not get far.  One of the boys saw me and called my name.  I decided it was better to get the embarrassment over as soon as possible, so I walked over to them ready to get a helping of humiliation now that they all knew what I looked like naked.

But that did not happen.  They all said how impressed they were by my brother’s talent, and they complemented me in a tasteful way.  They were all impressed and told me how proud I must be.  What a turn-around!  And to make things better, my crush later joined me at the refreshment table where we could talk.  I found out he actually had an interest in art having worked part time at his cousin’s gallery.  And then he told me he would like to call me sometime!

I am still modeling for my brother.  Alex and I are dating.  Alex even sat in on one of our sessions.  I joked to my brother to make my boobs bigger, but Alex said they were perfect the way they are.  He has that drawing framed in his room.  I’ve met my brother’s art professors.  One said I could earn extra money next year at college by modeling for his classes.  I also met Alex’s cousin who told me he could introduce me to artists who would be willing to hire me.  I turn 18 real soon, so I already have a way to earn extra spending money for school.

And I am no longer that shy girl embarrassed by her body.