Thong bikini dare

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When I was 16, I spent the summer in Florida with my Uncle Ray and Aunt Penny, and of course my favorite relative of all, my cousin Eddie, who is a year older than me. Eddie at the time had a girlfriend named Allie, who was my age. We became great gal pals over the summer.

The three of us were all going to work at one of my uncle’s ice cream parlors. We tried to get all our shifts together. It was a fun job, especially when parents brought their cute little kids in. Although the kids often made a mess, but that is what kids do.

So Eddie, Allie and I all had the same day off. We decided to go to the beach, but me and Allie decided we needed new swim suits. Eddie went along when we did the shopping. Allie immediately found one she liked.   I could not decide.  Eddie suggested a thong bikini, but I was afraid of showing my butt cheeks in public. Eddie said this is Florida. No one would notice. Besides I had a great body perfect for a thong. (He had seen me naked once. The last Christmas his family visited ours, and he accidentally walked in on me while I was naked in the bathroom. I didn’t mind since it was an accident and he is my favorite relative.) Allie said she agreed I would look great in a thong. She said she wished she had the body for one. (Allie is a bit heavy set, but she is one of those who wears the extra weight well. She is active in school athletics and keeps in shape.)

So I buy a hot pink thong.

When we get to the beach, we are all wearing our suits underneath our shorts and t-shirts. We set up our blanket, umbrella and picnic basket, and then strip down to our suits. Immediately, people turn and start staring at my ass. I didn’t mind that. I figured people found me attractive, and I was not too modest. But soon two guys my age show up and start hitting on me. They come on too strong, so I tell them to fuck off.

After that, it got worse. Guys in their 20’s and 30’s stop by and start trying to pick me up. I have to tell you I do not look older than I actually am. I am most certainly 16, and these guys were all too old for me. One was there with his wife and two little kids. When they went off to play in the water, he came over and tried to introduce himself to me. Then came a guy in his 40’s and I could not take it any more.

Eddie saw my predicament. He gave me a towel to wrap around my waist. He then told me to come with him. There was a store near the beach entrance where we could pick up a new suit I could wear. Since Eddie blamed himself, he said he would pay for it. I said it was not necessary for him to pay, but he insisted so I let him.   I picked out a blue two-piece which was much more modest.

No one hit on me after that, although one of the guys my age who come on to me at first did come up to apologize. He said he was out of line, and he liked my blue suit better. His name was Paul and he joined us. I ended up going on a few dates with Paul over the summer. He turned out to be a nice guy after all, and we still keep in touch.

I still have the thong. I will wear it again eventually in the right circumstance. Probably in private amongst friends.


Corporate Retreat

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So I am CEO of a pretty big company, but I won’t say which one. I went on a golfing retreat, with my executives. From one whole of Director of Sales said he could get a whole in one. I knew he couldn’t so I put him up to a little bet. If he didn’t make the whole in one than he would take the next shot with his pants down. But if he did I would have to take my next shot with my pants down. Low and behold he made it, so in front of all my work colleagues I was naked from the waist down, everyone saw my dick, and my ass. Quite humbling.


Shower with my sister

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I have an older sister. We like to really annoy each other at times, like all brothers and sisters, but we still usually get along. This is one time we didn’t. It was mostly my fault, but things almost worked out OK — though not exactly how I wanted.

Jill was 16 at the time and I was 14. Jill had a date, but had to shower before getting picked up. I had just gotten home after playing pickup basketball, and I also needed a shower. I got there first. Note that my parents were not home.

Jill starts banging on the bathroom door asking me to hurry up. I take this to mean to take my time and use up all the hot water. I tell Jill I will be out in a minute. Of course I was lying. A minute later Jill is banging on the door again. I say I will be out soon. Of course, this was a lie. Jill finally had enough. I forgot she knew how to pick the lock on the bathroom door. And since we always respected each other’s privacy, I didn’t think she would pick the lock and come inside the bathroom. But she did.

The shower had a clear glass door, so Jill could look in. I covered my manhood, and yelled, “Shit, Jill! I’m naked!” Jill said she didn’t care and told me to get out at once. I said I would not until she left. Jill said she had had enough, and to my surprise she took off her bathrobe and let it go to the floor. She then entered the shower just as naked as I was!

I had never seen Jill totally naked before, and here she was in the shower with me. She quickly began washing her hair, and then soaping up the rest of herself. She told me if I was going to stand there at least be useful and wash her back. So I started washing her back. I could not believe how soft her skin was. I thought to myself, “You know, this is not so bad.” I wasn’t aroused or anything. It was more like relaxing.

I asked Jill to wash my back, and I turned around. Without saying anything, she rubbed her soapy hand quickly over my back. I was disappointed she did not seem to be more into the situation. But Jill quickly finished and got out of the shower. She dried herself, put on her robe and left. I stayed for a minute or two, and then got out myself.

It was not a bad experience, and I thought it would be nice to repeat it next time Mom and Dad are out. But how do I suggest it to Jill?

Later that evening, Jill came home from her date. She came up to my room and knocked on the door asking to come in. She apologized for losing her temper and embarrassing me by coming into the shower. She then added, “Let’s not do that again. It was too weird.” I was disappointed. I felt like telling her I actually enjoyed our little shower.   I found it relaxing and would consider it quality time together. Instead I said, “It was more my fault. I should have gotten out when you asked. Let’s not do that again. It was weird.”

I never told Jill what I really thought!


Hospital Trip

Hospital Trip

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When I was sixteen I had a sports Injury and hurt my leg. I had to go to a children’s hospital to get a surgery done on my leg. After the surgery I spent a few days in the hospital recovering. I worked with a Physical Therpist to learn how to use crutches and prep to go home. So on the second day of my stay I worked with the PT on using the crutches in a particularly strongly air conditioned hallway. Mind you I was only wearing a thin hospital gown. which was open in the back. The cold air from the AC. Opened the back if my gown. My little brother snapped a picture. He immortalized my humalting public experience on film. There were some many people in the hallway that it was really embarrassing but I have a nice ass so I don’t have too much to worry about. But I will get my brother back.


Embarrassing My Brother

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I…….So I embarrassed my brother one day. Yeah…..Only I didn’t mean to really? You will see what I meant. So it was the 1st day of summer last year. Or 2 years ago? No, wait, it had to be last summer, Kenny was 8, and he is now 9. I think that is right. But anyway, that 1st day of summer Kenny wanted to play hockey, which was crazy. It was summer! And we had no place for playing hockey. You think it was street hockey he wanted? Nope, he wanted ice and the whole deal. It was hard to say no when those big fat blue eyes of his were looking at mine and saying pleeeease. I tell my mom that I think a bee stung Kenny’s eyes when he was born and that made them swell up. He has crazy big eyes and it makes him precious. But what choice did I have? No choice. I had to say no. No ice. No skates. No cold. No hockey.

So we went outside to play, and we got in on this dodgeball game with a load of kids from around where we live. And Kenny had this bright red belt he was wearing in his blue jeans, this belt that did not match jeans at all and looked silly. And in a miracle finish, Kenny won one of the rounds of dodgeball, and he wanted to take off his belt and wave it in the air. Every boy was doing it if he won, go figure why. I do not spend time figuring out boys. There was no reason even for wearing that belt. The pants were not loose. So Kenny kept on pulling at the buckle and it did not budge no matter what, and he was getting upset now. So he yelled for me to get it off him! He was getting mad and his face was bright. So I told him to get calm, and I started working at it, but that belt was stuck in a weird way! And Kenny kept yelling and he was getting to me for real, so I started pulling down on the belt to get it loose. Still nothing. Still more yelling. Do you have any idea how annoying that is to hear that by your good ear? My right ear gets clogged up with water. Anyway……..

So I kept pulling harder, and I was mad too, and then Kenny wished I had stopped. All at one time the belt buckle came loose and I pulled on his pants and oops, Kenny had his belt in my hand and his pants were sitting all quietly down on his feet. Yeah……and oops…..did I mention that his underwear was on his knees now? Yeah…….So Kenny starts screaming of course, and I had to help him pull up his underwear. Did you ever pull up your younger brother’s underwear? Do you know how much fun it is? Zero. He was naked of course. In front of every single dodgeballer. He was pretty much embarrassed to death. And now a summer later and they still will not let him forget it. They call him the little stripper. And it embarrasses Kenny to death! I felt sorry for him. I did not mean to do that to him. It was a weird little show. And lots of side stories came from it. Lots…….


Little sister asks me to help a friend in crises

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My Dad died when I was 10. It was a big shock to the whole family, but me and my Mom both learned quickly how to cope and get on with our lives. For my then 6 year old sister Mary, it was different. It was quite a lot for a 6 year old to get her head around. But they told me I was the man of the house now, and I took that kind of seriously. I took it upon myself to look after Mary. For months she would cry in bed at night. I would go into her room and lay down with her until she, or both of us, fell asleep. I finally told her that even if Dad is not around, she has nothing to fear because I was there for her. I told her anytime she has a problem, she can come to me. And Mary did just that. She came to me with problems at school, with her friends, or when worried she was not pretty enough. From an adult point of view, these things were pretty small, but they were pretty major to a 6 year old.

So Mary looked up to me. I became her hero, and I was pretty proud of that. The only time she did not bring her concerns to me is when she started puberty, thank God! That she did take to Mom. But everything else she knew I could fix and make better. Although there was this one time when I almost got in over my head.

This took place when I was 16 and Mary was 12. She had her BFF Sandi sleeping over. I did not like most of my sister’s girlfriends. They were spoiled, stuck up little brats. But Sandi was different. She was a sweet, shy girl with a cute smile and great eyes. Once she warmed up to you, she was very friendly. Whenever she was over, she would make sure to say hi to Mom or myself. Sandi I really liked.

So that night, Mom had gone to bed. The girls went to Mary’s room to do whatever girls do in a sleepover. I was in my room doing something, when there was a knock on the door. I asked who it was. Mary opened the door a crack and asked if they could come in. I said OK.

Sandi looked like she had been crying hard. Mary said Sandi had a problem, and she told Sandi that I could fix anything. I felt a lump in my stomach. This really looked major. This was not a “my teacher hates me,” or “everyone has a boyfriend, except me,” or “why can’t I look good in a swimsuit” problem. But I am not about to turn the girls away. Mary told Sandi to tell me what was wrong. Sandi said, “My parents beat me.”

I knew I was beat. This one was way over my head. But I had to be sure what Sandi was talking about. Was she talking about a little spanking? Mary answered that question when she told Sandi to show me her back.

Sandi turned her back to me and undid her pajama top. She slid it down so I can see her bare back. There were bruises and red welts. I could see faint scars of healed welts. I could see where the skin had been broken. Mary then told Sandi to show me her belly. She covered her chest with her pajama top, but left her stomach bare for me to see. It looked like there were cigarette burns on her. I can’t describe how I felt, except I felt nauseous and angry. How could anyone beat a sweet kid like Sandi. Sandi started crying again. Mary tried to stop her, but I told Mary to let her cry. I wrapped my arms around Sandi and let her cry into my shirt. It gave me time to think.

I was a bit embarrassed to not be able to fulfill my little sister’s expectations of me, but then I reminded myself this is not about me. This is about Sandi. So I had to be honest and tell them there is nothing I can do. We will have to ask Mom for help. Sandi did not want to do that. She was afraid Mom would tell her parents, and then she would be beaten even more. I promised Sandi that I would not let her go back to her home. I really did have no idea how I would pull that one off, but there was nothing else I could say. I could not fail Sandi, but I had no idea how to protect her if Mom could not help.

I did not sleep well that night. But I am sure Sandi did not either. The three of us went down to breakfast. Mom was making pancakes, when I told her we had a problem. I told her what Sandi had told Mary and me. Again, Sandi showed her back and stomach. Mom was pretty shocked. Sandi was crying again, and Mom assured her that we will protect her from her parents.

As the three of us ate, Mom called the Child Welfare Agency’s emergency number. An hour later, a woman from the agency came by with two cops. She took Sandi up to Mary’s room to talk. We found out later, she also examine Sandi’s wounds, and found she had also been beaten on her rear and that she had welts and cuts there as well. The woman from Child Welfare said Sandi would have to come to the police station for more questioning. Mom, Mary and I followed.

At the station, it was time for the police to question Sandi. Sandi did not want to talk to anyone, until Mom, Mary and I were allowed to be with her. We were not with Sandi when she was taken into another room where she had to strip and be photographed nude so they had proof she was abused. When this was all over, Sandi left with the woman from Child Welfare.

This was an ordeal for everyone. We were all uncomfortable, but of course Sandi was the most uncomfortable of all. But she bravely went through it. For me and my family, our role was done, except for some angry phone calls we got from her parents.

Just an epilogue –

Sandi’s parents were brought to court, but charges were dropped in exchange for them giving up all parental rights. It seems they really did not want Sandi around. Sandi spent the next six months in a foster home before custody was given to her aunt and uncle. She went to live with them and her three cousins in a different town. Mary and I exchanged e-mails with her. Two years later, I was in college not far from where Sandi now lived. I talked Mom into letting Mary skip school for a day or two and come up to my college. I borrowed a friend’s car and we went to visit Sandi for the weekend. We had not actually seen her in person for these two years. When we got to her home, Sandi came running out. She was all smiles. She gave us both a big hug and kiss. She had really grown into a beautiful young girl, and had gotten over her ordeal. Mary said once again everything turned out all right thanks to her big brother. Actually, all I did was tell Mom. But I like it when Mary praises me.



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It was my first day at military boarding school. I was escorted by a upperclassman to my dorm.they told me to head down to the gymnasium. Once I arrive I was told to step into a line. The checked my name off a list of new students and told me to step behind a curtain to the left. I was now in the gyms locker room. Where I was told to strip. I was really confused but agreed, I locked my clothes up in a locker and stepp out of the locker room’s inner door. I realized I was now in a queue of freshman guys, who were all nude. They were making us do health physicals, in the nude. It was the first I had been naked in front of that many people. It was humiliating.



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In school i used to bully m friend. One day i took his bag and i was holding it in the air so he couldn’t get. His sister comes over and says “give back or else” so i said “Try and take it” so her friends grabs my arms and his sister undoes my belt and pulls my pants down. I was there wearing spiderman pants. His sister pulls them down. I was embarrassed. Everyone saw my penis.




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Pantsing brings criminal charges

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This happened the summer I was 16. Me and my friends Alicia (age 17) and Millie (age 18) were all bored. There was a part near where I lived, and to show you how bored we girls were, we decided to go over there to see what was going on. We saw several kids there playing with no adults in sight.

Alicia says she had a great idea to have some fun. We pick some little boy and totally pants him exposing his butt and little thingy to everyone there. It would be fun to see how embarrassed the boys would be, plus the girls there would enjoy it. Millie was at first not so keen on the idea, but I said why not? So she went along.

We picked out one little boy about 9 or 10. I got his attention while Alicia went behind him and pulled his pants and underpants to the ground. Everyone laughed as the boy’s face went totally red trying to pull his pants back up. Millie suggested we do another one. Some of the boys tried to move away, but I caught one, and Alicia yanked his pants and undies down with the same result.

But we weren’t finished. One boy started to leave, but Millie pointed him out to us. (For someone not so keen on the idea of pantsing, she was really getting into it.) Millie blocked his way. The boy pleaded, “Please, not me!” This time Alicia grabbed and held him. He started screaming, “No! No! No!” But he was too little to fight back. I grabbed his shorts and undies and pulled them right off, then throwing them aside. The boy just stood there and cried as everyone watched. The little girls who witnessed all this laughed.

But then some lady butts in and yells at us, “What the hell are you doing?” She tries to comfort the boy. She asks for his pants, but no one knows where they are. So she takes off her jacket and wraps it around him asking where he lives.

Well, this lady was certainly a buzz kill. We girls had enough and left. But it was not over.

That night after dinner, two cops came by. One was a man and the other a woman. They wanted to talk to me. I was very uneasy about being questioned by the police in front of my parents, brother and sister. They asked me about the pantsings. I said we were only having some fun. “Do you realize you’ve confessed to child endangerment and sexual assault?,” the lady cop asked. My parents immediately said they did not want them to talk to me without an attorney. The man cop said I was a minor and different rules apply. He also said the mother of the crying boy was pressing charges. I was not arrested then, but my parents were told they would be notified if I had to appear in juvenile court.

The parents of the other two boys also decided to press charges as well, and me and Alicia got summons to juvenile court. Millie being 18 was an adult. She was arrested and faced trial in criminal court. Alicia and I got off lucky. The sexual assault charge was reduced to assault. We were found guilty on that and child endangerment, but we were given suspended sentences. The judge said if we got into any more trouble, we would go to wherever they put juvenile delinquents. If we did not get into any more trouble, when we are 21 we can have our records expunged.  Even so, with this on my record it did make it hard to get a summer job. I wanted a job working at a summer kids camp, but they checked into my background and said no. I ended up working as a cashier at a gas station. Shitty job that.

Millie got the worst of it. She really did not do much more than cheer us on, but she got locked up for 30 days and is now a registered sex offender. No shit! This is all true! Her life is screwed.

Anyway, until I turn 21 this is the greatest embarrassment of my life – having a juvenile criminal record just for having a little fun.