Embarrassing Sex Story – Condoms!!

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It was my first time having sex so I was a bit nervous.

I slip on my condom and start working my way.
It turns out there was some air in the condom and due to the pressure it exploded in her vagina!

Imagine it like this:

I’m coming!!

God that was embarrassing, I thought I had blown my penis into bits!!

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Public Depantsing

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This was when I was a freshman in college. Me and 4 of my friends went out bowling one Saturday night. We got a lane next to a group of 4 really cute guys that went to our school. I made the mistake of wearing jogging pants. Next I made the mistake of not tying the drawstring. Last I wore a pair of really ridiculous looking underwear with snoopy on them and my friends knew I had them on. Well we were there next to these guys and some of my friends were flirting a little. One of the guys who was pretty cute was standing there talking to one of my friends. He had shorts on. While they were talking one of his friends sneaked up behind him. We all saw what was about to happen. The only one who didn’t was the victim. Well his friend grabbed his shorts and dropped them down to his ankles. He had on a pair of red boxer-briefs. All 5 of us girls just burst out laughing really bad. We were pointing and laughing at him. I’m sure he felt terrible. It was just so funny. Then a few minutes later I went up to bowl and one of my friends pulled the prank on me. Only It was when I was bowling and I tripped with my pants down at my ankles and fell out into the bowling lane. And everyone around saw me not just us. I looked back and saw them all laughing and pointing. Talking about my snoopy underwear. I was so embarrassed I could have cried.

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