Little cut on his penis

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Okay, heres my story so all the men can bad mouth me. When my hubby and I first got together I was trying to be adventurous and take off his boxers with my teeth. Didnt quite work out though because I nipped him. He screamed and ran to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I didnt even know what happened untill he came back out and showed me the little cut on his penis. Needless to say I have never tried that again.

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It was back when I was real young and my sister and I were dating a couple of buddies. They were into doing a certain popular stimulant of the mid 80’s.They told us to try it. I had before then a couple times and it was not to bad in a very very small dose. I’m a hyper sort so I never wanted to get into doing stimulants.Well anyway. My sister was into stimulants. So, I tried a little with her, her bo and my bo. Well, I don’t know what the heck that stuff was. But, I went to bed that night with my bo and while we were doing it in just missionary possition I thought I had to pass gas. And it was not gas. But, You guess! He was very very under standing about it. And helped me clean up saying it had to be the (popular stimulant). I was like Yup it had to be.Never had that happen before and it has not happened since.And I got news. That was some pretty bad stuff if it did that to me in such a small dose.Yes, I am very very embarrassed about that. Needless to say we didn’t date those boys for long.I wish I could forget about that one. But it sticks in the mind like Ewwww.BTW. What does a woman do if her hubby wants to go down on her when she does have real gas. Not what I had.Do you just say. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm I would not go down there if I were you.

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embarrassing thing during sex

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Apparently I called my bf by my ex’s name during sex once… he told me he didn’t say anything at the time cause it was very early on and he thought it was understandable.He wasn’t upset but AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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Note-able Embarrassment!

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During English class my friend and I were passing notes when the teacher saw us and suddenly yelled my name.
She was really angry, so she made me go to the front of the classroom and read the letter.
In the note, my friend had written about how she had gotten her period that day before lunch, and that she hoped her PMS wouldn’t affect the date she had that night.
The whole class, including the teacher, was dying!

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Way To Get The Guy!!!

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Every weekend the girls and me made a point of going into the local before a night on the town, all tarted up for the sake of one bloke, an absolute hunk!
It sounds so childish,but none of us dared go chat him up, he seemed way out of anyones league!
One night we decided to stay at the pub instead of heading town, which led to me getting stupidly drunk in front of the people who all know me in the village.
But, it gave me the guts to go chat ‘mr perfect’ up, we got on well, sat chatting for ages, he took my number and asked me to meet him the next night.
The next day, I couldnt remember much, except that we were meeting up.
I got ready, went pub, and for some reason lost all control of when I’d had enough to drink, luckily he found this funny, until I started to sing to him.
I must have sounded like a cat out of hell but he looked at me as though Id punched him in the face, before saying ‘I thought you sang for a living’’
It was then that I recalled saying the night before that I was a singer in a really popular band and that I’d just received a recording contract!!!
I never saw him again.

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This embarrassing thing happeded in my junior middle school.
One day, one of my boring friends got one of his pubes, we discussed how to play a trick on a girl.
So the guy came to Lisha, the pretty girl in my class, He gave the pubes to her, and said:”Could you help to straighten it'”
Lisha had a glance at the pubes and thought it was just a hair.
Then she held the pubes into her mouth, then the pubes sraightened after her mouth action.
She paralysed us all.

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There was chorus for every class when I was in primary school.I was excited when I attended to rehearsal of the chorus and singed so hard.After the rehearsal, the coach told me kindly:***, you must mouth in the performance tomorrow, don’t make a sound!

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One night, I didn’t know what time it was, I waked up because I was hit by someone suddenly.
I looked around and found that my boyfriend was dreaming about fighting others, so he hit me.
I was so angry that I wanted to kick him down to bed. But he sleep soundly, I didn’t have the heart to kick him.
I felt very hard.

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Pooh Girl

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I have always had a serious gastric problem, so whenever I absolutely couldn’t hold it, I would try and make a joke, like the old “pull my finger” trick, so as to divert the embarrassment.

One day after a shower, with just a towel on, I went into my room to get dressed. My boyfriend was in the room as I dropped my towel and felt a fart coming on. While hiking up my leg to flatulate I said, “This is how much I love you” at the same time I dropped a big ol’ crap on the floor.

At that moment, we just stared in horror and disbelief with our jaws agape! I absolutely could not, in the farthest reaches of my brain, believe I had just dropped a load on the floor in front of my boyfriend!!I screamed, “Don’t look at it!” and jumped into bed and hid under the covers.

I just wanted to evaporate into thin air!! Hence, I aquired the name Pooh Girl!

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Embarrassing Sex Story – Condoms!!

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It was my first time having sex so I was a bit nervous.

I slip on my condom and start working my way.
It turns out there was some air in the condom and due to the pressure it exploded in her vagina!

Imagine it like this:

I’m coming!!

God that was embarrassing, I thought I had blown my penis into bits!!

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