Your Embarrassing Moments is a shared anonymous website of embarrassing pictures, stories and videos from our awkward childhood to the present.

You can laugh the embarrassing moments if you think they are so embarrasing;

You can comment the embarrassing moments;

You can post your embarrassing moments anonymously, it doesn’t need your real name;

You can share the embarrassing moments to your friends or to the social bookmark websites;

You can subcribe the embarrassing moments by the RSS;

Is this really anonymous?

It really is. I have no way of knowing who has posted any particular embarrassing moment.

I submitted a secret, but it didn’t appear on the site. Why?

All embarrassing moments must go through a review phase before they appear on the main page. This is designed to weed out junk. If the embarrassing moment is judged to be Bad (ie. Spam, Obvious Lies) it gets thrown in the trash heap. The rest are taken out and added to the main page.