O my god I did it with my brother

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Well this was Monday, it was 7 in the morning and I was changing for school when my brother ( 13 like me ) walks in on my ( we share a room ) and says why are your boobs so big it was embarrassing plus More



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Ok so this is really embarrassing but here we go. im a 17 yr old girl and i have boyfriend same age.One night i was over babysitting my 6 yr old cousin rachel cause my mother told me at the LAST minute that i needed to go! i had a date that nite with my boyfriend rick so i flipped! but my mother kept going on about how family is ther for eachother and all that and my boyfrind wont be ther forever and ya ya ya , so i eventually just gave. they aparently had no refundable tickets for the opra , that sold out last week, so they have had the tickets for a week and didnt tell me so i was PISSED
So at this point i was like, if they wanted to make me watch her at the last minute , my plans are comming along with me , so i made my boyfriend come to keep me comppany against his dismay. And its not like i dont like my cousin shes Very Cute but, its was A FRIDAY NIGHT!
SO ANYWAY we got there and we ended up watching the little mermaid, for like the fourth time and me and rick were getting seriously bord, but not rachel who continued to watch the movie as if sh had never seen it before,
So rick, got an idea and snuck his hand up my mini skirt, pushed my thong aside and began figering me (my cousin was on the floor infront of us and too distracted to noticed) i got really turned on and tried relentlessly to not let myself begiin to make nosie, not wanting rachel to turn around, i tried to pull his hand away but he just kepted it up and soo at this point i was ready for shit to happen, So i ripped his hand away and sat up and ran upstaris, pulling him along with me, i told rachel to stay down there and i would be back in a second.
We went to the guest room and i eventually ended up on my kness giving him a bj. So after we finished, we went back downstairs and the night ended and i got payed.
So a few nights later i was with my family at some party and rachel was there, as well as most of my family and rachel was SUPER hyper and kept bothering me while i was online (ignoring the part lol) so i told her that if she didnt stop i wouldnt come over anymore and she looked me directly in the eye and said, veery loudly
“Hey! you cant tell me what to do! if you stop comming over ill just tell everyne you were licking that guys rick pee-pee instead of finishing the movie with me!”
I froze, and so did most of the people at the part who had heard. my face erupted in complete heat! and in a very loud voice, my father says
“Whos, pee-pee have u been licking young lady?” and to wrapp things up i was grounded for 4 months…and never aloud to see rick in the house again, most embarresing moment of my life! i had no idea rachael had saw! i thought sh was still watchhing the movie ! i was mortified! both b.c i had let her see me like that and that she said it to EVERYONE OF OUR NEIGHBORS AT the party…so embarresing.
the only funny part of this whole thing was, rachael still thinks i got in trouble for not finishing the movie with her lol! oh kids innocents ! i hope she never remembers what happened!


I gave my brother a boner!!!!!

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Okay so i had to get my physical and I’m 15 and my mom or dad wasn’t home so my mom told my step brother who is 18 to take me and I figured it was fine because he was just driving me and when we got More


On holiday with my aunt (true story)

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It was one of those days when you woke up full of joy and enthusiasm. The world felt good! It was the start of the school holidays, It was one of those days when you woke up full of joy and enthusiasm. More


Naked infront of my sister and her 3 friends

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Over the summer my parents went out for a night with their friends. I am a 15 year old boy and my sister is 17. We love to pull pranks on each other and embarrass each other whenever we have the chance. She invited two of her friends over and when they came I was in the shower. I walked out of the shower and into my room to get dressed. My sister’s name is Alex, her friends names are Olivia and Victoria. I got dresses and went to go clean up the bathroom and I had to pee, so while I was peeing Olivia, Alex and Victoria barged in through the door and started cracking up at my 4 inch penis. I was soo embarrassed and so I stopped peeing and shoved my cock back in my pants as fast as possible. All I wanted to do was die. I was so embarrassed that her and her friends had just saw me and my “member”. So, obviously, my sister jumped on the opportunity to embarrass me. She said, “what’s the matter, Anthony? You forgot how to talk?” and then her and her friends started laughing. I finally came back to reality and screamed, “get out Alex!”. She, of course said no. So then she went behind me and pulled down my pants and underwear revealing my dick. She took my pants and underwear from me and put them under water so there was no point in trying to get them and put them on all wet. So she said, “come on, it’s not that hard. Take it in your hands and just pee.” I was so done with them standing there looking at me that I just tried to grab a towel and run to my room, but no. Her friends who were in on the prank blocked the door and I couldn’t get out then my Olivia whispered something in Alex’s ear. From what happened I think she said “let’s get him hard!” so then Alex and Victoria came over to me while Olivia blocked the door with a perfect view of my penis. My sister took it out of my hands and handed it to Victoria knowing that I think she is hot. So Victoria started to lightly squeeze it which got me hard. I was now about 5 inches long and then my sister smacked my bear but and all the laughing and teasing just got me to become fully erect. They told me to pee so I took my penis and started to try to pee when I felt something else start so come up. I was about to shoot cum all over my sisters hand so I started running to the door when Olivia pushed me away and I shot cum all over my legs and the floor. I was so embarrassed and I tried to hold back my tears as much as I could but they were all still staring at me, so all my tears just started to silently roll down my cheeks. They all felt so bad for me and I could tell. My sister got a wipe and started to wipe down my leg. Victoria and Olivia were standing behind her not knowing what to do so they handed me some wipes so I could wipe off my dick because they knew the last thing I wanted was someone to be touching me there again. Victoria started to wipe the floor while Olivia ran to my room and got me clean boxers and pajama shorts. They threw out all the wipes and they all apologized again but that didn’t mean I was less embarrassed. But it’s okay now because to make it up to me they all had to tell my mom that they had a sex party while they were gone.


Sister tried to make me pee, but something else came

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I am a person who usually finds it difficult to pee even in the mens room when there is some other person around and it usually takes me some time to adjust to the situation and start the flow. When I was starting high school I was back home after playing with some friends. My sister who is 5 year my senior was alone at home opened the door for me. My bladder was full and I shot straight to the toilet. I had barely started relieving when my sister who was asking me something when I entered the house followed me into the toilet. The flow which had just started stopped instantly when I realized she was in the toilet. She was still talking to me and came straight in front of me and leaned on the wall beside the bowl directly in front of me and I saw her glance momentarily down at my winky while continuing to talk to me. I guess I froze with her presence that I was still holding it in my hand and I remember I was looking straight at her. It appeared as if she did not find it inappropriate in any way that she was there. Then she looked down again and said “aren’t you gonna pee“. At this point I found myself getting stiff. She then commented about my winky saying how big it had become and told me of how it looked like a littile peanut bean when I was younger.

I guess I woke up just then from my freeze, and I put it in and told her to go out. She giggled and said, “Did you forget how to pee?” and prodded me to pee. I was really embarrassed and told her to get out. She laughed and said “Let me show you how to pee and pushed me a little back and pulled her pajama and  panty down and sat down. And with her teasing giggle she almost immediately started to pee and while still peeing she said “see, its so easy”. I was even more taken aback that she did not even feel shy that she was naked waist down in front of me. Then she got up and pulled me to the bowl and told, “Now you try”. I don’t remember what I replied but I remember I was half wanting to pee, now that she did something that I could not do. And half I of me was still finding this really inappropriate. Seeing that I was doing nothing she started removing my belt and I remember saying to her “Don’t so that” but I did not really stop her. She soon pulled down  my trouser and underwear and before I realized I was standing naked waist down with a huge boner with her chanting “pee pee” repeatedly. 

I tried to pee, but I think the whole episode made my pee freeze in my bladder that nothing came and my sister was standing beside with one hand patting my bare butt and with her head on my shoulder watching my boner in my hand that I was holding down pointing it in the bowl. Then she again moved in front of me and leaned on the wall and told me to close my eyes and think that she did not exist there and pee. I closed my eyes and tried and finally managed a few(really few) drops and tried to say I did it. But she giggled again and said to pee properly like she did. I closed my eyes again and tried, but I think I just could not convince myself that I was alone that nothing came. She then started teasing me saying stuff like, “If you can’t even pee in front of me then what would you do when you have a girlfriend“. I really tried hard but this talk just made my penis that was just softening hard again. 

Then when my eyes was closed I felt her hand between my legs, she then lifted my balls a bit. I resolved not to open my eyes and this touching made my boner have a boner and i heard her giggle and sing something like “my brother has a stiffy” and i was really relieved when she remove her hand and said “come on, its not so difficult“. I opened my eyes and she made some funny faces and said, “here let me hold it for a while” and she came next to me again and took my winky from my hand. This really got me horny and about a minute later I guess she got bored of just holding it down. She now tried stuff like pushing my boner with one finger to point it in the bowl. Then she caught it full hand for a few moment and it looked like she was experimenting with my boner’s flexibility. And all this was making me more and more horny and I did not know what to do and then suddenly I could feel myself coming and I tried to run away but she was catching my hand and she held it tighter not letting me to go. And I blew my load all over myself. And I was so embarrassed I sat down crying on the floor. She too seemed taken aback with what happend and she tried to comfort me and cleaned me took me to the bedroom. 

She did say sorry to me at that time, but then even after years she teases me when she sees me going inside the toilet saying “shall I come in too“. But I always remember to bolt the door. This was the most embarrassing thing so far and I don’t think I will ever be so much embarrassed again.


pants and underwear pulled down by a girl

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In 5th grade there was a named Jessica who I think maybe liked me, but anyway she would always come up behind me at recess and times like that and she’d try to pull down my pants in front of everyone! She didn’t ever actually get them down, since I could usually tell she was there just before she started pulling, but a couple times she came close by getting them down almost to the bottom of my shirt, which was still a little embarrassing cause everyone knew she almost depantsed me, and they laughed.

One day I decided to try a trick, and so when Jessica came up behind me and I saw her, instead of grabbing my pants to keep them up I reached out and I pulled down HER pants, all the way to her ankles!!! I couldn’t believe it actually worked, and all the kids around us were real surprised by what I did and we could see Jessica’s underwear, and she screamed and turned red and pulled her pants up again with everyone around laughing at her. Later she whispered to me that she wouldn’t take it easy on me anymore since I humiliated her like that, but she never got me before so I wasn’t afraid.

Well, the next day at recess Jessica snuck up behind me SO quiet I didn’t hear her, and before I knew it she pulled my pants down to my ankles! Now it was ME who was standing there in front of everyone in my underwear, with everyone laughing at me. I reached down fast to pull up my pants, but I guess Jessica wasn’t done humiliating me, cause when I reached down she reached out and grabbed onto my BOXER SHORTS, and started pulling them down my legs!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I couldn’t BELIEVE what was happening to me, how humiliated I felt!!! I grabbed onto my sagging boxers to stop her but then Jessica grabbed my SHIRT and tried to lift it up, which woulda let EVERYONE see my privates, so I grabbed my shirt to stop her and she started pulling my underwear down again, and she kept switching between the two like that until she had my boxers all the way down to my ANKLES!!!!!! I felt like I was gonna faint from being embarrassed that whole time, my face was burning red in humiliation, and everyone else was standing around wondering if Jessica was going to show them everything I had! After my boxers were at my ankles she grabbed my shirt and tried to pull it up, and I was panicking trying to keep my private parts, well, private, and just when my hands were about to give away and my shirt fly up, Jessica stopped and smiled, and said to me You got what you deserved because I never REALLY tried to pull your pants down before, I was only teasing then. Now you’re feeling REALLY embarrassed like you made me yesterday. You should remember that I pulled down your pants and your shorts in front of the whole grade, and remember that I coulda pulled up your shirt easy and let them see you naked if I wanted. I could still do it, too. She pretended she was going to, but she didn’t. And she walked away and let me pull up my pants and underwear, feeling TOTALLY humiliated. That day was my most embarrassing moment ever. I still get red when I think about it!


dad using my panties

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im a girl who is 13 years old, and lives with my dad. a few weeks ago i had an early day at school. when i got home early, i passed by the laundry room and saw my dad masturbating with a pair of my panties. his penis was big, he was rubbing it, and i saw him shoot his stuff a couple of times right on my panties. i was so shocked, that all i did was say ewwww, and went to my room. a few mintues later dad knocked on my door, said he was sorry, and that my panties were going in the wash anyway. i didnt answer him. i text my friend and told her about it, and she said she saw her brother do the same thing with a pair of her panties. another girl told me she gave her boyfriend a pair to use, also. is this a guy thing ? should i worry about my dad doing this ? havent talked to him about it, or much of anything since that day. any advice ?


My sister caught my girlfriend sucking my dick.

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This just happened to me last Friday when I came home from school. I’m 17 and a boy and I have a little sister who is 4 (Emma) and I have another sister who is 14 (Maddy). Anyways my mom was at work until More


Naked Truth or Dare

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I was at a friend’s party and we were playing truth or dare.I was the only girl.One of the boys dared me to strip so I started,but I was going very slowly.Another boy,called Tim,said that I was going too slowly and he rushed over and took off all my clothes.I thought he was going to stop there but he didn’t.He quickly reached behind my and tied my hands together with some rope.Then he also tied my feet together and gagged my mouth.I was burning red with embarrassment.Then all the boys started touching my boobs and vagina and took pictures with their mobiles.A boy,Denis,suggested that they could use body paint.Matt,the host of the party,had some body paint that didn’t come off for weeks.The boys painted my whole body and made my vagina and boobs stand out.One of the boys wrote’look at my boobs and vagina!’Then they hid my clothes and I had to walk home naked.My home is 1.5km from Matts and everyone was staring at me.To make things worse,they didnt free my hands so I could cover up my bits.One of the boys came with me and let people on the street touch me.Now sometimes they make me strip and they touch my privates and even put more body paint or make me walk outside naked otherwise they’ll post the pictures onto the internet.