Shirt on, pants off


One day after 10th grade gym class in the locker room, I got my shirt caught in one of the doors of the locker. I tried to unlock it but it was closed stuck. One of the other guys thought it would be funny to take my pants and underwear while I was stuck, and throw them on the floor where I couldn’t reach them. Anyway, I was still stuck by the time class was over and everyone had left. My female gym teacher then entered the lockers to check that everyone had left. I cried out for help and she came running over to find me; shirt on, bottoms off. I was of course covering my junk with my hands when she had rushed over with a concerned look on her face. She used her key to open the locker setting me free. When my shirt got free of the locker I had momentarily uncovered my hands and revealed myself just as the teacher looked down to catch a glance at it before quickly looking up at ceiling while covering her mouth and giggling. and I quickly covered my hands and ran to my pants and underwear and put them on. I told her thanks for the help as I grabbed my stuff and headed toward the exit. Before I left she called out and said, “I don’t think you should shave it. It looks very baby like that way.” And if I wasn’t mortified earlier, I certainly was when she said that.