Getting Hit In The Crotch Sucks


Ya know… I used to think that getting hit in the crotch only hurt boys. Until an accident happened during soccer practice one day. When I was in high school I was apart of the soccer team and wasn’t half bad. I was still really scared of the balls though. I had been hit in the face too many times by a soccer ball that to this day I wonder why I didn’t stop playing if i kept getting into accidents. So one day when we were practicing and my friend called me in to play with her. They needed a goalie since one girl didn’t show up cause she was sick. I didn’t want to but she started bugging me over and over again and in the end I decided to. There was only about ten minutes of class left so why the heck not. Turns out they didn’t even really need me though cause the balls never made it to our half of the court except for the last minute of class where they managed to finally come to our side and I was not ready for it for two reasons. I was sitting on the ground and not even slightly paying attention and I was scared of the ball. A ball kicked right at your general direction really quickly is freaking scary i don’t care what anyone says. When I was sitting up I did it the way where you kinda push yourself up with your hands and kinda thrust your crotch up in the air. Not a good description but I hope you get the idea. Anyway while I was getting up the girl had kicked the ball right at me and it went straight for my groin. It stung like hell! Gosh it’s like i can still feel it now. the girl said she was sorry but couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous i looked when i just collapsed onto the floor and my friend was not much help either. She said she didn’t think that it would actually hurt and just kinda pet me like a little dog. I wanted to smack her so hard but just couldn’t focus. I was eventually brought to the nurse and got ice over my wounded spot and everyone kinda forgot. Except for me. and my friend. and the girl who hit me. we still remember