Caught by my cousin


I was over at my cousins house for a few weeks over the summer. I was 16 at the time, with my cousins being 14 (girl), 12 (boy). We were chilling one day in their apartment and it was a really warm day. We peered outside into the city skyline when I had the sudden urge to go pee really badly. Unfortunately for me, my girl cousin, who we can call M, was taking a shower. The boy cousin, who we can call B, was playing video games in the living room. I really had to go so I waited outside the bathroom door for a bit. The parents weren’t home, as they were off shopping and whatnot. Anyway, I held it in until she finally opened the door, so that’s when I ran into the bathroom. I shut the door really quickly and pulled my pants all the way down and started to pee, when I realized that M was still in the bathroom with me! I PUSHED HER INSIDE WHEN I RUSHED IN! I was really embarrassed and she had her eyes closed at first but then she looked. It was probably her first penis she saw, and it must have been disappointing for her. For one, I was soft and my dick only reached 2.5 inches soft. She started laughing at me and then my cousin came in to pee himself and when he pulled out his dick it was 3.5 inches soft. A 12 year old boy’s dick was bigger than mine at age 16. I was really red in the face but she tried to make the embarrassment last longer. She took off her top and while I was fascinated with boobs, her’s were only a cups. Nonetheless, I got hard and I only reached 4 inches hard, which was just half an inch bigger than B’s soft cock. He got his hard and his 12 year old dick was already bigger than mine. They gave me wedgies and brought in all their friends to see and laugh at me. I was forced to wear panties and had to submit to them for the rest of the trip. I kind of enjoyed being submissive and spanked by a girl younger than me. I even got to see her ass and tits a few more times, although it was very embarrassing.