Physical test


When I was 15 once we had physical test at school and I woke up late that morning. I just simply changed my clothes and went to school and didn’t remember anything about physical. When I got to school I suddenly remembered that today was physical and I came in hurry. All boys were standing in front line and girls after them. Our school was cheap class so they called only one doctor for physical of 60 students. I went to pee before my number came. When I opened zip at toilet I was surprised to see I don’t have underwear. Now I remember that I just changed clothes…means I didn’t wear underwear as at night I sleep commando. The test was compulsory so I was forced to be in line…all the boys would tease me so went to stand at last so when I go in no one sees my parts.
Then when my number came I went and doctor told me to be naked…I went naked, she was a lady doctor of young age about 21. She laughed at me when I explained the reason of not wearing underpant. She said “As you are naked let’s have some private parts test”. She asked me some questions and kept checking my penis and balls. It was embarrassing.
Suddenly the door opened and some girls got in for there physical. They saw me naked. And I haven’t shaved my pubes. It was really embarrassing. Then too the doctor didn’t stopped checking me. She told that ” Circumcision is necessary, you must do it now, before it’s too late that you become an adult.” It was really embarrassing and the girls kept laughing the rest of the year.