I’m a nudist now.


This is a bit different because it was my own fault for different reasons than most stories on here. I’m Michael, I’m 22 now I was 19 when this all happened. So I discovered I like being naked and was whenever possible since I was like 16 or 15. My mom was out of town for a funeral of a friends parent. So I came out of the shower in a towel and went down to the kitchen. My sister, Sabrina who was 17 at the time was in ther. I started off “you know I like being naked. How do you feel about me being naked under this towel?” She was like “I’d be ok with it I guess.” We banter back for a bit and I end up bring fully nude for about two days. I was mostly embarassed by the fact that I had to get over the feeling of being naked and having erections occasionally in front of my sister. A few weeks later I tell my mom. I said “Sabrina’s ok with it and I’m ok with being clothed if you’ll be too uncomfortable…etc.” so she talks to my sister and said I could be nude providing I wear something when company is around and keep a set of clothes close to the doors in case of an emergency or last minute company. So I agree and go up and pack a couple of outfits, shorts and a t shirt for near the front, back and side doors. I then take off my shirt, pants and underwear and look at my self in the mirror. I was nervous. I walked out of my room to let her see me fully. My heart was racing and I really thought I was going to die but after a day or two it wasn’t that bad. When my aunt and grandparents came by to see my new flat, my mom didn’t call ahead so that was semi embarassing but more funny than anything.