A visit to girls hostel


I am a boy and was 19 when this happen. I wanted some notes from Tracy but she told to come to her hostel room and get it. I felt awful to go in a girls hostel but she said there is nothing wierd about that and no one will restrict you , “Be modern.”. I visited there being nervous with all girls around me….tried to search Tracy’s room and when I reached near, to right I saw a girl talking to someone on call , guys she was standing out of her room TOPLESS. I turned my self and tried to run, but some other girls pushed me to wall and didn’t let me leave. I told them that it was mistake. Now that girl came forward and kicked my balls…..and said “Opps it was a mistake”. Even after this when I was in pain they took me too a room and tied me, there were about 50-60 girls. They decided to give me punishment as I broke into girls hostel. They pulled out my pants , my nervousness gave me an ercection and so my underwear was stretched out. Then they took off my underwear & took pictures and videos. Then they told me to leave naked. Then I had to ran to my room naked and later when I told Tracy about all this , she just laughed and didn’t tell anything.