My boss spanked me


I got a spanking this morning. I am a 23 year old secretary and this morning my boss gave me a spanking. He asked me to bring him a letter but I got it confused and brought him a letter from a different client with a similar name and he spanked me! He just turned me over his knee and administered 8 hard open hand swats to my bottom which was stinging pretty good by the time he was done spanking it; he is about 6′ and about 200 lbs. so you can imagine how much 8 hurt. I am at a lose as to what to do here. It is actually a pretty good job: a nice salary and all the benefits. Please don’t tell me that I should go to the authorities as I don’t care to publicise the fact that I am a grown woman who is disiplined with spankings. For the time being I think I will continue to go to work and be very careful and attentive in my work so as to avoid being taken “otk” again.