caught skinnydipping


I was a 45 year old man, visiting a friend. I had tentatively scheduled lunch with another friend; however, did not hear from him so assumed we were not meeting. While my friend was at work, I decided to go skinny dipping in his secluded pool. Much to my surprise, I look up and see the friend with whom I had planned to go to lunch, walking into the backyard. I immediately swam to the side of the pool, hiding my nakedness. I told him I needed my suit. He laughed and refused to give it to me. I jumped out of the pool, trying to cover my manhood. Unfortunately, the pool water was cold so my cock has shriveled to almost nothing. As I attempt to put on my suit, I slipped into one of the pool chairs, giving him a good look at my small cock. He continued to laugh and makes a comment about the size of my cock. I am so embarrassed, telling him the pool was cold. He says he has seen a few naked men at the gym and had never seen anyone as small as me. I have never been so ashamed. To this day, I cannot look him in the face.