Start wearing underwear at night


It was normal day when I was 17 and I pulled on my pajamas to go to sleep. I usually don’t wear boxers or briefs in my pajamas.
At 10pm my 3 friends came to pick me up for a pajama party tonight. I refused but they didn’t agree and took me. Lastly I said “give me 5 mins I am coming with you” but they didn’t agree so I didn’t got chance to wear underwear before going there.
We reached there it was fun and dance at party. I danced less as I don’t want anyone to know that I was not wearing those briefs to today. At the end of party (There were at least 30 people at party both boys n girls) all began to pull down each other’s pajamas even girls also.
I tried to be away as it would be shame if they pulled down my pajamas. But watching girls in hot panties I got an erection so I tried to hide. All were laughing at each other no hard feeling were there as all were wearing underwear. Even my crush was wearing at hot read panty…. suddenly she came and pulled down my pajamas as I was not paying attention.
She was shocked….everyone was shocked see me. I tried to hide but it was late as my erection was high mode. Even after wearing pajamas my erection was seen from out….all were laughing and teasing me for next couple of months.